Is the Free Syrian Army Finished?


I’ve said before that the Free Syrian Army is largely a myth. It was initially sold as a secular force of ex-soldiers. It turned out to be a collection of Islamist militias loosely aligned with the FSA in exchange for the expectation of American aid.

Even Obama wasn’t stupid enough to begin shipping anti-aircraft weapons to terrorists directly, though he let “our allies” in the Gulf go on doing it. And the CIA didn’t seem eager to even sign off on any heavy weaponry, which the current collapse of the FSA and the capture of its gear by said Islamist militias, demonstrates the wisdom of.

The chemical weapons deal with Assad made the FSA puppet show irrelevant. The Syrian militias recognized that Obama wasn’t coming. And they began realigning. Now what’s left of the Free Syrian Army has collapsed. Its fake commander has scampered back to his real masters in Turkey and Qatar– which were responsible for starting this whole war on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The collapse of the Free Syrian Army was entirely predictable. It was there to disguise the true nature of the Sunni opposition. Now the mask is off. If we had backed the FSA, it would have been another useless militarily inept millstone like Abbas’ Fatah forces in the Palestinian Authority or the Afghan military. It would have done very little fighting, but would have spent most of its time reselling American aid.

Qatar and Turkey will go on working with forces openly hostile to the United States. Columnists who urged us to intervene on behalf of the FSA will bemoan the missed opportunity. Books will be written claiming that we could have saved Syria if only we had acted in time.


The FSA was a scam. The scam ended when we wouldn’t take the war bait. The only thing its collapse proves is that it was never viable to begin with.

The Free Syrian Army was a lie from beginning to end. Now even the non-violent aid is done. And we can stop pretending that either side in Syria are the good guys.

Fighters from the Islamic Front, which groups six major rebel brigades and which said last week it had quit the FSA, seized the headquarters of the Syrian Military Council and weapons warehouses at the Bab al-Hawa crossing on Syria’s northwestern border with Turkey.

A U.S. official said FSA leader General Salim Idriss had fled into Turkey during the takeover of the warehouses, which contained trucks, food, medical packs and communication equipment including laptops and radios.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based anti-Assad monitoring group, said the Islamic Front had seized anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons from the SMC arms stores in fighting on Saturday.

The Islamic Front’s battlefield success in capturing the stores could undermine SMC assurances to the United States that no supplies sent to their fighters would fall into the hands of Islamist brigades.

Five rebel fighters were killed in the clashes at Bab al-Hawa, but it was not clear which side they were on.


The FSA lost warehouses full of heavy weapons. Its general had to run for his life. And the whole conflict cost 5 lives. When you stop laughing, consider that this is how this war has gone. There’s a reason mostly civilians die in this conflict.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Good jihadi versus bad jihadi.

    Wait, good jihadi? Huh?

  • tms5510

    Iran has won the Syrian war, it is the time for US to accept the reality and move on.

  • A Z

    You don’t always need air power or air superiority to win. Among other instances A postmortem of the British defeat of Singapore shows that.

    So there is no need to give anyone as sketchy as these guys manpads.

  • knowshistory

    the important question, when trying to discern which side a free nation should oppose, is this: “which side is muslim?” deciding which side to favor in the syrian issue should have been laughably easy, and would have been if our nation was controlled by people who do not wish to destroy us. the answer was, of course, both sides are muslim, therefore neither side deserves any help, and both sides should be opposed. this would have been a no-brainer for anyone in the white house except for barry, who behaves as if he is a muslim enemy of our country, or george w, who proclaimed islam the religion of peace, or slick willie, who sent our armed forces to enforce islamic jihad against the christians of serbia, or george hw, who sent our armed forces to the gulf to favor one corrupt group of muslim genocidists against another. the only thing we need from the white house is leadership in ridding our country of muslims, and that is exactly what we will never get.

  • African Child

    The Saudis tried to divide Syrians along sectarian lines but that has failed as the morale of the SAA remains very high. They may not like Assad as a politician but many sacrificed themselves for their motherland. With the stoppage of support by US and UK and the escape of their military leader means that the war is over for the FSA and the cash flow for the crooks staying in 5 star hotels in Istanbul calling themselves the SNC will dry up as the Saudis now fund the Islamic Front directly.