Islamic Group Evicted by SWAT Team from $3 Mil Memphis Mansion After Claiming to be a Sovereign State

The Moorish American Nationals claim to be “the descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa” and have attempted to set up their own Moorish Nation here claiming indigenous ancestry, even though this isn’t Africa. (Also they’re not Moabites.)

Moorish-Americans claim that they don’t have to obey American laws because they are the members of their own country. This naturally leads to fun times for everyone.

The Moorish Americans appear to be an offshoot of the Moorish Science Temple movement, which was one of the variant neo-Islamic cults that arose in the black community in the early 20th Century. The most famous of these groups, the Nation of Islam, has some similarities to the Moorish Science Temple, which actually predates it, and which may have been ripped off by the more thuggish Nation of Islam.

Like the Nation of Islam, the Moorish Science Temple used some of the language and nomenclature of Islam, but it wasn’t really Islam, but a racial mystical mix of a bunch of religions and fairy tales and secret revelations that used Islam as a template. That however is not without precedent as Islam produced a variety of mystical spinoffs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, which the Wahhabis have spent time suppressing the ‘hard way’. The Baha’i only survived because they had sanctuary outside the Muslim world and in Israel.

The Moorish Science Temple appears to disavow the various “radical splinter groups”, which would presumably include the Moorish American Nationals and mansion squatters.

Squatters who took over an opulent $3 million mansion felt the full force of the law when an armed SWAT team smashed through its gates to evict them.

Members of the “Moorish American Nationals” group broke into the decadent pad in Memphis sometime last week.

They padlocked shut the gates to the house, which had been empty for 18 months after being foreclosed, and posted “No Trespassing” signs on its bars.

In emails to WMC-TV, members claimed their “indigenous ancestry granted them ownership of the mansion.”

But their luxurious stay was cut short when officers armed with assault rifles and driving an armored vehicle, raided the property on Thursday night.

My Fox Memphis reports cops were called to the house after a grandparent of a child inside the Tennessee property asked them to intervene.

Moorish-Americans have apparently pulled this stunt before trying to take over houses. But more entertainingly they got a number of Democratic Mayors to sign proclamations declaring them to be independent governments.

The 3rd Whereas that 11 mayors signed without reading said…

Whereas, the Moorish-Americans have formed a sovereign Theocratic Government guided by the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice throughout virtue of the universal right to self-determination as well as with the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People guaranteed in the Charter of the United Nations

One of the signatories to this was none other than Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

  • LindaRivera

    Whereas, the Moorish-Americans have formed a sovereign Theocratic Government guided by the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice…end of quote.

    The Islamic group just didn't mention that part of their belief system was STEALING $3 MILLION dollar mansions! Glad the SWAT team took care of the problem!

    • AdinaK

      Oh dear, oh me, oh my….just commented on the scourge of said Islamic compunds, however, they are the ones deeply hidden in mostly rural terrains. It appears they are upping the ante, now implanting themselves in mansions –

      One way or another they are asserting their jihadi rights. This encampment has zero to do with wanting to live the life of the Beverly hillbillies!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Urbane MindSet

      How come when it's a Pale Skinned Group who takes over property [In Brooklyn], by Adverse Possession, it is allowable. When you have darker skinned people who do the SAME EXACT THING in the SAME MANNER, they are called Sub-versive, Islamic Extremists and Crazy People. Stealing is only a label when it comes to Darker Hues, but when the OTHERS do it, It is called Legally Obtained. KNOW THE WHOLE STORY FROM THE ACTUAL PEOPLE INVOLVED BEFORE YOU JUDGE and WISH THEIR DEMISE.

      • LindaRivera

        The color of skin has NOTHING whatsoever to do with this! NOTHING! Islam is a totalitarian, supremacist, POLITICAL religious system. Nothing whatsoever to do with skin color or race!

  • Questions

    Yeeeehah! This is best news I've read all week. The worst of blackness, Islam and Confederacy knocked off in one fell swoop — a three-for-one package deal.

  • texasron

    This is a perfect example of why a magazine on an assault rifle needs to be large.

    • burbanite

      No bullpucky…

    • Jamesb

      Double Amen to that – a conflation of squatter blacks and Islam – check that – an even WACKIER version of Islam? Ya, that’ll always end in a gun battle.

  • Rianna Ricahrds

    Oh my God, I can't believe what I am reading. Seriously, these guys call themselves the descendants of the Biblical Moabites? Too hilarious! LOL

  • atthebeach

    Only wish this were entertaining; or just bad 'entertainment'; but of course; these radicals are serious. Justice should allow their deportation to 'somehwere'; African Continent should be agreeable . .(Jail certainly not a 'long-term' solution; and given our Justice system under Holder; less, even a consideration.) We know too; of course; that Islamists – even those who took the oath of citizenship – and so lied – believe the same per their not obligated to our 'laws of the land'; our Constitution. They too; should be deported; for their misrepresentation; and unfortunate legal interpretations. . . javascript: postComment(0);

    In a sane world. . .yes, yes. . .


      Disgusting…slowly they infiltrating inside this great country…they are in the white white house…LET'S ALL UNITE AND GET RID OF THESE TRAITOR.

  • atthebeach

    Might add; this is as funny as Jesse Jackson comparing Chavez to America's 'Founding Fathers'. . .What gifts; these 'people of the lie' insist on sharing. .

    .And McCain and his like-minded 'whatevers'; do not get (and probably never will); why the hunger for authentic 'push back'; fight back; against the forces that grip our Country is so welcomed. . .Like water on parched spirit; when it should be the 'standard MO'; instead. . .it has been AWOL; and at no time worse; than these past four years.

  • Hawk

    So after reading this article, I thought maybe some of their brothers can take over the White House. Won't the POTUS be happy to have his brothers share his pad?

  • tagalog

    It they're a sovereign state, no due process for them on U.S. soil. Just kick 'em right the hell out.

    On a Sopranos garbage barge.

    I like the King Tut outfit middle guy is wearing. Great with the baseball hat.

    I thought Moab was in the area where Jordan is now, east of the Dead Sea. Maybe I've got it wrong.

    • Tom Billesley

      You’re obviously one of those people who are prejudiced by facts and bound by the tyrannical constraints of truth.

  • Mary Sue

    This reminds me of the "Petoria" episode of Family Guy.

    "Just like the guy, on Lethal Weapon 2. I have dip-lo-ma-tic Im-mu-ni-ty, so Hammer you can't sue. Can't touch me!"

  • BS77

    Moab has NOTHING to do with Africa. These people are deranged lunatics….nothing more to see here folks, just move along.

  • Jamesb

    And Rahm signs the proclamation…geeze. I bet it went something like this….

    Rahm: "What's this I'm signing?"
    Secretary: "Oh, a black quasi-Muslim radical group that squats property and might be violent wants to be recognized as sovereign and exempt from US law…."
    Rahm: "Oh, like the Obama Regime…ok…R a h m…there ya go. Lunch?

  • posse 101

    More Mudslime Monsters who have invaded our country. Question: were these people arrested or were they let go?

  • Kudjo Adwo El, GS

    for all you jokers.. the Mayors proclamations were not retracted or dissolved.. they stand as an acknowledgement that Moors are the true heirs and that Europeans are the foreigners. Wheres your green cards foreigners??

  • Kudjo Adwo El, GS

    the true squatters are the Europeans, not the Moors. Local Moorish- Americans invite others to claim their heritage

    By Grand Sheik Jabbar C. Gaines-El
    Special to Frost Illlustrated

    The western hemisphere has remained excited and captivated with the incredible rate upon which the misnomered people, usually referred to as “Black Americans,” have been accepting and publicly declaring their true and lawful/legal identity. “Blacks” and “Mexicans” together by the tens of thousands have made the lawful/legal correction of status as the original/national people of the Americas. They are addressing issues such as their inherited birthrights, organic commerce, self-authority and “national identity” in many diverse social and political forums in every state of the union.

    They are displaying a diligent and studious capacity strongly directed towards jurisprudence. In the light of these magnanimous events, many questions have arisen. Many of these questions are rooted in misinformation, of course. In fact, misinformation caused the Moors to be largely disconnected from their own inheritance; corporeal and incorporeal. The Moors must be mentally reconnected to the land and to their forefathers’ relationships and primal influence to civilized society. And, this must be intentionally and rightfully done from a non-subordinate perspective.

    Certainly, this suppressed truth is a “key” to real world history and of the consanguine ancestral lineage of the people. Who can deny that when the natural people begin to know the truth about themselves, that they will more willingly start being themselves? With the present state of limited knowledge, they have very little to go on and, therefore, are easily influenced by enemies of their redemption. And allow me to immediately note: That although free citizens may criticize magistrates or other officers within the U.S. judicial courts, we would be remiss if we did not immediately acknowledge those judges and other honorable officers of the U.S. courts who have indeed made good on their oaths to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution. We say, “thank you,” with the utmost reverence. But, at the same time, we are fully aware of those who are enraged that our people are learning that they have the highest lawful/legal status throughout the Americas.

    Moors, being the Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural People of the land and the descendants of the founders of civilization, are reminded to always take into account the reality of your unalienable rights and your birthrights. Whenever you must interface in any criminal or civil affair, it is imperative that you immediately establish your “Proper- Person-Status” as a Free Moorish American National. You must respect and maintain the redeeming advantages of your mental, social, political and spiritual consciousness. Above all, act on it! No matter what station of life you may find yourself in, you must always remember— what your ancient forefathers were, you are today! Without doubt or contradiction!

    So, once again, “Who are the Moors?” Answer: They are the descendants of the Ab-Original people of the land, regardless of the continent in question. (Please refer to an Ancient Mappa Mundi diagram, before the earthquake that resulted in the Atlantic Ocean being formed.)

    We are the first people of North, Central, South and the adjoining islands of the Americas! There was a time when you could walk from America to Africa and never had to cross over any water. But, when a series of earthquakes separated the landmass forming continents, you’ve always had ancient “Black” African tribes on this land that did not have their origins in “any” European slave trade.

    • TLAM_Strike

      America and Eurasia/Africa broke apart 130 million years ago (sometime in the Jurassic period). There were not primates let alone humans at that time.

    • nightspore

      Wow, talk about the social construction of reality. This is it – with a vengence!

      This is what Benjamin Carson has been warning us about. Although in this case I don't think it's just a lack of education.

      It's intriguing to speculate why this kind of thing is posted at frontpagemag. Is it like one dog peeing on another dog's territory? Is it an assertion-that-cancels-your-assertion? A kind of rhetorical drive-by shooting? One can only wonder.

    • Urban MindSet

      AGREED, Honorable GS, Agreed!

  • Steve Hammond

    I thnk a single MOAB (aka GBU-43/B) right down their throats would have shown these "Moabites: who was in charge of their "sovreign" country.

  • @PDMacGuire

    Just more ridiculous results from the feel good at any price, fantasy-based Afro-centric curricula taught in many inner-city schools. I feel that we should support this group forming their own nation someplace they ARE indigenous, like AFRICA, maybe. Maybe they should practice in Mexico, first. Good luck in stealing any mansions from REAL Moors!

  • Harun-Asliraf EL-Bey

    The majority of these comments are uneducated, emotional, racist outburst. If most of you would do a little research, you'll find the truth about who you are, and you might get a better understanding about other people. First off, there are human remains in Ethiopia that's like over a million years old, but the found remains in Georgia, USA that is older than the one in Ethiopia. Instead of being closed minded and wondering why the world is so corrupt, because you don't educate yourself. The Information is right there, In the Constitution. Have any of you ever heard of the U.C.C. (Uniformed Commercial Code)????? If you don't know or never heard of it, then you definitely won't understand what they were doing, and why. Don't fall into believing that all Islam is the same, just like all Christian Churches aren't the same. Understand, the Christianity we know today is a make believe religion with mostly made up events and characters. Look up the Council of Nicea for that info on how and who made Jesus, not the real Person/Prophet/Man, Yeshua. People, we are all f*@ked up, Black/White/Asian/Hispanic {Naga Asiatic (Moor)/Caucasian/Asian}, we all have the same oppressor, and we are all slaves until the power goes back to the People, as it states in the Bill of Rights. Are you a 14th Amendment Citizen, or are you "The People"???? If you say a Citizen of the United States of America, you are a slave to the Corporation called the United States of America. The People in their Sovereign Capacity make up the "united States of these Americas" (States are what's important) The United States of America is actually Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. That's it!! So Federal Laws are only subjected in those places. Do your Research!!!!

    The comment, Steal a House, is funny to actually think about. (Where did they take it to???) Did they take it from someone, or a Legal Fiction?? The Law States that a residence cannot be owned by a legal fiction such as a Corporation. The house must be owned by a living, breathing human being. The Law also States that no one can be lien or levied. The only ones that are employees or agents of Federal, State and Municipal Agencies. Don't believe me, you don't have to. It's in the USC title 26 section 6331!!! Have fun Researching!!!!

    Wake Up World Wide!!!!!

  • Nana Baakan

    Hey, if a white man can sell real estate on the moon after writing a letter to the UN claiming ownership, then why not other bold moves of ownership??? Well, he has sold over 30,000 plots of lunar space for $19.99! I'm Just saying.

    Peace, NB

  • Rahiem Bey

    Whoever wrote this obviously knows nothing. Don’t discredit a Nation you know nothing of. Do some research.

    • Aanap Nehes Baa’u

      Moors are NOT a nation..period
      Moors have nothing to validate there claims..I use to go to the temple and wear the fez..waste of time

  • Shaun Ludy

    If it doest have a Caucasian foundation, its a cult.

    • AllahisOne Jones

      But it does

  • Ron

    America was once Northwest Africa before the white man ignored that and started naming things. There were already people here, but they didn’t matter when the whites “discovered” America. Giant Negroid heads as big as houses were found all over this country. There are pictures and books to prove it. How many white people talk about that? There are pyramids in the grand canyon with statues and paintings of black men, but does National Geographic ever do articles about it? No! They want to stick to the same lie about Indians running things, when the Indians are a product of the Moors and the Eskimos.



  • tb

    obviously people replying to this article need to read AMERICAN history

    • AllahisOne Jones

      Yea like you


    Ahhh The Media Assassination of the Indigenous people continues….
    AmeriKKKa at it’s finest, Hypocritical+False Laws and Anything needed for the Further mind control of The peoples Living on the Stolen Land.
    Good Article LOSER.

  • I love america

    Dear Author Daniel Greenfield,
    When you write an article, you should suppress your opinions. Sorry to disappoint you but your opinions are NOT the truth. As a journalist, if you want to succeed across all nationalities, you would do proper research (which doesn’t just come from your sources), You would keep your opinion for your personal “black bashing” parties and you would present all parties in the light of their own beliefs. You should write to educate and inform. By the way, If the Moorish were not who they said they are trust that your bosses would not have created your position. ” A journalist covering what they coin “radical Islam” they wouldn’t spend time paying you and publishing your non-interesting, non-educational, material. America…we see you, we see that you have this guy writing to sway the minds of the public away from the truth. Its okay, if you don’t live to see it your children will and they will hate you all. Poor. just poor that you don’t love your own enough to be honest so that they can be saved from a sodom destruction. Well only you will be to blame for that. You got a job centered around “radical Islam” let us all understand what your job is (not to report, oh did you ever wonder why your bosses and bosses spend so much money, time and energy on a group if there were no truth to it? wondering don’t cost you nothing)…and be appreciative that the Moors exist BECAUSE that’s how you are employed. Goodbye.

  • Studious_Warrior_4_da_People

    So all that other talk aside what the soverign nation gonna do abput the swat team kicking em off they land? The pepple wanna know

  • sambacomet

    The author knows very little of the organizations he stereotypes. This should be labeled as an opinion piece,not news reporting

  • Remember

    Break back in and shoot them.

  • Thomas E Zinsavage Jr.

    Will it ever end is the question?