Islamist Gov in Tunisia Lets US Embassy Attackers Off With a Warning


Tunisia is where the Arab Spring began. A somewhat secular government friendly to the United States was forced out, with the support of Obama, and replaced with a brutal Islamist tyranny run by supporters of terrorism and genocide.

Under Ennahda rule, the US embassy in Tunis is no longer safe. The authorities failed to stop the September 11 attack in which Islamists brandishing Salafist flags tried to set the embassy on fire and did set an American school on fire.


Hillary Clinton had to put in an urgent call to the President to send out his presidential guard to protect the embassy, because the Islamist authorities had been employing a policy of turning a blind eye to Islamist terror.


And now, to no one’s surprise, the attackers have been let off with no jail time.

Twenty people have received a two-year suspended prison sentence for their part in a deadly attack on the US embassy in Tunisia last year, their lawyer said.

“They all got a two-year suspended sentence,” said lawyer Anouar Ouled Ali.

“We will see with their families if they want to appeal. If they want to, we will do it,” he added. The verdict, which was not made public, came after only half a day, an unusually short trial in the north African country.

Obama’s Arab Spring turned Tunisia into a terrorist state. Just like it turned Egypt into a terrorist state. And the American diplomats who supported the Arab Spring now face the same treatment that they did in Iran.

There is no safety for non-Muslims in an Islamic terror state.

Protesters break the windows of the U.S. embassy in Sanaa


  • AdinaK

    Oh yeah..Tunisia…the so called "moderate" Muslim nation…sort of like being half pregnant when referring to "moderate" Islam. But no matter, a "warning" ought to stop their jihad…and pigs fly too –

    Jihad…here…there & everywhere an Islamist regime is in place!

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

  • Hangman

    It should be clear by now that abeed Hussein Obama is a jihadist Saudi puppet.

  • jim

    Islam and the cold hard facts: