Islamist Legal Project Calls for Shunning Muslims Who Warn Police of Terrorist Plots

There are three important things to remember

1. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism

2. Islamic terrorists just coincidentally happen to be Muslim

3. Muslim groups for some strange reason insist on helping terrorists

Since Muslim terrorists murdered 3,000 people on September 11, Muslim groups have been insisting that the best way to fight terrorism is to pretend that it doesn’t exist. They have warned that any surveillance of Muslims will cause them to stop cooperating with the police. And now they are threatening to banish Muslims who do report terrorist plots from from their mosques.

This shouldn’t be surprising considering that most American mosques are backed by the Saudis and most Muslim organizations are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mapping Muslims. That’s the title of a startling new report out of CUNY Law School. It calls for imams and other Muslim community leaders to “announce to your congregations or membership that informants will not be tolerated in your communities.”

The report is co-authored by the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition, CUNY’s Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility Project, and the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. They argue that the NYPD’s secret surveillance of Muslim mosques and neighborhoods in the New York area has “marginalized and criminalized a broad segment of American Muslims.”

The Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition appears to consist of a blog, a Facebook page and a logo. And its concerns are not with any “broad segment” of American Muslims, but with the Muslim Students Association or MSA, a group which has been linked to both the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda terrorists.

The report repeatedly emphasizes the plight of the MSA and thanks the MSAs for their cooperation. It claims that “Infiltration of MSAs by undercover police officers and informants is a blow to the groups’ core function.”

It features quotes like these…

“It made me feel hostile to other MSA members. I didn’t know who to trust anymore,” Fatima, 19, CUNY student.

“I was very naive at one point. I converted to Islam. At first I thought all Muslims were great people and you could trust them all. And then someone said hey, you should know about all these things…(referring to informants)” Hassan, 20, board member of a CUNY MSA

Why would the NYPD want to surveil the MSA? A disturbing number of MSA members and even presidents, have gone on to play leading roles in Al Qaeda. Including Anwar Al-Awlaki, who was linked to September 11 and numerous attack plots against the United States.

The report never admits that the MSA has terrorist links, instead it pretends that the NYPD is surveiling innocent paintball games out of pure bigotry.

That’s stupid and dishonest.

And just to prove their bad faith, the report demands that the NYPD “Expunge records generated by past surveillance of political and religious activities” and calls on “mosques, imams, and community leaders” to “Announce to your congregations or membership that informants are not tolerated in your communities.”

The only people who go to this much trouble to get rid of informants have something to hide.

On the one hand, Islamist groups claim credit for Muslim informants who expose plots and argue that these informants prove that the NYPD should be working with them. On the other hand they target any Muslim willing to come forward as an enemy.

Again, this is proof of their bad faith.

To put the seal of bad faith on all this, the Mapping Muslims report press release trumpets only one endorsement, that of Imam Talib El-Hajj Abdur Rashid.

Abdur Rashid called for releasing Samir Al-Arian, the head of Islamic Jihad in this country and defended Ahmadinejad’s call for genocide in Israel.

The Imam has said that Muslims who work with the police are “collaborators and opportunists” and “house negroes”.

On his blog, the Imam has said that ““The Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand other Muslims are safe ”

The emphasis here is not on the safety of all New Yorkers, but only on the safety of Muslims.

This sectarian approach is at the heart of the ugliness here and the proposal to shun Muslims who act as good New Yorkers, rather than as good Muslims.

  • Michael Copeland

    A diligently observant muslim cannot recognise “man-made law” or the police force applying it. Sharia trumps all. This is not a personal choice: it is incompatibility of ideology. Therein lies the conflict.

  • Mary Sue

    Not surprising at all. Islam isn't a religion, it's a Mafia.

    • jakespoon

      The Mafia will only kill you if it's business,M.S.,not over their ideology. I would rather deal with the Mafia.

      • Mary Sue

        true, but in Islam, everything is business.

  • Ar'nun

    The thing is that Muslims and Progressives don't view Jihad as terrorism. Progs are stupid enough to believe Jihad isn't what we think it is, it is more like the sweet bus ads. And Muslims believe they are just fighting colonial oppressors, and that's not terrorism.

    So CUNY and the MACLC are really telling people to not rat out the people fighting to free them from the bonds of Freedom and Liberty. We should just show these Muslims what real Oppression looks like.

  • AdinaK

    REPEAT after me – there is NO moderate Islam. None at all, even though some Muslims can be. However, those who represent themselves as adherents to Islam, well, never and never. Moreover, they intend to implant Sharia Law in the US and that is that. The question is: will patriotic Americans allow them?

    This is their true intent re the west –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Paul

    "Muslim groups for some strange reason insist on helping terrorists."
    I don't find it so strange. Muslims stick together no matter what happens. Remember if they tell the police about muslim illegal activities that are about to happen, they will be killed. It's not abnormal for a muslim to kill another muslim.
    Is there no law against someone that threatens to kill or annihilate another person or group?

  • Brujo Blanco

    Sounds these Muslim groups are participating in terrorist activities. Also, they are apparently going to harass government witnesses and informants which is a felony under federal law.

    • Guest


  • kate5778b

    Quran (8:12) – "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"

    They HAVE to do 'What would Mohamet do?" and so MUST cast terror into the hearts of unbelievers……..its a spiritual struggle, don't you know.