Islamists Rename Prostitution for Terrorists as “Sexual Jihad”

Who says Islam isn’t feminist? Cutting edge eight-wave Islamist feminism is constantly finding new roles for women in Islam, beyond the default one of staying inside and never talking to a man.

First there was the female suicide bomber, initially a controversial innovation that allowed women to participate in killing non-Muslims, so long as they also killed themselves.

And now Islamists have found a way to legalize prostitution by calling it “Sexual Jihad” giving Muslim women three life paths.

1. Staying indoors

2. Killing themselves

3. Becoming Islamic prostitutes

If you’ve been following the Syrian Civil War (the Sunni vs Shia grudge match), a whole lot of Sunni young men have flooded into Syria from other countries to fight the Neo-Shiite government. Due to the extended fighting, there’s the usual problem that comes with a sizable army.

Since the Salafists pretend to be righteous Islamists who won’t even smoke, they can’t officially utilize prostitutes. So the ongoing problem has been to find a way to get them prostitutes without calling them prostitutes.

The Shiites are ahead in this game because Shiite Islam legalizes prostitution as temporary marriage. But Sunnis have always sneered at that exigency. So their temporary marriage may be Sexual Jihad.

According to media reports and mujahideen who returned to Tunisia after participating in jihad in Syria, 13 Tunisian girls headed to the battlefield in response to the “sexual jihad” fatwa.

News websites and social networks in Tunisia circulated a fatwa attributed to Sheikh M. A., in which he calls upon “Muslim women” to perform jihad through sex. However, sources close to the sheikh denied that he had issued the fatwa, stressing that anyone who circulates or believes it is insane.

Regardless of whether the fatwa is true or false, it seems to have resonated among at least 13 Tunisian girls. A few days ago, Tunisian newspapers said that a young Tunisian man divorced his wife, and that they both headed to Syria almost a month ago to “allow her to engage in sexual jihad with the mujahideen” there.

Although this fatwa was not issued by a Tunisian cleric or a religious institution — whether official or civil — it did not prevent a number of Tunisian girls from traveling to Syria to perform “sexual jihad.” According to analysts, the reason is that Tunisian youth are greatly influenced by Salafist sheikhs living abroad.

Two weeks ago, a video was widely circulated on the internet and social websites in Tunisia. It shows the parents of a veiled girl called Rahmah saying that they did not find their daughter — who was not even 18 years old — at home in the morning, and later learned that she had headed to Syria to carry out “sexual jihad.” The family of Rahmah — who later returned to her family, which have ever since intentionally kept her out of sight — said that their daughter is not a religious fanatic, but was influenced by her fellow students who are known for their affiliation with the jihadist Salafist current. They said that these fellow students may have brainwashed her and convinced her to travel to Syria “to support the mujahideen there.”

Naturally the Fatwa is being died up and down, just like the last one was, but it doesn’t really matter much because solutions like these are inevitable.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Since the Salafists pretend to be righteous Islamists who won’t even smoke, they can’t officially utilize prostitutes. So the ongoing problem has been to find a way to get them prostitutes without calling them prostitutes."

    I keep telling everyone how much jihadis learn from leftists. Doublespeak is crucial for both groups.

  • cxt

    In many ways it is very much like dealing with Lefties.

    There are NO firm rules. EVERYTHING is "flexible" IF you are member of the "tribe" in good standing. EVERYTHING is allowed IF you have the "right" attitude at the "right" time.

    As with "jihad" EVERYTHING is permissable in its name–even of the Holy Koran/Quran says OTHERWISE.

  • AdinaK

    ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is permissible under Sharia Law, just as long as the "infidel" submits or is killed. As such, even cannibalism is sanctioned –

    Know this, dhimmitude – ours – requires taqiyya (dissembling), hence, telling the truth is a non-starter. The goal is this –

    Americans, and all westerners, must either fight them, or submit. Simple as that.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Toni_Pereira

    How about leaving Islam being renamed "rational jihad"?

  • Ar'nun

    When will the bus advertisement be up for this personal jihad?

  • Ar'nun

    Also it is not really fair to label these girls as Prostitutes, because I doubt the men are actually paying them.

  • Guest

    It just doesnt stop with these nuts does it?