Israeli Unveils “Muslim Mob Ahead” Phone App


Israeli roads can be dangerous and not just because drivers ed consists of bumper cars. There are worse things ahead like Muslim mobs throwing stones and firebombs.

One Israeli innovator in the start up nation has a solution. An App that uses incidents to plot a route away from the attacks. While similar apps exist for more conventional traffic conditions, this may be the first “Muslim Terror Ahead” app.

Only in Israel: a new app for android phones lets drivers know if they are about to drive into a mob armed with firebombs and rocks.

Such ambushes have killed and maimed many Israelis over the years, including a baby girl, Adelle Biton, who has been barely clinging to life in the Schneider Children’s Hospital since last month.

The app will warn you if you are driving towards a rock attack, Molotov cocktail attack based on real-time reporting of security incidents by drivers.

It will also let you know if you are driving into the Palestinian Authority by mistake, a problem with GPS systems that are not geared to Israel and advise the shortest route between two places which may mean going through a PA area.

Of course if Obama Inc. gets its way and Israel is partitioned further to make way for a contiguous Palestinian Muslim state cutting through Israel, then the app is going to have to work even harder.

  • Lan Astaslem

    G-d bless Israel! So much brilliance in one tiny country – no wonder the surrounding savages seethe with jealousy. We're gonna need those apps here in the US to protect ourselves from the same monstrous element Israel's been dealing with for decades.

  • AdinaK

    Well, leave it to our innovative techies to think outside the box. Not only that, but having 2 EE sons of my own, surely I know what they are capable of. Educated at MIT & Caltech, but now living in Israel, they have joined a vast resource pool of talent. In fact, one just launched a "super hero" app just because….

    And when it comes to fighting terror, those who live and breathe it, plus have the most innovative asset pool – bar none – are first out of the gate/

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Softly Bob

    God bless Israel, alone and hated by most of the World.
    When other Western nations turn into templates of Israel, which appears to be the case, then we might actually start to fight back. I would love to see these Muslims scumbags finally get their comeuppance. It really is about time that they were all driven back into the desert!

  • Mary Sue

    Man, if that wasn't so freaking serious, the entire idea almost sounds like a parody such as comes from the Onion. But it's really that serious!

  • ziontruth

    This defensive measure is better than nothing, but defensive is still all it is. Had the Jewish State done its national duty in 1967 by booting all the Arab colonists out instead of going "humanitarian" by installing a military occupation on the Jewish nation's own land, there'd be no need for this app or Iron Dome or any kind of defensive measure.


      ziontruth AKBAR!

  • owmyballs

    People who use apps WANT to go extinct. No wonder they're so popular in America.