Israel’s Sacrifices of Peace Must End

fogel-familyIn one of the most famous events in the Bible, G-d commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son. So Abraham took his son Isaac, bound him on an altar and prepared to bring him up as a burnt offering. And then the voice of the angel called to him and told him not to harm his son.

G-d did not want human sacrifices. The peace process does.

After the bloody handshake with Arafat led to an onslaught of terrorist attacks, the Israeli left invented a new sacrifice to describe the dead Israelis murdered by their new peace partners. Korbanot Shalom. Sacrifices of peace.

Peace made the service of death into a national duty. There was no telling where or when one might be called upon to become a sacrifice for peace. It might be at a mall or at a pizzeria or while riding the bus.

The sacrifices of peace have diminished as the left has fallen out of power. The wooden altars of the Moloch of Peace stand empty and the Priests of Peace pass mournfully through international airports, studying maps, drawing up plans and calling for new sacrifices. And eventually their call is heeded.

In the spring, America’s prince of peace, the man who had thrown thousands of American soldiers with their hands tied behind their backs into the arms of the Taliban, who had sacrificed every other American ally in the region, came to Jerusalem to demand that the altars once again be raised up and the blood of peace flow over the negotiating tables.

“It can be tempting to put aside the frustrations and sacrifices that come with the pursuit of peace,” Obama told a carefully selected audience of Israeli students; some of them future sacrifices on his bloody altar of peace. “Here on Earth we must bear our responsibilities in an imperfect world. That means accepting our measure of sacrifice and struggle.”

And so the measure of sacrifice comes again. The ceremonial release of terrorists with blood on their hands began this festival of negotiations.

Netanyahu, to his credit, did it reluctantly. This is how conservative governments in Israel can be distinguished from liberal governments. The liberals eagerly rush forward to bring human sacrifices on the altar of peace and will not stop no matter how many angels cry from heaven, but the conservatives do so reluctantly, they stall for time and then sighing wearily, they build up the pagan altars of peace in sight of the ruined heap of the temple and the graves of their fathers.

If you wish to understand, step back in time and listen for a moment to Chaim Rumkowski as he delivers the infamous speech to the Jews of the Lodz Ghetto that will come to be known as the “Give Me Your Children Speech.”

“The ghetto has been struck a hard blow. They demand what is most dear to it – children and old people,” Rumkowski, the former orphanage director turned head of the Lodz Ghetto Judenraat, says. “I lived and breathed together with children. I never imagined that my own hands would be forced to make this sacrifice on the altar.”

“Yesterday, in the course of the day, I was given the order to send away more than 20,000 Jews from the ghetto, and if I did not – ‘we will do it ourselves’.”

It is this “we will do it ourselves” phrase that is the true name of the Moloch of Peace. Hear the rationalizations now from Rumkowski’s lips on September 4, 1942, addressing men and women who are doomed to death.

“We arrived at the conclusion… that however difficult it was going to be, we must take upon ourselves the carrying out of this decree,” Rumkowski said. “I must carry out this difficult and bloody operation, I must cut off limbs in order to save the body!”

Israel has chopped off quite a few limbs already. But there are more to be chopped off. That diplomatic triage is the bloody rationale of peace.

Rabin warned that if Israel did not accept an autonomous territory, then it would be forced to accept a state. Peres warned that if Israel did not accept a state in Gaza and the West Bank, it would lose Jerusalem. Sharon warned that if Israel didn’t accept the expulsion of the Jews of Gaza, it would lose everything up to the ’67 borders.

Israel accepted all these things and each of the terrible losses it sought to avert came about because of these prior concessions. The autonomous territory paved the way for a state. The loss of Gaza and the West Bank made Jerusalem next on the schedule.

And now, the Priests of Peace warn that if Israel doesn’t accept a deal that will be based on the ’67 borders and partition Jerusalem, it will be forced to accept a one-state solution that will destroy the country.

Take a walk back to the Lodz Ghetto in September and listen.

“I tried everything I knew to get the bitter sentence cancelled,” Rumkowski tells the crowd. “When it could not be cancelled, I tried to lessen the sentence. Only yesterday I ordered the registration of nine-year-old children. I wanted to save at least children from nine to ten. But they would not yield. I succeeded in one thing – to save the children over ten. Let that be our consolation in our great sorrow.”

These are the Israeli leaders who tell their people that at least they saved the ten-year-olds. All it took was a willingness to give up the children under the age of ten. They saved the larger settlements, they tell us. They saved Jerusalem. They saved Israel. They saved something. And all they had to do was give up everything.

Rumkowski became the enemy of the people he was trying to save because when you take it upon yourself to decide which of your own people should die at the hands of the enemy for the greater good; you begin to think like the enemy.

Of the more than 200,000 Jews to enter the Lodz ghetto, there were less than a thousand left in the end.

When Israeli leaders sit down to the territorial triage of diplomacy and begin contemplating which Israelis should be thrown out of their homes and how many dead are acceptable for the sake of peace, they allow the enemy into themselves and wrapping themselves in Rumkowskian nobility, they become callous to the suffering that they cause.

Now the altars rise again and the ever-diminishing amount of territory that will be saved is matched by the ever-increasing amount of sacrifices for peace that will be tolerated. In the last exchange of fire, rockets struck major Israeli cities that had not been bombed in decades. The terrorists have made the rocket into their altar and the suicide bomber into their sacrifice and Israelis make the negotiating table into an altar and the victims of terrorism into their sacrifice.

This long train of sacrifices has taken the PLO from a relic in Cyprus to a mortgage on the West Bank, Gaza and part of Jerusalem. And now another bout of sacrifices begins. There is no peace, but there are sacrifices for peace. And if this goes on, a nation will have been sacrificed on the altar of a peace that will never come.

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  • Marshall Ramsey II

    The LORD himself is preparing a sacrifice, a sacrifice of Israel’s enemies. The birds of the air and beasts of the field will fill their bellies on the flesh and blood of them.

  • Alvaro

    I think the enemies of Israel have all understood that fighting a conventional war against Israel is unnecessary: Israel voluntarily hands over anything they want against nothing in return.

  • Omar

    Why do the Israelis still deny their rights to Israel as given by God. You have been surrounded by hundreds of millions of inbred pedophiles that live to drink Jewish blood. So far YOUR GOD has proven over and over that HE WILL protect you. He has shown this, openly, undeniably. Yet you still deny and turn away from the one true God to kneel at the throne of the America Pretender to the throne. Come together. just once. On one day. Pray loud. Pray together. If you give/trade/abort your claims to what God has given then you condemn yourselves to Him turning His back on you again. God will withdraw his protections and bounty. America or Germany are not your saviors. Your own hearts hold your salvation or your condemnation. 100 million dogs could WALK through Israel and kill you all with their hands, yet, God stops that from happening. 6 million opposing, what around 500 million rabid muzlims??

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Rumkowski’s Jewish police were tasked with delivering the children, including their own, to the Lodz train station for deportation. They agreed because they had been assured their own children would be exempt.
    They were double-crossed.
    Rumkowski was gased at Auschwitz in 1944. He was and is universally despised.
    Kerry’s Jewish grandfather, Fritz Kohn decided to shed the Jewish-sounding name of Kohn. He chose a new name by dropping a pencil on a map. The pencil landed on Ireland’s County Kerry, and Fritz Kohn became Frederick Kerry. Years later, In 1921, he shot himself in the head.
    John Kerry himself is widely regarded with contempt. His 2004 presidential bid galvinized fellow Vietnam veterans into a succesful effort to derail his campaign. Yet Kerry has reached the culmination of his career in service to Obama.

    Netanyahu and his cabinet have disgraced themselves in agreeing to this prisoner release – for in the final analysis, the release of the murderers of Jewish children is no different from Rumkowski’s deportation of living children to be murdered.
    Which begs the question: can the state of Israel survive such dishonor?

  • Rivkah F.

    This is painful but true. Only our leaders do this without the Nazis demanding it. Israel, though pressured by Western countries, did the Oslo process on its own initiative. It did not bring peace, only those victims of murderous terrorism which in Orwellian Newspeak were called “sacrifices for the Peace” (that is the literal translation). If one questioned this, one was called an “enemy of the Peace.” And here we go again … we have learned nothing.

  • DebRollin

    No more land for peace, Israel should not give in to concessions and go back to 1967 borders, they are committing their own suicide. None of this has ever been fruitful to appease terrrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah. It seems man has to continually learn the hardway, never understanding appeasement cannot satisfy those who want to annihilate the state of Israel! Dividing this land, Judea and Samaria will bring horrific consequences. The Lord had said to David and Solomon his son, “In this house and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, I will put my name forever.” 2nd Kings 21:7. Apostate religions will be destroyed…the day is coming!

  • StephenNewdell

    Lodz ghetto hits home for me. My grandfather arrived in NYC from Lidz in 1903. Even then Jews knew more trouble was coming.

  • avireex

    Israelis are indeed not the Hebrews of the Bible. 98% of the Israeli population are gentiles. Their God is Satan in which he requires human sacrifices for power. They are against the true GOD in which he will plagued them soon. The true Hebrews of Abraham Issac and Jacob will be restoring the land soon !

    • LindaRivera

      What a disgusting, DEPRAVED comment.

      • mikeh420

        Don’t feed the troll please, you’ll just encourage it

    • Hymie Zoltsveis

      Loser. Read G-d’s word.

  • No Jizya

    Concessions for peace are a waste of resources. Have the Fake-estinians stopped teaching their children to hate Jews in school? No.

  • geneww1938

    When will the Israelis learn that you can not negotiate with Satan! The Koran was authored by Satan and I can not find any evidence of truth, honesty and love in that book or their tenets. Find me the verse!

  • handsomedan


  • PouponMarks

    I’m 100% behind Israel. But the Socialist/Marxist bias of the original Zionists, Secular Jews in particular, and THE LACK OF THE DEATH PENALTY, create problems for the country that need not be. Executed terrorists are not bargaining chips. They will never be a threat again.

    In fact. like the United Socialist States of America, home Boobus Americanus, socialism almost killed Israel, as it is in the process of bleeding out this country, which today is a geographical location, ceasing to be the Ideals of the Founding Fathers and Mothers..

  • Drakken

    Israel has to quit trying to commit slow suicide by giving the muslim savages land for peace. What peace? The useful idiots and wishful thinkers in the west think that if you appease and give the savages everything they want they will just love them and be peaceful, islam has never been peaceful and it never will, so quit effing around with those bloody savages and start giving them real wrath of God type scenarios, that means if the savages fire a rocket, you start rolling arty barrages and give Gaza a Sherman’s March to the sea and a good healthy Carthage. When the muslims fear you, they respect you, as for the savages in your jails? Start shooting them and when they want the bodies back for Islamic burial, hand them a bucket of ashes with a pigs head to top it off. The one thing I am absolutely sure of is, the muslims will push us to war, and I say let them, for then we can finally take the shackles of PC and leftist moaning’s and give them what they deserve, total war. When they are more concerned with food, clothing and shelter, it takes the jihad out of their sails.

    • bill reitzes

      The MB creed reads as follows–“allah is our objective, the Quran is our constitution, the prophet(PBUH) is our leader, jihad is our way and death for allah is the highest of our aspirations”
      What isn’t clear enough for all to see?
      War is very, very costly on all concerned. To defeat Islam, I won’t go this far as I think it’s almost impossible to defeat Islam. When it comes to allah, being concerned with food, clothing and shelter, is secondary and that’s why you see their lands are basically shyte holes right now.
      The only solution to this mohamedan problem as I see it, is through separation. We must STOP this insane immigration to the West as a first step. Limit the damage already in play today.
      Next, develop the alternative fuel source and stop the flow of wealth to the Arab world. Let them go back to herding goats and camels in the desert. They were good at that at least.
      War and violence? I’m not convinced on this one

      • Drakken

        War and violence is being brought to us in our own western lands, and sooner rather than later we will have to deal with them both here and there. Appeasement of these savages only invites them to do further harm to us.

        • bill reitzes

          I believe that Islamawareness is growing more and more everyday. It helps that, daily, Islam shows it’s ugly face to the rest of the World.
          Keep up your work of waking people up, and get on your local political representatives’ a$$ and make them accountable for their appeasement of this beast.
          God bless

      • creature from outer space

        Do you know that mohammed married a 12 year old girl even though he was an old man.

        • bill reitzes

          I thought Aisha was 6 when mo(PBUH) married her. He consummated their marriage when she was 9, and from what I’ve read, she was his favourite at his end.

          • zemer

            This is gross.

  • Lucian

    America,because of Obama,is betraying Israel! He pushed Netanyahu into such an agreement without requiring the Palistinians to give anything in return! I no longer can be proud of being an American! God help us!

    • Bob Bartlett

      I saw Bibi speak in February. He said that any peace agreement means no more missiles, no more suicide bombers, no more violence etc. None of that will be tolerated.

  • LindaRivera

    Daniel, You have given the perfect description of the utterly EVIL, profoundly satanic Sacrifices of Peace. Everyone responsible for this terrible evil will stand before Almighty G-d one day, and TREMBLE.

    Long ago, our Western leaders abandoned all morals and all ethics. Wicked Western ruling elites abandoned Western civilization.

  • tokoloshiman

    Even if by some miracle a united palestinian state is formed under one government( this is an impossibility in and of itself) , the desire to destroy Israel will continue unabated and may even increase in tempo because Israel would be confronted by another state and not just various factions vying for rule and domination.
    In the same way the world’s skewed sclerotic view of Israel would not change one iota.
    Sharia will still be forced on Europe and the anti semitic anti Israel rhetoric will
    increase in volume as sharia becomes more prevalent in an already jew hating

  • georgejochnowitz

    God, directly, told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. The order was countermanded not by God Himself, but by an angel.

    This gross imbalance suggests that Abraham was lying. There were no witnesses present, after all.
    Child sacrifice was the rule and not the exception in that part of the world at that time. Abraham’s unwillingness to sacrifice Isaac was the act that began Judaism.

    • Photon

      Any angel of God who speaks, speaks by and for God, and not for himself. There is no usurpation of authority in Heaven. The one attempt at it resulted in the ejection of all who participated in it. And it is clear that it was not God’s intention to have Isaac sacrificed. Rather, it was a test of Abraham’s obedience, as was a similar case with Job.
      There was no need for human witnesses at the event. God saw no need for any at the creation, either – and which has also subsequently been labeled a lie, this time presumably one told by Moses.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The only peace possible between the so-called Palestinians and the Israelis would be the complete capitulation and the total surrender of the Israelis into Islamic totalitarianism with the state of Israel formerly becoming an Islamic state. Indeed, anything less than total and complete capitulation of Israel would be sacrileges. As a matter of fact, the Israelis aren’t alone in facing the menace of Islam either, as the sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam, as opposed to non-existent and fictitious so-called radical Islam, is the subjugation of all religions and all infidels into Islamic totalitarianism via jihad, which is the highest pillar of Islam and a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims in one form or another, and the imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law.

    Thus, the solution for Israel and the Western world at large is to weaken the Islamic world in order to nullify the threat, and the best way to do that is to ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration to the West ASAP, which is really stealth and deceptive jihad for the purpose of demographic conquest, and then to abandon and isolate the Islamic world. Indeed, because Islam is really a form of totalitarianism that is masquerading as being a religion of peace to gain a foothold in the West, like all other forms of totalitarianism it is incapable of producing anything other than misery, war, and bloodshed. Thus, without Western interaction and access to Western technology it wouldn’t take very long for the Islamic world to revert back into abject poverty and backwardness. In that weaken state of being; Islam could hardly pose a threat to the world.

  • Heshy Rosenwasser

    “Of the more than 200,000 Jews to enter the Lodz ghetto, there were less than a thousand left in the end.” Rumkowski was not among the survivors. Let that be a lesson to our so-called leaders.

  • Waiting

    Isaiah said it long ago, speaking for The One True God, “There is no peace for the wicked.” And also the Psalmist: “I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war.” These truths cannot be undone. Those who wish to destroy Israel do not want peace and will never attain it.

  • neil

    Israel is about to be thrust into a conflict that fulfills Ezekial’s Gog Magog war, I expect the US will be unable to respond in their defense, our creator however will defend them in their own land for a time and always as the people of his nation even when driven again into captivity for a short time, likely 3 and 1/2 years. Israels Jewish and Christian population needs to seek their creator in absolute earnest at this hour, and get their houses in order. It won’t matter in the end whether or not Israels citizens submit their selves to the will of their creator, his promise still stands. Israel will not again be destroyed, it’s citizens have been told that there will come a time when it’s in their best interests to flee from Jerusalem at some point, it’s just for a short time, likely less than a decade and they will be taken care of. Then the next chapter begins. Has nothing to do with physical ability its who they choose to serve and obey. They could lay all weapons on the ground, still they will never be taken from this place, it’s about the love of our creator for his people his creation it does not waver.

    • moneekwa

      in all honesty, it’s as well that the US doesn’t “rescue” them, because if that happens, you know obama will take all the credit. the glory should and will go to G-d. the outcome, as you say, is already decided, G-d has spoken, and it will be done. Jews and Christians EVERYWHERE should be praying earnestly. Maranatha!

  • mamafurr

    why does this article, as i have seen others, write the word GOD as G-D? let us not offend anyone. especially when the middle east is surrounded by spiritual warfare. political correctness gone awry. He is who He is.

    • zemer

      Mamafurr, writing G-d’s name with a hypen is a traditional Jewish way to honor His Name. It is not about political correctness. It is about reverence and inclusiveness within the Jewish community. It is a way to show special tenderness and respect for G-d’s Name, (and His Word), something the world needs much more of.

  • Danny

    Netanyahu has got to go. This shameful act belies the Leftist notion that Netanyahu is a right wing extremist. If anything, he’s just another left wing wimp. What a disgraceful slap in the face of the parents of victims of Arab terrorism. When they catch someone who has murdered an Israeli, they should have a trial and then if found guilty, they should execute him. Israel needs a Prime Minister that would tell Obama and John Kerry to go to hell, if they ask for such concessions. Israel needs a strong leader who will uphold his moral convictions. Netanyahu has proven that he doesn’t qualify.