Italian Election Proves European Union is Doomed

The Italian election has shown once again that the European Union is unworkable. Germany might prefer that Italy be governed by unelected IMF technocrats like Mario Monti, but that way lies open tyranny.

Given a choice in democratic elections, the Greeks, the French and now the Italians, have voted for extremist and populist parties promising them that the debts will never have to come due. And that’s only human nature. The problem isn’t with the citizenry who have been told that they can have the good life without having to work hard for it. It’s with the entire structure of the European Union which promised paradise for all.

Equality can’t be maintained without productivity and financial responsibility. And the only way for the European Union to achieve that is tyranny. The EU has danced fairly close to that spike, but if it moves on it, then it will face real revolutions.

The Greeks and the Italians have been all too willing to believe that they aren’t responsible for the economic mess, but that it can all be attributed to a conspiracy of banks. It’s the same cheap Paultard-OWS sentiment gone mainstream in bankrupt countries. And while the banks are not free from guilt, the banking infrastructure runs on top of the political infrastructure of the European Union.

The worst performers in the European Union have made it clear that they will not accept financial responsibility, but will instead turn to radical rightists and leftists to escape responsibility.

The European Union has few options now. Germany profited from the EU, but it’s now being drained by it. Europe’s functional economies can either continue to subsidize the mess or pull out and let each European country find its own economic path to recovery. Or the technocrats in Berlin and Brussels can redouble their efforts to control the economies of unwilling and irresponsible countries. And the result might be even worse than the rise of a Golden Dawn or a Beppe Grillo.

The European Union can either come apart in peace or in conflict.

  • Keiko_Infidel

    The EU needs to spontaneously combust. SET EUROPE FREE!

  • Softly Bob

    Doomed or not, it's about time that the EU disappeared. It's been nothing more than a failed human and political experiment, a gravy train for corrupt Leftists, and a breeding ground for introduced vermin such as Muslim terrorists and Third World criminals.

  • maidros

    While I agree that EU needs to go, let us not be too hasty about EU needing to combust. It may combust, but please remember the fires don't respect borders, people, or institutions. If there is a revolt against the EU, it will take out quite a lot else along with it. A better way would be to dismantle the EU peacefully and return to the old nation-state model.

  • harrylies

    The EU is either the cause or the result of peace in Europe. Too many Americans died in two World Wars. Itally is to the EU what Texas is to the United States. One of twenty-seven. Inspite of online petitions, most people in Texas are not burning US flags. They may not like Obama, but they are not willing to kill Amerricans like Roberrt Lee did.

    The EU isn't perfect. It sure beats the old Europe.

    • Lola

      You don't make any sense. "Italy is to the EU, what Texas is to the United States"- What the hell does that even mean? Texans don't want or need to kill Americans- SECEDE peacefully, and and be the Republic of Texas- which is once was- A SEPARATE COUNTRY.
      The old Europe was far better than the EU Cartel, which gave looters permission to 'take'., borrow and be irresponsible.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Nope. Peace in Europe exists because the Germans finally got beaten down. And WTH is "Too many Americans died in two World Wars" supposed to mean? (Leaving aside the sheer ignorance of complaining about our casualties, which were a tiny fraction of those endured by other combatants.)

  • Chezwick

    The EU is "doomed". This is good for Europe….and good for the world.

  • vladtepes2

    The EU was created by a haughty, pretentious, arrogant DeGaul and other megalomaniacs in Europe who had the delusional idea that a Europe combined with the Mediterranean Islamic world would be a power great enough to stand up to and defy the United States. To do this they committed several mortal sins. They sold their soul to the devil Islam for oil and allowed a flood of Muslims into Europe thus ensuring the destruction of the nation state . And they set themselves against the United States and more importantly the fundamental principles upon which the US was founded. The wages of these mortal sins will be the destruction of the EU and much of the old Europe of nation states that existed before the EU, a Europe of nation states that gave rise to some of the greatest achievements of Western Civilization.

    • Lola

      Well said. Their greed and arrogance has destroyed the character of the countries I loved to visit, for their beautiful art, architecture. Instead, now there are hordes of muslims praying in the streets, bringing with them their hatred and filth.

    • Gus

      If you would know your history, you would know that De Gaulle has never been an EU hardcore fan. Far from it. He was all about national independence. He saw the European project as a mean to take care of some French national interests and as a potential tool to avoid another bloodbath in Europe. That's why he developed the french national nuclear force in parallel with the french participation in the European project.

      • vladtepes2

        De Gaulle – complex, and what you say may be true, but those ideas are not mutually exclusive with my comment. Also, read Bat Ye'or – or just read this quote from Bat Ye'or

        "The original sin is attributed to Charles de Gaulle. Disappointed by the loss of the French colonies in Africa and the Middle East, as well as with France’s waning influence in the international arena, the president of France in the 1960′s decided to create a strategic alliance with the Arab and Muslim world to compete with the dominance of the United States and the Soviet Union……… "

        That's not to say that De Gaulle is single handedly responsible for the impending Islamic conquest of Europe, the list of co-conspirators is long… and growing.

  • cxt

    The reason that people think the "bills will never come due" is they are largely products of a "nanny state."

    Which is the fundemental problem of such a state–it, in effect, creates children, that are unable to make the hard choices needed to get themselves out of serious problems. And when things get tough enough–the tendency is to turn to a "strong man" to "solve" the problems for them. Which is how you get a Hitler or Mussoulini (sp) or a Napoleon.

    The EU is going to break up—my concern is what happens after it does so.

  • john spielman

    Regardless of who is in power be it Italy Greece or the USA, Govt over spending WILL stop when people and institutions STOP LENDING MONEY to these irresponsible govts. The only solution then will be to print their way out of debt by issuing increasing worthless paper currency, then watch the misery begin,(cf pre WW2 Weimer Germany and present day Zimbabwe)

  • Gee

    Is the United States any better?

    In America – legal immigrants have a 40% unemployment rate – meaning that 40% do not work at least 14 weeks a year – yes a mere 14 weeks a year. Now the US government wants to give 11 million illegal immigrants benefits. Where is this money to pay that coming from?

    Nanny states are problem and yes the EU is the ultimate nanny state, but the United States is working very hard to match it.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Not better, just a little slower.

  • John Stone

    All these various inter-nation or international organizations are turning into self serving left leaning social theocracies. The lefty politics works because it serves their interests, it is a doctrine that has always had internationalist leanings. They are also drifting toward being agents of the Islamic states, rather than agents of the industrial powers that survived WWII.