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Italian Election Proves European Union is Doomed

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 26, 2013 @ 9:31 pm In The Point | 15 Comments


The Italian election has shown once again that the European Union is unworkable. Germany might prefer that Italy be governed by unelected IMF technocrats like Mario Monti, but that way lies open tyranny.

Given a choice in democratic elections, the Greeks, the French and now the Italians, have voted for extremist and populist parties promising them that the debts will never have to come due. And that’s only human nature. The problem isn’t with the citizenry who have been told that they can have the good life without having to work hard for it. It’s with the entire structure of the European Union which promised paradise for all.

Equality can’t be maintained without productivity and financial responsibility. And the only way for the European Union to achieve that is tyranny. The EU has danced fairly close to that spike, but if it moves on it, then it will face real revolutions.

The Greeks and the Italians have been all too willing to believe that they aren’t responsible for the economic mess, but that it can all be attributed to a conspiracy of banks. It’s the same cheap Paultard-OWS sentiment gone mainstream in bankrupt countries. And while the banks are not free from guilt, the banking infrastructure runs on top of the political infrastructure of the European Union.

The worst performers in the European Union have made it clear that they will not accept financial responsibility, but will instead turn to radical rightists and leftists to escape responsibility.

The European Union has few options now. Germany profited from the EU, but it’s now being drained by it. Europe’s functional economies can either continue to subsidize the mess or pull out and let each European country find its own economic path to recovery. Or the technocrats in Berlin and Brussels can redouble their efforts to control the economies of unwilling and irresponsible countries. And the result might be even worse than the rise of a Golden Dawn or a Beppe Grillo.

The European Union can either come apart in peace or in conflict.

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