It’s a “Politics of Personal Destruction” Rodeo

It’s the dog who needs the real psychological support

The “Politics of Personal Destruction” is a phrase that the Clintons helped make famous, even while they spent most of their time conducting personal attacks against their enemies; inside and outside the party.

Now, after Bill Clinton nicely told Ashley Judd that she should stick to appearing at fundraisers for real politicians, Judd is invoking the phrase to complain about the opposition research of her prospective opponent… research that only came to light due to wiretapping.

“This is yet another example of the politics of personal destruction that embody Mitch Mcconnell and are pervasive in Washington, D.C. We expected nothing less from Mitch McConnell and his camp than to take a personal struggle such as depression, which many Americans cope with on a daily basis and turn it into a laughing matter.”

1. If you tote around a “Psychological Support Dog” and then tell people about it on ABC News, it’s no longer a personal struggle. It’s public craziness.

2. If you describe everything, including your iPhone, as rape, then you have bigger mental problems then just feeling sad.

3. If you’ve been institutionalized, then that is something the voters need to take into considering when you run for the second highest elected national office in the country.

4. It’s Mitch McConnell. The Mc means son. To Ashley Judd though, that’s probably an unforgivable form of patriarchy which makes her reject the proper spelling of a Scottish last name.

But let’s get back to the dreaded “Politics of Personal Destruction”. Judd complains about the “Politics of Personal Destruction” and then attacks Mitch McConnell as a bad person for doing what every other politician does.

Since Ashley Judd’s campaign was going to do its own opposition research, it would have also attacked McConnell as a bad person. Now she’s attacking him as a bad person for doing what she never got to do to him.

The “Politics of Personal Destruction” is the pretense of victimization built around the false notion that some things, like Bill Clinton’s affairs or Ashley Judd’s emotional support dog, should be off limits because mentioning them makes you a bad person, unless you’re a Democrat attacking a Republican.

  • Mary Sue

    I wonder if anyone's ever run a mental health comparison between Republicans and Democrats. Who's got the most batfeces insane people. I'll betcha dems.

    • tagalog

      There are several alleged psychological studies comparing lefties and righties during the past 10 or 15 years or so that all result in findings that righties are pathologically rigid and unyielding, and intolerant of change and new ideas.

      None of these studies explains how it is that lefties continue to stick to political and sociological theories that are over 150 years old, applied (if at all) to a time that has been the dead past since at least the end of World War I if not before that, and are demonstrably unworkable even if left to work themselves out for nearly a century, in numerous significantly different societies, while it is left to righties to come up with the new ideas (which are immediately rejected amidst loud clamorings that they are oppressive, racist, sexist, and unworkable in any event).

      • CatK

        Most psychologists are die-hard leftists who are intolerant of any political views or philosophies, including religious faith, that differ from their orthodoxy. There is little exchange of varied ideas and much groupthink in the profession. The groupthink runs strictly along the lines of liberal dogma. These are supposed experts on the human mind, and heart, who seem to have little ability to have insight into themselves. Or is it that they they rejoice in their unkindness toward those who dare to differ. I can't quite decide which is the case. But, my colleagues are most unpleasant company.

  • Ar'nun

    Ashley Judd would have also been the first US Sentator in history that we have seen naked prior to her being elected. Leave it to Progs to elect someone willing to take her clothes off for money. gives Judd four stars and ranks her as "Hall of Fame Nudity!"

  • esther

    How dare Mitch McMeanyConnell and his staff criticize Ashley Judd! Why, she's only been in the hospital for severe depression and suicidal threats for weeks at a time, cant go anywhere without her "assistance dogs", (proof right there in the photo! lol!) is an admitted angry control freak, takes psychotropic drugs, hates pregnancy- which she calls "breeding", is a religion-a-phobe …and that's just a peek. I want to thank Mother Jones for this charitable contribution to society.

  • tagalog

    What turned Ashley Judd's struggle with depression (such as it may be) into a laughing matter wasn't anything Mitch McConnell or his campaign managers did.

    It's what the people who first bugged the campaign, then got Mother Jones to publish it, then the news people who got all over this topic, who made Ashley Judd's condition a laughing matter. No one in the McConnell campaign had the least influence on that. I'm sure that they would have been perfectly content to keep their discussion on Ms. Judd strictly private.

    From both the picture above, and from the TV news stories today, Ashley Judd appears to be developing, shall I say, a more substantial body mass. Such a cute, pudgy little punim. Could that be why she's contemplating a move from the silver screen to the campaign trail?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The left has absolutely no scruples whatsoever, Ashley Judd in political office, I would think
    this a joke but she is the same as all Democrats, just what America does not need. The person
    who secretly taped the conversation if uncovered will be in deep trouble, hopefully the FBI
    can get the culprit. Politics is a dirty business and Americas Political elite are ruining our
    Nation and lives………………………………William