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Jeffrey Goldberg Claims Calling Him a Sewer Pipe is Anti-Semitic

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 27, 2013 @ 5:38 pm In The Point | 11 Comments


Even when the people calling him a sewer pipe are Jews, they’re just like the Nazis who hate Home Depot, apparently. Or something.

In response to an article by Z Street’ [2]s Lori Lowenthal Marcu [3]s citing Dan Senor’s claim that Jeffrey Goldberg passing on an attack from Obama against Netanyahu was deliberate election interference (which it was), Jeffrey Goldberg launched a spirited defense of sewer pipes against the far right.

We here at the Goldblog glass-enclosed nerve center have been called many things by extreme leftists and rightists, but this one, from a website calld “Israeli Frontline,” which I’m guessing is part of the Jewish right wing love-Israel-to-death crowd, stands out for its unknowing echo of a familiar Nazi trope:

The “Love Israel to Death” crowd is Goldberg’s crowd. It’s the crowd that calls for forcing Israel to make concessions to terrorists in exchange for more terrorism.

There’s not a lot of love there, but there has been a lot of death over the last twenty years. Almost all of that blood is on the hands of the appeaser left.

But just because Goldberg served a purpose for Obama does not mean that he gets to pretend that any insult directed at him is racist. that’s for the exclusive use of Barack “That’s Racist” Obama.

“Sewer pipe” is not a particularly common insult. It was most often used within the Canadian left against Canadian Commies or “sewer pipe revolutionists”.

I would like to offer a defense, not of myself, but of sewer pipes. Civilization could not exist as we know it without sewer pipes. They make our cities and towns livable, aesthetically pleasant and healthful places.

For whatever reason, the far-right, Jewish and Nazi alike, despise sewer pipes.

Oh I think most people like sewer pipes. The problem is broken sewer pipes. A working sewer pipe carries waste away. A broken sewer pipe carries it to.

A civilization depends on working sewer pipes. But when the media goes into “sewer pipe revolutionist” mode and begins¬†¬† carrying its own waste into civilization, instead of away from it, then civilization is endangered and needs to replace the broken sewer pipelines with sewer pipes that carry away waste, instead of manufacturing it and spreading it.

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