Jesse Jackson Jumps the Selma Civil Rights Shark


It’s hard to find any single moment where the race-baiting hustler abuse of civil rights jumped the shark, but Jesse Jackson’s Florida hysteria may mark some kind of peak.

Gov. Rick Scott asked that Jackson apologize for calling Florida the “Selma of our time” and “the Apartheid State.”

Jackson said Florida’s post-Trayvon Martin environment is “toxic.”

“ ‘Stand your ground’ laws must end,” Jackson told reporters. “The manipulation of African-Americans here is disgraceful.”

“We’ve seen Southern governors before change their minds,” Jackson said Tuesday. “Wallace said we couldn’t go to the University of Alabama. He had to change his mind.”

Jesse Jackson is comparing Florida to Selma and South Africa, based on a single case whose outcome he didn’t like. He’s been a joke for a while, but this may be the first time he has become an official joke.

Jackson, like the Dream Defenders, wants Florida to revisit the “stand your ground” law that was passed in 2005. Scott has said he supports the law and won’t call a special session to address it.

So Jesse Jackson tactfully compared Rick Scott to George Wallace because the Governor of Florida won’t call a special session to get rid of a law that he wants eliminated.


  • pinnie

    Someone tell him *Your Over Jackson. Get a real job. Whitey is fed up to our eyeballs with his bull.
    He can first sit outside Prison..and wait for his corrupt son to get out…Better yet….go the hell to Africa and start over. Take Sharpton,and his big racist mouth with you. Swing by Calypso Louie’s and pack him up also.
    Load up the CBC…since they have all the best ideas on “:how to screw producers,workers,tax payers.”.they are the most nauseating racist group of blacks ever assembled.
    Trust me,…none of you will be missed..

  • Elizabeth capecod

    Jessie is demented. We all know by now that Blacks benefit disportionately
    by population from this law than any other group.

    Not to mention…liberals are crusading for the use of this law as a defense for a Black woman in Florida named Marissa Alexander.

    Liberals are bizarre people.