Jesse Jackson Vows to “Bring Down” Florida like South Africa


Considering that the GDP of Illinois is behind Florida and Chicago is basically a Detroit waiting to happen, Jesse Jackson might look to his own backyard instead of trying to “bring down” a state which has oranges while his own hometown has gangs.

But boycotting Florida has become the cool thing to do for civil rights activists who don’t seem to grasp that the boycotts will

1. Not change the Zimmerman verdict

2. Hurt black Floridians who are near the bottom of the economic ladder the most

But since when has Jesse Jackson actually cared about black people?

“We can boycott Florida, cut conventions in Florida, for its ‘stand your ground’ laws,” said Jackson, speaking on a panel at the National Urban League’s annual conference in Philadelphia. “If we can boycott South Africa and bring it down, we should boycott Florida and bring it down.”

What does bringing down Florida mean anyway?

Florida is a state with a democratically elected government. Does bringing it down mean reducing it to the level of Chicago?

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the Martin family, also spoke at the conference Friday, where he said that changing “stand your ground” was the way to “properly honor” the legacy of Trayvon Martin.

Wouldn’t getting high and attacking some Latino guy be the best way to properly honor the legacy of Trayvon Martin?

  • RedStateVet

    When is this racial arsonist just going to shut the #### up? He has nothing worthwhile to say.

  • Pablo

    This is what happens when the white Hispanic doesn’t shoot the unarmed minority child when he ought to: El Paso police officer dies after severe beating

  • Glitter Somerset

    By bringing Florida down, what he really means is he is going to start shaking down companies in Florida. Just watch.

  • Joedcr

    It’s called making easy money using stupid’s emotional hot spots.

  • BS77

    another shameless hustler and provocateur….dismal to see people like this in action.

  • Clare Spark “O’Reilly’s riff on ‘race’ relations.” It is apparently out of bounds to look at economic factors when analyzing the state of blacks in America. Bring back the good father and all will be well again. But more, black entertainers are joining Jesse Jackson in “boycotting” Florida. Has everyone gone clueless in America?


    Dear Jesse,

    Be a good boy and boycott planet earth. The rag on your head would fit right in on Uranus. :)

  • UCSPanther

    Jacko and Sharpie are just like David Duke: Useless parasites who make their living feeding off of racial tensions. With Duke however, he didn’t have the MSM or the left covering for him, so he was forced to leave the US after he burned off all his credibility and now sits in a two-bit “university” in Ukraine making hate propaganda.

    If there was justice, Sharpie and Jacko would be forced to do the same…

  • garyfouse

    What should be boycotted is Budweiser beer at Wrigley Field in Chicago since Jesse’s sons own the concession. To steal a line from Jesse’s “Don’t go in the Bushes”, don’t go in the Budweiser bleachers.

  • Joe Cottereuax

    don’t forget that great invention that came out of South Africa when the white government left; the tire necktie.

    don’t forget Jesse helped create a country that held the distinction of having the highest murder & crime rate in the world.

    so Jesse, is that what you want for Florida? dousing people with gasoline while inside of tires and setting them ablaze? rampant murder and crime? oh wait, you got the rampant murder and crime in Detroit! silly me! guess the price of gasoline is too high in Detroit, but guns sure are cheap!

    • Lime Lite

      South Africa has now become a crime infested, Communist-run banana republic, with an unemployment rate of 45%; a tax base of around 3.5 million people out of a population of 51 million – 21 million of whom are on government handouts. The blacks life expectancy, education and health standards have all dropped under the Communist ANC. THAT’S what the Jesse Jackson’s of this world has brought the black people of South Africa.

  • herb benty

    One of the many things about America that we Canadians have admired, is your legal right to use a weapon to protect your life. To me, that is respect for human life. After much reading, I discovered that the towns in the Old West were peaceful most of the time, partly due to the fact that any murderer would be cut down very quickly if he decided to go on a killing spree. Wyatt Earp would guffaw at the idea that everyone should be disarmed. Nowadays, the world we live in is way more dangerous, with an intentional godless society and imported murderers. Stand your ground is a freedom loving, honourable notion, but makes big gov’t socialists nervous.

  • moneekwa

    too bad jackson doesn’t give a crap about the blacks who will end up homeless and unemployed for his self-serving agenda. or maybe it just won’t work. disney is there. disney could serve cooked dalmation puppies as hot dogs and people would still go there. nobody cares what disney does that’s bad they will still go.

    floridans should find out what jesse has in his stock portfolio and boycott HIM by boycotting those companies.

    • John E Coleman

      Which Race is he trying to hurt ?? the white or the black people who
      work for a living here in Florida ? !
      Hell, everyone knows the unemployment % rate between Black & white !
      So most who live off of welfare don’t give a Damn anyhow !

      Go ahead , Make my day ! Stay in Chicago , Rag Head !


    I do not understand how they can call themselves Reverands for they have deserted the word and what it means to understand the compassion of loving thy neighbor. They and the Democratic party create division and hate.
    We the human race came from the same root. Color is a wavelength in the spectrum of light. No color exist’s in darkness. Why does the Democratic Party want to lead this country into the darkness of the abyss where only emptyness exists? Because they desire,covet and seek what thy neighbor has for their own selvishness.
    There is no light in the men that want to lead you through the forest of confusion where at the end is the cliff that will lead you to the valley of death and destruction!

  • gregzotta

    Jesse Jackson is a
    lying, thieving, race-baiting, tax cheating extortionist and no one with any
    sense should listen or follow him.

  • KatBlu60

    Reverends (?????) Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the most racial extremists that I know of. They are supposed to be Men of God, and all they do is spew hate. Trayvon Martin wasn’t an innocent little boy. He was in Florida because he had been expelled from school in his own state, and was living with an aunt. It was obvious that the shot patterns on his hooded sweatshirt were from a gun being shot in an upwards projection. The white hispanic was on the bottom, and the black almost adult Trayvon was on top puching him and banging his head on the ground. That’s obvious. And it was obvious to a jury, but these so called Reverends only know how to stir up hate. They spew hate uneccessarily. Whites are the ones being discriminated against these days.