Jewish Rabbi Attacked in Germany by… Muslim Mob


The more things change, the more they stay the same. The men in jackboots and swastika armbands have been swapped out for men in beards and toting Korans.

A group of youths attacked a rabbi on Sunday evening in Offenbach, a city near Franfurt. Six to eight “Mediterranean looking“ youths attacked the 39-year-old Rabbi Mendel Gurewitz.

Police spokesman Rudi Neu, in southeast Hesse state where Offenbach is located, said a criminal complaint was filed and there was probable cause to investigate for an anti-Semitic hate crime, bodily injury and harassment.

The alleged attack took place in a shopping center passage. The authorities are reviewing video cameras from the shopping area for footage of the event.

Mark Dainow, the deputy director of the Jewish community in Offenbach, criticized the security personnel at the shopping location for failing to intervene to stop the aggressive activity of the youths.

Gurewitz was forced to flee the building and the youths pursued him. A friend of the rabbi drove by and rescued the rabbi by picking him up in his car. The manager of the shopping mall apologized for the conduct of the security personnel.

I imagine the security personnel learned a while back not to interfere with any “youths” who might then return and begin smashing up the mall with the complacent compliance of the police and the government.

Everyone learns to say nothing about Islamic violence because they know there will be no support from anyone higher up.

Based on his name, I suspect Gurewitz is probably an American Chabad Rabbi. Chabad Rabbis are known for wearing Jewish clothing in parts of Europe where Jews no longer wear such clothing to avoid attracting attention from “youths”.

  • Chez

    I would love to read how this incident is being reported in the German press. One can just imagine the apologetics.

    • poetcomic1 .

      Here is the latest Report in the German Press:


      • kikkoman

        In case anyone is wondering why the mall manager apologized:
        his security personnel forced the Rabbi to delete pictures he had made of his attackers.

    • Everett Vulgamore

      dont forget how they will say that this had nothing to do with islam

  • quillerm

    How dare that Rabbi get in the way of the fists of Muslims. They were innocently swinging their arms as an act of friendship. Hope the German Police will not offend the local Muslims by needlessly investigating this attack by a Rabbi on innocent Muslim youth. Obama probably will send US Troops to protect the Muslim community.

  • herb benty

    Angela Merkel said that if Israel is attacked, Germany would “have to” help. Well dear, charity begins at home. Why the global leftist hatefest for Jews and Christians, and love for evil, murderous Islam???

  • Judahlevi

    It has long been an opinion of many that Muslims have adopted the mantle of Hitler and have become just one more group which considers anti-Semitism a legitimate hate. If there is one issue that invalidates Islam as a religion, it is its anti-Semitism. Who really desires to be like Hitler? How immoral is that?

    Yet, the left makes its bed with Muslims and Islam because they both hate traditional Western values. Political correctness enforces measures against intolerance for Muslims and not Christians due to this alliance. Political correctness is an attempt at thought-control by leftists and therefore serves their agenda.

    That the left is willing to support the new Hitlers for the advancement of their agenda, demonstrates just how far they will go and how hateful they can be.

  • truebearing

    They were just a pack of lone wolves…nothing to worry about.

  • Brian

    Chez you can go to an english German website and you might find I of there

  • handsomedan

    why wasn’t my last comment accepted ?

    • OfficialPro

      sometimes it does that. It’s automated.

      • handsomedan


  • cheechakos

    Of all the countries in the world dealing with muslim invasions and crimes, Germany should be the most embarrassed and ashamed.
    Of all the people in the world who know what rabid antisemitism can become ,it is Germany.
    They have known of the deep connections between Hitler and muslims since the 1930’s. They know former SS members fled to Egypt,Iran and Syria.They know they joined the MB and worked for them diligently.

    Has Germany ever condemned the seething,poisonous antisemitism publicly displayed by muslims?
    No,they invited muslims to move in and persecute Jews again in Germany.

  • Texas Patriot

    The Muslim man who recently killed Lee Rigby in London said that he was “forced” by the Koran to do what he did. Does the Koran “force” Muslims to kill Christians and Jews?

    • Gee

      It is a religious requirement – so the answer is yes I believe it does

      • Texas Patriot

        Therefore, do Muslims who kill Christians and Jews believe they are innocent of any crime?

        • OfficialPro


          • Texas Patriot

            That would explain a lot. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev seems utterly clueless why people are making such a big deal about the Boston Patriot’s Day massacre. He’s not saying he didn’t do it, of course. He freely admits that he and his brother were the bombers, but he is adamant that he is innocent. If he truly sees himself as a soldier of Islam, it follows that he would only consider himself guilty if he hadn’t done it. It’s perfectly logical.

          • OfficialPro

            they flatout think they are above any law that isn’t Sharia law.

  • zckbarbara .

    I know this Shopping Center,the Security there are all Turks and Arabs,like in the other Offenbach Cinemax Center or the Ring Center. I dont feel safe there,in case of emergency you re by yourself.

  • John Magee

    This is another in daily act of brutality by the barbarian practitioners of the cult of the pagan moon god of medina in Europe today. It’s ironic who supports 3rd world immigration to Europe to destroy the ethnic homogeneity in this continent mainly through Muslim immigration. many of them are Orthodox Jews like Barbara Spectre, an American/Israeli who lives in Sweden, and is married to an Israeli rabbi who serves at the Great Synagogue in Stockholm is the most vocal of these Europhobe’s who “helps” Sweden recognize the joys of multiculturalism. This woman has taken it upon herself to make Sweden and all of Europe multicultural. Who the hell is she, and others like he,r to demand that nations in Europe invite the 3rd worlders in their midst so that Stockholm. Malmo, Berlin, London, Madrid the rest of the cities of Europe become European versions of Detroit or Baghdad? I’ve read article’s by Orthodox rabbi’s from Israel who are gleeful Europe is being destroyed by immigration from the 3rd world. Mainly Muslim. All this while Israel deports it’s African migrants back to their country of origin using Israeli Air Force Jets or El Al passenger planes. Imagine the outrage if the USA of liberals, especially liberal Jews, if the USA deported millions of illegals from south of our border back to Mexico and Central America like this. It’s a terrible thing what happened to this rabbi. I hope Barbara Spectre and her Jewish and Gentile multicultural anti Western Christian Civilization friends are happy what they have done to Europe now their multicultural dreams have come back to bite them. When these Muslim hate crimes happen to Jews in Europe they have no one to blame but themselves. When I read about Malmo, Sweden being almost 40% Muslim today and how Muslims riot in that city and harass Jews I think of another Jew living in Sweden who helped bring this about. Barbara Spectre.

  • PouponMarks

    The West is becoming like the “Wild” West of the American frontier. When the sheriff was corrupt and/or weak, didn’t do his job, or their was no sheriff, the people **gasp* took the law into their own hands. That is vigilante justice, aka, known as survival justice, or real justice, justice of the last resort. At some terminal point, the peoples of Euabia will have to take matters in their own hands and even the score, before they are annihilated or reduced to dhimmis, aka serfs, second class citizens, or farm animals.

    The Muslim view of the West is a simple one: I watch and bet on camel races, you shovel the dung and feed the animals. And sleep with them too. Ownership of dogs is forbidden. Filthy creatures forbidden by the One Pure Religion.

    Read the following, you 1984 Apple advertisement Super Bowl audience drones and Borgs, and clean out the peanut butter out of your eyes:

  • Michael Druck

    Are there non Jewish rabbis? I love the anti Jewish cover when reporting about Chabad.

  • John Magee

    The Rabbi Gurewitz can thank BARBARA SPECTRE and her ilk for the migration catastrophe in Europe today., Spectre is an American/Israeli who lives in Sweden with her husband who Rabbi serving the small Jewish community in Stockholm, for the diverse paradise which Germany and all of Europe has become since the 1970’s . Spectre is on a one woman mission to destroy homogeneous Sweden by massive migration from the 3rd world. She advocates Sweden becoming multicultural and diverse (she doesn’t apply the same diverse
    immigration standards for Israel. A country which deports it’s African migrants using military transports to their country of origin) working with Swedish leftist’s to bring in as many 3rdworlders, especially Muslim into Sweden to make Sweden, Scandinavia, and all of Europe “more diverse”. It is a crime what happened to Rabbi Gurewitz. I hope he isn’t for the same diverse multicultural Deutschland his co-religionist Barbara Spectre is working hard for in Sweden and for all of Scandinavia. Thanks to Spectre Malmo, Sweden is rapidly becoming a majority city and very inhospitable place for the small Jewish community in that city. I wish Frontpage would interview Barbara Spectre to and report to it’s readers the type of people behind the migration into Europe today.