Jim Jones Pal and Pedophile to Get Own Postage Stamp


It’s midnight in America. Maybe it’s 2 AM. It’s Obama Time.

If only Jerry Sandusky had come out of the closet and become a gay icon, he could have gotten his own postage stamp. Just like this guy.

Gerard Dols told of how – as a physically disabled teen – the “very nice” Harvey Milk had encouraged him in 1977 to run away from his Minnesota home and come to San Francisco.

According to Dols, Milk told him, “Don’t tell your parents,”

In his glowing book “The Mayor of Castro Street,” Randy Shilts wrote of Milk’s “relationship” with the McKinley boy: ” … Sixteen-year-old McKinley was looking for some kind of father figure. … At 33, Milk was launching a new life, though he could hardly have imagined the unlikely direction toward which his new lover would pull him.”

Years later McKinley committed suicide.

If that doesn’t deserve a postage stamp, I don’t know what does. Harvey Milk’s pedophilia makes this all the more ironic.

The bill instructs the governor to proclaim a “Harvey Milk Day” and designates “that date as having special significance in the public schools and educational institutions” and encourages them to “conduct suitable commemorative exercises.”

I guess having sex with older men would be a suitable commemorative exercise.

But Harvey Milk, deceased politician and gay icon, didn’t just limit himself to molesting underage boys.  It was much worse than that.

“Rev. Jones is widely known in the minority communities here and elsewhere as a man of the highest character, who has undertaken constructive remedies for social problems which have been amazing in their scope and effectiveness,” Supervisor Milk wrote President Jimmy Carter seven months before the Jonestown carnage.

The purpose of Milk’s letter was to aid and abet his powerful supporter’s abduction of a six-year-old boy. Milk’s missive to the president prophetically continued:

“Not only is the life of a child at stake, who currently has loving and protective parents in the Rev. and Mrs. Jones, but our official relations with Guyana could stand to be jeopardized, to the potentially great embarrassment of our State Department.”

John Stoen, the boy whose actual parents Milk libeled to the president as purveyors of “bold-faced lies” and blackmail attempts, perished at Jonestown.

Harvey Milk was part of a political establishment, that included Jerry Brown, that politically benefited from Jim Jones’ Communist cult and protected his abuse of children.

December 17, 1978 – New York Times – Determined to help elect politicians friendly toward his People’s Temple, the Rev. Jim Jones ordered what former temple members say was an organized campaign of fraudulent voting practices that included importing busloads of illegal voters to cast their ballots in this city’s 1975 municipal elections.

Among those named by some of Mr. Jones’s former followers as recipients of his political support were Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, both of whom were shot and killed in their City Hall offices, three weeks ago, allegedly by an enraged former city official.

Voter fraud isn’t a problem. Just ask any Democrat.

Milk had used Temple volunteers, wrote endorsement letters, and, in a hand-written note, told Jones “my name is cut into stone in support of you – and your people.”

In stone.

None of that stopped Obama from awarding the Medal of Freedom to Harvey Milk. Bob “Filthy” Filner wanted to name a Navy submarine after Milk. And now the bankrupt post office will be giving Milk a stamp.

Why not?

What’s a few dead and molested kids between Democratic pals?

  • Ulrick

    Where are the feminists to cry about this example of “rape culture?”

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It’s the white Christian man’s fault for oppressing him. Always. Don’t forget that. It will help you understand a lot of seemingly crazy things.

      • UCSPanther

        You forgot “heterosexual”.

        Only heterosexual White Christian Men can oppress and commit rape within the progressive’s narrow world views.

        • Ulrick

          It’s not even a matter of race or sexuality, it’s just sheer partisanship. It’s not like they’d defend and downplay a black conservative such as Herman Cain like they did for Bill Clinton and every other white male Democrat accused of sexual harassment &/ rape.

        • nomoretraitors

          You forgot American, English-speaking and capitalist

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Rape culture is the whole problem. Once you claim that a “culture” is responsible, the oppressed who are not part of the culture cannot possibly rape except as isolated incidents.

  • Biff Henderson

    When you travel a bumpy road a few apples are bound to fall off the cart. Forward.

  • WorldWatchman

    Another example in the dumbing down of America. When a culture embraces a perverted lifestyle, it will fall. Sodom and Gomorrah ring a bell?! Ancient Rome ring a bell?! Some will say that they both had run their course and were both reckless in the running of their affairs but, that’s just part of what happened to their cultures. Both believed they were gods and the REAL Almighty God decided to put an end to them. Some Ministers and Pastors say Almighty God still loves America and they are right. He loves all of us but, he won’t tolerate a government and a people who mock him by ridding Him from government when He showed us how to create it and embracing evil in all it’s various forms and calling it “Progressive Thinking”. Evil is evil no matter what name man gives it.

    • John Magee

      The crime of Sodom and Gomorrah was not homosexuality, but radical inhospitability. Perhaps you should do some more research.

  • http://twitter.com/Throckmorton09 Biff Wellington

    yet stamps showing children on skateboards was “too dangerous” to be allowed….amazing.

  • DogmaelJones1

    This is disgusting. Excuse me while I fetch a barf bag.

    • BS77

      Next year it will be the Jerry Sandusky stamp.

      • DogmaelJones1

        Well, at least the Milk stamp isn’t a “Forever” stamp.

        • Frederikahere

          Be thankful for small favors?

  • truebearing

    Milk, the twisted pervert, even looks warped. Too bad he lived as long as he did.

    Give Obama time and he’ll champion the “rights” of pedophiles. There is no bottom to Obama’s moral turpitude. His upbringing by Marxists and Muslims produced a cold, depraved human with no morals and no soul.

    It is arguable that Obama was abused by Frank Marshal Davis in his youth. The contents of a poem Obama wrote about his interactions with Davis are very suggestive and disturbing.

  • iluvisrael

    The post office can print stamps with charles manson, but you don’t have to buy them.

    • iluvisrael

      I don’t like the idea of a harvy milk stamp at all, nor will I buy stamps promoting anything muslim like eid stamps issued around the holiday season along with Christmas and Hanukah type stamps. I’m just not keen on boycotts.

    • nomoretraitors

      True enough, but if they came out with a postage stamp commemorating George Wallace or Bull Connor, you can be sure the left would howl

  • A Z

    No sane person can dispute this essay.

    But get them in a group and a person falling off the fence will be put back on it by their peers. Once they are back on the fence they will help others you fall off. At the end of that little circus they will say look you did not convince any of us.

    One of the lines of attack of the LGBT crowd will be …fairness.

    They will say that they want parity in age of consent. However I am not seeing too many guys with 16 year old girls or older women with 16 year old boys being applauded and/or not prosecuted.

    So they will come at anyone with the fairness argument followed up by the accusation of voter fraud is just a story (just sour grapes).

    For the kid killed at Jonestown they will hope that a leading pundit on the left will make that go away. They will say the birth parents were bad, etc. they also might say that Jim Jones would not have massacred anyone if there had been no investigation. If no leftist blogger comes to save the day, then on the last point they will simply stonewall and feel good about. After all they have solid reason to refute the 1st two points. They will feel smug and call it a day. That is the mentality of the left.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You’re being too kind.

      Actually they won’t even argue the point. They’ll just scream BIGOT over and over again.

      • A Z

        I’ll concede the point.

        Screaming bigot is version 2.0 of their tactics.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          You can see the HuffPo take on the story and the comments there.

          it’s BIGOT, BIGOT, BIGOT all the way home

        • UCSPanther

          I think its wearing thin too, but they will stick to it to the bitter end, proving the old saying about insanity…

      • nomoretraitors

        I like it when they scream bigot. It means they lost the argument

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Sure. But getting the public to recognize that isn’t always easy

          • nomoretraitors

            True, given the mentality of the public these days

  • UCSPanther

    I’ve seen Democrats laugh at the GOP for letting itself get taken by the Moonies back in the olden days, but they were just as taken by that psycho Jim Jones and his whacked out communism worshipping cult back in the day as well…

  • JacksonPearson

    Come on Daniel, you’re being to hard on Dianne Feinstein’s hero. A stamp is miniscule compared to what Muhammad got. MO was a famous pedophile too (although Muslim apologists don’t think so).

  • Anamah

    Terribly depressant the way we have fallen into a hole of vicious sentiments, and nowhere to find love for America.
    How and when this perverted stage will end?
    Daniel, do you think we will recovered from this nightmare?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Only if we beat the left

  • cheechakos

    I’d read Milk was into boys but not his connection to Jones.

    Supposedly there are still millions of dollars of Jones money hidden in offshore bank accounts.I know thousands of his followers remained in the US and quickly faded into society

  • A Z

    I read many wikipedia entries.

    when a historical event is written about they not only write the history as can be best determined but also the historiography. I think historiography is an important word to learn.

    The left has its’ own historiography. The book “The Mayor of Castro Street” should be a d_mning indictment of Harvey Milk but it is not. Like the Mathew Shepard event all the left remembers is that Moscone was a good public servant that was shot. The murderer, a fireman and veteran, had quit his job over big city politics. Needing money he reconsidered his choice of quitting and asked for his job back. The mayor refused and the rest is history.

  • Jay Tee

    I predict it will be as popular at the obummer stamp – people will want to spit on the other side.

    • nomoretraitors


  • joshuasweet

    After all Obama was “Cared for” over seas by both his “Nanny” then his boy friends. This is just recognition so he can stand a chance for one.

  • Shane Von Russell

    They celebrate that behavior.

  • nsaeatsshit

    shoot a fag,,help the world out,,,,,,,,,,,

  • nomoretraitors

    Milk had another lover who committed suicide — Jack Lira

  • Ohso

    Any word on the LARRY BRINKIN Pederast Toddler Racist Rape Posse, run out of the ‘in-human rights’ commission in Sodom by the Sea getting their own stomp of approval?

    SEE – Leading California gay rights leader arrested over child porn possession http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/leading-california-gay-rights-leader-arrested-over-child-porn-possession/

  • shepetgene

    “As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in persons 16 years of age or older typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest toward prepubescent children (generally age 11 years or younger, though specific diagnostic criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13).[1][2][3][4] An adolescent who is 16 years of age or older must be at least five years older than the prepubescent child before the attraction can be diagnosed as pedophilia”

    Not pedophilia. Not trying to argue whether what happened was right or wrong, but using inflammatory rhetoric to make your point is never intelligent and undermines you every time.

  • Jerry kintripi

    It’s a shame that this writer Daniel Greenfield’s mother did not have an abortion!

  • DaCoachK

    America is dead. This deification of people who were once reviled by everyone is just the latest sign of its death.

  • Irv Spielberg

    Harvey Milk Stamped “Out” Forever !

    The Obama Cabal is behind universal GAYety with a “forever” postage
    stamp glorifying Harvey Milk, a Jewish homosexual predator “attracted to
    boys aged 15-19,” according to WikiAnswers! (Also see Wikipedia.)
    Global gaydom was even predicted by Jesus (see “days of Lot” in Luke 17 and compare with Genesis 19).

    And the Hebrew prophet Zechariah (14th chapter) says that during the
    same end-time gay “days” ALL nations will come against Israel and
    fulfill the “days of Noah” at the same time (see Luke 17 again) – a
    short time of anti-Jewish genocide found in Zechariah 13:8 when
    two-thirds of all Jews will die.
    In other words, when “gay days” have become universal, all hell will break loose!

    Shockingly, the same “days” will trigger the “end of days” – and when
    they begin, worldwide human government will quickly wind down in just a
    few short years! For the first time in history there won’t be enough
    time for anyone to even attend college, let alone have a family, save
    money, enjoy retirement, etc.
    One final thought. The more we see gays “coming out,” the sooner Jesus will be “coming down”!

    For more, Google or Yahoo “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “Jesus Never
    Mentioned Homosexuality. When gays have birthdays…,” “FOR GAYS ONLY:
    Jesus Predicted…” and “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans!”

  • Hatterasman

    Why not name a submarine after Milk? His modus operandi was going down.