Joe Biden Delivers 1 Minute of Pure Stupidity at Boston Memorial (VIDEO)

Okay, that’s not exactly true. It’s actually 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Before you watch this, remember that Obama brought Joe Biden on board for his “foreign policy expertise” and that Sarah Palin was an ignorant moron who was too dangerous to be allowed within sight of the big chair.

Joseph Robinette Biden tackles the big question of why the terrorists are trying to attack us and having surprised himself by asking himself the question, in his inimitable “talking slowly and hoping the audience mistakes a frantic search for ideas for ponderous pauses” explains why they hate us.

“They know they can never defeat us, they know that they can never overthrow us, they know that they can never occupy us. So why?  Why. Whether it’s Al Qaeda’s central out of the Fatah, or two twisted perverted, cowardly, knock-off jihadis here in Boston. Why do they do what they do?”

Biden doesn’t quite seem to grasp that they don’t know that at all. If they did know those things, they wouldn’t be fighting us. Can they defeat us right now? Even with Obama’s efforts, they’re lagging on the homefront. Can they defeat us, if things go on this way, in another 50 years? Yes.

The man who can barely think 1 second ahead may have trouble imagining that anyone would plan that far ahead, but they do.

Fatah is a terrorist group, but it’s a terrorist group funded by the Obama Administration in the form of aid to the Palestinian Authority. Apologists will scurry to explain that Biden was talking about Fatah al Islam, but that raises the question of why Biden would be talking about Fatah al Islam. But then again why does Biden do anything?

I’ve thought about it a lot. Because I deal with it a lot. And I’ve come to the conclusion which is not unique to me, but they do it to instill fear, to have us in the name of our safety and security jettison what we value most in the world, most valuable values about us, our open society, our system of justice that guarantees freedom, the access of all Americans to opportunity, the free flow of information and people across this country, our transparency… that’s their target

Biden doesn’t get himself nearly enough credit. I don’t think anyone before has proposed that Muslim terrorists are targeting our transparency, but he has pieced together the old conservative thesis of “They hate us for our freedoms” and the liberal argument that if we crack down on the terrorists, then the terrorists win by forcing us to compromise on what the ACLU considers civil rights, into a confusing hybrid in which Al Qaeda knows it can’t win but hopes to force us to engage in military commission trials and give up on equal access to opportunity.

All that seems more like the conclusion to a Republican bashing stump speech and that is probably how it started out with Biden giving up on the question of what the terrorists want and instead falling back on safe talk about the free flow of information and opportunity access.

If Biden had wanted to be the least bit relevant, he could have mentioned women’s rights or freedom of speech, but tellingly he did not, instead he wheezed through a few randomly chosen liberal virtues of good government on the way to escaping the entire topic.

It’s easy to mock Biden. He’s an arrogant idiot who is bad at everything. His entire career is based on his ability to yell gibberish like this that stupid people nod along to because it sounds reassuring. And yet there is something troubling here when the man who could be president if a bolt of lightning strikes or a bicycle swerves into a lake utterly fails to articulate what it is that the people we are war with want and hope to achieve.

Does Biden really not know the answer? Does he really think that Al Qaeda just wants to make our government a bit more illiberal but doesn’t believe that it can beat us? And if he does, what does that say about our political system?


  • JacksonPearson

    "Joseph Robinette Biden tackles the big question of why the terrorists are trying to attack us and having surprised himself by asking himself the question, in his inimitable “talking slowly and hoping the audience mistakes a frantic search for ideas for ponderous pauses” explains why they hate us."

    "In direct contradiction to all who apply the "radical" label to the Islam of today's terrorists, the only way for Wahhab or Salaf Muslims to be practicing a corrupted version of Islam, is for Muhammad and his Companions to have gotten Islam wrong. And if that were true, the religion has no basis of any kind. The moment you come to grips with this simple, yet profound, truth, the connection between Islam and terror becomes clear." –Craig Winn (Emphasis added)

    • Keiko_Infidel

      Yes. WTF is this thing called "radical Islam"?? Oh, I know! It's something manufactured by cowards who can't bring themselves to criticize Islam openly so they've invented this evil, parallel Islam that is nothing like the REAL Islam because it's so…RADICAL…which REAL Islam ISN'T. Got it?

      • gee59

        Yes there is no such thing as "radical Islam". To date not one Islamic leader or scholar has ever condemned terrorists for their actions, they might complain about timing – never the action

  • Keiko_Infidel

    Fabulous writing as always, DG. That's all I've got right now.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Thank you

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Biden: "I've thought about it a lot because I deal with it a lot."

    This is the problem: Biden is leading our "counter-terror" efforts on behalf of the nation.

    • PDK

      Biden could not possible have thought about it a lot, or at all because to think requires a brain and Joe does not have one. I call him brainless Joe Biden. Thanks.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The bottom photo is hilarious. The cop is proxy for all thinking people.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I laughed at the picture also, it should be titled "Joe Biden makes his move", you will note
      they are all staring and words fail……………..William

    • tagalog

      The fat cop sitting next to him looks like he's thinking "Say what? Move that hand one more inch, buddy, and it's going to come back a bloody stump."

  • Barry

    I didn't know that we hire seriously fat cops. Scares me to think he might have to run after a thief and he will never catch the guy. The cop is a candidate for a heart attack.
    Why does Biden have his hand on the cops knee. Kinda makes me think………..
    BTW I don't think Biden write his speeches. Lets blame the speech writers.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Written speeches tend to sound less like gibberish. There may have been notes but Biden was going off them

      • JacksonPearson

        Imagine though, this clown is a heartbeat away from the white house!

  • truebearing

    "It's easy to mock Biden."

    Yes. Yes it is, but it is the right thing to do, and you did it so well! It really can't be done too much.

  • nevercrywolf

    Sounds Drunk to me. (again)

  • Randy CA

    The bottom picture is priceless. The look on the cops' faces and Biden's for the matter, says it all.

    FrontPageMag should have a Inspirational Poster caption contest for it.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    Joe Biden…political Ambien, in vain search for a cogent thought…
    We can be defeated, especially when the enemy is welcomed into the country, given government goodies, and out breeds US three to one…

  • AdinaK

    They hate us because we are not Sharia law compliant – yet! Once the boot of Islam is complete they will calm down, and this is why Islam is at the core of all the barbarism. Sure they hate western freedoms, but if Islam allowed for inclusion then they would learn to live with it.
    Alas, they won't cease until the price paid is too high for them to bear, and halting their political/"religious" doctrine on America's (west's) shore would stop their march. Instead, more mosques are being built and dhimmification is rapid. More Muslims are allowed entry, instead of deporting those who must go. Biden can babble all he wants, but patriots know better –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • PDK

      If there were but two humans left on planet Earth, and further they were Islamics, they would be forced by both their IQ and Islam to murder the other.

  • Alvaro

    What a horrible speaker.

  • Cal

    Biden sounds drunk – I mean that seriously. Thick pasty voice, trips over his tongue. All the symptoms.

    • thomas_h

      He is not drunk, but his parents were when they made him. He is a natural-born dunce.

      • tagalog

        Fetal Alcohol Syndrome! That explains it…

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Joe has the foreign affairs experience and it can be proved by a picture of him on a
    roller coaster in Disney Land, the Mickey Mouse ears and wide unabashed smile tell
    me it is true. Somehow I thought he had his foreign affairs experience by being and
    ambasador to America from Bizarro World, yeah that's it, Bizarro Joe………..William

  • tagalog

    What is it that makes the Tsarnaevs "knock-off jihadis?" Except for the fact they weren't assisted by CAIR or the Muslim Brotherhood or al-Qaeda or some other group, and for the fact that their bomb was -thank God!- charged with low-powered explosive, they seemed right in the mainstream of jihadist sneak-attack bombers to me.

    Does Biden consider John Walker Lindh a "knock-off jihadi?" In the area of putting one's beliefs (however misguided and wrong) on the mortal line, Lindh is at least one up on Biden.

    • jakespoon

      Yes,how can they be knock-off jihadis,all it takes is wanting to. They don't need any special training.

  • jakespoon

    Only a minute twenty-five? Heck,Joe can be stupid for 45 minutes off the cuff.

  • Ar'nun

    "Whether it’s Al Qaeda’s central out of the Fatah"

    Knowing Joe Biden, he probably meant Fatwah, not Fatah.

    And the picture at the end is fantastic. Biden caressing the big guy's leg and the big guy looking at him like, "If you don't stop I am going to pummel you!"

  • bukker

    Drunk again, or maybe high? What ever, Biden is a moron.

  • Robocop

    I can answer that for him. They hate us for our support of the apartheid, racist state of Israel. No public figure will say it, because they don’t have the balls to say it. ZOG will destroy anyone who tells the truth about it.

  • Bill-D

    Ole Joe is such a treasure. When thing get too tense, Joe lightens the mood by soiling himself and then smiling happily. He is a well meaning id!ot. Keep him locked in the attic like the crazy aunt when company comes over.