John Brennan: From Mecca to Washington

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In 1853, the British explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton visited Mecca. Since Mecca was and is off limits to non-Muslims on pain of death, Burton passed himself off as a Muslim by undergoing circumcision and disguising himself as a Pashtun. “Nothing could save a European detected by the populace, or one who after pilgrimage declared himself an unbeliever,” Burton wrote.

Three hundred and fifty years earlier, the Italian adventurer Ludovico di Varthema became the first non-Muslim to enter Mecca since the Muslim conquest. Ludovico had enlisted as a mercenary and succeeded in passing as a Mamluk, one of the white slave soldiers of the Sultanate, who had been converted to Islam.  Ludovico was eventually caught out as a Christian, but escaped after a love affair with one of the Sultan’s wives.

Other Christians had visited Mecca, but always disguised as Muslims. The British cabin boy Joseph Pitts, captured by Muslim slavers and forcibly converted to Islam, visited Mecca, before managing to return home and return to his religion. Similar accounts were told by other European Christian slaves.

In 1979, hundreds of Islamists using weapons smuggled in a coffin seized the Grand Mosque of Mecca. The Saudi military, commanded by the sons of important men, rather than by competent men, proved absolutely hopeless in fighting them. So instead they turned to the French.

The French commandos of GIGN were expert at dealing with terrorist crises, but they were not Muslim and so could not be allowed into Mecca. The solution was simple. The Frenchmen underwent a rapid conversion to Islam and the siege of the Great Mosque commenced. The conversion did not take hold, but the principle remained. An infidel could not enter Mecca, even to save the House of Saud.

During his time as the CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, John Brennan spoke of marveling “at the majesty of the Hajj and the devotion of those who fulfilled their duty as Muslims by making that pilgrimage.”  If Brennan did indeed visit Mecca during the Hajj, then he could have only done it by converting to Islam, like John Pitts, or pretending to have done so, like the GIGN commandos.

John Guandolo, a former FBI agent and Islam expert, has alleged that the conversion took place during Brennan’s time in Saudi Arabia. And he also alleges that this conversion has been confirmed by other American officials who were in Saudi Arabia at the time. These allegations are especially explosive as Brennan has moved up through the ranks to become Obama’s nominee to head the CIA.

Guandolo’s allegation goes beyond the question of religion. Rather he alleges that the conversion was part of an espionage recruitment process.  In an interview with Tom Trento of The United West, he said, “Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in a senior official capacity in Saudi Arabia. His conversion to Islam was the culmination of a counter-intelligence operation against him to recruit him.”

The Soviet Union recruited spies by convincing them of the virtues of Communism. Saudi Arabia might well recruit its infidel agents by convincing them of the worth of Islam. There is of course no way to know what is in Brennan’s heart. But while we may not know what Brennan believes, as John Guandolo has pointed out, we do know what he has done.

Brennan’s supposed conversion to Islam was only the third of two other points that the former FBI agent argued make him unfit for duty. The first is that Brennan has developed links with the Muslim Brotherhood and that he has brought “known leaders of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood into the government in positions to advise the US Government on counterterrorism strategy as well as the overall quote unquote War on Terror.” And the second is that Brennan reduces the War on Terror to Al Qaeda.

While Brennan did not innovate either of these two approaches, if he was indeed recruited by the Saudis, then they may be more than mere cluelessness. It’s not unusual for military and intelligence officials to visit Saudi Arabia and then leave it repeating the classic Saudi talking points about Islam as a stabilizing influence on the region and Israel as a destabilizing influence.

There are countless generals and diplomats who robotically insist that Bin Laden must not be referred to as a Muslim to diminish his influence and that the Muslim Brotherhood and other political Islamists are the only hope for countering the violent Islamism of Al Qaeda. The fundamental question is whether such disinformation is spread out of ignorance, or out of knowledge.

That is the final question that Guandolo raises about John Brennan. “The fact that foreign intelligence service operatives recruited Mr. Brennan when he was in a very sensitive and senior US Government position in a foreign country means that he is either a traitor, which I’m not saying, but that’s one of the options, and he did this all unwillingly and unknowingly ,or he did this unwittingly, which means that he is naive and does not have the ability to discern, to understand how to walk in those environments, which makes him completely unfit to be the Director of Central Intelligence.”

What is problematic in a general or a senator is even more troubling in the Director of the CIA. Military men are expected to be somewhat direct and take things as they are. But the director of an intelligence agency is expected to see threats where no one else does, to test the waters and look past the obvious. And if he cannot do that, then he is simply not qualified. And that is the larger point that John Guandolo makes.

Whether or not Brennan had a moment of submission on the road to Mecca or whether he is simply acting as a useful idiot for the people who perpetrated the attacks of September 11, he is not qualified to be the point man in the War on Terror. As the military side of the war draws to a close with a defeat in Afghanistan, the Central Intelligence Agency will take on a greater degree of importance in the fight against Islamic terrorism.

During the Cold War, the CIA was often infiltrated by the KGB, nullifying America’s intelligence capabilities in the Cold War. It would be a terrible shame if history repeated itself with Islam in the War on Terror.

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  • truebearing

    It seems that Al Queda is the perfect whipping boy for both Obama and the Saudis. After 911, Al Queda was obviously unredeemable, but therefore perfect as a sacrificial anode that could focus the hate of Americans on a small percentage of "bad" Muslims…while distracting us from the greater threat of radical Islam, and effectively shielding the rest of radical Islam. Obama and Brennan are lock step with this strategy.

    The Islamists know that deception is essential if they are to succeed America, so throwing Al Queda under the bus is a necessary strategy. Obama is a closet Muslim, and so is Brennan, so they both see the value in reducing the conflict with Islam to one where we are only really fighting Al Queda, not all of those "good" Muslims.

    Obama is the Meccan Horse. He chose Brennan because he needs a Muslim at the helm in the CIA, and he didn't have many credible alternatives. Obama's goal is to destroy this nation and he will do whatever it takes, including destroying the CIA's ability to defend the nation. I'm sure Brennan is qualified to help with that.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "It seems that Al Queda is the perfect whipping boy for both Obama and the Saudis. After 911, Al Queda was obviously unredeemable, but therefore perfect as a sacrificial anode that could focus the hate of Americans on a small percentage of "bad" Muslims…while distracting us from the greater threat of radical Islam, and effectively shielding the rest of radical Islam. Obama and Brennan are lock step with this strategy. "

      And they don't even mind, given their doctrine of jihad as the only sure way to paradise. They may have been actively involved in coordinating the layers of deception.

      • truebearing

        I have no doubt they have been involved in the coordination of the deception. Obama's entire existence is a lie, but he is loyal to his ideological roots, Marxism and Islam. He was chosen as a candidate because he is at the nexus evil, an incarnation of the two great evil cults attacking America: Marxism and Islam.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "He was chosen as a candidate because he is at the nexus evil, an incarnation of the two great evil cults attacking America: Marxism and Islam."

          Exactly. He was chosen over 30 years ago for that and related reasons.

          • Mary Sue

            I have to wonder just who is doing the picking…

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Faisal (he "king") was furious about the arms replenishment Israel was given during the Yom Kippur War. He and other Islamic supremacists instigated the OPEC supply manipulations, and there is evidence he started other initiatives to get involved in international politics to get ahead of the curve…because we in the USA threatened them obliquely about their oil embargo when they shut down production. Of course there were other reasons, but he saw that when the chips were down we didn't really go along with their insane Jew-hatred even though many at State Department seemed to.

            In any case, on 25 March 1975, King Faisal was killed by his half-brother's son, Faisal bin Musaid. It was a typical Arabian Muslim feud murder in my mind. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud took over the kingdom until the summer of 1982.

            Even though Khalid was much lower profile, the Saudi family is very good at the long game in politics. The program to penetrate the USA and other Western nations was probably overseen by Khalid when 0'Bama was approached.

            What's most interesting to me is that the Saudis would be aggressively assisting the fight against the Soviets while at the same time working with Western leftists even when the latter displayed Soviet sympathies. This is an obvious clue that the Islamic imperialists saw them merely as useful idiots to steal from the Soviets. That's all Western leftists are. Tools to be used by the most clever liars.

            Actually many Islamic imperialists had experience using the Soviets too, so they had already learned those political weaknesses.

            There are lots of missing details, but the Soviets had used the Islamic imperialists to attack the Western democracies for decades. Many relationships and lessons outlasted the strategic alliances. By the mid to late 1970s the Saudis were ready for their plans for long-term infiltration in to the highest levels of American politics. They could not have known they'd own a president, but we don't know how many others like 0'Bama they also funded before getting so lucky.

            There's so much to this that we just don't know. But what we do know makes it plain that American voters are reckless and naive. They have no clue who our enemies are.

            Vetting? We can't vet Muslims. That hurts their religious feelings. Just ask them.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            We buy thier oil and stop drilling for our own, they get the big bucks and then
            use it to buy our politicians, they put more money under thier thiebing noses
            than they ever could imagine and the sellout is made. After fourty or more years
            of purchasing government ties they have us completely subverted. China on
            the other hand has us by the pocketbook, we are in serious debt to them,
            between the two poles we will be pulled apart and what we are seeing is
            that happening right in our face. Wakeup call will happen when almost all
            of our systems crash…………………………………..William


            WJW AKBAR!


            Plus the democrats want to give amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens with the expectation that many or most of them will vote for "democrat" pols – giving the democrats a sure fire edge.

            Socialists want open borders, while other country has open borders?

            Cuba? China? Russia? Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Mexico?

            No, No, No,No,No, No.

          • objectivefactsmatter


            You'll hate this as much as I do.


            objectivefactsmatter AKBAR!

          • guest

            or 'what' for that matter.There was that unexplained trip to Pakistan on an unknown type of passport. The Pakistani intelligence services ISS have quite high reputation amongst their brethren.

          • guest

            correct abbreviation is ISI not ISS, my error.

    • Indioviejo

      Muslim infiltration started with big oil in Saudi Arabia. FDR met with the first Saudi "King" during WWII and developed a sensitivity to the barbarians who had all that oil. Over the years, big oil money has bought off our politicians and our military leaders to the extent that it was rumored in Washington that an American General knew his wife was having an affair with Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador at the time, who lavished gifts and money on the General and Family. The Bushies have been Saudi lackeys before and after 9/11, so the problem goes deeper than Brennan and Hussein Obama.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Muslim infiltration started with big oil in Saudi Arabia. FDR met with the first Saudi "King" during WWII and developed a sensitivity to the barbarians who had all that oil."

        The sad irony is that a Christian missionary found the oil for them while looking for a clean water supply to help the poor bas tards. They thanked allah for all this, for using inferior Christians to deliver blessings to them.

        Saudi Arabia is about as far from the colonial paradigm as you can get in terms of accusations against the USA as a colonial empire. We SHOULD HAVE colonized Saudi Arabia. Instead we created a vast and powerful enemy through our own technology and investments.

        If only the USA was a colonial empire the world would be a much better place for free people.

        "The Bushies have been Saudi lackeys before and after 9/11, so the problem goes deeper than Brennan and Hussein Obama."

        True. There was a time when it wasn't clear who was using who. Now we know who has the upper hand because it's undeniable thanks to leftists fools.

  • AdinaK

    John, the Muslim, Brennan…let us count the ways he is an unmitigated disaster for America and the west –

    More than enough reasons to have nightmares. Hyperventilate too.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Asher

      Chuck Hagel, John Brennan, and Jack Lew….all destroyers of peace.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Two words: Al Quds.

    He's a stealth Muslim, which means he's a jihadi too.

  • Mary Sue

    Man I wonder how Brennan's brain got washed. He must have been a naive leftist to begin with…

    • sharpsrifle

      They aren't naïve. They're very aware of what they want. The Democrat Party has been prone to treason for over 150 years…look at James Buchanan if you don't believe me. Woodrow Wilson's White House staff was full of Communists and Socialists…as was FDR's. Truman's White House was so full of Communists it was essentially an adjunct of the Kremlin. Of modern (post-WWII) Democrats, only Kennedy was bluntly anti-Communist. LBJ had Ramsay Clark as his AG, and quite a few of his cabinet members were Communist sympathizers (although to his credit, Hubert Humphrey was NOT). Jimmy Carter MIGHT fall under the "naïve" category (although I prefer the adjective "stupid" for him)…and Clinton…well, two words: Harold Ickes (I could also run through his cabinet, and Hillary is a hard leftist herself…indeed, she's no doubt a Marxist). Obama is himself a malignant mix of anti-American ideologies: Marxist economics and muslim world view (probably also religion. My sense is he's a Shi'ite practicing taqqiya). Don't think for a moment these traitors are naïve…they're anything but.

      • Mary Sue

        I never actually heard much about James Buchanan. I'll have to go look it up. Canada's not big on teaching the minutia of various US Presidents such as Truman, LBJ, JFK, FDR, Reagan, Wilson. Certainly not a whole lot about the communists that were in those Presidents' staff, either.

        I'm sure most of them start out naive (perhaps as teenagers) but then they become toxicly malevolent somehow.

        • JacksonPearson

          FDR didn’t know what to do about the Great Depression he inherited from Herbert Hoover, so he tried everything. He hiked taxes, spent more money, established monopolies, enforced cartels, filed antitrust lawsuits, promoted compulsory unionism, multiplied business regulations, denounced investors, and started welfare programs, public works projects, a big entitlement, on and on.

          One theme runs through such misguided policies: the failure to focus single-mindedly on the recovery of the private sector that pays all the bills, including tax bills. FDR was very much a creature of the “progressive” era, when many intellectuals embraced the view that experts could make a better world if only they had enough power. Some of FDR’s New Dealers were impressed by Mussolini’s fascist corporate state model, others liked Stalin’s centralized economic planning in the Soviet Union, and still others just seemed to believe that any problem could be fixed by issuing more laws and regulations. With very few exceptions, New Deal discussions weren’t about helping the private sector recover. Discussions were about making government bigger.

          If the above sounds kind of familiar, it's because a lost Obama searching to be an FDR.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "If the above sounds kind of familiar, it's because a lost Obama searching to be an FDR."

            Let's see what actually revived the US economy. Was it FDR's socialist programs or the world market for arms due to the war? How about all of the technology that was reaped from the Manhattan Project?

            See? Socialism is good for the economy.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Liars following thier Liar in Chief, a toxic brew for the upcoming death throws of America.

    • sablegsd

      No, an insane, evil commie. Nothing naive about them. EVIL.

    • WhateverMan

      true…Not a supersmart genius brainiac like you…WAIT!!!…You should be the head of the CIA!

      • Mary Sue

        I totally should.

    • kiki

      ever asked your self if your brain has been washed?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    This is interesting:

    WH counter-terrorism adviser Brennan storms out of TWT offices:

    TWT: You mentioned jihad, for example, and would you agree with the lesser and greater and lesser jihad framework? I mean, that’s pretty standard.

    BRENNAN: Sure, it is…absolutely.

    TWT: Can you give me an example of a jihad in history? Like, has there ever been a jihad…an armed jihad anywhere in history? Has it ever existed for real, or is it just a concept?

    BRENNAN: Absolutely it has.

    TWT: Example?

    BRENNAN: I’m not going to go into this sort of history discussion here.

    TWT: But it’s important to frame the concept, because we want to say that what al-Qaeda is doing is not jihad. They say it is, and Abdul Azzam has said, in fact, ‘there’s not even a greater jihad.’ That that’s just a myth—that hadith didn’t even really happen. That there’s only armed jihad. Ayatollah Khomeini said ‘there is only armed jihad, and it would be useful to be able to characterize or to contrast what they’re doing and what they claim against a legitimate armed jihad in the past.

    BRENNAN: I think we’ve finished. I have to get going.

    Mr. Brennan left our offices immediately after that exchange.


    But Jihad is…Islam is a religion of peace!

    • Mary Sue

      yeah, there's something fishy there.

    • truebearing

      The "peace" comes only when everyone is dead.

      Islam is so destructive, and so biased toward radical jihadism, that once all infidels are dead the orthodox will get increasingly intolerant of fellow Muslims and kill them too, on various scriptural grounds. The world wide Islamic Caliphate ends with two blood-soaked jihadis facing off with scimitars and AKs to see who will rule in the righteousness of true Islam.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "The "peace" comes only when everyone is dead. "

        Even most of them know that. It's only the dupes who accept this absurd line.

        • truebearing

          The dupes outnumber us.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "The dupes outnumber us."

            Sad but true.

  • bob e

    these tablecloth wearin' bedouins sure twist "jihad" to their benefit..

    think it may be time to twist "self defence" to ours.

    i may be dreamin' though.

  • bob e

    great drawing for brennan also

  • Jason

    One can just become a Muslim by saying a few words called the kalma . The profession f faith to become a Muslim and it is as easy as that .You do not need to know much before conversions.

    • Gabriel

      It's actually called 'sahadaat'

    • Raymond in DC

      Yes, it's easy to become a Muslim, but quite risky to become a non-Muslim again. One would be deemed an apostate and subject to death.

  • pierce

    God help us if this man becomes head of the CIA. Unscrupulous and untruthful is the way I would describe him, but would he resort to water boarding, which I think is effective and an absolute must. If he were to, then I would okay him, no other way does he get my vote.

  • asd2mom

    I truly wish everyone would stop discussing whether Brennan is or is not a Moslem. There are many Moslems who have served with distinction in our country and armed forces. The issue is whether he is an Islamist stooge like every member of the Obama administration, a double agent for the Saudis or just a complete fool. That is what should disqualify him, not his religion no matter what it is and no matter how secret he keeps it.

    • Mary Sue

      If he's keeping it secret, he's doing it for a REASON, and that can't be good.

    • cathy


      Educate yourself on the tenets of the Islamic faith (ideology) in accordance to the Koran and you will come to the conclusion if John Brennan has either converted to Islam or is a appeaser of Islam … he should be "disqualified" based on his religion (ideology).

    • MarcH

      asd2mom – you are quite correct that many Muslims serve with distinction as members, civilian assistants and allies of the US armed forces and goverment. Our enemies are radical Islamists, who are also the enemies of hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world.

      Only someone whose opinion is formed by sitting in a trailer park reading 2d rate blogs would think otherwise.

      • thomas_h

        "Our enemies are radical Islamists, who are also the enemies of hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world".

        Our enemy is Islam. Not some "radical islamists"
        Not because we say so, but because Islam says so through the mouth of its murderous, degenerate "prophet", its idiotic and raving "holy" Kuran, its Hadiths and the Sira. It has declared a war against the rest of humanity some 1400 years ago and since then conquered, enslaved and butchered countless millions of the "infidels". It does it today too whenever it can get away with it.

        To say that our enemy is "radical islamists" is as ridiculous as saying that 13 century mongol invasion of Europe was a work of "radical mongols".

        And no, "radical islamists" are not "enemies of hundred of millions of Muslims". They are their heroes and role models. If they were enemies of "hundreds of millions of muslims" these hundreds of millions would have said so and acted accordingly. Instead in all moslem countries, with possible exception of algeria, the vast majority of moslems when polled want Sharia, and support the "radical islamists". There is no greater modern hero for "hundred of millions of Muslims" than Osama Bin Laden. I can't believe you dont know it. Indeed that kind of ignorance requires an effort.

    • Beth

      Your post does not address the teachings of their koran.

      047.004 – Beheadings

      033.052 & 024:033 – Gang Rape of female 'infidels'

      005.033 – Crucifixions

      008.067 – Treason (perjury in a non-muslim court is commanded when defending islam)

      033.061 – Genocide "without mercy"

      005.041 – Racism

      Just because a person says they're a muslim – does not mean that they are. The same is true for Christians.

      Their koran needs to be either changed (not possible) or banned altogether.

    • asd2mom

      The comments in response to my original thought are a disgrace. By your own reasoning people who follow the Bible should be disqualified because it too talks of permissible killing, slavery, mass murder and other things we know to be horrible in today's day and age. Christians should be disqualified because in the past there were the crusades (sanctioned by the Church), pogroms (sanctioned by the Russian orthodox), inquisition (sanctioned by the Church), turning over Jews to the Nazis during the Holocaust (not condemned by the church hence giving allowance), genocide against Indians (sanctioned by the Church) and African slave trade (sanctioned by all of Christendom). We should also not allow Buddhists who believe in nonviolence and do not defend themselves at all so they would just destroy our defense posture.

      As i mentioned, there are many Moslems who have fought for and helped protect this nation. There are also many different sects of Islam and many different levels of observance. To think that every Moslem is an Islamist is ignorant at the least and racist… yes i said it, racist at the worst.A person should be judged by what they have or have not accomplished in their lifetime. What religion he is has no bearing upon what kind of job John Brennan has done. No more that we judge every Christian by the actions of past crusaders, slavers, Judeophobes and genocidal murderers.

      And for those that think i need to educate myself. My background is the middle east, Arab-israeli conflict, and you bet it includes a study of Islam. I have been at this for forty years. My advice to you all is to try opening a descent book, stay away from 2nd rate blogs and hate mongers and learn to think for yourselves instead of beating the drum of ignorance.

      • Mary Sue

        Um, no, the Bible says what happened back in the day when Israel was a theocracy. Slavery then was not the Slavery of the Americas, it was Indentured Servitude (they had no Credit Cards back then). God put the death penalty up for kidnapping people to sell them into slavery.
        The Crusades were a reaction to (and a mirror of) the initial Islamic Crusades (Jihad of conquest that saw Saladin take over the Holy Land) and were not in and of themselves "christian" teachings.

        The African Slave Trade was initiated BY MOSLEMS!!!! Who STILL Trade in black slaves TODAY!

        • @LibertysSpirit

          Slavery was slavery not indentured servitude . That is why there were rules and laws on how to treat slaves written into the Torah. The concept of jubilee also comes from the bible where slaves would be freed every 50 years. Considering I used to teach this subject in a yeshiva I happen to know about the Bible.

          The rest of your assertions are as equally incorrect. You really need to open a history book try one written by a historian this time.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Slavery was slavery not indentured servitude ."

            There was both. And slavery in Israel itself was closer to indentured servitude than it was anything like the stereotypes we hear about today. The point of encoding it in the Bible was to create realistic guidelines according to the circumstances. These were not commandments for all time.

            "That is why there were rules and laws on how to treat slaves written into the Torah. The concept of jubilee also comes from the bible where slaves would be freed every 50 years. "

            And indentured servants could be held no longer than 7 years. It was regulated, not encouraged. There was no "social security" back then so simply outlawing slavery may have been worse than it was when the European and American Christians and Jews tried to destroy the global slave trade.

            "The rest of your assertions are as equally incorrect."

            Please be specific.

      • Mary Sue

        what garbage were you reading for the past 40 years? Did you examine it critically and read diverse and divergent sources, or did it all say the same thing? If you didn't examine it critically then you wasted your time.

        • @LibertysSpirit

          Considering your comments are inflammatory and absolutely ignorant of world politics, international relations and history in general i would assert that it is you who needs to stop reading garbage and learn to read critically.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Considering your comments are inflammatory and absolutely ignorant of world politics, international relations and history in general i would assert that it is you who needs to stop reading garbage and learn to read critically."

            Are you volunteering to provide some clues, or do you insist on limiting yourself to vague statements like the above?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "By your own reasoning people who follow the Bible should be disqualified because it too talks of permissible killing, slavery, mass murder and other things we know to be horrible in today's day and age."

        You got your perception of our reasoning by reading leftist authors and rants. You obviously haven't read what we write about the koran with any significant comprehension. We don't care about subject matter per se, we care about instruction. Muslims are instructed to follow Mohammed. Bible readers are instructed to follow the 10 commandments and Jesus, depending on where your canon stops. We not concerned about Islam because of its "subject matter" but because of its instructions that, gee, I guess some people are actually following some times with the loss of more than a little blood.

        You hadn't noticed?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Christians should be disqualified because in the past there were the crusades (sanctioned by the Church), pogroms (sanctioned by the Russian orthodox), inquisition (sanctioned by the Church), turning over Jews to the Nazis during the Holocaust (not condemned by the church hence giving allowance), genocide against Indians (sanctioned by the Church) and African slave trade (sanctioned by all of Christendom). We should also not allow Buddhists who believe in nonviolence and do not defend themselves at all so they would just destroy our defense posture. "

        Confused people should be disqualified from commenting on politics.

        The "church" that condoned some of those atrocities was a totalitarian Pagan fusion with Christianity. They were not following Christian or Hebrew doctrines. They're no longer totalitarian. Why? Because the members now have access to the texts thanks to the printing press. The corrupt elites were forced to adhere to the actual doctrines and to this day there are still plenty of legacy traditions not actually derived from the canonical texts, but the point is that on the crucial issues, they are challenged constantly by members when they stray. If you think we don't care about say, "Christian" totalitarian monsters vs. any other, you're just not very perceptive or thoughtful. You made up your mind based on what you imagined, not what you discovered by serious research.

        Islam was not challenged by Muslims as access to printed materials became ubiquitous. Do you wonder why? Islam is totalitarian according to its texts. Islamic doctrines call for total control over populations. Anyone here who you have criticized as hypocritical is merely aware of these distinctions and their implications, while you are obviously not. Your own simple thinking is what confused you in to attacking others who are in fact trying to protect you.

      • Afghanvet18f

        It is clear that you have become indoctrinated by your your so called "studies". Brainwashed into becoming an islamophile. BTW why are you condemning second rate blogs, what makes them second rate blogs? You? Because they don't subscribe to your brainwashed screed?
        If it was not for muslim aggression there would not have been the crusades, fool.

    • asd2mom

      PS no I don't think Brennan is qualified and I think he does side with Islamists. but that was not the point of my earlier comment either.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "PS no I don't think Brennan is qualified and I think he does side with Islamists. but that was not the point of my earlier comment either."

        When people are confused they ought to calmly ask questions. You used your questions to attack with assumptions. Some times forums have comments that fall in to conversations where some are assumed to have background knowledge that you apparently don't have. That's fine, but drop the attitude if you want in to the conversation.

        • @LibertysSpirit

          You are simply a sad human being unable to discuss issues without becoming quite abusive. You sound more like leftist-progressive than someone who has any interest in intelligent conversation. As far as my attitude I will do as I please and I don't need your ignorant permission to participate. Go rant. It only proves that no one should be listening to you.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "You are simply a sad human being unable to discuss issues without becoming quite abusive."

            So you're victimized from the conversation, and you see me as leftist progressive. I see a lot of confusion in your claims. Now that I see you have at least 2 usernames, that makes for fewer vague whiners to deal with. Sorry if that was abusive. Facts can feel that way. Let me be more politically correct so that I DON"T seem like a leftist-progressive to YOU. I'm glad to see you have 2 usernames so that I can focus my diplomacy on fewer reality-challenged participants.

            So why don't you help us out with those history lessons we need? I love to learn I'm wrong. Can you meet that challenge?

            "As far as my attitude I will do as I please and I don't need your ignorant permission to participate."

            It was a suggestion. It's still a great idea if you ask me and I doubt many would disagree in virtually any forum. What's wrong with the advice? Do what you want. You've been advised and if you don't want to engage in a positive way, we'll probably notice that. Maybe that's what you want, so carry on.

  • rlqretired

    With a Marxist mentored half Black Muslim with a forged birth certificate, fake selective service registration card, using a social security number that was issued to someone else that will not pass E-verify usurping the position of President and Commander in Chief with another corrupt black Attorney General to protect him and a Congress full of treasonous Republican cowards willingly complicit in protecting this criminal, what in the hell difference does it make.

    There is only way our Republic can be saved and that is for the Republican House to follow the advice of retired Pacific Fleet Commander, Admiral Lyons, when he recently stated, and I quote, “ I think really what has to happen is, the House has to have the courage to appoint a Special Prosecutor,” who spoke these words in reference to the Obama’s Bengazi scandal coverup.

    By officially exposing Obama as the true criminal that he is it will be possible to not only get rid of this treasonous usurper, we can get rid of his entire regime of complicit criminals including Brennan.

    • Willy Rho

      I am so glad that there is someone else that has the fortitude to call out the Truth and be Willing to Stand to save our Free Republic. I have been writing to my politicians for years and trying to raise awareness that the Muslims and Communists have combined forces to overthrow our government and they must all be cowards and/or complicit in the Destruction of our Free Republic. I hope to see many more take a Stand, as more people awaken to the EVIL that is taking over our country.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Impeaching Obama is only the beginning of cleaning out the Government of the
        myriad communists, socialists, Islamists and in general all of the criminal thieves
        selling out America…………….William

    • rayburke

      The International Cabal is in charge and any whistle blower who values his life will not dare to rock the boat.

      • Mary Sue

        are they by any chance "Evil J00ish Bankers" that you read about in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?

  • Asher

    One minute he says we're Islamaphobic, the next minute we are hit by another 911 under his watch…bet on it!

  • The Watchman

    I don't believe that Brennan leaves much to the imagination, nor is it a secret that he is in fact a Muslim. His ardent defense of the Muslim Brotherhood is most revealing as to where his loyalty lies.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Nice article; but I've got a question: WHY would Obama want John Brennan as CIA chief? The Left despises Brennan. This is because of his strong support for targeted drone assassinations, and his support of water-boarding and psycho-tropic drugs to gain confessions, during Bush's presidency. So why would Obama go against his far-left base, and try a second time to appoint Brennan as CIA chief? Doesn't make much sense.


      Remember, Obama doesn't really care about the opinions of his fellow Leftists as long as he doesn't require their support, he only cares about himself and about advancing the Radical cause. This Brennan does, whether other Radicals are astute enough to see this or not. Obama doesn't need the Left's support to get Brennan confirmed, so he's not worried about arousing their opposition.

    • cathy

      B. HUSSEIN OBAMA: 'I will stand with the Muslims.'
      07 01, 2008

      In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

      • Mary Sue

        While he actually said Pakistanis and Arabs (I have the book), the context he's using it in clearly MEANS "muslims". He was comparing them to the Japanese and the whole internment camps thing. It was a dog whistle.

    • Len_Powder

      Because Brennan knows all about Obama's passport. He once ran a company which breached security three times to access Obama's passport records. Do some research and you'll know that Brennan blackmailed Obama like the Saudi's blackmailed him.

      • Mary Sue


    • sablegsd

      The insane regressive commies are all for ovomits drone killing and water boarding and what ever else he wants. The key phrase is "during bushs presidency."

  • Raymond in DC

    "Guandolo’s allegation goes beyond the question of religion."

    Indeed it does. Some 30 years ago, someone I know well applied to work at the CIA. Because he was Jewish and had lived and studied briefly in Israel, investigators sent to his old neighborhood as part of his background check asked one neighbor if he thought the applicant might be a "Zionist".

    Nominated to head that same CIA, it's more than appropriate to question Brennan's sympathies and affiliation with those who, based on their Islamic faith, are hostile to – if not engaged in war against – the US. But even without such a query, one suspects Brennan is what we used to call a "fellow traveler".

  • Zionista

    you forgot to mention envied by Jew hating losers like you – get lost troll

  • Attila The Hun

    If the rumors are true Brennan, he converted to Islam under the threat of being outed as a homosexual. Or some kind homosexual activity during his tenure in Saudi Arabia. Given the Muslims history of blackmailing and coercion it is very possible that Brennan have secretly declared his allegiance to Islam.

    • Mary Sue

      is he gay?

      • whateverman

        who cares? Don't let facts get in the way when you defame someone. fact is that he
        might not be loyal enough to Israelx

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "who cares? Don't let facts get in the way when you defame someone. fact is that he
          might not be loyal enough to Israelx"

          That's as good a litmus test as anything else, but not the only one.

          If you want facts, all you need to do is read the words he spoke or listen to the videos. Were those faked? Al Quds? Talk about appeasement. An American representative using a name used by Islamic supremacists at the center of history's biggest lie? No further proof needed.

          The only question is just how ignorant you are. That's a fact.

          • WhateverMan

            Al Quds is the arab name for Jerusalem.Christian Arab use it as well. I am sure you will be outraged to find out that the Arabs don't use the english words for car, fridge, plane, apple and shoe…Islamic Supremacy creeping everywhere…
            Nice of you to admit that the main criteria to serve in government is loyalty to Eretz Israel,,,I commend you,

          • guest

            not exactly. Mr. Putin just the other day on anniversary of the WWII battle, temporarily rename Volgograd to Stalingrad.The name Stalingrad psychlogically means a lot, so does Al Quds. Hope it helps a tad.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Al Quds is the arab name for Jerusalem.Christian Arab use it as well. I am sure you will be outraged to find out that the Arabs don't use the english words for car, fridge, plane, apple and shoe"

            If you don't understand the point you should learn to ask questions before saying stupid things.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Nice of you to admit that the main criteria to serve in government is loyalty to Eretz Israel,,,I commend you,"

            Sadly these are circumstances I didn't create. The main criteria are will and ability to defend American values and interests. Those who appease and flatter liars who also happen to be our worst enemies are not meeting that main criteria. The fact that this escapes your understanding doesn't give us any reason to take you seriously.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Al Quds is the arab name for Jerusalem.Christian Arab use it as well. I am sure you will be outraged to find out that the Arabs don't use the english words for car, fridge, plane, apple and shoe…Islamic Supremacy creeping everywhere… "

        • Mary Sue

          you still haven't made a convincing, credible, or fact-based case that Israel is our enemy.

          • WhateverMan

            you still haven't made a convincing, credible, or fact-based case that Saudi Arabia is our enemy.


            15 of the 19 hijackers of the 9/11 sneak attack were saudis.


            saudi arabia could hurt the islamofascist regime of iran by flooding the market with oil, but SA wants to keep gouging the world with $100 per barrel oil.

          • Mary Sue

            -Women aren't allowed to drive
            -girls were murdered by being forced BACK into a burning building because they weren't "decently covered" (in head to toe mobile self contained tents) by Saudi Religious Police
            -Muslims are forbidden on pain of death from inhabiting or visiting Mecca and some parts of Medina
            -there's hand-chopping and executions for adultery and other crimes
            -they FUND al qaeda and other terrorist groups and plant their Imams in mosques all over the world including USA, UK, and Canada

            need i go on…?

    • Len_Powder

      Good point! Blackmailing diplomats or their staff is nothing new in international espionage and recruitment. "You either join us, or we reveal your secret and destroy your career".

      • Mary Sue

        Except that in USA, nobody cares if someone's gay.


          Depends. Boy Scouts yes.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Except that in USA, nobody cares if someone's gay."

          One one level of course you're correct. On another level, there are people terrified for practical and imaginary reasons about this revelation or threat of it. He's also in foreign service, in regions where it's against the law and in theory he could be executed. Those are the people who may have blackmailed him. He had diplomatic immunity, but what kind of fiasco would that create to pull that card in Saudi Arabia? Especially given how they are told to obey virtually every sharia law and custom. Check out some of the orders on military personnel while we were fighting for them to preserve their country and now imagine the expectations on a diplomat.

          He would have been in a lot of trouble if he was outed by or in Saudi Arabia as a homosexual, even though it's very common there. What's extremely shameful is being caught "catching."

          It's a valid theory IMO. It could have also been sweetened like an Asian dish of food with a little sugar mixed with the sourness of blackmail. That's usually how it's done.

        • AfghanVet18f

          Don't bet on it.We may tolerate it, but do not like it. It is against biblical and natural law. Makes me sick to my stomach. But, what they do privately , I could care less. The sight of two dudes kissing in public makes me sick and I believe most guys feel that way.

  • LibertarianToo

    "If you are anti-Zionist then you are anti-Semitic." –Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • White Hunter

    Strangely, non of the RINOs who questioned Brennan asked him about his statement, just a year or two ago, that the known 20% recidivism rate (the real number, of course, could easily be higher) of terrorists released from Guantanamo so they can return to killing Americans was acceptable, since it's lower than the 50% recidivism rate for our own, domestic criminals who are released from prison. That statement of his, alone, should disqualify him from any position in the government, certainly from one whose main duty is to protect us from his coreligionists.

  • cathy


    Obama advisor John Brennan speaks about the beauty of Islam
    May 10, 2010

    • JacksonPearson

      Brennan is a pathetic tool. When push come to shove, he'll shove America over the cliff!

      There's nothing beautiful about Islam. Just a about every bit of strife world wide have Islam associated one way or another. Islam started when Muhammad, a seventh century Arab, purported to be the Messenger of God. That much we know for sure. The Qur’an, he claimed, was a series of revelations he received directly from a nameless Lord.

      The inspirational experience was described by Muhammad to be like a bell, clanging in his head, causing him to shake and sweat profusely. These rather nasty experiences continued, he said, until he was able to decipher the message. Thus the Qur’an, Muslims believe, is God’s revelation to man through his final and most important prophet.

      Yet only Muhammad heard these “revelations.” He offered no evidence of his divine inspiration—we take the Qur’an solely on his word. The Bible, by comparison, had forty authors, all literate, who told a consistent story over the course of fifteen centuries. Muhammad, who was admittedly illiterate, acted alone in the formation of Islam and is alleged to have invented his religion over the course of twenty-two years. A false prophet = false religion.

  • cathy


    Islamic Appeaser? Islamic Convert?

    Video: Former FBI Agent Confirms CIA Nominee John Brennan a Convert to Islam
    Posted on February 9, 2013

    Revisiting ‘Jihad’ John Brennan
    January 7, 2013

    John Brennan is wrong man for CIA
    By Steven Emerson
    Published February 07, 2013


    I would suggest Brennan's profile is more that of a Useful Idiot rather than an actual undercover Muslim infiltrator. Still, if there is ever another Republican President, he should order the FBI to investigate Brennan, who is the probable source for at least one National Security leak I can think of.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I would suggest Brennan's profile is more that of a Useful Idiot rather than an actual undercover Muslim infiltrator."

      There are strong indications that he was a dupe early in life who was turned. He's owned by the Saudis without doubt. Then again, so is his boss. The only thing shocking is how brazen they are.

  • Terry Feld

    Isn't it time to look at our current President, the guy who nominates the like of Brennan and Hagel? Is he representing/defending America's best interests?
    What is there to do about this situation?

    • cathy

      Transcript: Obama address to U.N. General Assembly
      September 25, 2012

      The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. …


        The false "prophet" pig mohammed will continue to burn in Hell for eternity.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Terry Feld: Isn't it time to look at our current President, the guy who nominates the like of Brennan and Hagel? Is he representing/defending America's best interests?

        cathy: Transcript: Obama address to U.N. General Assembly
        September 25, 2012: "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. …"….

        In other words, 0'Bama has a vision of America that paints it as an ongoing criminal enterprise with a lot of potential as a future sharia-socialist paradise once it's been "transformed." Christians and Jews not welcomed unless they fully comply with sharia. Lack of compliance with sharia is equal to slandering the "prophet of Islam."

        That is what the MB heard during that speech. Those are the implications of 0'Bama leadership.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Anyone Barak Benghazi Obama supports for a Government job is to bolster his despotic
    regeme, a criminal enterprise flourishing with the spineless make a noise Congress
    who only wants to keep thier financial support flowing. The term '"dirty rat" seems aprapo
    with Obama and all of his gang…Brennan if confirmed, confirms just how out of touch
    with the reality of the seriousness of our pending disaster the Senate is……………….William

    • atthebeach

      '. . .confirms just how out of touch with the reality of the seriousness of our pending disaster the Senate is.'

      So true and 'so' worth repeating. The crux of the problem with many of our Repubs like McCain et al. We are so far past – or should well be – statements like. . .'bottom line'; the President has a right to choose his people'. Considering the man who carries tittle of President; this is incredibly obtuse and dangerous logic. We have a treasonous threat to our Country who is doing 'do diligence' per his destructive agenda. This criminal excuse for Leadership; deserves no such consideration per his choice of 'like-minded'; America-hating, Military-destroying; enemy-appeasing/enemy-loving. ..Leftist llackeys..

      • WilliamJamesWard

        I wonder how the left got to McCain and the other RHINO politicians………….William


        The President has the right to chose, the House has the right to confirm or reject.

        Checks and Balances. It's in the Constitution.

  • atthebeach

    Kudos to Bosch Fawstin for his graphic of Brennan (and his incredible work as otherwise displayed). Wondered how many saw the man behind Brennan's face. Bosch did; and he captured the threat, perfectly.) Scary as hell. ..even without Brennan speaking; he gives clear warning..

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    I appreciate your argument, (and I've read Mr. Horowitz's book on the Unholy Alliance)but there may be more to the Obama-Brennan situation than meets the eye.
    For example, how is it that Brennan had the authority to order a strike against Anser-al Sharia, by himself? Some believe that the attack on our consulate in Libya was retaliation for an American attack on Anser al-Sharia, during the fighting in Libya, last year.

  • whateverman

    great news! My comment was deleted by the administrator for being critical of likudniks. But people like drakken who speak of black savages and bloody kaffirs get commended and encouraged. I love this $ite! Storefronts website could learn a lot from you guys.

    • whateverman

      Meant stromfront.

      • Mary Sue

        just means your comment was worthy of Stormfront.

        • WhateverMan

          they are less hypocritical about their racism and homophobia than you…



            stormfront and islamofascists are two peas in a pod.

            Both racists and fascists.

          • Mary Sue

            LOL hypocritical? You don't know what the word means if you're accusing us of that…

            and seriously dude get off the Identity Politics rollercoaster, it's not helping your case at all.



            racism and homophobia are key features of current day Islamofascism – or haven't you noticed?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "My comment was deleted by the administrator for being critical of likudniks."

      Try rephrasing. I'd rather everyone's silly opinion be published. Let's see if you've got a legitimate point to make.

      • WhateverMan

        relay that to the censors. They have been steadily deleting some of my comments the moment I write them. Insulting blacks, arabs, muslims directly or indirectly is kosher…to critical of israel or its amen corner…Heresy!


          Stop your whining.

          Your comments won't be deleted and receive thumbs up at Socialist stormfront, Islamofascist al jazeera, al qada, al gorezerra.

  • Len_Powder

    We were blessed and fortunate that Ronald Reagan came along to save us from communism. Will be find a savior to do the same against Islamism? Somehow I think not!

  • sablegsd

    The Rule of Law is dead in this country. Elections, petitions to courts, DEAD.

  • The Infidel Alliance

    There is no ‘War on Terror’, but rather an ISLAMIC WORLD WAR….against the Hindus & Sikhs, the Catholics and Protestants, the Copts and Chaldeans, the Buddhists, the Baha’i, the Zoroastrians, the Jews, the animists and pagans.

    The War is not with al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Shabab, Abu Sayyef, Boko Haram or any of the other Islamic militant groups. The War is with Mecca.

    It is from Mecca and the Islamic Reichstag, the Grand Mosque, that the totalitarian supremecist terror doctrine of Islam emanates, where the dogma is propagated, where the Jihadist is inspired and ultimately where the Islamic militants are funded and armed.

    We must expose traitors like Barack Obama and his protector/henchman John Brennan, and treasonous organizations like CAIR, who lie, deceive, misdirect, dissimulate about the truth about Jihad and Islam’s prime directive of global dominion of all people’s and lands.

    We are in a war – THE ISLAMIC WORLD WAR.

    We must fight the war with a mighty weapon the Islamists don’t have – the truth.

    Defendendi et resistendi!

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • Loyal Achates

    Maybe he's a secret Freemason or member of the Illuminati. I mean, if we're going to see bogeymen behind every shadow let's go all the way.


      Disloyal Achates,

      George Washington was a Freemason.

      If it was good for GW and other greats, it's good for America.

      I never saw Freemasons hijack passenger planes and fly them into buildings. Have you?

      • Loyal Achates

        I cannot believe how stupid you are.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Why are people like you so eager to prove how poorly they comprehend the articles and comments?

      • afghanvet18f

        They are paid trolls, they're on every conservative website. Don't take their bait, ignore them. They want to take us "off " topic.

  • Afaq Hasan

    Afraid to publish my comments??? go learn how to write first and write the truth your whole life stand on lies you will only realize when you will die and put in a grave then you will be sorry for yourself but at that time there shall be no repentance

  • Afaq Hasan

    This is false acquisition by the author as in 1979 some Irani terrorists do tried to capture The Masjid -e – Haram (greater mosque) and the Saudi’s were unable to retaliate but it was Pakistani commandos not French who freed the seizure and no-one had a circumcision and no one has ever forced any non-Muslim to become a Muslim and the law is being enforced by ALLAH’s not to enter the Holy city of Makkah and Madina where only Muslims are allowed to worship in these two Holy cities, there is text in Quran, sorat altawba:
    يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنَّمَا الْمُشْرِكُونَ نَجَسٌ فَلَا يَقْرَبُوا الْمَسْجِدَ الْحَرَامَ بَعْدَ عَامِهِمْ هَٰذَا ۚ وَإِنْ خِفْتُمْ عَيْلَةً فَسَوْفَ يُغْنِيكُمُ اللَّهُ مِنْ فَضْلِهِ إِنْ شَاءَ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ حَكِيمٌ
    translation to english is :
    Believers, the idolaters are unclean. Do not let them approach the Sacred Mosque after this year. If you fear poverty, Allah, if He wills, will enrich you through His bounty. He is Knowing, Wise.

    But if you want to know why? non muslims could not go to makkah and Madina the answer simply is that non-muslims worship 2 gods or more , how?? when Christians believe that Jesus is son of god instead of believing that he is ALLAH’s messenger, this is a disbelief and they believe that Jesus can help and protect them , and they ask Jesus to forgive them , Muslims no, Muslims see Muhammad S.A.W (Peace be upon him) is last Prophet & Messenger and that he delivered the message of ALLAH (GOD) Quran, so Muslims worship only GOD (ALLAH) , they ask help from ALLAH , they pray and regret only to ALLAH.

    If you really want to see Makkah and Madina, please check the below website

    • andyyyp

      I loathe your disgusting religion.

    • LaDonna Rae
      • Harry

        NO! NO! NO!

        Its called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and the WORLD suffers from it!

        THe reason why so many people belong to cults, religions, political parties, is because of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

        The book, WILLFUL BLINDNESS, by Margaret Heffernan, is a MUST read, if you want to understand why people do the things they do AND don’t do the things they should do!

    • Harry

      YO FAG,

      Read what Ahmadi Muslims have to say about you HERETICS:


      The greatest hurdle for the non-Ahmadi Muslims in accepting Hazrat Mirza Ghulam AhmadAS, the Founder of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, as the Promised Messiah and Mahdi is their belief regarding Hazrat Eisa (peace be on him); that as soon as the Jews resolved to lay hold on him, God raised Hazrat EisaAS to Heaven, and in place of him, caught hold of one of his enemies and, making him in the same appearance as Hazrat EisaAS, had this enemy of JesusAS put on the Cross instead of JesusAS himself. They further believe that he is still in Heaven since his ascent, without undergoing any change, and this very Hazrat EisaAS will
      descend for the reformation of the Muslims, and to make Islam dominate over all other religions.

      This concept of the non-Ahmadies is entirely against the Holy Quran, the Traditions of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be on him) and the consensus of the early scholars of Islam, as shall be explained in this series.
      Insha Allah.


      ARGUMENT: Allah says in the Holy Quran: “…But they killed him (Jesus)
      not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubt, with no (certain) knowledge but only
      conjecture to follow, for a surely they killed him not; Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.” (4:158-159)

      REFUTATION: It is absurd to think that one who is neither killed, nor put to death by putting on the Cross has necessarily ascended bodily to heaven. Do the Non-Ahmadies believe that Hazrat MusaAS or the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be on him) are alive in heaven as they were neither killed nor put to death by crucifixion? Besides, the Arabic words Maa Salabooho do not deny the fact of Hadhrat Jesus’AS being nailed to the Cross but deny his having died on it as is clear from Arabic lexicon.
      They say Salaba Ash-Shaia, i.e., he burned the thing. Salabal Izama means, he extracted the marrow out of the bones. Salabal Lissa means, he crucified the thief, i.e., he put him to death in a certain well-known manner (Lane & Aqrab). In crucifixion one was nailed to a framework made in the form of a cross and, being kept without food and drink,
      slowly died of pain, hunger, fatigue, and exposure.


      The words Wa Laakin Shubbiha Lahum in verse 4:158 means that the likeness of Hadhrat JesusAS was cast upon another
      person–Judas or somebody else who was then crucified in place of Hazrat Jesusas.


      The curious part of it is that there is not only one story that speaks of the casting of the likeness of Hadhrat JesusAS, there are several stories. But intelligent commentators like Abu Hayyaan have discarded
      all such stories. The word Shubbiha means, he was made to appear like, or was made to resemble. Now the question arises, who is the person who was made to appear “like one crucified”. Clearly it was Hadhrat JesusAS whom the Jews tried to crucify or slay. Nobody else can be meant here, for there is absolutely no reference to any other person in the context. The context cannot be twisted as to make room for somebody else of whom no mention at all is made in the verse. To what then was Hadhrat JesusAS made like? The context provides a clear answer to that question. The Jews did not kill him by crucifixion, but he was made to appear to them like “one crucified”, and thus it was that they wrongly took him for dead. It was thus Hadhrat JesusAS who was made to resemble “one crucified”. This interpretation is not only in perfect harmony with the context but is also clearly borne out by all relevant facts of history.

      The second meaning of the expression Shubbiha Lahum is, that
      “the matter became confused to them.” This interpretation is also
      clearly borne out by history, for, although the Jews asserted that they had put Hadhrat JesusAS to death by suspending him on the Cross, they were not sure of it and the circumstances being obscure, the matter had certainly become confused to them. The fact that the Jews themselves were not sure whether Hadhrat JesusAS had actually died on the Cross is supported by the Bible and by all authentic historical facts.


      The words in verse 4:159 Bal Rafa’ahollaho Ilaihi –“Nay
      Allah raised him up unto Himself” clearly shows that Allah lifted Hadhrat
      Jesus’AS body to heaven.


      As a matter of fact the referred Arabic words simply mean that Allah exalted him (Hadhrat JesusAS) to Himself. Here the exaltation is the exaltation of the soul of which the Jews were trying to deprive him by
      putting to death through crucifixion, but Allah frustrated them in their evil designs. The detail of their failure is given in Part One of this publication.

      In the Holy Quran, the Traditions of the Holy ProphetSAW, the
      Commentaries and in the Arabic idioms, whenever the word Rafa’a is
      used by Allah for a human being, it always connotes exaltation of ranks and spiritual nearness, because no fixed abode can be, or has ever been, assigned to God as the Holy Quran declares: “And He is Allah, both in the heavens and in the earth.” (6:4) “So withersoever you turn, there will be the face of Allah.” (2:116) “And We are nearer to him than even his jugular vein.” (50:17) Hence, Rafa’a Ilallah does not necessitate one’s physical ascension to heaven, rather this Rafa’a–exaltation is achieved on this very earth.

      As a matter of fact that word Rafa’a has never been used in the entire Holy Quran nor in the Traditions of the Holy ProphetSAW as a
      connotation of physical ascension to heaven as is clear from the following references:

      Wa Lau Shi’naa La
      Rafa’anaaho Bihaa Wa Laakinnahoo Akhlada Ilal Ardhi–“And if We had pleased, We would have exalted him thereby; but he inclined to the earth.” (7:177)

      Here the commentators are unanimous in their interpretation of the exaltation of the ranks of the referred person. It is never meant to indicate the intention of physically raising up the referred person to heaven.

      Wa Rafa’anaaho Makaanan Aliyyaa–“And We exalted him (Hadhrat IdrisAS) to lofty station.” (19:58) Likewise see: 24:37; 80:14-15; 56:35; 58:12.

      Idha Tawaza Al-Abdo Rafa’ahollaho Ilas Samaa Is-Saabiati–“When a person shows humility, Allah lifts him up to the seventh heaven.” (Kanzul
      Ummaal Vol. 2, page 53) This Hadith clearly shows that even if the
      word Samaa (sky) had been used here instead of Allah, the verse
      could not have meant anything else but spiritual honor and exaltation.
      Will the non-Ahmadies believe that every act of humility literally lifts a
      person up to heaven in both body and spirit? Certainly, there can be no
      bigger folly than such an inference. Why then draw such inference in the case of JesusAS? Why should he be sent up to heaven alive? Was
      not this earth sufficient for him as the Quran declared: Alam Najalil
      Arza Kifaatan Ahya’an Wa Amwaatan–“Have We not made the earth
      sufficient for the living and the dead?” (77:26-27)

      All the Muslims are aware of the fact that there occurs the word Warfa’anee (and exalt me in ranks) in the prayer which the Holy ProphetSAW used to pray between two Sajdas (prostrations). (Kitab Ibn Maja) All the Muslims supplicate this prayer between two Sajdas in their Salat, but does any one ever think that he is supplicating for his physical ascension to heaven?
      Or, is there any doubt regarding the Holy ProphetSAW’s Rafa’a
      (exaltation of ranks) despite his sojourn on this very earth?

      In the Commentary of the Holy Quran known as Tafseer Saafi under the verse Maa Muhammadun Illa Rasool Qad Khalat Min Qablihir Rusul (3:145) the demise of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be on him) has been mentioned in he following words: Hatta Idha Da’a Allaho Nabiyyahoo Wa Rafa’a Hoo Ilaihi–“Until when Allah called His Prophet and exalted him to Himself.” Now here are words Rafa’a Hoo Ilaihi used for the Holy ProphetSAW had never been
      interpreted as his corporal ascension to heaven. Is it not strange and
      outright blasphemy to interpret the word Rafa’a for the Holy ProphetSAW as exaltation of his ranks, and for JesusAS as his physical ascension to heaven?


      Allah says in the Holy Quran: “And there is none of the
      people of the Book must believe in him before his death and on the Day of Judgement he will be a witness against them.” (4:160) As Jews and Christians have not all believed in HadhratJesusAS, therefore, he must be alive with his physical body in heaven, and after descending from heaven in the last days he shall turn them into believers.


      Although the words of verse 4:160 do not show that Hadhrat JesusAS
      is now sitting in the sky in his physical body, yet the fantastic conclusion is drawn. But it is forgotten that if Hadhrat JesusAS be supported to
      be alive, even then all Jews and Christians cannot believe in Hadhrat JesusAS; because many generations of them are dead. How can they then believe? So it is clear that if they have all to believe in Hadhrat JesusAS, it must be supposed that along with him the Jews and Christians are also alive, which is obviously absurd. Besides, if the interpretation of the Non-Ahmadies is accepted for the sake of argument, then it establishes contradictions in the Holy Quran as is clear from the following references:

      “Nay, but Allah has sealed them because of their disbelief, so they believe no but little.” (4:156)

      “So, We have caused enmity and hatred among them till the Day of Resurrection.” (5:15)

      “When Allah said, O Jesus, I will cause thee to die…and will place those who follow thee above those who disbelieve, until the Day of Resurrection.” (3:56)

      These verses clearly show that all Jews shall not believe in Hadhrat JesusAS, hence, the interpretation of the Non-Ahmadies is entirely wrong. The correct translation of the verse 4:160 without twisting words so as to yield far-fetched meanings is: “And there is none among the People of the Book but will believe in it (the crucifixion of Jesus) before his death; and on the Day of Resurrection, he (Jesus) shall be a witness among them.”
      What the Quranic verse lays down is that every Jew and Christian must according to their creeds, continue to believe in the death of Hadhrat JesusAS on the Cross. The Jew because he wants to show that according to Deuteronomy 21:23 the curse of God fell upon Hadhrat JesusAS, and the Christian because he wants to affirm the doctrine of Atonement as mentioned in Galatians 3:13. So both these peoples go on sticking to this absurd and unfounded belief (Jesus’AS death on the Cross) in the face of all reason and all established facts of history. The attempts to make the words La Yominanna Bihee Qabla Mautehee (will believe in it before his death) mean “will believe in him (Jesus) before his (Jesus) death” is simply ridiculous. The context spurns the idea, as does the second reading of the expression, viz., Mautihee (his death) reported by Ubayy in Ibn Jareer, Vol. 6, page 13.


      Allah says in the Holy Quran: “And behold I did restrain the children of Israel from (violence to) thee when thou did show them the clear signs.” (5:111)
      This verse clearly shows that the Jews could not even touch Hadhrat JesusAS.
      But if it is accepted that he was hanged on the Cross, his hands bled, and he was taken down from the Cross after suffering a lot of troubles, then this verse proves false.


      There is not a single word which connotes that Allah restrained the Jews from violence to Hadhrat JesusAS, hence, the Non-Ahmadi
      translator Allaama Yusuf Ali had no other choice but to put the words
      “violence to” in brackets. The verse does not mean that Jesus suffered no persecution at the hands of enemies. A similar expression has been
      used with regard to the early Muslims in the Quran: Yaa Ayyuhalladheena Aamanudh-Karoo Ni’Amatillahi Alaikum Idh Hamma Qaumun An Yabsotoo Ilaikum Aidiy-hum Fa Kaffa Aidiyahum Ankum (5:12)–“O ye who believe! remember Allah’s favor upon you when a people intended to stretch out their hands against you, but He withheld their hands from you.” But it is a well-known fact that they had to pass through grievous trials and tribulations. As a matter of fact the reference in the verse (5:111) is to the attempts of the Jews to kill Hadhrat JesusAS on the Cross, from which accursed death God delivered him. Similar protection was promised to the Holy ProphetSAW
      (in 5:68) but that did not mean that his enemies would not be allowed to do him any physical harm whatsoever. It only means that they would not be permitted to take his life so as to render him unfit for his work.


      The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be him) is
      reported to have said: Kaifa Antum Idha Nazala Feekum Ibno Maryama Wa Imaamokum Minkum –“How would it be with you when the son of Mary will descend among you and you will have a leader raised from among you.”
      (Bukhari, Kitabul-Anbiya, Chapter Nazul Isa bin Maryam) The word Nazul, it is argued, signifies that Hadhrat JesusAS must come down
      physically from the high heavens, hence, he is physically alive in heaven.
      Besides, the Holy ProphetSAW said that the son of Mary will come, so
      it must be Hadhrat JesusAS himself who should come personally.


      In the first place, there is no word Minas-Samaa from heaven, mentioned in the Tradition. No doubt there are two points which need

      One Nazool and the other Ibn Maryam. It should be remembered that the word Nazala may mean “he descended” but it cannot by any stretch of meaning, signify “he descended physically from the heavens”. There is not the slightest justification for this.

      The same word is used about the coming of the Holy ProphetSAW.
      Says the Holy Quran: Qad Anzalallaho Ilaikum Dhikran Rasoolan Yatloo
      Alaikum Aayaatillahi–“Allah has indeed sent down to you a Reminder,
      a Messenger, who recites unto you the clear signs of Allah.” (65:11-12)
      But No one can say that the Holy ProphetSAW came down from the
      heavens physically.

      Then God says: Wa Anzalnal Hadeeda–“And We sent down iron” (57:26), and we know that it is not thrown down from the heavens.
      Likewise the word Nazool has been mentioned about cattle in 39:7;
      about raiment in 7:27. Even this word had been used for each and every thing in 15:22 where Allah says: Wa In Min Shai-in Illaa Indinna Khazaainohoo Wa Maa Nonazzilohoo Illaa Biqadarin Ma’aloom–“And there is not a thing but with Us are the treasures thereof and We send it not down except in known measure.” Hence, it appears that all things in nature descend from God–are gifted by God–and yet they do not drop from Heaven. Their creation takes place in and on and through this very earth. Therefore, the word Nazool (descend), when used for the coming of the Messiah, can have no other meaning.
      It can only point to the importance, the blessedness and the spiritual
      significance of the Promised Messiah. It is not in the least intended to
      suggest that he would physically drop from Heaven to earth.

      NOW FAG,

      The Ahmadi Muslims, which were founded in the 1800s, say that ALL other Muslims are IGNORANT, MORONIC CRETINS, who know nothing about the QURAN & HADITH.

  • GeeGee
  • Harry


    Candidates for induction into the Shriners are greeted by a High Priest, who says:

    “By the existence of Allah and the creed of Mohammed; by the legendary sanctity of our Tabernacle at Mecca, we greet you.”

    The inductees then swear on the Bible and the Koran, in the name of Mohammed, and invoke Masonry’s usual gruesome penalties upon themselves:

    “I do hereby, upon this Bible, and on the mysterious legend of the Koran, and its dedication to the Mohammedan faith, promise and swear and vow … that I will never reveal any secret part or portion whatsoever of the ceremonies … and now upon this sacred book, by the sincerity of a Moslem’s oath I here register this irrevocable vow … in willful violation whereof may I incur the fearful penalty of having my eyeballs pierced to the center with a three-edged blade, my feet flayed and I be forced to walk the hot sands upon the sterile shores of the Red Sea until the flaming sun shall strike me with livid plague, and may Allah, the god of Arab, Moslem and Mohammedan, the god of our fathers, support me to the entire fulfillment of the same. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

    With this oath,
    Christians swear on the Koran, and declare Allah to be “the god of our
    fathers.” From the perspective of Christianity, Shriners take the name of God in vain.

    Sir Richard Burton: “Sufi-ism [was] the Eastern parent of Freemasonry.”

    March 3, 2013Political LeadersFreemasonry, Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin, sufi,

    The Eye of Thoth. According to Ibn Kathir, the Ahl al-Bayt descend from Thoth, the builder of the Great Pyramids of Giza, of whose left eye this ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol originates, and which was later adopted by Freemasonry as “the All Seeing Eye”.

    According to Sir Richard Burton, “Sufi-ism [was] the Eastern parent of Freemasonry.” (See, F. Hitchman, Burton, Volume 1, p. 286). Robert Graves
    claimed that Freemasonry first began as a Sufi society that reached England in the guise of a craft guild during the reign of King Athelstan (ruled 924-939), and was then introduced into Scotland. He describes the Sufic origins of the Craftmasons’ guilds and the part played by Templar teaching and tradition in the transformation of these guilds into Freemasonry. Graves traced Sufi origins back to the second millennium BCE and recounted that their hidden wisdom was passed down the generations by a process of initiation, from master to pupil. He asserts that the role of the Sufi masters in building of Solomon’s Temple is a key point that is commemorated in Freemasonic ritual.” (The Enigma of the Freemasons by Tim Wallace-Murphy).


    Allah’s Islamic Cult Inside the Masonic Lodge

    To most Americans, the Shriners are a wonderful organization. They see men wearing the strange “fez” hat and gleefully riding tiny motor scooters in parades. They see Shriners at circuses dressed as clowns, delighting youngsters. They hear of the boisterous Shriners conventions and are told of the charitable acts of this group’s burns hospitals and so forth.

    The Shriners are Knights Templar, 13th degree York Rite Masons or 32nd degree Scottish Rite Masons.


    And don't call me Shirley.