Journal News’ Gun Map Being Used by Prison Inmates to Threaten Guards

The Journal News’ anti-gun stunt was supposed to treat gun owners like sex offenders. But the Journal News’ publisher Janet Hasson and the rest of the staff hated gun owners too much to understand that many of the people they were actually targeting were law enforcement personnel… with predictable results.

The decision by the Journal News, which serves the suburbs just north of New York City in Westchester and Rockland counties, to publish the identities was “deplorable” and “reckless,” Rockland County legislator Frank Sparaco told a news conference, adding that it “has posed a serious threat to the residents of Rockland.”

Inmates in local prisons have approached guards to say they know their home addresses, Rockland County Sheriff Lou Falco told the news conference.

“I don’t want to just request — I want to demand — that the Journal News get those names, and that map, off that website,” Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato said.

Even though the Journal News hypocritically hired its own armed guards, Janet Hasson and others at the paper are proceeding with their Jihad against the Bill of Rights even while knowing that they are endangering the safety of the men and women in law enforcement who protect them, as well as the families of those men and women.

But this may well be the best response to the Journal News to date.

Told that the publisher of the Journal News said that “the law is clear that this is public information and the residents of Putnam County are entitled to see it,” Ball told the newspaper in a statement: “The county clerk has my full support to protect these law abiding citizens and if The Journal News thinks they can intimidate Putnam, they are sorely mistaken. Before I waver, the egghead editors at the Journal News can kiss my white, Irish behind.”

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    While the impact against law enforcement personnel may resonate with some who may otherwise be unsympathetic to gun-owners' invasion of privacy and safety in this situation, they are no more or less deserving of concern.

    Fiascoes like this prove that licensing of that which is a right, seriously compromises that right.

    Such a thing could not happen in Vermont.

    • Mary Sue

      I dunno, they got some pretty far out lefties in Vermont…

      • RedWhiteAndJew

        That is true, but it wasn't always so. A court case, 100-odd years ago resulted in unlicensed concealed and open carry in Vermont. The judge found correctly, that the Second Amendment-acknowledged right to keep and bear arms, was just that.

  • Cat K

    That's got to be Greg Ball. He's a mixed bag, young, charismatic, controversial to some, but a conservative of sorts &Israel supporter in a small "commuter" county north of NYC that is 90+%Catholic and filled with police &firefighter families.
    I'm liking Ball more &more!

  • Spikey1

    That would be: State Senator Greg Ball

  • Edward Cline

    Janet Hasson and her colleagues are of the same ilk that would've ratted out to the Gestapo French, German, Dutch, Belgian and Scandanavian homes that were hiding Jews. They are beneath contempt. They plead "freedom of the press" and the "public's right to know," but no right exists to sic criminals on anyone. And one unintended consequence is that by omission, Hasson's paper identifies homes that do not have guns. Great thinking, girl.

  • Doramin

    So let's have the various law enforcement (serving & retired) organizations and cop and prison guards unions and fraternal organizations mount an all-out class action lawsuit, or blizzard of individual lawsuits against the Journal News, its editor, publisher, story reporter and parent company. AND head for the cameras and microphones to whip up sentiment against them.

    It's a damn sight easier for the Journal News to thumb its nose at an amorphous entity called "Gun Owners" than it is to viciously provoke the most powerful and revered public employees.

  • SoCalMike

    Hasson is evil and malignantly self absorbed.
    Will she ever get blamed or be held responsible for the murders and robberies she just help to commit??
    Who will hold her accountable when burglars and robbers predictably target unarmed homeowners??

  • Russ

    What a bunch a scum the liberal news people are! I would like to see how many of them are on the list. And how many are being protected by guns ……

  • Mary Sue

    Yeah, that was the other problem, besides the stalking thing. What're the chances that legally held guns in a home belong to a COP or a prison guard? Probably pretty high!

    I swear the Journal News is run by cretins.

  • Shoot me? Shoot you!

    This is the reason I will never submit to any "registration" requirements of Feinstein's ill-conceived weapons ban. As a matter of fact, I don't know where it went. I had it last time I looked…..

  • Mike Caron

    If you were not on Janet Hasson's list and then you should be aware that she has just inforfmed rapists and theives that your home is safe to invade while you and your family are there. The reason that burglars often wait for a house to be empey isn't because they don't want to hurt you. It is because there are too many guns in too many homes and they don't want to get hurt while doing what they do for a living. People living in houses without guns had some protection from the fact that criminals didn't know which house had the guns. If you are unprotected and not on the list and someone in your home is raped of injured then you can thank this blood sucker that cares more about ratings and selling papers than inocent peoples lives. She is the scum of the earth._

  • Shane

    I am so enjoying this crazy world lately!! All the gun fanatics are up in arms while the press is helping the criminals… in Atlanta it was always amusing to take visitors outside to see how many different weapons they could identify on New Years!!! I think my favorite was the 'Street Sweeper' about half a mile from my home. By the way as far as I know there wasn't that much concern who was home during night-time home just took a trigger man for a lookout, silly people!!

  • Redenegue

    Free speech is one thing, using that speech to deliberately hurt someone is criminal.
    She should be put up on criminal charges and jailed – for life!

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  • John S.

    When some innocent person is killed becuase of her map and hatred towards people that protect our citizens, perhaps then she will see will see the light. But then, it will be too late and she can answer to God.

  • Paul

    If we divided this country in half. Liberals etc. On one side , and conservatives on the other. No matter wich half liberals would be trying to jump the fence after only a few short days. These people have no clue about self preservation, and will throw anyone under the bus to advance their ideology no matter the outcome.

  • Modplod

    Here easy peesey:
    Janet Hasson, 3 Gatehouse Lane, Mamaroneck NY 10534 (914) 694-5204.

    Takes a Brit (Red Coat) to show you chaps how to find someone.