Kentucky Dems to Replace Ashley Judd with Miss America Murderer

heather french henry

You might have thought that Kentucky Democrats couldn’t possibly find anyone less qualified as a politician and a human being to run against Senator McConnell than Ashley Judd, an actress and walking mental breakdown, who probably couldn’t even win in California.

But once Judd dropped out, her replacement may be Heather French Henry, who has two qualifications. She was a former Miss America and  married a former Lieutenant Governor.

These are not terribly impressive qualifications even when running for something less than United States Senator. While I’m sure winning a bunch of beauty pageants and then marrying a politician twenty years older than you is more than ample preparation for politics, it’s not exactly a qualification for the actual job.

But if Heather French Henry were just a former beauty queen married to a politician who decided to run for office because she’s too bored not to, that wouldn’t be nearly as bad… and sure there was the controversy over the use of taxpayer resources during her wedding…

Kentucky’s taxpayers had shelled out several grand for the couple’s Oct. 27 wedding and a three nights at hotels in Lexington for Mr. Henry.

On the latter it seems the lovesick pol couldn’t make the grueling 30-mile trip from his taxpayer-funded house in Frankfort to downtown Lexington, where Heather Renee was participating in some Miss Kentucky pageant events.

According to his office Mr. Henry was on “official business,” attending some of the beauty pageant events. A Louisville television station, WLKY-TV, is reporting that as many as 24 state employees volunteered to help plan the big wedding.

But that’s small potatoes compared to the time that Heather French Henry killed a woman and went on Oprah to talk about it.

Three years after becoming Miss America and marrying the Lt. Governor, Heather French Henry while driving her Lincoln Navigator SUV struck and killed a mother of four riding a bicycle, Karola Stede. Heather French Henry wasn’t injured. Stede’s youngest child was 8.

Heather French Henry told cops that the “sun was in her eyes” and that the cyclist “darted out” in front of her, though some in the cycling community have disputed that claim. And that might have been that. Fatal accidents happen all the time. Usually no charges are brought. There’s no clear evidence that Henry received lenient treatment because of her status though some questions were raised about that in cycling forums at the time.

The creepy part came when Heather French Henry, not satisfied with having killed a woman, used her corpse to promote herself by going on Oprah to talk about how badly running over a woman made her feel.

Heather French Henry relives pain on ‘Oprah’

Her story was one of three featured on the Oprah Winfrey show titled “Heartbreaking Headlines.” It was taped Nov. 11. Winfrey billed the story as an exclusive with Henry about how she dealt with the accident and its aftermath.

“I’m hoping that by telling people about my pain … it will help others,” Henry said in a telephone interview Friday, before the show aired.

The Oprah Winfrey Show seemed like the best way to tell her story, Henry said, because it gave her more time to talk and explain what she went through.

This is sociopath level stuff. It’s a horrifying level of egotism that you normally only expect to see among the most inbred celebrities. It’s incredibly creepy and you have to wonder what happens to a human being that they are capable of even doing something like this.

Afterward Heather French Henry became an AAA spokesman, since I guess running someone over qualifies you for the job, and now wants a spot in the United States Senate.

Back in 2003, an area cyclist wrote to Henry, “I noticed that you recently appeared on *Oprah* and the *Today Show* and I have looked at excerpts of the former and the full transcript of the latter. These interviews have left me cold because they focus on your hardship alone and seem orchestrated at mending your public image and using public confession as a form of self-healing.”

“Sometimes they don’t care how the public views them because they’re still going to see their movies. But when you’re in public service, then an advocate, it’s a totally different ball game,” Heather French Henry said in one of her constant interviews. “I don’t want people to think I don’t care because I’m not like a couple of the Hollywood celebrities saying, “It’s not my fault”. It was not my fault, but I want people to understand, just as it affects one victim, it affects the other.”

Suddenly Ashley Judd doesn’t look so bad.

  • visitor

    The police at the time evidently felt she was not at fault yet you call her a "murderer" and a "sociopath." For my part, I know nothing about the woman. but in my experience, if law enforcement oficials feel that charges are warrented, they bring charges and go to trial. The fact that they didn't do so in this instance surely suggests that they didn't believe there was a case. Unless you want to claim that Kentucky law enforcement is biased toward former beauty queens who years later go into politics, why don't you find another axe to grind?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That would be beauty queens married to the Lt. Governor.

      But I didn't call her a sociopath for running over a woman. I called her a sociopath for turning the act of running over a woman into a platform for self-promotion on Oprah.

      • Roger

        Facts, they really do irritate the liberal mind set.

        And then laying out the case well enough to make it difficult to lie about it just enrages them more.

    • ziggy zoggy

      In my experience, law enforcement officials tend to be incompetent corrupt morons who want to get back at the world because they were picked on in high school.

    • fpf

      A driver with common sense should know how to avoid hazardous situations like "sun in the eyes" and "too close to slow or none moving objects". Any moral person would not avoid the responsibility of killing a person, being intentional or ignorant. Any one who treats killing a person like a "bump on the road" does not have the basic quality of being in any public servant position.

    • Surinder Jeet

      I too do not know the woman who killed or the victim who died at her hands. However the number of 'innocents' undergoing life imprisonment and several who were sentenced to death by the same or similar cops may have another version of the fairness and our justice system. Thanks to the application of DNA and advancement of forensic science because of it scores of people have been removed from the death row or released from the prisons.

  • ziggy zoggy

    "This is sociopath level stuff. It’s a horrifying level of egotism that you normally only expect to see among the most inbred celebrities. It’s incredibly creepy and you have to wonder what happens to a human being that they are capable of even doing something like this."

    You've obviously never met my ex-wife.

    'Suddenly Ashley Judd doesn’t look so bad."

    No. No she doesn't. I sure as Hell never thought anybody could get me to admit that.

    • Questions

      "You've obviously never met my wife."

      That's a good one — a real Rodney Dangerfield zinger.

      • ziggy zoggy


  • bob e

    if she has a nice rack..then i might be a votin' for her..

  • jakespoon

    Did she ever help the family of the woman she killed?

  • Rifleman

    She's definitely got the democrat mentality, 'I killed someone, but it's all about me, I'm the victim.'

  • RUI

    Forget Ashley Judd. How about the ultimate self styled victim of authenticness: 0bama for Senate. Oh… yeah…

  • Bill Cervetti

    An almost identical thing happened to a good friend of ours in PA. a few years back–also a female.No fatal injuries, as in this story, and the police on the scene let her go and didn't charge her. She was not inebriated, and two girls ran out in front of her SUV on a dark and rainy night. One of them wound up with serious injuries requiring extended hospitalization. Our friend was slandered all over the Internet by the family of the victim, in one of the most scurrilous expressions of slander I have ever witnessed, all with the intention apparently, of trying to ruin our friend's life. They of course used her real name so that any search for her on Google would be sure to conjure her up immediately. I am almost afraid to google it myself thinking it might still be there.. Ms Henry, though, you are correct to assume, willingly placed herself in the hands of The Great Queen of Media Exploitation, Oprah Winfrey, and as such , has earned her place as a charter member of Therapy Nation—-now a virtual requirement for upward mobility into political office, in her case, "starting at the top", in Anthony Weiner's case,, rising to his level of incompetence from obnoxious Schumer protege, right into the NYC Mayoralty.. Neither of them has a chance of winning, but that doesn't stop them from trying, and exploiting these avenues which remain open to them.

  • tanstaafl

    Bring back Ashley and her dogs.

  • VLParker

    Okay, she's a sleezoid sociopathic bimbo. No argument. But how do you call her a murderer and present absolutely no evidence that it was anything other than an accident?

  • Alan

    Do you know murder is a crime of specific intent? what a moronic headline!

  • ziggy zoggy

    Do you know trolling is a steaming load of specific intent? What a moronic comment!

  • Questions

    I sometimes hate to be the party pooper, but facts are facts: Laura Bush — you know, the former First Lady — also accidentally killed a person with her car way back when she was young.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I wouldn't vote for Laura Bush

  • Yaeger

    To "Questions" SO!

  • Harm ten Napel

    It was only through revelations in her own book that Ashley Judd admitted to some psychological issues stemming mainly from abuse in her past, so it is quite lame to lay any such accusation at her feet, nevertheless she has shown such courage, intelligence end tenaciousness overcoming it that many of those who fare in American politics could only be hope to have these strengths their character, the country merely lost the chance to have someone of great integrity in public office.