Kerry and McCain’s Syrian Rebel Expert Fired for Faking Academic Creds


I’m sure all the Christians murdered by her Jihadist friends share her pain.

Elizabeth O’Bagy has been getting a lot of attention for her Wall Street Journal op-ed which falsely claimed that most of the Syrian rebels were moderates. McCain and Kerry both cited her work.

The Journal originally only listed her affiliation with the Institute for the Study of War think-tank and not her role as political director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, a Syrian emigre Muslim Brotherhood linked lobbying group pushing for US intervention in Syria.

The conflict of interest was obvious. The Institute has let O’Bagy go, ostensibly because she lied about having a PhD from Georgetown, but more likely because questions were being raised about her work and the credibility problems caused by her SETF conflicts of interest.

O’Bagy’s response suggests as much. But either way she’ll keep her lucrative work with the SETF until they don’t need her anymore. And Twitter shows that she’s still up to the same tricks.


  • Softly Bob

    What gets me is that dhimmis like her don’t realize that their lies are ultimately against their own interests. If Muslims do take over the World, people like her will be the first to be bound, burqad, and gang-raped!

    • m4253y

      given her surname O’bagy, i would bet she is a card carrying muslim practicing the art of taqiyya quite well.

  • USARetired

    Another O’Bozo/Muslim Brotherhood minion has bit the dirt, Hoh-rah!

  • DogmaelJones1

    Perhaps Kerry’s phony “expert” should be nicknamed, Elizabeth O’Burka?

    • Biff Henderson

      O’Bag Lady, a Muslima Gang Moll for the Mafiahoodians of Allah’s Cause.

  • WinstonCN


  • Abe

    “Islamist groups very different than AQ linked groups and extremists. Different outlook, ideology, relations with people, etc”

    She is happy that they didn’t rape her or eat her alive.

  • OblivionDeHavilland

    these pre pubescent “girls” they trot out as foreign policy experts should be worrying about their hair and makeup not potential atomic war – yikes – go shopping or something else please