Kerry Fondly Reminisces About Time He Aided Communist Guerrillas

El Commandante, Senor John Kerry: Reporting for Duty

El Commandante, Senor John Kerry: Reporting for Duty

It’s always great to hear old radicals reminiscing about the time they helped undermine America. It’s even better when they have risen to become Secretary of State. With Kerry, America has its own version of Joschka Fischer. The problem is that America didn’t need a Joschka Fischer or a Joschka Kerry.

Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking at the General Assembly of the Organization of American States in Guatemala on Wednesday, reminisced about his first trip to Latin America as a U.S. senator back in 1985:

“I have been traveling, actually, to Latin America for decades now. I think the first trip I made as a United States senator in 1985 was to this region. And that was during a time of great transformation and challenge in places like Nicaragua and El Salvador. And like my Senate colleagues, I was then focused on issues of conflict resolution.”

By issues of “conflict resolution”, Kerry means he tried to stop President Reagan from aiding the rebels against the Communist regime by falsely claiming that the Sandinistas weren’t Communists and were willing to live in peace with us as long as we stopped aiding the Contras.

Kerry did not specifically mention to the OAS gathering that his 1985 trip was to meet with then-president of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega, the head of the Moscow-backed Communist Sandinistas who were fighting a proxy war with the United States via the U.S.-backed “Contra” rebels.

Senator Kerry flew to Nicaragua in April with fellow Democratic Sen. Thomas Harkin of Iowa, met with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega Saavedra, and brought back word that Mr. Ortega would be willing to accept a cease-fire if Congress rejected aid to the rebels, or “contras.” That week the House initially voted down aid to the contras, and Mr. Ortega made an immediate trip to Moscow — an action that moved House Speaker Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. to say the ill-timed trip embarrassed those who had voted against aid.

After the fall of the USSR and the success of Reagan’s policies, Kerry might have the sense to keep his mouth shut instead of mentioning his botched intervention on behalf of a regime that is once again in power in a region where the left is crushing human rights in places like Venezuela and Cuba.

Instead Kerry, as always doubles down. As I wrote in my article this week, Kerry never learns anything from history. Never.

The substance of John Kerry’s speech was that he had learned absolutely nothing from the past and that everyone else should join him in not learning anything from the past.

That’s still Kerry’s message today.


  • BLJ

    What a tool.

    • Gee

      Him and Hanoi Jane

  • Steeloak

    Thank god for the Swift Boat Vets – If it hadn’t been for them this dangerous fool would likely have been president.

  • truebearing

    Like so many on the Left, Kerry is a dolt….a fool…incapable of even basic deductive reasoning. His narcissism prevents what little intelligence he possesses from making even a fleeting appearance.
    How ironic is it that the worst political sociopaths/narcissists gravitate to supposedly collective ideology? These reprobates don’t give a damn about “the people.” They see the masses as mindless pawns to be manipulated for power and wealth. Their projected world view is a lie from the very beginning.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      Kerry’s narcissism, and being a dolt and an ignorant fool go hand in hand with the elitism exhibited by all leftist “saviors” since Lenin. Marx had his Engels, and today we have the Soros, Bill Gates, Zuckenburg, Bloombergs, and the rest of the people who think that because they have been economically successful they can tell the rest of mankind how to live. As you say: “Their projected world view is a lie from the very beginning.”

    • glpage

      Collectivism has nothing to do with helping the masses. The collectivist elites, as you mentioned, don’t give a rat’s patoot for the masses. But espousing the supposed virtues of collectivism tends to be a great selling point for a destructive ideology. Witness our last national election.

  • onecornpone

    Kerry’s lies about “atrocities” committed by his fellow soldiers during Congressional testimony, post Vietnam, demonstrated he would do anything required to gain the limelight. His long, successful political career proves that one may survive being a shameless liar. The seemingly clueless people who were able to convince themselves to reelect him for decades of government service have the rest of us to answer to.

  • MarilynA

    God…How I miss Ronald Reagan. His presidency was a brief breath of fresh air in our downward spiral into the dust bin of history.

  • occam

    Well said, succinct and on
    point. This perfectly describes the air-headed blow-hard Kerry

  • jhsif

    WHEN the liberals accuse us conservatives of being TRAITORS for being against a nucluraly armed Iran, remind them how much they LOVED Communism instead of Reagan when the Nicaraguans tried to kick out the commies! Dems sided with their commie king, Reagan thumbed his nose at the dems and they fought back by taking down Oliver North.