Kerry Proposes $4 Billion Bailout of Palestinian Authority


President Abbas hasn’t held an election in forever and just forced out Prime Minister Salam Fayyad who was supposed to bring some accountability to the corrupt kleptocracy of the Palestinian Authority. So naturally Secretary of State John Kerry is rewarding him with a proposed 4 billion dollar bailout.

US Secretary of State John Kerry unveiled on Sunday a $4 billion economic plan to revitalize the Palestinian economy, as he called on Israelis and Palestinians to forgive past wrongs and return to the negotiating table.

“The plan for the Palestinian economy is bigger and bolder and more ambitious than anything proposed since Oslo more than 20 years ago,” said Kerry as he spoke at the closing session of the World Economic Forum by the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Quartet special envoy Tony Blair will head the initiative, with the help of the international business community.

According to Kerry, it will focus on developing the Palestinian private economy, a key ingredient for economic independence. If actualized, he said, it could increase the Palestinian GDP by 50 percent over three years and cut unemployment by two-thirds, to 8% down from 21%. It would also benefit the economies of Israel and Jordan, Kerry said.

To get a full grasp of the ridiculousness of this plan. It’s planning to take an area run by two warring terrorist groups and bring its unemployment rate in line with the US and EU… in three years.

Saudi Arabia has an 11 percent unemployment rate and it swims in oil. As does Iran. Neighboring Jordan has a 12 percent unemployment rate.

Kerry is proposing to give the Palestinian Authority a lower unemployment rate than France. In three years, This isn’t just snake oil, it’s magic beans. And overseeing it will be Tony Blair, who just happens to be Qatar’s new best friend. And Qatar is a big backer of Hamas.

Where is this 4 billion supposed to come from? That’s an open question. A fellow named Tim Collins, who is tied in with Tony Blair, was in attendance there.

So far Blair is talking about tripling agriculture yield and building 100,000 homes. Presumably the latter is where the jobs will temporarily come from. And some businesses are expected to want to toss 4 billion in the trash to finance all of it.

  • silver gonzales

    Build a factory and they will come….to blow it up!!!. This policy was produced in the left wing dream factory overseen by foreman Thomas Friedman. Believing that economics will trump terror and muslim hate has not yet worked no matter how many opportunities are handed to muslims to be guest workers in socialist europe nor become citizens in the USA or Canada. In fact the most dangerous of all muslims, are the home ground variety who have had opportunities open to them since they jumped out of the womb. At some point, in between their Masters and Phds, they go muslim and just want to kill and burn things.

    More taxpayer moolah going for Democrat feel good projects.

  • Kyra Nelson

    How stupid are these politicians? How do they keep getting elected & appointed?? I believe my cat has more sense than this clown. And the American taxpayers are going to PAY for this once again. Not to mention all the $$ diverted from this "bailout" straight into the suicide bomber vest pockets. And you wonder why anti-depressants are the best selling pharmaceuticals going.

  • BS77

    How many billions have already gone down the chute in Gaza? Didn't Arafat put billions in secret Swiss bank accounts? Corruption and malfeasance will insure the rapid loss of these funds.

  • reality checker

    Time for EVERYONE who knows about this to call their senator & representative & let them no – no more money to the PA or any other group engaged in terrorism of any kind.

    • reality checker

      Time for EVERYONE who knows about this to call their senator & representative & let them know – no more money to the PA or any other group engaged in terrorism of any kind.

  • gee59

    And this will solve all the problems in the Middle East at least according to Kerry. Yes he is that stupid – remember when everybody was saying George W. was an idiot – well Kerry went to the same college about the same time and got much lower grades. Chucky Hagel makes Kerry look like a Rhodes Scholar.

    In 1994 Arafat said he was going to turn Gaza into the "Singapore of the Middle East" well we have seen how well that has turned out. Maybe because he was going to beat anybody that wasn't doing what he wanted – it sure wasn't due to economics

  • Herb Benty

    It's a win-win for the Obama- muslim alliance. How much of this cash( borrowed from China) will go into weapons to further fight our monsterously beleagered Israel? This dovetails with Abrams tanks and F-16's sent to Egypt, don't you think? Look, this is the idiocy of leftist evolutionary, God-deniers that refuse to believe that evil exists even when it stares them in the face. The marxism-as-chic is dangerous to us!!

  • maidros

    'focus on developing Palestinian private economy' – Kerry's got that dead right. It will develop the economy of Abbas and his closest pals. And unemployment statistics? Easy as pie – just redefine unemployment at the end of three years! Or better still – ask for another grant for doing it in the next three years!

  • Questions

    Thanks to international "development" schemes put into place such as the one proposed, Yassir Arafat was able to siphon off huge amounts of Western wealth. He died in 2004 with an estimated net worth of between $300 million and $1.3 billion. That's not even including the billions his cronies siphoned off for themselves. His widow Suha is one the world's wealthiest merry widows.

    Secretary Kerry is a naif. The Palestinian Authority from day one has been a corrupt kleptocracy. If the Kerry Plan, such as it is, materializes, President Abbas may wind up retiring even richer than Arafat. His cronies won't do too badly either.

  • Brian

    What's Kerry going to bail them out from? The paili's are where they are because of who they are and what they have done. "NOTHING" Why does the obama government have 4 billion dollars to give them but don't have the money for America. The government is in sequester mode so where is the money coming from. Doesn't charity begin at home?
    I can now see Abbas pulling an Arafat and pocketing a sizable portion of the money. A hard working person in America goes to the bank for a loan and he gets rejected. But a terrorist government wants money and America shells it out to them. Is obama so desperate that he is so willing to buy love?

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Maybe the $4 billion will finance Palestinian companies that produce solar panels and electric cars.