Kerry says Libyans won’t Tolerate Thuggery, Libyan Thugs Disagree

John Kerry

The Libyan Prime Minister was just kidnapped and released by armed militias, after he attempted to orchestra a coup using his own Muslim Brotherhood militias, meanwhile other militias are battling each other in Tripoli, which like every city in Libya is under militia control, and have seized control of Libya’s oil output.

So it was time for foreign policy whiz kid John Frankenstein Kerry to spring into action to give a relevant response to the disastrous state of affairs in a country that his government implemented a failed regime policy in.

“Libyan did not risk their lives in their 2011 revolution to tolerate a return to thuggery” said US Secretary of State John Kerry in a statement issued this evening.

“If a free people are going to succeed in forging a democratic, secure, and prosperous country with a government based on the rule of law and respect for human rights, then there can be no place for this kind of violence in the new Libya”.

I know Kerry probably just woke up this morning, but there has never been a rule of law since his boss bombed the place.

Libya is run by armed militias. Its democracy is a sham. The idea of human rights is a punchline to four Islamists shooting an African in the head.

Obama and Hillary and Kerry made Libya. And now Kerry, living on fantasy island, babbles that the Islamist Libyan militias shooting each other did not risk their lives for the rule of thug.

Meanwhile in other news…

The head of the Counter Crime Agency in Tripoli’s Fornaj district, Abdelmonem Al-Said, is under investigation by the Attorney General for his role in the kidnapping of the Prime Minister, a source in the Attorney General’s office has said.

Did someone say rule of law?

  • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

    Libya has it even worse than you report.
    Babies are without Diapers nowadays and supplies for the wealthy are few.

  • bob e

    apparently i need ta’ take a course in modern halucinagenic diplomacy
    to unda’stand these subtle fine points…i can’t seen ta’ get it right.

    • A Z

      “modern halucinagenic diplomacy”


  • Drakken

    The utter stupidity of this man is stunning. No clue, no idea, complete lack of understanding and facts.

  • v

    How the hell did America come to this point. We have idiots running the country and foreign policy and both are a mess. What a shame. I mourn the U.S. of A., it is dead indeed.

  • AgentGreen

    Sadly, we should’ve just let well enough alone because we could control Ghadafy’s occasional foray into world affairs and lament the lack of freedom in Libya but what’s happening now is only going to get worse and we should just stay out. Medical supplies? Fine. Food? Fine, if they’re hungry but nothing else. If they set off a few bombs here and there I don’t want a full scale military action because there is absolutely no upside. We can grab a psychotic here and there and put him out of his misery assuming that the conspiracy theorists don’t bring down our intelligence services because they’re listening into their phone calls to their girl friends or ordering pizza.