Kerry Sends State Department Officials that Hillary Fake Fired Over Benghazi Back to Work

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The fake firing over Benghazi that never amounted to anything except a temporary time off for work, for some of them, has finally been undone.

Four Americans were murdered in a diplomatic mission denied proper security, despite begging for it repeatedly before the attack, and support during the attack. And no one is responsible. Absolutely no one.

Some of these people, like Charlene Lamb, were blatantly at fault. Others like Raymond Maxwell were just scapegoats served up to protect Hillary 2016.

But they’re all back now under Kerry.

A senior State Department official confirmed to The Daily Beast Monday that all four officials placed on administrative leave were now returned to regular duty and would not face any formal disciplinary action. The administrative leave designation was not a formal punishment, but did prevent the officials from working while the Kerry team, which inherited the Benghazi issue from the Clinton team in February, reviewed their cases.

“As soon as he came into the department, Secretary Kerry wanted to invest the time to review the ARB’s findings and match those against his own on-the-job findings about security,” the senior State Department official said. “He’s been hands-on focused on building on the lessons learned from the Benghazi attack to strengthen security at missions world-wide and continue the ARB’s security paradigm shift.”

In other words. Cover-up Complete.

No one is responsible. No one at all.

Now let’s focus on gay marriage, abortion and transgender rights and forget that silly thing where a bunch of Americans were killed because Hillary 2016 refused to provide them with proper security and Obama 2012 refused to use military forces against their attackers.

  • Mach1Duck

    And what else do you expect…Kerry and Obama botched Egypt, alienated Isreal, and kissed the back-side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Gee

    Why shouldn’t they lie about firing people, they lie about everything else

  • 42FordShadow

    Hey, that’s a pretty neat trick: one boss fires you over something the boss did, the boss is replaced, and the new boss returns you to work… all to cover up what the real boss did. Sounds more like a shell game to me; finding the pea takes real talent and skill!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Sounds more like a shell game to me; finding the pea takes real talent and skill!”

      And we’re getting a lot of practice.

      • Bob Bartlett

        Someone ate the pea.

  • VT_Farmer

    It is hard to be sure of all of the key facts, particularly because everything, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-I-n-g, is politicized. I am an old McGovernite, long since disappointed with the Democratic party over issues which drove me to look at becoming a Republican. But Republicans have become mostly obstructionists and are self-destructing over money and power. Both sides are equally inept at leadership and we can’t revive the economy without the means to pay for it. Our glory days are fading fast, but we will have F-35s, Apache battle-copters, drones, and national security sent at new heights. When I look ahead to Hillary 2016, I know she will do anything to win, which is just as welcome as Dick Nixon willing to do anything, or Dick Cheney willing to do anything. It’s not about her being a woman, it’s about her having no moral compass, being without scruples. So, I ask you, which is worse (and there is a worse), not voting for Hillary under any circumstances, or voting for her under any circumstances? Give it some thought, think about what limits you have (being stretched anew everyday), then sit back and wait,…but remember your limits.

  • Anamah

    Are you forgetting Killary? The Klinton were also there at the time Al Qaeda bombings in Kenya and Tanzania…Ooops! What a coincidence Susan Rice also was there bluffing for PC… It seems that’ s what etiquette ask for in those cases, where ambassadors are murdered. She was making sure the word genocide was never mentioned to describe African / Darfur innocent killing by the millions as was in the Benghazi attack, you know… vocabulary is so important!

    This people is always behind phony fabrications, cheating to perfection: AGAIN!
    Please Daniel, would you help me out?

  • Bob Bartlett

    Where are the republicans demanding answers? It should not take this long. Where was the president during these events? Why did we not send help? What were they during there in the first place? Why can’t the news media insist on answers? Where is the freedom of the press? Where was Joe Biden? He might know the answers and accidently spill the beans if he were asked.