Kurds Declare Independence in Syria


This is an interesting development. Assad is in no shape to do anything about it right now and is hoping that the various Sunni Jihadist groups begin pressing down harder on the Kurds to give him some breathing room.

Considering that Turkey is terrified of Kurdish autonomy and is backing the Sunni forces, that is inevitable. But Iraq, Assad’s Shiite ally, also has a serious Kurdish autonomy problem. But then again it also has a serious Sunni Jihadist problem too.

If Assad makes a full comeback, no Kurdish autonomous state is likely to survive for long. It might be different with American backing, but that won’t come. Not under Obama.

Following a series of military gains, Syrian Kurds in the northeast of the country announced on Tuesday the formation of a transitional autonomous government.

The latest declaration comes amid a general strengthening of Kurdish rights in neighboring Turkey, and increasing moves towards independence by Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region.

Long oppressed under Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his father before him, Kurds view the civil war as an opportunity to gain the kind of autonomy enjoyed by their ethnic kin in neighboring Iraq.

The announcement was made after talks in the mostly-Kurdish town of Qamishli, and comes after Kurdish leaders announced plans to create the temporary government in July.

Kurdish regions of northern Syria have been administered by local Kurdish councils since forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad withdrew in the middle of 2012.

The redeployment was seen as a tactical move by the regime, one which freed up forces to battle rebels elsewhere, and encouraged the Kurds to avoid allying with the opposition.

A Kurdish state across parts of what used to be Iraq, Syria and Turkey is still probably a fantasy, but Kurds have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of American foreign policy; though unintentionally.

The Iraq War and the extended violence afterward, backed by Syria, gave Iraqi Kurds the breathing room to become a success. Now the Arab Spring has likewise made it possible for the Kurds to carve up a piece of Syria. And if Erdogan manages to tear apart Turkey, the Kurds might just be 3 for 3.

  • Jakareh

    The Armenian Genocide was largely perpetrated by the Kurds (though certainly organized by the Turks). If I said I wished them well, I’d be lying.

    • A Z

      I had not heard that. If true that puts a different complexion on things.

      • defcon 4

        From what I’ve heard Jewish Kurds have all made aliyah — that kinda says it all about the rest of the islam0fascist Kurds doesn’t it?

        • A Z

          There are Jewish Kurds? You lost me.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Not Jewish Kurds, Jews from Kurdish areas who absorbed some of the local culture

        • A Z

          Okay from the captivity by the Assyrians. I knew there were Jews in that area do to the Babilonians and Assyrians, but I did not think any would be considered ethnic Kurds.

          I would have thought most would have moved to Israel after 1948.

          “The vast majority of the Kurdish Jews of Iranian Kurdistan relocated mostly to Israel as well, in the 1950s.” -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurdish_Jews

          So how many are we talking about?

          Aliyah is a recitation of the Torah. What does it mean in the context that you are talking about?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Aliyah means ascension. It can refer to ascending to the elevated area where the Torah is read or ascending (returning) to the Land of Israel. Or death, ascending to the next world.


          • A Z


      • Jakareh

        Stephen Kinzer is a liberal NY Times reporter. He lived in Turkey for several years, speaks Turkish, and rather likes both Turks and Kurds. Yet see what he wrote in his book Crescent and Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds (p.90), where he describes a conversation he had with Kurds in eastern Turkey.

    • Cuervo Jones

      Exactly. Who would give Hitler another state. They cant get along there, 1 they’re Muslim so the west dont give a, hoot, 2 theyre caucasian so the Arabs hate them.

  • Veracious_one

    Kurds are Muslim and they are having problems sharing the land with other Muslims….which is exactly the problem the world would have if there were no Infidels around….Muslims can never live in peace…Peace is Un-Islamic…

  • A Z

    We are in it now!

    The Kurds are lighting the fuse (if it was not already lit) for a general war.

    The Kurdish environs are to the Middle East what the Balkans were to Europe.

    The Balkans were the cockpit of Europe.

    Before the Great war there were two wars in the Balkans in 1912 and 1913.

  • A Z

    Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq all have sizable Turkish populations. If the Kurds in those countries “act up”, I expect somebody to squash the Syrian Kurds (probably the turks).

    They will do it for the best of reasons. It will be for the peace and tranquility of the world and they will get an Arab League or UN blessing (charter) to do it.

    • Drakken

      You forget, that In Iraq the Kurds are in de facto charge of the North and no Govt troops or ministries are in charge, the Kurds now un everything, and all of a sudden they have brand new shinny toys to back it up with, so it just makes sense the Kurds in Syria will be joining the Kurds of Iraq which will sooner or later join their brothers on Iran and Turkey, and the Russians being the chess players they are, are arming them with the sole intention of letting muslim slaughter themselves to their little jihadist content, meanwhile Comrade Obummer and his minions haven’t a bloody clue.

  • Biff Henderson

    Muslims that put their ethic roots before the mandate to Arabitize their identity are guilty of mocking the Sunna and are marked for death. Mad Mo said canoodling tribal affiliations has no place in the single-minded aspirations of the Umma for a worldwide Caliphate. Those marked for death get a reprieve when manpower is preoccupied with bigger fish to fry. They’ll be back in the frying pan soon enough and during the interim will have become a formidable force that will feed into the frenzy for blood. The kuffar can take solace in the fact their heads have been temporarily removed from the chopping block and yet they never bemoan the fact that the humanitarian aid from their treasure insures the survivors of the Death Cult Gorefest will have their noggins front and center in due time. Cut off the spigot and seal the boarders and let the willing victims of Satan’s wrath find their own way to Paradise.

    • Joe
      • Biff Henderson

        Joey Boy,
        As a political entity the Kurds have had to go it alone for quite some time. Old news. We could just as easily be addressing the political aspirations of the Amalgamation of Fairy Godmothers of the Northern Reaches and it changes nothing if they identify themselves as adherents of Mad Mo. Political Islam takes a front seat to its weaker sister “the Religion” of Blah Blah Fill in the Blank Sect/Ethnic-Tribal/on down the line delineators of a the aggrieved. Islam is a scam, it’s rigged from the get go to facilitate the condemnation of the farcical label of co-religionists and leads to infighting, mayhem and stacked skulls. Again, old news but that is the crux of the matter and the Kurds are just filler, the latest interation of the victims of the Death Cult that made the cut across a 24 hour news cycle.

        • Drakken

          If we were smart, and we are not, we would be encouraging the effing savages to slaughter each other with greater zeal and enthusiasm, the less we have to deal with later.

          • Biff Henderson

            There’s more than enough Mafiahoodian cheerleaders to go around. They breed like rats that have access to an open sewer of a slaughterhouse so the manpower is adequate. The cheering throngs will bellow on cue. They just lack the means to get to the coliseum so they can don the armor of the insane. Once the gates to the arena are locked there’s no backing out.

  • tanstaafl

    Confusion to our enemies…..