LA Times to No Longer Print Letters that Disagree with Global Warming


In other news, Pravda will no longer print any letters that say Putin sucks. The Warmist myth is collapsing. The latest data have thoroughly undermined it. But that just means the Party has to circle its wagons even tighter.

Regular readers of The Times’ Opinion pages will know that, among the few letters published over the last week that have blamed the Democrats for the government shutdown (a preponderance faulted House Republicans), none made the argument about Congress exempting itself from Obamacare.

Why? Simply put, this objection to the president’s healthcare law is based on a falsehood, and letters that have an untrue basis (for example, ones that say there’s no sign humans have caused climate change) do not get printed.

The Letters to the Editor section in modern newspapers never amounted to much. A little tip of the hat to the little guy getting his say before the editorial writers stomp all over him. The letters were carefully selected. There might be dissenting opinions, but they would be outweighed by the “Correct” view.

Now the LA Times (and it’s probably not the only paper) is dispensing with even that much of the illusion. It’s simply not going to run letters that blasphemously disagree with its theology that human beings are a carbon polluting plague on the planet.

As a private business that is its right. So long as the Los Angeles Times doesn’t then go on and claim nonsense about being a community newspaper or part of a dialogue. It just announced that there’s no room for dissent.

What bothers me though is the number of conservatives who continue to subscribe to liberal papers. If you still have a subscription to the New York Times or the LA Times or the Washington Post or any other liberal paper… drop it.

You’re only funding the people who mean you harm, who despise you and who refuse to even run your letters to the editor.

If you browse their sites online, don’t click on any ads. Use cookie-free browsing to block their ad trackers and flash blockers to kill their ads. Deny them as much income as possible.

Don’t under any circumstances give them any money.

  • zoomie

    did that years ago

  • JCS

    To paraphrases Claude Rains in Casablanca, I’m shocked, shocked that a liberal newspaper would censor opposing viewpoints. Probably the Times, WaPo and NY slimes are good to line a birdcage with.

    • Katherine McChesney

      When I lived in Santa Monica, I used the L.A.Times to wash my windows. I didn’t subscribe to it. I used the papers in the recycling bin at my apartment.

  • Steeloak

    Its one of the oldest rules around – Don’t Feed the Trolls!

  • CowboyUp

    They’re just admitting that only way they can win the debate is to not have it. They’ll rely on dogma.

  • A Z

    Is the LA Times still a newspaper?

    Given the Demographic shift, I do not think they will culturally connect.

  • Race_Dissident

    Yes, there are conservative fools who subsidize Leftist rags just as there are conservative fools–many of them hardcore football fans–who donate huge sums of money to academia, the primary nodal dynamo of Leftism in the western world. Is it any wonder the Left has won the culture war and now has a hammerlock on political power, too? The fact is, they care about winning; we care about having fun and buildings named after us.

  • truebearing

    I guess they’ll have to eliminate any and all weather related stuff… 44″ of snow in South Dakota…in early October. Facts will have to go, too, since they are supporting the “deniers,” and frequently racist.

  • herb benty

    The AGW farce-turned-scam has one goal. World Totalitarian Government. Doesn’t anyone see that it is almost entirely a left-wing DOGMA that excuses Russia and China and Islam from it’s idiotic “remedies”.


    “Don’t under any circumstances give them any money.”

    Couldn’t agree more – the mainstream media ceased practicing journalism a long time ago, and there’s no reason for Conservatives to continue to fund the Left’s propaganda arm.

  • JacksonPearson

    All of these news rags and so-called news organizations, should lose their First Amendment Rights, and have to file as leftist political action committees (PAC). Because they no longer stand as buffers between the truth, and/or abusive government.

  • Randy CA

    All good points. Now I must go and click on the ads on this page that interest me.

  • onecornpone

    The bias has been quite evident to most who were paying attention, for years.

    NOW – fer gawd sakes! Someone tell the Elite Ruling Class Republican uppercrust!

  • gfr

    Try posting a comment on the San Francisco “Gate”, or the “daily Kos” that doesn’t meet their “Editorial standards”.
    Dissappears without a trace almost instantly.

    • defcon 4

      So do authors. Just ask Eric Allen Bell, who found out pretty quickly that criticism of islam is “islamophobia” on the Daily Kos.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        That whole episode is just amazing. The leftist guy does an actual investigation and that is what gets him written off by the left.

  • Seniorchief

    About a year or so ago I posted a long thought out comment regarding homosexual marriage on the SFGate. I provide in my opinion some sound reasons as to why Same-sex marriage should not be legalized. It probably took less then an hour for the ‘Gate’ to take down my comment. Most likely because it wasn’t in-sync with their editorial position. So much for expressing opposing points of view.

  • herb benty

    They have to censor out the Truth, the Billions wasted on “green energy” boondogels, the demonizing of harmless fracking, and the insane California”s leftist policies require State protection.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    To say that Congress did not exempt itself from Obamacare is a semantic game. It’s not a question of being exempt from Obamacare as a whole; it’s a question of being exempt from the most onerous provisions of Obamacare through a funding mechanism available to no one else.
    Imagine if everyone has to pay a new tax on oxygen consumption. Congress has to pay the tax, too, but their payments are reimbursed by the Treasury. The left-wing press will declare that Congress is not technically exempt from the oxygen tax. But Americans, at least those whose ability to think has not been completely destroyed by the public education system, will know better.

  • Gene Raitt

    It’s very telling that they also say they didn’t print any letters that used the congressional “exemption” from Obamacare because it’s a falsehood. That statement is a blatant example of how liberal can say something that’s true, but not the truth. The fact is that although technically not “exempt” from Obamacare, the government employees in question will continue to receive the same subsidies they currently receive, i.e. you and I will continue to fund 75% of their premiums, unlike the rest of us who will either have to pony up our own money or receive much lower “subsidies” than the congressional critters. The LA Times is just like the NYT and WaPo, merely extensions of the DNC daily talking points memo. Pure garbage, not even fit to line the birdcage with these days.