Lefty Pol Blames Thomas The Tank Engine for Lack of Female Train Drivers

mary creagh

But if Thomas The Tank Engine is so influential, where are all the UK’s talking trains? That’s what I want to know.

The popular Thomas The Tank Engine series has been blamed for the lack of female train drivers by Labour’s shadow transport secretary.

She described the lack of women train drivers as a ‘national scandal’, and said the ‘negative stereotypes’ portrayed in children’s television were partly to blame.

Mary Creagh said the series set a poor example to children and that more female characters should be introduced in order to encourage girls to become train drivers.
There are just 1,000 women working as train drivers, which equates to just 4.2per cent of the total number. Train drivers’ union Aslef is currently working to encourage more women into the industry.

Is there some faint possibility that women don’t especially want to become train drivers? Mary Creagh doesn’t. Did she choose to become an obnoxious political hack because of children’s television? Was there a cartoon vulture that she modeled herself after?

Most people choose their careers as adults, long after they’ve stopped watching children’s television. Otherwise there would be a national glut of firefighters and candy store owners.

Unless Mary Creagh is really hoping to attract more children to the profession… or more adults who watch children’s television, this doesn’t seem like much of a plan.

In the original books the only female characters were coaches Annie and Clarabel, Isabel the auto coach, Mrs Kyndley, an elderly woman, and female engine Daisy.

Ms Creagh said the only female characters were an ‘annoyance’, and could even be seen as a danger to those on the railway.

If only the  aspiring Labor secretary had put nearly as much thought into the UK’s unemployment situation as she had into a children’s book.

Hit Entertainment, which owns the rights to Thomas, said that more female characters were being developed to address a historical imbalance.

But what about gay trains, transgender trains, black trains, black gay transgender trains? What percentage of UK train drivers are black transgender and in wheelchairs?

Let’s start writing them in.

  • Notalibfool

    Will any of the new female characters be wearing a burka?

    My kids loved Thomas the Tank Engine when they were younger. What a shame to see this classic children’s series attacked by the PC crowd.

    • UCSPanther

      I used to like the series too, and it was a contributing factor in getting me interested in model railroading.

  • UCSPanther

    I have heard of these idiot ballbreakers getting bent all out of shape over Reverend Awdry’s works before, and I view it as both pathetic and disrespectful.

    Political correctness needs to be knocked in the head with a ball-peen hammer and buried..

    • Bullochs

      Creagh wants Thomas the Tank Engine taken off TV and to no longer be marketed. She wants it replaced with CBeebies series Underground Ernie.

      She and her ilk will not proscribe Thomas with a law because it will be too blunt. They will jawbone about it from a bully pulpit until people get scared about what might happen when Labour regains power and the sic Britains’ “IRS” on people or something of the sort.

      If the talk it down long enough business and TV execs will “voluntarily” remove it form circulation.

      This Labour party hack has only been to college or been in government.

      It would be better to befriend an asp.

    • Notalibfool

      No wonder Creagh hates Thomas. Not only was the character created by a reverend but also the stories provide a strong positive message.

      Notice how the value of hard work is a recurring theme in the Thomas stories. Wouldn’t that be offensive to a Labour politician who supports the welfare state?

  • guest

    Thomas the Tank Engien has female characters. One is Emily.

    Emily is the star of Series 9 #17 “Emily Knows Best”. I do not have that one. I only collected the 1st 12 or less of the VHS tapes. There was a female character early on also. Seems like they also have a train name Kelly. Not sure but that also could be a female train. They also have female writers Sharon Miller, Jan Needle, and Abi Grant. I am not sure about the last 2 but they probably are female.

    I see Mary Creagh is Shadow transport secretary. When I look at her biography what will be found? Lack of technical experience and education?

    She has caught the liberal disease. What is she talking about? The way I educated my children, male & female, was that they all took piano lessons and martial arts. I figure I am a pretty typical Republican parent.

    That is pretty down the line equal. And I did not have to do anything like be ambiguous about my kids gender like some scr/wed people do.

    • Notalibfool

      They also had Mavis, Molly, and Caroline the car.

    • Conscientious Rejector

      “Creagh was born and brought up in Coventry of Irish parentage,[1] her father a car factory worker and her mother a primary school teacher. She was educated at the Bishop Ullathorne Comprehensive School in Coventry and won a scholarship to Pembroke College, Oxford where she read modern languages.[2] She then attended the London School of Economics and gained an MSc in European Studies. She worked in Brussels for four years, first as an intern at the European Parliament and then for the European Youth Forum. She taught entrepreneurship at the Cranfield University School of Management from 1997 until her election to Westminster, and spent seven years as a trustee with Rathbone, a national charity.” From Wikipedia

      • guest

        You copied straight out of Wikipedia and proved my point about Creagh’s lack of RELEVANT experience.

        If someone studied ancient Latin and Greek for their undergrad degree and Japanese Studies for their Masters degree I would not make them a Transportation secretary in the government or in the shadow government.

        Are you for real?

        Maybe someone from Julliard’s cullinary Fine Arts Culinary program could be in charge of the military. It is just as good as you implying that Creagh is qualified for transportation.

        • Conscientious Rejector

          Yes, I am for real. Of course I copied it out of Wikipedia; I could hardly pretend that I know her background right off the top of my head. You asked what her qualifications were and all I did was tell you what they were. I made no claims about how her background prepared her or enables her to carry out the responsibilities for the job. However, let point out something to you that might be relevant. I suspect that there are a number of right wingers (I used to think of myself as pretty conservative but spending the last few years reading comments on FPM finally made me realize that I’m not that angry) that you would support for public office who have no direct experience in running a state or a country for that matter. So let’s get over the idea that just because someone studied some foreign languages at university they are unqualified. Frankly, I think that is a better qualification than having run a financial chop shop somewhere.

  • G-man

    “Mary Helen Creagh … scholarship to Pembroke College, Oxford where she read modern languages”

    She read modern languages? This makes her an expert in transportation how?

    “She then attended the London School of Economics and gained an MSc in European Studies. ”

    Does European studies make you competent in accounting, engineering, business management, finance or economics?

    I was kind of afraid when i saw the title London School of Economics. I thought that maybe we had a competent liberal.

    I should have remembered the Islamist who haunts vladtepseblog is also from there. So whatever pedigree the school might have had, they have lowered standards.

    What is European Studies? Civilization lasted thousands of years without European studies. No we have it are things better? No!

    “She taught entrepreneurship at the Cranfield University School of Management from 1997 ”

    OMG! She is teaching entrepreneurship and she has never started a business! It must be a gimme teaching position due to political connections. I wonder if attendance in the class went down after she started teaching the same way that attendance at the constitution class went down when Obama talked?

    • Notalibfool

      Lol, she read modern languages. Doubt she ever read anything.

  • Gamal

    According to Ms. Cretin’s theories all the bus drivers in England should be women.

  • Crassus

    Well, folks, it appears as though the liberals across the pond are just as dumb as the ones residing here in the United States.

    • Conscientious Rejector

      If she gets her way she won’t be as dumb as you think.

      • guest

        Your point?

        Is she dumb? No , she has an IQ around 100 give or take 15 points. It might go as high as 145. It does not matter.

        Hisler (Nostradamus spelling), Shuang Di, Stalin, Napolean and other got their way. They were not dumb. But in the end it was foolish. Shuang Di drank mercury. Hitler got his way for 12 to 25 years. He put a bullet in his head. Stalin got his way. 20 million people died. He started the Finnish war. 14,000 Finns died and 100,000 Russians died. 6 to 1. You would think the Finns would not give up. But Russia is so massive and it was controlled by a guy, who was not dumb who had killed 85% of the Officer Corps. Thus the high casualties in the Finnish war and WW2. But hey he was not dumb and he got his way.

        What is your Freaking point!

        • Conscientious Rejector

          At least I can make mine – whether you understand it or not – without getting my shirt (assuming you wear one) wet from all the spit and foam you ejected making your reply. Try to calm down a bit.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Was there a cartoon vulture that she modeled herself after?”

    Does Stalin count? But it’s true that most or possibly all of the fascist role models have been male. Yet there she is.

  • ebonystone

    “But what about gay trains, transgender trains, black trains, black gay transgender trains?”

    Yeah! And what about Moslem trains? There could be Mahmoud, the jihadi engine; after a few episodes he could end his career by making a full-speed run into King’s Cross, killing everyone on board plus a lot of other people in the station. Of there could be Ali, the sharia-compliant train, with separate cars for women — all fully burkha-ed, of curse — and no beer or bacon sarnies in the diner.

    • Julian

      that’s great1

  • carltjohnson

    Wow, it seems there are no FDA guide lines establishing maximum dosages for STUPID PILLS!

  • tickletik

    We should be discouraging women from taking men’s jobs, not encouraging them.

    This woman is why it’s obvious all Leftists simply despise the lower classes and do everything possible to keep them in a state of perpetual slavery.