Liberal Media Swarms on Suzanne Somers After ObamaCare Article


Obama is the celebrity politician. Every time he campaigns, he wears a human shield made out of celebrities. And his media corps panics very badly when a celebrity criticizes him. Because when your main strength is taking photos with famous people to cadge some of their cool, that’s also your weakness.

Suzanne Somers wrote a Wall Street Journal post describing her experiences with the Canadian health care system.

My sister-in-law had to wait two months to get a General Practitioner. During this period she spent her days in bed vomiting continuously, unable to get any food or drink down because she couldn’t get an appointment with the doctor. When she finally did, the doctor said, “Oh you don’t need me, you need a specialist.” That took another two weeks until she got a pill that corrected the problem.

Really, is this what we want?

All of my husband’s cousins are doctors. Several have moved to the U.S. because after their years of intensive schooling, they want to reap financial rewards. My 75-year-old Canadian girlfriend was denied treatment because she was too old. She died recently, having been given palliative care. That’s all the system would allow.

Those aren’t points that liberals want to hear out there because they would scare the hell out of exactly the kind of ordinary Americans who might listen to her.

Like losing your health plan, these points are all true of course, which is exactly why they have to be lied about until they become reality.

So suddenly liberal pundits began targeting a former sitcom actress. Most harped on the three corrections in the post. Let’s look at those corrections now.

Somers pointed to a Canadian magazine article that criticized that country’s nationalized health care system by arguing that animals could get better care than human beings. But in her original post, Somers mistakenly recalled which animal was pictured on the cover: It was a dog, not a horse.

Oh no! Suzanne Somers couldn’t remember the exact detail of a magazine cover that she saw a few years ago in a blog post.

But that’s enough for the LA Times decided to dedicate an entire article to attacking Somers, to call her post “error-ridden”. The other two “grievous errors” involved disputed quotes from Churchill and Lenin.

Disputed quotes are not a big deal. Most of the famous quotes people use all the time are disputed in some ways. Take the famous quote used by the same liberal pundits all the time, “All it takes for the triumph of evil…” That’s disputed. The same goes for many other widely used quotes which on examination turn out to be reworded or rewritten versions of what someone actually said.

The WSJ wrote that the quotes were disputed. The liberal critics claimed that the quotes were errors. Which is itself an error. So the critics of Somers’ “error-ridden” post are themselves ridden with errors. Or ridden by errors.

And who screwed up that Burke quote? The genius philosopher known as John F. Kennedy, who had a tendency to write error-prone things. I bet he didn’t even remember the exact details of magazine covers he saw years ago.

Now let’s just remember that ObamaCare is named after a guy who thought that “Austrian” was a language and that there were 57 states. But that’s okay. Mitt Romney was “gaffe-prone” because he suggested that Israelis perform better economically for cultural reasons. What a moron!

Anyway, we have an LA Times article, an Atlantic hit piece, sneering contempt from Jonathan Chait at the even more contemptible New York Magazine, and the same thing from Slate, MSNBC… and for some bizarre reason, Andrew Ryan of the Canadian Globe and Mail, which apparently had nothing better to do with its time than slam an American celebrity in a debate over American health care.

Most of the slams are mind-numbingly repetitive. The three GREAT ERRORS. Somers playing a “dumb blonde” on a sitcom and now writing as an expert. A thighmaster queen actually daring to offer her opinion… when it isn’t that Obama is the greatest thing since spoiled tacos.

It’s a testament to how uncreative liberal journalism is that every single attack on Somers encompasses the same snark and the same talking points. All the attacks read like they were written by a committee.

Call it the Jornolist Committee to Protect Barack Obama From Any And All Criticism

  • Gee

    I wish the leftists were only playing idiots instead of being them

    • glpage

      If they were only playing idiots and not being them, they probably wouldn’t be leftists.

  • Jsjk

    The wait times for (non-terminal) medical conditions are notoriously long in Canada. Back surgery, hip replacements, eye surgery, etc., the patient could be waiting months for treatment. Every year 40,000 Canadians seek medical treatment abroad. (Two Albertans are now suing — they want the option to buy private health insurance — one fellow had a back problem, after suffering for months on a Canadian waiting list, he went to Arizona for the surgery, which cost him 40,000 dollars — but the doctors said that due to the delay, he now has permanent nerve injuries.)

    • FedUpYet

      I’m Canadian…when I tore my rotator cuff years ago…I went to my gp who believed it was a tear and set me up for an xray…I asked that isn’t an xray for broken bones? She replied yes, and she knew it wasn’t a broken bone, but the bureaucracy insists you follow these assinine processes, after the predictable results from the xray (after a 2 week wait for the results) I was set up with an MRI appointment…8 months later! I asked her if the injury would be healed be then, she said yes, but at least they could see if it healed correctly…the progressives have now brought this upon the American people…good luck!

      • Brian

        You should have been born a dog … immediate access to MRI at the veterinarian’s office.

        I also live in Canada (Ontario).

    • Gettingby

      All of my husband’s cousins are doctors. Several have moved to the U.S. because after their years of intensive schooling, they want to reap financial rewards.
      Perhaps if the doctors the Canadian taxpayer paid to educate actually worked in Canada this problem might improve.

      • BenZacharia

        Please document where taxpayers are on the hook for the docs education. Do you think that just because you worthless degree in tran-sexual/little people/un-shaved feminist/secular humanist was foisted on us, before your current gig as poodle anal gland expressor, that the docs useful education was also?

  • herb benty

    In Canada, thank the Almighty, we have, a conservative group. We call the leftist MSM, the “Media Party”- they regurgitate the same leftist talking points ad nauseum as the American Leftist Media. They relentlessly attack Right thinking citizens personally and their opinions.

    • FedUpYet

      Agreed Herb! …and the left and their minions have done everything in their power to try and keep them off the air… funded by Soro’s funded organizations even! Cable and Satellite providers try and hide them up in the high cable channels…but they ARE making headway! Cheers

      • herb benty

        Most Americans don’t realize Soros has his tentacles working in Canada too, with his Tides Canada “foundation”. Poo-pooing our vast Oilsands Project, Keystone XL, and generally pushing commie ideas and programs that are far inferior to what free people generate….Ya, been FedUp for quite a while, thanks.

    • defcon 4

      I don’t even watch the enemedia anymore, I’m tired of their endless lies about Israel and Islam.

      • herb benty

        Hi defcon 4, I can’t bear to watch them either. The enema media are disgraceful with all their hatred of tiny Israel. Just 6 years before I was born Hitler was slaughtering the last Jewish men ,women and CHILDREN of the 6 million innocents. Now this wicked world wants another 6 million and the leftist inbreds think that is right!!

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Fortunately for us we live within 5 miles of US healthcare. Whenever we need important treatment we go there. Yes, it costs plenty but we are lucky enough to afford it. Now, after this Obamacare debacle I guess we will be traveling to India to receive attention.

  • Elizabeth capecod

    Talk about an Inconvenient Truth!!

  • waltjr

    ” his media (corps) panics very badly when a celebrity criticizes him. ”

    (if you pronounce it like Obama it would be “Corpse”)

  • unionville

    Suzanne Somers is saying things that people (mainly on the right) have been saying since the inception of the ACA. And there is an explosion of lame stream media interest. But Google Sean Penn and his little rant on committing Ted Cruz and other Tea Party members by executive order. Other than media on the right, it’s deafeningly quiet.

  • zoomie

    For the last couple of years we’ve had a front row seat to what Ayn Rand wrote about over a half century ago. It’s sad to see young people getting so screwed. But as I tell my neices, they better work real hard, not only do they have to pay for my retirement, they have to pay for all the rest of the crap they owe.

    $1T is 3,000 for every man woman and child in Amerika. At last check there were somwhere around 144M people working.
    Half don’t pay income tax at all. 72M
    There are about 335 M people in the US
    72 / 335 = .22
    Current debt is 17T, does not include future ” Obligations “.
    17 * 3,000 / .22 = $ 231,200 per worker who pays taxes.
    Yup, I tell my neices to work harder. Good thing they can’t follow the math.

  • tagalog

    Of course, for Barbarella sex toy workout queen Jane Fonda to offer her political opinions -and be North Vietnam’s pin-up girl- is just fine.

  • antioli

    During the last debates for Premier of Canada both sides admitted that health care in Canada was in bad shape. The Liberal Media should make accusations against both candidates.

  • Lanna

    Socialized medicine is alright for simple medical ailments…for surgery, diseases, transplants, replacements, by passes, and major cancer treatments, there has to be a healthcare system in place that serves those who need medical attention quickly and for the most needy….and Obamacare is NOT going to do that….it will fall short on its face and disappoint the population.

  • Jason

    The more obvious that people are wrong, the louder and shriller they scream that they’re right. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so damn serious.

  • onecornpone

    Somers is probably enjoying the publicity.

    She should have come out with this BEFORE the counterfeit SoB was reelected, if she wanted to make a real splash. What difference, at this point, does it make?

    • Michelle

      HE’s not a counterfeit SoB. He’s the real deal.

  • Bajabruce

    Mexico is getting better in health care. Most of their doctors went to American schools. we go there for dental and eye glasses

  • m4253y

    here is what you will end up getting as a result of the aca…btw, the caliphate lied again when he said there would be ‘no death’ panels deciding on your healthcare. standard practice in Canada.

    good luck.

  • quillerm

    In Canada the Government decides what people hear as far as News, That is why they won’t let FOX News broadcast in Canada. They don’t trust their citizens to remain docile if they experience a alternate point of view, Just like North Korea,

  • quillerm

    Imagine how our Stupid and Manipulated our major news networks feel now that Obama used them as propaganda tools to pass ACA? They were complicit in misleading the American people on KEY Issues like keeping their current insurance, and doctors. The Middle Class was told by Obama and the Major Networks their Premiums would go down $2500 a year, but they INCREASED an average of 150%. Obamacare would NEVER have passed if the truth were told.

  • Sweetness

    Pftt.. How can anyone listen to such an error prone awkward spelling “jornolist”
    Ha ha, good one, DG.