Liberalism’s War on Women

filnerAs Bob Filner, San Diego’s former progressive mayor, pleads guilty to charges stemming from his attacks on women, his essay, “Why I am Pro-Choice” still decorates the website of Planned Parenthood.

A year ago, Filner had appeared at a Planned Parenthood rally while running for mayor of California’s second largest city to accuse his opponent of being part of the war on women.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund had sent out a letter asserting that “for twenty years, Bob Filner has defended women.” At the rally, attendees were told that he had spent “the last twenty years protecting our rights and the rights of women everywhere.”

But while Filner was protecting women, no one was protecting women from Filner.  The California Democratic Party maintained its red wall of silence around the son of a Communist, a Freedom Rider and member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus because he was one of their own.

Even Filner’s disgrace hasn’t changed that. Filner pleaded guilty to three counts and will not serve any time in prison. Instead he’ll spend three months at home, receive some counseling and three years on probation. He won’t go into California’s 100,000 strong sex offender database.

Meanwhile in Lakeland, California, a 75-year-old man was sentenced to six months in jail for groping a court reporter. If he had been the progressive mayor of San Diego, he might have also gotten the Filner Justice Special and be spending his time at home with his feet up on the couch.

In the Democratic Party, as with American Express, membership has its privileges. The same liberal political establishment that protected Filner throughout his career is still covering for him.

At the Planned Parenthood rally, Filner had said, “The war on women can be done at any level. My opponent won’t even fill out the Planned Parenthood questionnaire.” The crowd booed and then cheered when he told them about winning twenty-five elections with the backing of Planned Parenthood.

Filner’s opponent, a gay Republican who was for abortion, gay marriage and legalizing pot, had enrolled in the war on women by failing to fill out a questionnaire while Filner, who had molested everyone from grandmothers to sexual abuse victims, was an official protector of women because he had checked the right box on an abortion organization’s questionnaire.

The war on women can be done on any level, but it so often seems to happen on the level of those most vocal about using “War on Women” rhetoric and painting themselves as the protectors of their victims.

House Democrats voted against the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act which would have cracked down on sex selection abortions that mostly target baby girls. Filner, then still a Congressman, had cast one of the 168 votes against the bill. Those voting to allow the continuing murder of baby girls to go unsanctioned were, like Filner, mostly Democrats.

Filner had a 100 score from NARAL, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, for, among other things, voting the right way on that bill. NARAL had come out against the bill because it would limit “some women’s access”.

The fundamental right of women had become the murder of other women. And Bob Filner had been supported and protected in his abuse of women in defense of the fundamental right to murder women.

The contraction of women’s rights into the sphere of abortion led to “Destroy the village to save the village” scenarios where the only way to protect women is to kill women and where the protector of women role could fall to a grotesque smirking creature who made Bill Clinton look like a monk.

The liberal protectors of women, like Filner, Clinton and Ted Kennedy, often seem like the exact opposite. But as long as they support abortion—all is forgiven, forgotten and drowned in the deepest waters off Martha’s Vineyard.

Despite the occasional mumbled mentions of economic equality, the liberal idea of social improvement for women now consists of little more than the right to kill. The only real right of women under liberalism is the right to kill their own children.

There was a net loss of 354,000 female jobs during Obama’s term and the income of single mothers fell 7 percent.  Obama, who opposed the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, has not done anything meaningful for women economically. Like Bob Filner, his credentials in the War on Women depend on his support for the same organization whose questionnaire Bob Filner filled out and his opponent didn’t.

What does the War on Women really look like?

In Sweden, there are 20 abortions for every 1000 women and 25 abortions for every 100 pregnancies. Sweden also has the second highest rate of sexual assaults after South Africa.

From 2003 to 2008, Sweden’s sexual assault rate doubled to 53 rapes per 100,000 people. The numbers are now so bad that some forecasts indicate that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped in their lifetimes.

Police statistics show that as much of 77% of rapes were carried out by foreign born rapists. As much as 5 percent of Sweden is now Muslim. Around the same time that Sweden’s rape statistics were doubling, so was its Muslim population.

In Stockholm, six Muslim teenagers who raped a 15-year-old Swedish girl were given 100 hours of community service. One of the rapists described himself as a “proud Muslim” and was no doubt aware of the rather forgiving attitude of his religion toward the rape of non-Muslim women and girls.

But this real war on women can’t be discussed because of its leftist perpetrators who fill a country with rapists and then offer their victims easy access to abortion.

In 2008, rapes in San Diego had increased 34 percent. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of Latinos in San Diego had increased by 21%. Filner had been the chief beneficiary of that demographic shift which allowed him to become the first Democratic mayor of San Diego in a generation.

Filner had co-sponsored an amnesty bill back in 2007. He had opposed building a border fence and at an interfaith ceremony, had called amnesty a “holy cause”. And illegal alien activists returned the favor. Enrique Morones of Border Angels took the lead in defending Filner even long after the facts were in.

“Environmentalists, educators, women’s rights, gays, civil rights, labor, human rights, unions, neighborhoods, immigration and many more — we stand united,” Morones had said at a pro-Filner rally.

The entire pyramid of liberal identity politics was trotted out in defense of a serial predator. Meanwhile rape cases in California had increased by 7 percent.

Bob Filner wasn’t just guilty of a one man war on women. Like so many liberal politicians, he had championed policies that led to sexual assaults on a much larger scale.

The left won the war on women in Sweden. It is winning the war on women in California.


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  • Hass

    Yet the Swedes are going to let more Muslimes in.

    Talk about slitting your own throat.

    • Silver Gonzales

      I wish Sweden, the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Norway all the love that Islam has to offer. Maybe then they will realize whom the new Nazis are. Only when their young girls are missing or raped or blinded by acid, will the Euros wake up

      • P T Barnum

        Gee, thanks. Here in the UK we’ve been stitched up by every Europhile politico with an eye to their own career and bank account, every town and city now has its own ghetto, either fully fledged or forming, which spreads and spreads. They blow up our citizens, behead our soldiers, rape our children, create ‘Sharia zones’ and send out vigilante patrols. And woe betide anyone who speaks out – people get prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ (speaking the truth), loose their jobs and homes. We’re fighting a war here with both hands tied behind our backs. And you want it to be worse. Kudos.

        • Guy Fromage

          I took Silver Gonzales’ benediction to mean, may you learn quickly your mistake, so that enough people will come to their senses to do something substantive.

          • Drakken

            Those days are coming, you can bet on it. When it does, the left and the savages will be in awe and in fear for the wrath that is coming.

      • mindRider

        Europe shall never wake up any more, the quantity of barbarians they let in under the liberal left open-door policy, already reached the critical level causing the inexorable downfall of a great civilization. Just take care that America stops these destructive, mostly Muslim barbarians before the level of self-destruction has been reached. Oust the Obama administration before it’s too late.

        • Drakken

          Oh don’t worry, the weak libtards along with the savages they let in are going to feel the wrath of the natives soon enough.

  • David William Reid

    Fact is most non liberals treat their woman as queens. While most liberals support Democrats, who support Muslims, who believe in raping woman, then beating them to death for letting them rape them? I believe there is a war alright. I think its a mental illness in the head of so many liberals for not opening up their eyes to what is really going on.

  • The March Hare

    And yet the women’s vote was a big factor in electing Obummer. Go figure.

  • kafir4life

    Doesn’t the alcoholic tax cheat, and favorite of idiot Democrat women Teddy Kennedy have a confirmed kill in the war on women? If you’re not sure, ask Mary Jo’s parents.

  • Lanna

    Yes, The real war and mistreatment of women are the perverts and the pediphiles who have no scruples, morality, or integrity….the liberals are coming out of the walls in this category. If people elect this kind of politician to office, you deserve what you get!

  • Spinoneone

    Most women have no idea of the threat Islam poses to them. They also don’t seem to get the idea that the male Democrat would be perfectly happy with a one religion/one party/one ruler situation. Abortion is illegal in most of the Muslim world, as is pharmaceutical birth control. That’s why they have the highest per capita birth rate in the world.

    • a watcher

      And the lowest IQ outside of sub-Saharan Africa.

      • A Z

        Can you name the genes related to intelligence or are you making stuff up as you go along?

        Can you name the specific scientific names of the genes and all their known alleles?

  • motherofbeaver

    I came to the conclusion long ago that women who support democrats and leftist causes are stupid and getting more stupid as time passes. Feminism has done nothing for the majority of women and instead of improving their lives they have lost the respect that men used to have for them. Consequently, this has given rise to so many “Filners”.

  • Vulgar_Imposter

    So long as the left is in charge, well off, and has private security, all the rape statistics are fun and games.

  • Paul Marks

    Filner is hardly ever identified as a DEMOCRAT – even on Fox News hard news shows.
    If Filner was a Republican then Shep Smith was shout it from the roof tops – but as he is a Democrat…
    As for Sweden – the left have been telling us for years that they wish to make the world like Sweden (leaving out little details such as the fat that Sweden’s prosperity was based on profitably trading with the Nazis during World War II when other nations were making incredible sacrifices to the defeat the Nazis) . Even now the left do not want anyone to know the truth about what the “Swedish example” is really like.

  • Boots

    Any fool with an IQ higher than room temperature understands liberal men only value women for votes every two years and for gratification. The Lion of the Senate leaves a female intern to drown and spent the rest of his perverted life as a liberal icon. There are conservative perverts but we don’t protect them. Liberals only disavow them if they can’t be salvaged (Weiner and not very darned many other examples).

  • a watcher

    You better hope that abortion is protected. Safe access to it is the only thing that has kept degenerates’ breeding under control these past 40 years. The decision to end a pregnancy should be as simple as the decision to start one, and for degenerates, pregnancies start with a grunt and a loinal sneeze.

    And if you lack the faith to be certain that god welcomes those small souls back into his loving arms, and is glad to give them another chance elsewhere, worthy of the dignity of his gift of life, then you are worse than liberal atheists.

    • pupsncats

      The contradiction in your post is amazing.

      First you say abortion has kept “degenerates'” breeding under control and then say the babies created by their pregnancies are worthy of the dignity of God’s gift of life.

      Abortion is murder plain and simple. Because you seem to believe some human beings have less worth and less dignity, they ought to be murdered. That attitude is exactly what led to the extermination camps of Hitler and Stalin’s murdering millions of Russians.

      • Anonymous

        I think they are a false flag or a neo nazi. Whoever they are, we do not need them unless they voluntarily amend their ways.

      • Anonymous

        I think they are a false flag or a neo-natszi. Whoever they are, we do not need them unless they voluntarily amend their ways.

  • 2wotvet

    Democrats support women-hating Muslims, therefore, they are the enemies of women, while conservatives, who see the evil Muslims for what they are, are the true fighters for women’s rights.
    But how much of a difference is there between evil Muslims and conservatives in regards to their views on women? Both believe women are too weak to serve in combat, both believe that a fetus is so precious that it overrides any emototional or physical danger to the women who has to give birth and raise the child, both believe that women are unfit to lead a country and both view women as spoiled if they are not virgins.
    Conservatives might not honor kill women as Muslims do, but that does not take away the fact that they view women as being inferior to men, just as Muslims do.

    • unionville

      I disagree with you. I believe conservatives are realists. Women are not as physically strong as men. This is a biological reality. It is the main reason both conservative men and women believe women should not be in combat. Not all men qualify to be in combat either because they lack the physical strength to endure the rigors of combat.

      Most conservative men believe that an unborn child is precious. But they also recognize that there are situations when the mother’s life should take precedence over the life she is carrying. That’s why almost everyone on the conservative side believes abortion should be allowed when a woman is raped, is a victim of incest or her life is in danger if she carries the child to term.

      As to believing that a woman is damaged goods if she isn’t a virgin. Being female, I can’t opine on that one. But I can opine on the notion that conservative men feel women are inferior to them. It is balderdash. It has never been my experience. And I’ve spent my entire life around conservative men.

    • Drakken

      Yeah those biological differences really do show up in combat, the weaker fairer sex is not built for war and never have been, that is not a slight against women, that is a damn fact of life and no matter how the femenazis try to change it.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Both believe women are too weak to serve in combat…”

      Dumbass, conservatives believe that when they are too weak we should not lower standards because they are female. Lowering standards in order to increase women participants is doing them a favor? Many if not most women are too weak. Many men are too weak, but we have 1 standard. It should remain based purely on proven ability.

      “Conservatives might not honor kill women as Muslims do, but that does not take away the fact that they view women as being inferior to men, just as Muslims do.”

      They’re not inferior. Where do you get this rot? They can host babies in their wombs. Men can’t. They are generally smaller and weaker because their hormones required for their role in reproduction are not optimized for strength.

      Is that hate speech to you? If it is, congratulations, you are a leftist.

  • Clare Spark

    Second wave feminists took a wrong turn in the 1970s, but gained fame for a few. See “Female genitals as red flag.”

  • pupsncats

    Like their support of every kind of evil, all kinds of corruption, lying, sexual perverts, law breakers, and terrorists, the left has no choice but support the murder of the unborn as it streams right into their unwavering love of all things opposed to God, to reason, to common sense, and to individual responsibility. Their allegiance is to the revolution. The revolution against the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The revolution against the premise of our Constitution. The revolution against the rule of law. The revolution against humanity itself.

  • Ozzy

    One major salient but overlooked, (or deliberately?) ignored is where Sweden is on the map, take that into account when you compare tea prices and rape statistics. A mistake? Or a ‘Miss Take’?……

    • objectivefactsmatter

      You mean cold and somewhat isolated?

  • tokoloshiman

    if printing more and more money reduces the value of that money , then why is
    the USA dollar gaining strength against other currencies? especially against the Canadian dollar which has sounder foundations and stability in a relatively calm and growing economy.????

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Seriously? Let’s just say that there are a great many additional factors. All other things being equal, it of course devalues the currency but the world is not static for us to observe that directly. Unless they really dump a lot of money in over a short period for some desperate reason.

      But also remember that we would measure the effects principally by market price indices, not necessarily exchange rates with other currencies.

      But even that is incomplete for measuring the effects of “printing money” and increasing money supply.

  • tokoloshiman

    quite right , if washington was nuked by obummer the left would ignore it

  • okokok
    • unionville

      He’s been serving as a republican judge since way back in 2010. And “he didn’t leave the party, the party left him”. It has changed so much in 3 years. He is just now realizing conservatives are for traditional marriage, voter ID and legal immigration. Sounds like a real sharp tack. Ought to fit right in there with the democrats.

      • okokok

        right! I forgot…these are the real conservatives–read the comments:
        Conservatives are predictably consistent haters–today you hate Muslims, blacks, immigrants, gays, Latinos, unions and even single women; in the old days you all hated the Irish, the Italians, Jews, Catholics, Chinese, Japanese, and Native Americans–to name just a few groups conservatives love to hate; every generation you find someone new to despise; it seems like it’s your national pastime; you are just a bunch of phucking bigots; really
        are just projecting your own self hatred. Get some therapy, leave the rest of us alone and for God’s sake, STFU already!.

        for example see the comments in this link, collected by *jukeboxgrad says*:

        • unionville

          Oh great. Another “progressive” who uses hyperbole as debate. It really is hard to take your side seriously when all you do is hyperventilate talking points.

          We don’t hate Muslims. We hate radical Islam. You know, that ideology that is responsible for the deaths on 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the U.S. Embassy bombing in Somalia…well you get the picture.

          Saying we hate blacks is only persuasive to Democrats who are trying desparately to get people to forget that it is the legacy of the Democrat party. Not the Republicans. We are the party that came into being because we believed blacks are our equal. There would have been no civil rights for blacks if it had been left up to the Democrats. And you still prove your belief in the inferiority of the black man by insisting that they are not intelligent enough to get into college, get a job or an ID card on their own.

          We love legal immigrants. It’s the immigrants who break the law and slip in illegally we have a problem with.

          We don’t hate homosexuals. We just think homosexual marriage is an absurd notion. Homosexuals themselves didn’t even consider it until the later half of the last century.

          Irish, Italian, Jews, Catholics, Chinese, Japanese and Native Americans? You like to spout a ton of nonsense because you think people will not challenge you. I do challenge you. Explicitly address each of those groups and how we “hate” them.

          Reread your rant and than tell me I’m the one who needs therapy.. Tell me I’m the one who is the hater. You sound like someone who just slipped out of his straight jacket rather than someone capable of actual debate.

          • okokok

            “Irish, Italian, Jews, Catholics, Chinese, Japanese and Native Americans? You like to spout a ton of nonsense because you think people will not challenge you. I do challenge you. Explicitly address each of those groups and how we “hate” them.”
            are you so completely stupid you are unaware of how this country has treated each of these groups? Did you ever go to school, you phuking dumba$$ m0r0n! try the google, idiot; you all are dying off and your ignorance is going with you…lol lol lol

          • UCSPanther

            Don’t try to reason with the progressive. They are incapable. Instead, treat them like children.

          • unionville

            I only do it with folks like okokok. It drives them around the bend and reading their responses provides a little entertainment for me.

          • UCSPanther
          • unionville

            Thanks for the link. Interesting about the difference in brain structure. It explains a lot.

        • Drakken

          Would you like some cheese to go with that whine libtard? You sound like the typical weepy spineless jellyfish that we now recognize as a limp wristed puzzy liberal/progressives.

        • UCSPanther

          You are yet another exhibit in why progressives are pathetic little loudmouths.

          All emotion and no reason.

          • okokok

            Does the truth hurt, little punk coward…take responsibility, RWNJ.

          • UCSPanther

            Name calling, huh?

            You probably are some pathetic little effeminate punk, so therefore, PROJECTION!

            And for the “coward” part,I doubt you would be man enough to say that to my face.

        • Omar

          Oh, please. You leftists hate Cuban Americans, Christians, Jews, Tibetans, people of Eastern European heritage, Westerners and anyone who opposes Fascist, Communist and Islamist totalitarianism. In Zimbabwe, the black supremacist Communist dictator, Robert Mugabe, has been oppressing whites and anyone else who opposes his brutal and racist Communist rule. In Sudan, the racist, sexist, Islamist apartheid dictatorship is guilty of committing genocide against that country’s black African Chtistian population. Yet, you leftists do not condemn those despotic regimes because you support them. Learn from facts instead of repeating leftist/Islamist propaganda.

          • okokok

            YOU are a POS racist-irrespective of anyone else! is that clear, punk? got it?

          • Omar

            And you are a complete ignoramus who hates American democracy and supports Communist/Islamist totalitarianism. Quit trolling, you Communist/Islamist puppet

  • Rivkah F.

    Absolutely, correct. I hate how so-called “progressive” feminists only use abortion access and “glass ceiling” accusations to prove how pro-women different people are. It has nothing to do with real abuses against and abusers of women like ex-Mayor Fillner or wife-beaters, honor-killers, and rapists of a p.c. ethnic background. These feminists should never speak for women at all.

  • UCSPanther

    I just love your childish insults. Makes you look intelligent.

    So much for “University edumacation”…

  • UCSPanther

    And for us dying out, you betray your arrogance. I can see the progressive movement dying out, because without your big cities and your authority structures, you will be food for the criminals.

    You better get ready for the days when the money runs out and you are no longer able to maintain your “Bread-and-Circus” economy, because those who vote democrat for entitlements far outnumber you ideological progressives, and when there are no more entitlements to be had, you WILL be in big trouble when they start rioting.

    • okokok

      have you gone to any therapy for the ridiculously paranoid moronic tendencies you exhibit? lol

      • UCSPanther

        Unlike you, I have no illusions about human nature, and my observations have been proven qualitatively every time.

        I doubt the typical effeminate far-left university student would last long in a Tahrir Square-style riot, and that goes for you.

        Survival of the fittest, and it doesn’t favor you.

        • okokok

          you are losing, dumba$$, if you ever read a source not in your bubble; your infantile and solopsistic idea of human nature applies to reptilian types like yourself–the world is, gasp, evolving as you hurtle toward oblivion; as Bob Dylan put it:

          “Because something is happening here

          But you don’t know what it is

          Do you, Mister Jones ?”

          How does it feel to be a Mr. Jones?

          • UCSPanther

            More projectionism. I’d like to see you back up your threats if you dare…

          • UCSPanther

            Quoting an old and forgotten Bob Dylan song now, are we?

            Who is going extinct now? I’ll give you a hint: It is effeminate Berkeley worms like you.

          • Boommach

            I can clearly see this little feller is a sissy but Berkley ?? Given his adolescent debating skills and vulgarity in lieu of thinking ability, I presumed he couldn’t muster highschool.

          • UCSPanther

            You’ll be surprised at how unglued these University radicals get when challenged by someone who is opposed to their views.

            When that happens, all they have is threats, name calling and general idiocy.

        • okokok

          BTW, Fidel, Che, Ho, Samora and the leaders of Arab spring are “far left university students” how’s that working out? lol lol and your effeminate homophobia
          shows what disgusting irrelevant punk you are; how about * *ride my Harley up your foul mouth punk a$$? just let me know, cowardly beatch…now STFU and go die…

          • UCSPanther

            Hmm. Name calling, threats, idiocy.

            Looks like an expression of a butthurt internet tough guy….

            Nothing like impotent rage.

          • okokok

            You are one name calling, but can’t take it back…typical punk.. STFU

          • UCSPanther

            YEAH!!!! Rage quit!

          • UCSPanther

            There’s only one punk here, baby, and it’s you…

          • UCSPanther

            Nice examples of leaders you have.

            Castro: An old dictator who is well past his prime. No one other than two-bit university commies like you worship him now.

            Che: Dead commie. Plain and simple. Most people only know him because of the t-shirts. A rather lame way to go for such a “statesman”. Sort of like the fools who wear Guy Fawkes masks.

            Ho Chi Minh: Another old dead commie. Largely forgotten.

            Arab Spring: We know how that turned out. Just look at Egypt and Syria. And those “students” have more grit than your typical Berkeleyite. Namely, you.

  • unionville

    I’m Irish and Native American and yes I know how this country has treated people in the past. But you are stating that it is conservatives who are to blame for this vile bigotry against these groups. I’ll ask you again, state explicit examples of how conservatives are responsible.