Liberals Don’t Understand Reality


Others have dissected the various crazy responses to Emily Yoffe’s piece warning women against binge drinking. The strange one that keeps coming up is “teaching men not to rape”.

We don’t talk about teaching murderers not to kill. Or teaching muggers not to mug.

It’s generally understood that there is a criminal ecology out there that will do nasty things to you, whose members can be locked up, but who probably won’t be reformed. Even the sorts of liberals who write essays like this don’t tend to urge teaching men not to kill.

That would be… well… stupid. But stupid is ubiquitous.

So, is telling women to stop being so drunk really the best advice you can give people to prevent rape? It’s like telling people not to drive late at night because they might die at the hands of a drunk driver — these people aren’t breaking the law, yet they’re the ones being targeted and asked to compromise their lives. What about teaching men not to rape?

Teaching people not to drive through the ghetto at night is actually pretty good advice for avoiding carjackings.

Liberals seem to have a pretty poor grasp of the difference between the real and the ideal. In terms of strict ideology, we should not accept a world where anyone has to restrict their freedom to avoid being carjacked. And maybe that’s a courageous position… if anyone wants to take it. In the real world, you’ll end up carjacked.

Giving potential victims advice is actually good advice.

“If rapists would stop raping people, campus alcohol culture wouldn’t lead to sexual violence,” another person added.

And if murderers and muggers and criminals in general would stop doing bad things, we could all leave our doors unlocked at night. But that’s the ideal, not the real.

Alexander Abad-Santos, the writer of this piece, is a man. I assume he doesn’t rape. Was that because he took a college course Not Raping 101?

Liberals don’t like the idea that there’s a basic difference in values between criminals and non-criminals. They look for social explanations. They babble about rape culture and the patriarchy. But crime is simply the result of fraying values and in part, broken families.

Some studies show that a majority of rapists came from single parent households. But that explanation would go over even worse than the binge drinking. And yet it has some truth to it.

We had rape before the collapse of the family, but our crime waves are largely the result of social instability, of broken families and of multicultural cities and towns filled with roaming strangers who feel little kinship for one another.

To the extent that rape culture is an issue, it’s the product of the very counterculture that liberalism championed and champions.

But all that is the real, not the ideal, and liberalism doesn’t accept the real. Instead it would like to teach the world to sing and rapists not to rape.

  • herb benty

    Utopia is just a few more laws and regulations away!

    • tagalog

      And if they don’t get passed fast enough or in enough numbers, there’s always re-education and the labor camp.

      • herb benty

        I guess it does go that way, doesn’t it. There are a large bloc of sane, non-leftists that refuse the “kool-aid”(soylent green?)whether in America or other, highjacked by communism nations.

  • megapotamus

    Well, violent crime overall is up 15% after many decades of slow decline. Forward.

    • Gee

      Yes and it seems to be tied to the gun restrictions. The more restrictions that are passed to prevent the keeping and bearing of firearms the higher the violent crime rate.

      Think that there maybe some sort of correlation?

      • glpage

        Now you’re expecting the lefties to understand the concept of correlation. What next, accept reality and truth?

        • Gee

          I hang my head in humble apology. I do expect too much.

          • glpage

            I guess we can let it go this time…

  • pupsncats

    When women are encouraged by liberalism to be promiscuous, avoid marriage and simply cohabitate with whomever one is infatuated with at the moment, dress provocatively, deny there are real differences between men and women, demand taxpayer funding of contraceptives and abortion to ensure greater use of both, can they really be surprised that many women are simply looked at as objects to be used to satisfy the sexual urge of a man?

    • Softly Bob

      I take your point and you’re right, but be careful next time, you were beginning to sound like a Muslim cleric.

  • tagalog

    We don’t tell people not to drive at night for fear of drunk drivers.

    We tell people not to drink and drive for fear of drunk drivers. That’s what we do.

    Who has the idea that we tell people not to drive?

  • koyotemarq

    Daniel, i disagree with what your saying.
    rape is a crime!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe i’m missing th premise here, but rapist,
    like every other criminal are RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN CHOICES!!