Libya Repays Bernard-Henri Levy’s Support by Banning Him for Being Jewish

This is a depressingly familiar narrative that liberal Jews never seem to learn from no matter how often it repeats itself. Bernard-Henri Levy was one of the loudest voices supporting intervention on behalf of the rebels in Libya, He threw his intellectual weight behind the endeavor.

And Libya won’t allow him to enter the country because he’s Jewish.

The French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, who supported France’s military intervention in Libya, was barred from visiting there because he is Jewish.

Levy, a celebrity in France, was supposed to join former French president Nicolas Sarkozy on a visit that began on Tuesday in Tripoli, according to a report on the news website Rue89.

The website reported that Levy had to stay behind at the insistence of municipal bosses in Tripoli. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one city official told Rue89: “We did not invite him and we’ll close the door in his face if he comes. If the prime minister invited him, he can stay with the prime minister.”

An unnamed spokesperson for the city of Tripoli is quoted as telling Rue89 that the fact that Levy is Jewish could have exposed the municipality to attacks by Islamist militia.

Levy was a vocal supporter for French military intervention in Libya against Muammar Qaddafi and in favor of the rebel forces whose revolution led to the rise to power of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan. The news website said Zeidan personally invited Levy in January.

A spokesperson from Zeidan’s office confirmed to Rue89 that the municipality asked Levy to not attend the visit.

The website quoted an unnamed source described as “close to Levy” as saying Sarkozy wanted to cancel his visit after Levy’s dis-invitation, but Levy persuaded him to go as “their friends in Libya are in a delicate situation because they need to watch out for the Islamists.”

Yes, gotta watch out for the immoderate extremists as opposed to the moderate extremists who won’t let him in the country.

  • Ben Jabo

    Henry deiced to deal with snakes, they bit him

  • Ben Jabo


  • Edward Cline

    Justice comes with many faces. Serves Levy right to be shunned by his Islamist children.

  • Ar'nun

    Only a Leftists dupe would still support a group who discriminates against him.

  • kasandra

    Where is "EarlyBird?" Since he thinks our replacement of Qaddafi with these people was such a good idea I was certain he'd have a comment about this.

    • Gary

      The bird has left the building.

  • AdinaK

    Oh yeah, the "rebels", the same ones the POTUS went to bat for, as he "led from behind" the largest weapons/gun running operation, bar none. Never mind, leftists are forever being hoisted on their own petards, but often taking innocents down with them. Glad the fool got barred, he deserved his comeuppance.
    This is the true face of the "rebels" –

    Leftists most always end up supporting Islamists, twins separated at birth!

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

  • jacob

    Jews always get it in the neck, proven "ad nauseam" by what happened to the Jews in the Soviet
    Jews were instrumental in doing away with the Czarist regime, only to jump off the frying pan and
    into the fire with Stalin…

    In fact, it was Trotski who saved the Bolsheviks from Kerenski with his Red Army and who was
    Lenin's choice to succeed him because he distrusted Stalin but Stalin manovered him out to the
    extent of having to run for his life, ending up in Mexico, where even there he managed to have him

    And as for this guy, it serves him right and I wish the same end for the Israeli lefties courting Arabs
    with the stupid notion that these crocodiles will eat them last…..
    And though, they insist on making the same mistake over and over again….
    Didn't 70% of American Jews reelect him in spite of his record on Israel on his first four years…????

  • Softly Bob

    Useful idiots are commonplace. One example is Chris Stevens U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, supporter of Muslim rights and a homosexual in a land that despises homosexuals and now unfortunately dead. He didn't deserve to die but why support Muslim causes when Muslims despise people like him and why devote your services to a gutless president who when it suits him let's you die and is technically complicit in your murder?
    Levy is lucky, he was simply disallowed from entering a country, but lives to tell the tale.
    The World is full of turkeys who support Thanksgiving and Christmas. Queers for Palestine are another laughable example!

    • sami

      @softly bob: over a million Iraqis died in the illegal war led by the USA and UK, and yet we do not blame the citizens of those countries for the crimes committed by their governments.

      Extremism comes in many forms, Neocons with christian values killing Muslims in their hundreds of thousands is much worse than few hundreds/thousands of Muslims extremists despised by their own people.

  • Mary Sue

    Bernard Henri Levy learns the definition of Irony. And also Useful Idiot.

  • sami

    people exaggerate Levy's role in the Libyan revolution, the west did not like Gaddafi anyway, and it was their golden opportunity to get rid of him when the revolution started.

    Levy is not welcomed in Libya not because he is Jewish, but because he is a Zionist, funny how a man who supported the Libyan people's cause to rid themselves of Gaddafi and his regime, does not do the same when it comes to Palestine where he sides with his Jewish brethren.

    • Mary Sue

      I dunno bout that… are you SURE he's a zionist?

      • sami


    • ziontruth

      "Levy is not welcomed in Libya not because he is Jewish, but because he is a Zionist,…"

      Another one of those believers in the Saidian "everything between Jews and Arabs was swell until Zionism" narrative.

      Muslims had kept Jews living in their countries downtrodden long before the renewal of Jewish nationalism. Not politically correct, but still true.

      "…funny how a man who supported the Libyan people's cause to rid themselves of Gaddafi and his regime, does not do the same when it comes to Palestine where he sides with his Jewish brethren."

      The Arab colonists squatting on the Land of Israel are the oppressors; with HaShem's help we Jews, the only rightful possessors of the Land of Israel, will rid ourselves of these thieves stealing what is ours!

      • sami

        @ziontruth · theology can not be recognised in any Court of law or the UN/UNSC! the irony is that lots of the zionists (at least the founders of israel ) are secular atheist Jews, and yet they use the nonsense chosenist slogans to justify their atrocities.

        • Gaucho

          Sami the Koran is also chosenist. It clearly states in no fewer than 7 different suras that Allah chose the Jews as exclusive owners of the Land of Israel. Whatever 'atrocities' you have in mind, are nothing but Allah's punishment to Muslims for having defiled His will.

  • Samir Halabi

    Just goes to show how these Arab-Muslims are so Jew-hating, thank G-d there exists tody ‘The Jewish State of Israel’