Libyan Grand Mufti Calls for Ban on Women Marrying Shiites

The women… they’re getting away.

When last we met Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ghariani, he was calling for a ban on a whole bunch of things involving women.

“The state must put an end to the mingling of the sexes in the university, to close this door, this big door for corruption,” he said. He urged school and university directors to start separating men and women without waiting for the state to order it.

He also cited a warning by the Prophet Muhammad that women who wear revealing clothing or don’t cover their hair are “the people of hell.”

That sounds cheerful. So now the Grand Mufti wants to keep the Libyan women he won’t allow to walk around shamelessly with their hair out at universities from absconding with Shiite and Druze Muslim infidels.

The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ghariani, has called on the government to ban Libyan women from marrying foreigners.

Ghariani said in a letter to the Minister of Social Affairs, Kamila Khamis Al-Mazini, leaked on Facebook, that Libyan women should not even be allowed to marry foreign Muslims.

The move came after the Grand Mufti apparently received several complaints from Libyan citizens about some Syrian Shiites and Druze are taking advantage of the chaotic state of the country’s administration to marry Libyan women.

Shiites and Druze are not Sunnis so naturally the Grand Mufti is miffed, but what does the Mufti have against Turks?

An official from Ghariani’s Dar Al-Ifta office has been quoted by Benghazi newspaper Qurina (Cyrene) claiming that a number of Turks had contracted marriages with Libyan women in Cyrenaica and then disappeared back home.

Possibly they were Alawis from Turkey and thus also infidels. In any case, matters in Libya are still turning out really well and Obama’s war was a great idea.

  • bike mike

    Welcome to the third century

  • Ar'nun

    Without even knowing it, this guy just saved thousands of Shiite women's lives. Now they can only be beaten to death by their fellow Shiite men.

  • RUI

    He should ban all muslims from marrying women, any women. Period. Islam kills more women than cervical and breast cancer combined.

    But this is not about what is good for women. It's about pigs with beards deciding for others how to live their lives.

  • Trevor

    And this is different from the Rabbis who declare that Jewish women should not mix, associate, or marry Arabs because….?

  • Guest

    It is different, Trevor, because the Rabbis declaration are never made into the law; it is different because Jews do not punish converting out by death; different because there are only 14 million Jews worldwide and the Rabbis are fighting to preserve their existence, not only as a religion, but a a nation, while there are over a billion Muslims so the existence of Muslims is not endangered by intermarriage.

    • Trevor

      Ah, "racial purity"….Quite the little Hitler aren't you!.

  • revrsleeker

    Does he take his 'instruction' from Qatar, or perhaps more likely Saudi ?