London Beheader Arrested in 2010 for Attempting to Join Al Qaeda


Predictably enough this is the Somali issue again. The UK is chock full of Somali Muslim refugees who support al-Shabaab, which is the local Al Qaeda franchise.

Michael Adebolajo, one of the London beheaders, was arrested for attempting to join al-Shabaab and deported to the UK. At which point a sane country would have denaturalized him and sent him packing.

The Sunday Telegraph can disclose that Michael Adebolajo was held by police close to the Somali border with a band of “radicalised” Muslim youths who wanted to join the notorious al-Shabaab group.

He was deported to Britain after he appeared in court in Mombasa in November 2010.

Two months previously the head of MI5 had warned that Britons were training in Somalia and it was “only a matter of time before we see terrorism on our streets inspired by those who are today fighting alongside al-Shabaab”. It also emerged that the other suspect in the soldier’s murder, Michael Adebowale, 22, was detained by police in London two months ago after shopkeepers complained about a group of Muslim activists.

The disclosures raise further questions about the monitoring by the security services of Adebowale and Adebolajo, 28, whom sources have said was known to MI5 but not assessed as a “threat to life”.

What exactly makes a Muslim an official “threat to life”? Is there any possible way that one can attempt to join a terrorist group and not be a “threat to life”?

Or do you actually have to sign an affidavit stating that you intend to kill non-Muslims before you make the list? We had the same problem with the Boston bomber.

Once you attempt to join a terrorist group, it should be assumed that you are willing to commit acts of terror. Any further fine distinctions only get innocent people killed.

  • ss31704

    Cant understand the mentality of people who are allowed refuge in a foreign country, then conspire against it.

    • Michael Copeland

      It is called Islam

    • Mike

      Part of the Muslim CONSPIRACY is to gain LEGAL entry to other countries for the sake of FORCIBLE conversion to Islam.

    • welldoneson

      More than that, I cannot understand the mentality of officials in our countries, who allow these creeps in!

  • RUI

    But then, it's not like "anybody" died, is it?

  • BS77

    Why on earth would England admit this sort of THING into their country?

    • Mike

      The U.S. does.

  • Americano

    This is what insanity looks like.

  • kaz

    the beheader is blameless. he should be knighted and given a fief. he is doing exactly what the government of UK imported him to do: kill the legal citizens of UK and replace them with the new nobility: muslims. if anyone should be punished for the murder committed by the government of UK by its agent, the beheader, imported from a hostile nation, with full knowledge of his desire to murder infidels, it is the government of UK that should be punished. hang draw and quarter everyone in the government that had anything to do with importing sworn and deadly enemies, and you will accomplish 2 things. one. the destruction of the most evil governent the people of UK have ever endured. two. ensure that the next government will not be importing sworn and deadly enemies of the people. hitler's plans for uk were generous compared to the crime planned by the government's imported agents of genocide.

  • welldoneson

    This stands as proof that high level officials do NOT care about the safety of our citizens. Where are these edicts coming from? At what point do we declare war not just on Islamists, but on the officials who knowingly place them among us?