London Beheader: “He Was Just a Completely Normal Guy. He Was Interested in Islam, in Memorising the Koran.”


That’s how Anjem Choudary described Michael Adebolajo, a Nigerian Muslim convert, who, along with another Muslim collaborator, murdered a British soldier in broad daylight in London.

And we all saw some Koranic memorization skills on the video yesterday. Maybe it might be time to wake up and realize that being interested in Islam and memorizing the Koran are not completely normal. They are the equivalent of building a deep basement and filling it with butcher knives and maps to local homes.

Michael Adebolajo was a member of Choudary’s Al Muhajiroun, an Islamist group founded in Saudi Arabia to impose Islamic law. Member of Al Muhajiroun have been, predictably, linked to terrorism before.

Anjem Choudary has repeatedly targeted soldiers in vicious protests by his current group Islam4UK. While EDL members were locked up for simply showing up, Muslim protesters were allowed to shout “British Soldiers Go To Hell” at returning soldiers.

Yesterday they did more than just shout.

Like so many killers, Michael Adebolajo was a convert to Islam. Converts are notoriously useful because they are easier to brainwash and use as human weapons. The spread of Islam is the sowing of dragon’s teeth. What happened in London is another reminder of that.

  • GAvin

    Aren't these the same guys that many Civilized Goverment's in the Western world are desperately longing to arm to topple Assad's regime and bring complete Peace in Syria .

  • Michael Copeland

    The West is Dar al Harb – the Realm of War.
    The killer proclaims "We shall fight you…".
    We have the right to self-defence.
    The British government is so far failing.
    There is trouble ahead.

  • candy

    Converts are also preferable if they are native born.
    Then muslims blame the country they are terrorizing .Even better if they are black,then it's because of racism.

    muslims will give a : poor black man who was harassed his entire life because of his race,turned to islam to save himself from repressed anger. But the racist ,bigoted Brits persecuted him even more because of his new found religion of peace,until he could take no more – speech

    Cue the next terrorist.

    • New_Leaf

      Dang! You should write for the BBC.

  • Mary Sue

    Oh yes because Anjem Chowderhead always tells the truth [/sarcasm]

  • Rick

    Wow! Dave and Boris on the exact same page as Anjem "Al-Muhajiroun" Choudary!.

    I'm so relieved that this cold-blooded and cowardly murder has nothing to do with Islam. I was worried that the Religion of Peace might somehow be cited as a causal link, but now I can sleep easy knowing this isn't the case.

    it's reassuring to know our brave and insightful leaders have their finger on the pulse of what is really happening in this country.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Actually, I welcome such outrageous remarks as was made by the mayor of London because it makes people who might have agreed with him a year or so ago or even a week ago see how ridiculous that opinion is. I have to believe that the Boston bombings, the murders in 2011, the hordes of terrorist attacks that have taken place IN THE WEST and now this barbaric act of pure savagery that took place in London in the middle of the day as well as the four-day riots in Sweden have changed some minds to such an extent that they cannot return to their previous state. It just isn't possible. The mistake that politicians, clergy and the media make is that they think they can manipulate public opinion INDEFINITELY and that they can "fix" this. They can't and the power of public opinion is greater than anything else. No matter what they are told to think, the people will ultimately decide for themselves in whatever way they can and they will invent ways. And there is nothing the politicians can do about it.