London Times Commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day With Hateful Gerald Scarfe Cartoon

How to draw an Anti-Israel cartoon for a UK paper.

It’s very simple really.

1. Draw an Israeli Prime Minister with exaggerated Semitic facial features, especially the nose and lips, covered in Muslim blood.

2. Stick a wall in there somewhere.

3. Have a bunch of pleading Muslims in there asking him not to kill them, eat them, mortar them in walls, shoot them off into space or feed them to lions. It’s all the same really.

Drawing ability is not necessary. Gerald Scarfe can barely draw and his Holocaust Memorial Day cartoon is the sort of thing you expect a bored university student to doodle during another Israeli Apartheid Week event. This is the sort of cartoon that UK papers have been running since what feels like the dawn of time. At some point you suspect they just developed a bunch of templates, threw in the head of whatever Israeli PM is around and then went off for their ski weekend in the Alps.

Like all forms of bigotry, Gerald Scarfe’s Holocaust Memorial Day cartoon is offensive and lazy at the same time. Jews gorging on blood illustrations have been around forever. Scarfe scrawls another lazy addition to a huge pile of them. But the point isn’t commentary, it’s propaganda by repetition. Like so many UK cartoonists and commentators, Scarfe is following the Goebbels principle of repeating the Big Lie again and again until it’s all that most people are familiar with. And it’s appropriate for him to practice this most noxious of trades on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Of course cartoons like these are easy enough to create. Here’s one with Gerald Scarfe in place of Netanyahu. They literately are a dime a dozen. The difference is in which lazy hateful cartoons prestigious papers like the London Times choose to run.

  • HJ Mawson

    Disgraceful to criticise Scarfe's cartoon as anti Semitic. The Jews are not above criticism. Who cares what day it might be? Wake up and see the damage Israel is causing its own people and others by pursuing its own version of lebensraum!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Israel's territory has been shrinking steadily. That's the opposite of Lebensraum.

      • olly

        not really lebensraum is generally interpreted as meaning living room. so what you have non-living room?? Israel is the next fascist empire, and i tell you this i will be among the first to stand alongside a man or woman from any faith against fascists!

  • Anthony F

    At what point does criticism of Israeli politics becomes anti-Semitism?

    From a Western perspective Scarfe's drawing appears to be a straightforward political attack on Likud and it's leader, and the negative reaction seems to verge on hysteria and to rely on some frankly wilful misinterpretation of the image. There's no credible reference here to a notion of "blood libel". Scarfe is certainly saying that Israel is responsible for spilling Palestinian blood, but in the name of politics not religion. The risk presented by the violence and nature of the opposition to this cartoon is that it reinforces a growing opinion that anyone disagreeing with the policies of Israel will be shouted down as anti-Semitic.

    The cartoon is certainly one-sided, simplistic, provocative and visceral, that's because it's satirical DNA comes from the line of Hogarth and Gillray. It shares nothing with the repetitive, bigoted stock of anti-Semitic cartoons common in the Arab press.

  • Willie

    This is legitimate political commentary. Israel should end apartheid in the occupied territories. Wake up.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The only apartheid is in your imagination. Israel is far more open to minorities than the Muslim world.

  • British

    Surely you "open minded " right wing reasonable people recognise the universal right to free speech or is it because the topic matter is about Israel?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Like the right to make movies about Mohammed?

      • olly

        Yep, finally i found sumit i can agree with you on, but your supposed to lead by example not stoop to the same level. Someone on here said jews make good role models, well then if they can't handle any criticism of Israel without crying racism then i somehow don't think they are good role models

  • James Cohen

    I disagree. There is a wall, that is beyond doubt. I don't think that the picture is anti-semitic, it could just as easily be Putin being drawn there. Also, while the timing of the drawing is, to say the least, unfortunate, I don't think that excuses Israel's behaviour. A more rational approach would be helpful before we drop the serious charge of anti-semitism.

  • MikeC

    To those unfamiliar with his work, Scarfe regularly draws cartoons with images of blood and body parts in them. He has targetted Arab leaders in exactly the same way. Unfortunately the Jewish lobby will not tolerate any criticism of Israel.

  • Ian

    Then take down the illegal wall and let the palestinans have food, water and access to their land. What has been dealt to the palestinans by the israelis and america will be remembered as one of the worse crimes on humanity in recent history. Artists will tend to seek to point out acts of inhumanity.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      When walls come down, suicide bombings go up.

      You may not have a problem with that, but the people who get blown up do.

    • Eleanor Rigby


      It's apparent that you have NEVER VISITED the land of israel and the West Bank! There is plenty of food and water and no one is starving there! Compared to what is currently going on in Syria and the Sudan, the West Bank is an absolute paradise! Go visit there and actually SEE FOR YOURSELF, rather than repeating the same old left-wing lies about Israel and the West Bank. If no one attacked Israel with terrorist attacks, then that wall wouldn't have ever been built in the first place…. If the enemies of Israel ever decide to live in peace, then the wall can be dismantled.

  • Ben

    Netanyahu has no Jewish nose. His facial features are clearly East European not Semitic.

  • DisgustedOfTunbridge

    Daniel, you continue to miss the point – maybe it's deliberate.You would do better to spend your time writing a properly researched article addressing the valid criticisms raised by all the commenters on your hypersensitive piece above and then advise us all when you have.

    However, if writing an intelligent, thought provoking article is beyond you, why not just slag off each commenter individually with the usual hackneyed old phrases. No wonder the extremes (political & religious) on both left and right (though the right does have the slight edge) attract such intellectual minnows.

  • olly

    Ha i actually only just read your article all they way through, trust me it was hard, pure propaganda and like you say in said article "proapganda by repetition" well then i think if your read the comments you and other pro-Israeli people have made there be a bit of repetition against the muslims, all of palestine is terrorist etc etc etc

  • Anti-Daniel

    F**K the lot of you! Bloody hate filled ignorant and arrogant a***holes, im talking to the proprietors of this website and daniel geenfield in particular, YOU and people like you are the reason for the entire situation in the middle east and Israel, i think most British with a brain just want the jews and muslims to shut up and get on with living instead of killing. RELIGION IS THE SINGLE CAUSE MORE DEATHS THAN ANY OTHER WAR OR GENOCIDE. Wake up people religion was how we explained what we didn't know or understand, i refuse to believe a person who follows an organised religion can be intelligent or at least unbiased. YOU'VE GOT YOUR AGENDA, BUT YOUR WORSE THAN THE MUSLIMS AT LEAST THEY TELL US THERE AGENDA< YOU JUST KEEP THE TRUTH HIDDEN! W*N*E*S!

    • Anti-Racist

      What religion were the Communists?

  • Mike

    Jewish WEBSITE PEOPLE!!!!!!

    • Mike

      all you gna get it is propaganda

    • Anti-Racist

      Bigotry is always a winning card

  • Scott

    Death to all organised religion :) that'll be the day. Faith is good but not organise and outdated religion

  • JacksonPearson

    What region are you talking about? Israel proper, or the lands that were won in battle?

    Better yet, when was the last time you looked at, or have read any Biblical history to know what the hell you're even talking about?

  • Murungu

    If You look at scarfs work as a whole you'll see he has written cartoon such as this about pretty much every figure the world press deals with. The cartoons are always grotesque caricatures. It does seem that others who are satirised by these cartoons take it in the way intended, and understand it is part of the price of freedom of speech to face ridicule. It's odd that the Jewish press scream anti-semitism at the slightest provocation. It's a statement on what Israel as a state is doing. Surely it would be better o look at Israels world reputation at the moment, the way it is perceived. If isrealis don't like and agree with the cartoon, what needs to change for their country to be seen in a better light?

  • objectivist

    This man is known to have very controversial and thought provoking cartoons. This article is incredibly biased and i believe untrue. This is not an anti Jewish or Israel cartoon and definitely doesn't depict the prime minister in a stereotypical way. Its making a statement that Israel IS without a doubt committing war crimes against many innocent civilians. I am in no way supporting Hamas or its actions but Israel is still responsible for the death of many palestinians and everyone in the media ESPECIALLY the press is incredibly pro-israel and only defends their actions without question. Unfortunately Israel is in an incredibly difficult spot and doesn't have any easy way out.

  • Gita

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  • Chris Thompson

    Netanyahu has blood on his hands and it’s right that he should be ridiculed and held to account. Scarfe is not an anti-semite, and there’s nothing anti-semitic about this cartoon. Politicians should not be immune from criticism.