London Times Commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day With Hateful Gerald Scarfe Cartoon

How to draw an Anti-Israel cartoon for a UK paper.

It’s very simple really.

1. Draw an Israeli Prime Minister with exaggerated Semitic facial features, especially the nose and lips, covered in Muslim blood.

2. Stick a wall in there somewhere.

3. Have a bunch of pleading Muslims in there asking him not to kill them, eat them, mortar them in walls, shoot them off into space or feed them to lions. It’s all the same really.

Drawing ability is not necessary. Gerald Scarfe can barely draw and his Holocaust Memorial Day cartoon is the sort of thing you expect a bored university student to doodle during another Israeli Apartheid Week event. This is the sort of cartoon that UK papers have been running since what feels like the dawn of time. At some point you suspect they just developed a bunch of templates, threw in the head of whatever Israeli PM is around and then went off for their ski weekend in the Alps.

Like all forms of bigotry, Gerald Scarfe’s Holocaust Memorial Day cartoon is offensive and lazy at the same time. Jews gorging on blood illustrations have been around forever. Scarfe scrawls another lazy addition to a huge pile of them. But the point isn’t commentary, it’s propaganda by repetition. Like so many UK cartoonists and commentators, Scarfe is following the Goebbels principle of repeating the Big Lie again and again until it’s all that most people are familiar with. And it’s appropriate for him to practice this most noxious of trades on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Of course cartoons like these are easy enough to create. Here’s one with Gerald Scarfe in place of Netanyahu. They literately are a dime a dozen. The difference is in which lazy hateful cartoons prestigious papers like the London Times choose to run.

  • Mary Sue

    Wow, just freaking wow. That cartoonist is an idiot.

    • thomas_h

      Oh no, far from that. He knows what he is doing and he does it well. His objective is demonization of the good and justification of the evil in order to seduce the ignorant, the incurably stupid and the hate starved. He is no more idiot than Goebels.

      • liberal_hybrid

        very astute description. I want to remember this.

    • MH

      I don’t think he expected Jews to like it.
      But it reflects the views of the vast majority of people in the West as well as the East. Why do the Jews always have to make it so hard for themselves?

      • HermitLion

        I know brainwashed drones like you have a hard time counting, but 'majority' is not you and your close buddies ;)

    • Humphrey Bumphrey

      Sorry, but it's you that is the idiot. What kind of statement is "wow, just freaking wow". You are obviously of the tiny minded sheep like, standard, jingoistic, insular American that shows the like of you and your country to be utter hypocrits.

      • emeraldcalif707

        An idiot? you say…. I think it's spot on!! He's a racist and a murdering bigot.
        Please I know that the majority of my fellow American's are for the most part a very uninformed lot. To this I cannot disagree. But in our defense we are intensionally misinformed more often than not, because of our lousy news service which used to be above average (maybe) to absolute 1/2 truths 1/3 truths & 2-3 second sound bites. Today it's all about Gotcha journalism vs. in depth. The Obama administration's Justice Dept, has recently gone after and successfully prosecuted an x-CIA operative who blew the whistle on the C.I.A's disgusting and immoral torturing of detainee's. He goes to prison while the people who actually are responsible for these gross and inhumane practices and are not only NOT punished they probably got promotions.! But we here in the good ol U.S.of A won't hear about it on the evening news. No this story and many like it don't ever see the light of day. Plus our school system is so bad it's beyond excuse. They are, right now actually deliberating in the halls of the capitol hill if they should O.K armed guards at all the schools! Wow now that's pretty short sighted if you ask me. What happens when some idiot (there's that word again) kid brings a toy gun to school. Recipe for disaster if you ask me. But please I know we have a terrible reputation but for the most part it's not entirely our fault. Most American's do care a lot, and are unaware of things done in our name in far away countries. Obama's drone wars are an extension of Bush and Cheney but everyone just rah! rah! rah! how he's Mr. Wonderful! No I don't call any kind of secret targeted kill lists acceptable in any way shape or form.

    • AAA

      And you would be a freaking moron?

  • FPF

    The picture looks exactly like a disfigured prophet without the beard. How dare London Times offended the prophet and the Islam?

    • John Zuck

      Hello. Even if they offend the prophet of Islam what are you going to do about it? Are you a radical or a moderate? I am a moderate and I could not care less of what happens. I will stand up to any evil committed by any group out there, whether it is from Western Governments or Muslim extremists, but I will NOT limit freedom of speech. And I have picked a side in all of this and that is ALL of CIVILIZED humanity. Which side are you on?

      • emeraldcalif707

        Right on John Zuck! I couldn't have said it better. What really drives me is when that idiot from Florida made some dumb ass movie against Islam and the extremist had a riot. If they don't approve of things said or drawn about Muhammad then don't watch. I'm sorry i just don't get it.

    • I4E

      The point wasn't to offend the Islam-it was to offend Israel, why would you think that when Jews worldwide are offended, you can twist it so it would seem as if the Muslims are the ones who need an apology?

  • JacksonPearson

    Can we rightfully now accuse the British press of hate speech, or being Israeliphobic? /Big Sarkmark

    • REJA

      I believe it is called free speech

      • JacksonPearson

        Suuuuure it is…? What's good for Islamophobia should just as good for Israeliphobia,

        Than It should be OK for a few hundred Jews to torch London, rampage, burn cars, rape, and threaten beheadings for insulting their prime minister Netanyahu? Right?

      • JacksonPearson

        Is this free speech too?
        “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage,
        Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

        —-Pamela Geller

      • HermitLion

        I believe it is called libel and incite to murder – not to mention the right to free speech is an American thing.
        You know, those 'evil' Americans that people like you love to hate.

    • AAA

      No need because any legitimate criticism of Apartheid Zionist Racist Israel is always deemed to be *cough* antisemitic.

  • AdinaK

    Britain has gone native, Muslim style. They are – as is most of Europe – Eurabia and that is that. The only question is: when will the entire edifice bow to Islam?

    None of this happened in a vacuum, and most of it has to do with oil. However, in order to "soften" up the masses and deem it acceptable to display ones anti-semitism, in effect, ones open disdain for Judeo-Christian ethos, certain foundations have to be destroyed, piece by piece –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • Oudinot

      Your lazy, ill-informed judgement is as wildly generalising and crude as this cartoon is alleged to be…
      Personal opinion is personal opinion, just that. Surely its the job of a political cartoonist to offend someone !
      As to the exaggerated semitic features; I honestly don't consider that to be true at all. Anyone familiar with Scarfe's work would suggest that his exaggeration of features for this cartoon (whether you consider them anti-semitic or not) is mild by his standards.

      • Frank

        Hear hear. A very good cartoon

      • JacksonPearson

        Adina's not lazy, fact is, she's very much on top of things and astute.

        Personal opinion is OK. You have yours and I have mine…But he has a forum where he can publish is bitch graphically, you and I don't. A picture's worth a thousand words, whereas words are buried. I do graphics work, however this site doesn't give me the means to counter what you call his opinion, and that's the difference.

    • liberal_hybrid

      If BP oil cuts its oil wells in Algeria and Libya they will probably stop working and rust. If all American and European took their rigs elsewhere the Arabs would lose their power.

      • jtaylor

        Now that is a racist comment implying that all non-whites particularly Arabs are idiots and incapable of doing anything themselves.

        I don’t see anything wrong with the cartoon. Typical “anti-semitism” bandwagon when anything is said or done that is critical. This time its a cartoon. What next ? a wink and a nod will be taken as anti-semitism. The fact is the West has lost the one great quality they had, of debating issues in public. That is until it comes to discuss Israel or Zionism, in which case debate effectively ceases at the risk of being labelled an “anti-semite”.

        • HermitLion

          Right, mr. open debate – care to debate muslims in the open? Because the western press is full of 'debate' when it comes to their peaceful religion.

          Please do go on lying to yourself – soon it will be YOUR backyard that's threatened, but by then it will be too late to listen to the warnings made by those 'evil Jews'.

  • UCSPanther

    Julius Streicher would be proud…

  • Ar'nun

    Cartoons are the oldest medium for Jew Hatred. They have been used throughout history to stir up hatred of Jews around the world. Gerald Scarfe is neither innovative nor original, but what he is, is marked. See Jews have put up with this long enough. And ingrained in us that were raised properly by Jewish Parents and Principals is to not forget the Shoah so it will never happen again. It's time to start fighting back before it is too late. See how the media throughout history have used political cartoons to stir up hatred of Jews. This has been scientifically studied and some cartoons are not as obvious as others, but they all have commonalities.

    • Nathan

      Maybe ya'll should make a law against cartoonists depicting Benjamin Netanyahu as anything except King of The Jews. It would be a totally awesome throwback to Biblical times.

      • HermitLion

        Maybe ya'll should be able to respond to the actual argument, instead of making a Strawman and attacking it (Google it up. I don't suppose an intellectual wonder such as yourself stores bits of information inside his own brain).

      • JacksonPearson

        Do you use outhouses, or flush toilets…???

  • BS77

    England is going the way of the Dinosaur….extinct. By appeasing and capitulating to the barbarians, England has joined the rest of the subservient, leftist Euro nations in financial, moral and political collapse.

    • Trouble2022

      I 'm British and have to say THIS cartoon is NOT how the people themselves feel. You have to understand that, due to your consecutive governments allowing rampant and unchecked immigration thanks to the EU, then we are now increasingly a muslim country. Indeed there are parts of the country where the British nationals are in the MINORITY (around 1 in 4 are British nationals). Due to this the government and media play to the MAJORITY rule and Politically Correct lobby. Anyone else that disagrees with this is labelled a racist. I can only apologise on behalf of my government and media but, shamefully, I doubt this will be the last time…..

      • Trouble2022

        that should read OUR consecutive governments

  • Peter daniels

    Times od London is owned by News Corp, who also owns Fox News, which I consider a balanced source of news. Now I'm worried that even this news source will lose it's reliability. What's a news junky to do?

    • Michael Hughes

      Since when has Fox News been balanced – even they know they're not if you really are a news junkie, which I doubt, there are plenty of reputable news outlets – just none of them belong to Murdoch

    • Frank

      Fox is balanced! speechless

    • Mandla

      The idea that Fox News is balanced is quite astounding. I don't disagree with all they say, but I'm not blind.

      • JacksonPearson

        Is this OK with you?
        “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage,
        Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

        —-Pamela Geller

    • Paul Denman

      FOX News balanced??? What an incredible notion. Why when someone criticizes Israel do they automatically become anti-semitic?

      • JacksonPearson

        Al Jazeera balanced??? What an incredible notion. Why when someone criticizes Mohammad do they automatically become Islamophobic?

        • Peterfarland

          NO, Aljazeera is not balanced nor is Fox news.
          You`re right, it`s wrong, if someone criticized Islam , they will be labelled anti-Islam.
          but the same is true for Israel.
          If someone criticizes the politics in Israel does not mean they are antisemitic.
          please try to be less influenced by main stream media
          I know it`s very difficult in the US, we are bombarded with Fox news, CNN, ABC, CBC….
          may this book will help you: Media control, by Noam Chomsky)

          • JacksonPearson

            "Noam Chomsky"**BURP**!


      fox news balanced.are you mad.??????????????????????????

  • Mehdi

    I find the idea that Peter Daniels thinks Fox News is fair and balanced as offensive as this cartoon. Which is offensive, but not because of it’s content but the day it was released. As for the exaggerated facial features I wouldn’t go that crazy. Caricatures are supposed to be heavily exaggerated. The message is very high school though. Any idiot could have come up with that. You don’t have to take such a simple route to portray Bibi as prick. He does well enough of that on his own.

    • JacksonPearson

      Does free this speech offend you?
      “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage,
      Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

      —-Pamela Geller

    • AAA

      Mehdi Peter is probably being sarcastic about Fox News. Even Homer Simpson knows how balanced Fox News is!

      • JacksonPearson

        You sorry POS. Fox News outweighs ALL other cabal news groups combined….WHY? I'll let dummies like you keep stumbling over each other guessing!

  • @chef_pete

    I was just as disgusted so I did my own version

    • Thomas H.

      Both very good AND very true whereas Scarfe's piece is both lousy AND false.

    • JacksonPearson

      Good one…

    • Eleanor Rigby

      Pete, your cartoon is brilliant and it is a far more accurate caricature of Gerald Scarfe, than Scarfe's poor artwork! In Gerald Scarfe's politically ignorant cartoon, the wall builder looks more like actor, Ed Asner, than he does Benjamin Netanyahu!! Scarfe is a talentless hack, that stole his entire style and ideas from the far more brilliant cartoonist, Ronald Searle!!

      For complete accuracy though, you might want to change Gerald Scarfe's garb to a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf draped around his head and anti-Israel boycott signs! He's just typical of the many left-wing but pampered European rich celebrities like Vanessa Redgrave, Annie Lennox, Ken Loach, etc, who ignorantly boycott and condemn Israel, while blindly ignoring and making apologies for the terrorist actions of Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO and all the many terrorist Muslim brotherhoods. Not one of these anti-Israel celebrity boors has ever complained about all the Muslim vs Muslim killings that are currently being conducted in Syria, Gaza, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, etc!! Where is all their phony celebrity leftist love for their Muslim brothers, when it comes to Muslims killing fellow Muslims?? Or, are their ignorant attitudes really about hating Israel's right to exist and defend itself?!

      Gerald Scarfe is married to Jane Asher, who is Jewish and their 3 children would have been considered Jewish, by the the Nazis of WWII. You would think that a man that is married to a Jewish wife would at least have a tiny bit of sensitivity and consideration, on Holocaust Memorial Day!!

      Pete, many thanks again for sharing your excellent cartoon!

      • AAA

        Holocaust Memorial Day is absolute bilge. People who have no respect for others do not deserve a "memorial day". The Memorial should be to all the people killed in all wars not just a select group who put themselves on a pedestal as a result and think they are some kind of chosen people.

        • JacksonPearson

          So how many Jews do you want to see murdered before it counts to you?

        • Eleanor Rigby

          AAA, you seem so incredibly proud to display your obvious antisemitism and bigotry for all of us to see! It's a pity we can't send YOU to a Nazi concentration camp, so you can become a compassionate and enlightened human being. There is no redemption for morons like you and NO ONE on this planet will EVER place a bigot like you on a pedestal!!

  • Richard

    Simple then, stop building in the occupied territories in violation of the UN and stop killing innocent Palastinians.

    • liberal_hybrid

      what is so innocent about the Palestinians who teach their toddlers to grow up and martyr themselves to kill as many Jews as possible? you can't deny the facts. Palestinians are raised to hate and wage war, this can be seen in their school curricula and on their TV shows. do a little research.

      • rob

        what is so innocent about jewish settlers going into the army and being told by the battilion rabbis that killing the palistinians is a good thing to pepectuate jewish culture ?

        this persecution of one group by another is being done with the support of the americans and the christian/jewish lobby.

        it was holcuast day on sunday, it was also the day to recognise all acts of genocide against all groups including the pliestnians. I had members of my extended family from the netherlands "disappear" during that dark period because we were jewish, and yet the behaviour of isreal today brings shame to the jewish victims of holocaust becsuse these acts are commited in ther name.

        i like the cartoon as it send an obvious message about isreals behavour, i would have added more by putting the ghosts of the holocaust in the wall because their honour and names is being used as well for the wrong purpose

        the anti semiticism being raised in this debate is being fuled by various groups playing the political game to cover up for isreals behaviour. it is hard for any jewish group or jews in general to disagree with isreal because of religon otherwise we are seen as religous traitors.

        isreal and the jewish community will find support for them descreasing over the years because everyone is seeing us as hypocrites. if we can't abide by UN rules then we can't expect long term support for our way of life.

        • JacksonPearson

          What exactly is the Israeli behavior that you mention?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The Arabs in Israel are larger in number than ever before. The same cannot be said for the Jews of Arab countries.

          There's your ethnic cleansing.

        • Eleanor Rigby

          If you're going to make completely ignorant and uneducated comments about the Middle East, you might want to learn how to actually spell the most important words such as: ISRAEL, PALESTINIANS, HOLOCAUST, etc!!

          I seriously doubt that you are Jewish, if you can't at least spell ISRAEL correctly!

      • Daryl

        your a bare faced liar ..

    • JacksonPearson

      What exactly are occupied territories?
      Oh yes, and when was the last time an Israeli took out a few so-called palestinians with a bomb belt?

      • Ray Packham

        They don't need bomb belts……. the IDF has shot dead 5 unarmed Palestinian young people in the last 14 days.

        • JacksonPearson

          Ahh, but you didn't mention the reason, or why for they were shot dead! The IDF usually uses rubber bullets, so there's a definitive reason for live rounds!

    • Daryl

      Very Well Said Richard …..

  • amazedfelix

    god's teeth, you are starting to sound like islamists out for cartoonist blood. the guy has an opinion wrong or right .. he should have the right..

  • Graham Monroe

    Exaggerated Semitic features?? Oh get over yourselves the principle features are the big ears and the daft comb over! It doesn't look Jewish it looks like a fat bloke with a comedy hair cut. Despite large anti Muslim sentiments in much of the UK the fact is a lot of people in the UK identify Muslim extremism as derived from the activities of Israel. Stop bleating and take a long hard look at how you have treated other people! Stop equating anti Israel with anti Semitic.

  • Muto

    He did many works humiliating politicians from left, right, prime ministers, presidents, kings etc etc and not a single soul from those parties said anything about it. Who the hell Israeli PM? God? Prophet? Untouchable? If he was a very nice guy he wouldn't be scared of visiting europe, asia, south amaerica.

  • Paul

    So many words spring to mind in reaction to this pathetic article but as ever, with pretty much anything that is written by someone blindly adherent to the tenet of a religious faith, the one word I would use would be "hypocrisy".

    I am however, largely relieved to see that others above (Graham, Richard, thank you both) have the wherewithal to react the way they have. It redeems my non-religious faith, in humans.

  • Robin

    People, just Google Gerald Scarfe's cartoons. EVERY politician he has ever drawn has grotesquely exaggerated facial features. Ted Heath, Margaret, Thatcher, Tony Blair all suffered hideous representation, but any Israeli leader must somehow be exempt from the same treatment? Get over it – it's political satire that you personally don't agree with. If you don't agree with the political point, argue it, but stop trying to shut down criticism by falling back on weak and entirely predictable boilerplate anti-Semitism accusations. Very poor.

  • Ghostwriter

    Basically,this cartoon attacks Israelis for wanting to defend themselves against a people who want to KILL them. Mr. Scarfe is an idiot. The Israelis are screaming for the deaths of Americans and others. The Palestinians do that all the time. Maybe it would have been a little more honest in which bloodstained Palestinians screaming with guns and knives for the deaths of Israelis. That's who they are.

    • Nathan

      Right, because stealing Palestinian land and removing them out of their houses at gunpoint is TOTALLY considered self-defense nowadays… And when that Israeli soldier bulldozed an American woman who was blockading a family's house from being knocked over, that was, I'm sure self defense. Or how about the time Israeli Commandos stormed that boat carrying emergency relief supplies for Palestinians, killing 9 and wounding dozens?

      You'd hate Israel too if you were Palestinian.

      • Thomas H.

        "You'd hate Israel too if you were Palestinian."

        Speak for yourself, please. But you obviously are an Israel hater without being a "Palestinian". Being a liar will do.

      • JacksonPearson

        Who's a Palestinian? Where did they come from?

        • olly

          look at history, palestine, in one form or another, was there before Israel.

          • JacksonPearson

            No they were not. Biblical history says different PERIOD

          • olly

            Biblical history. Thank you, you have just proved my argument. More like folklore really isn't it, not exactly factual and from reliable sources

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Arabs were not the native population. And the Islamic conquests came well after the Jews were established there.

        • AAA

          More to the point what is an "israeli" and where did they come from? Europe, Russia, Africa, India, Iran … very few with any actual ancestry in the land that they stole and occupy.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            An Israeli is a Jew. You know those people everyone hates.

          • Anti-Daniel

            Look at the poor jews, can't fend for themselves. Maybe thats why there so aggressive its just pure insecurity from being implanted into a land that did not want them. So how do the jews that everyone hates respond by attacking all and everything around them then build a wall and occupy. O ye they are that hated that one of, if not the, most powerful country in the world backs them financially and politically, wow i wish i was that hated maybe then someone would give me land and money and guns and let me do whatever i want even if that meant continuing a pointless bloody feud with no end in sight

      • HermitLion

        You'd hate Britain too, if you were Israeli. Great argument you had there.

        • AAA

          Hardly… Britain and the Balfour declaration gave Palestine to the Zionists.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Palestine is the Roman name for Israel. You can't give a land to its people.

          • Dave

            So your fighting yourselves if your going by your ancient roman terminology and your biblical 'History' if can be called history. So wat happend after WWII? Did israel exsist before it? Somehow i don't think you really know what your talking about

          • Eleanor Rigby


            Britain and the Balfour Treaty also declared JORDAN as the Palestinian homeland… Such a pity that Arafat and his cronies tried to assassinate King Hussein of Jordan and lost their welcome in their real homeland!

  • Efron

    The Israeli's do not deserve any consideration or sympathy. When they stop murdering Palestians and behaving in a manner not greatly different to the way they were treated during WWII, when they come to the table with the intention of bringing peace to the Middle East, and not furthering their anti-arab hate campaign, when they recognise Palestine as a legitimate State, then, and only then will they be worthy of a place on the World stage.

    • Ken Kelso

      Efron, even though their was never in history any state called Palestine governed by Palestinians.
      After all, the Palestinians are Arabs from the surrounding states, thats why before 1964, Palestinians were called Greater Syrians. 3 Times in the last 12 years, Israel offered the Pals a state, something no Arab or Islamic country ever did.
      Did the Pals want to end the conflict in the last 12 years? No
      I have 2 words for you. Palestinian Rejectionism.
      The Palestinians refused to end the conflict as long as it meant that they would have to accept the legitimacy of Israel as a sovereign, permanent country and neighbor. Only when the Palestinians extremist/rejectionist/supremacist attitude changes will peace really be possible.

    • Ken Kelso

      The Arabs continually initiate the violence. The Israelis have not fired the first shots.
      Do the Palestinians expect not to be fired back on? Its ok for them to blow up school kids on buses, shopping malls, disco's, pizzeria's and Passover seders.
      Someone please explain to me how the Israelis could possibly live next to such a violent people. I personally don't see how it can be done at this point. All I see is the Palestinians provoking war and using any method they can to get all of Israel.
      It seems that after 5 decades of terror and murder against Israel.
      The Palestinians might have realized that this campaign of terrorism and rejectionism has failed.

    • Ken Kelso

      There is a difference between terrorism and defense of innocents.
      Israel targets terrorists, Israeli civilian deaths are the Palestinians goal.
      Big difference

      Hamas and the PLO derive their legitimacy by killing Israeli secretaries and high schoolers.

      The Palestinians have raised an entire generation to believe that the highest aspiration in life is to kill Jews. The Palestinians are engaged in an unremitting campaign of targeted murder of women and children. When the Palestinians massacre Israeli school children on buses, and babies in baby carriages, they celebrate. They have raised an entire generation to believe that the highest cultural and religious value is the massacre of Jews. Through the Arabs hate, an entire generation has lost the capacity for humanity.

      • Ken Kelso

        ISRAEL which is defending itself against Pan-Arabism, Arab imperialism and Arabization of the Middle East - that is the "problem you dont like.
        The real problem is global Arab/Moslem insistence to spread hate, violence, wars, terrorism, lies, false accusations against Jews and reducing Jews to subhumans or second class citizens – slaves or servants – without any human rights.

    • Ken Kelso

      Efron, What do you think Israel should have done, seeing there civilians are being blown to bits by Palestinian suicide bombers, who are deliberately targeting elderly Holocaust survivors at Passover Seders, teenagers in pizza parlours, buses, disco's, cafe's and restaurants.

    • Ken Kelso

      Efron, Israel doesn't target civilians. That's an Arab specialty.
      Killing civilians never goes out of style for the Arabs, nor does Palestinians using civilians as human shields.

    • Ken Kelso

      I urge Efron to go on Palmediawatch and see the racist genocidal Palestinians he supports.
      Just google, Palmediawatch

    • Eleanor Rigby

      Efron, it's very ironic since you obviously hate Israel, that you should have the Hebrew name of Efron, which means "singing bird!" The "song you are singing" is straight out of anti-Israel Arab propaganda. Why should anyone recognize (Br.spelling: recognise) Palestine, when the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, many Muslim Brotherhood factions and a good portion of the Arab world have repeatedly refused to recognize the State of Israel and its right to exist in peace?

      On numerous occasions, Yasser Arafat completely declined the UN's offer of a separate state and refused to attend talks with Israel. So, you can blame Arafat for purposely destroying the best chance for a separate state of Palestine!! Hamas and Hezbollah want Israel completely destroyed and DO NOT want to live peacefully next to Israel! Arabs started wars with Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, and all throughout the 1980s-2000s. Please name me another group of people like the Palestinians that start wars, lose those wars and yet they still demand land, after losing the wars they instigated??!!

      • Olly

        Well then, i think your argument on Arafat is quite good, even though i do disagree with your overall point. The Arab states refuse to recognise Israel for many reasons but largely because it did not exist until the major European powers, and America, created it after WWII. If someone came to the USA and said this is no longer your peoples land this is ours, and all USA's counterparts said the same, i think many Americans would have something to say or do. But hey America wont stop the killings, look at the greatest genocide in history….. the forced removal and erosion of the Native Americans. If your looking for further hypocracy how about the American civil war, every state was given the right to secede from the union and when they did it they were told you cant do that, and what resulted was a horrific and bloody war of attrition. I am rambling here but my point is that both sides of the argument have pros and cons and both are partially to blame. This modern, almost honourless, world is full of hypocracy, people need to take a step back and examine the situation from different points of view. Otherwise we will go in circles like we have throughout history.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Two major kingdoms whose culture and way of life helped shape the world didn't exist until WW2?

          Tell me did England exist until WW2?

          • OMP

            Well that depends on how you define the word exsist? But England certainly did exsist before WW2 that is that the country now called England was occupied with people who called themselves English. Have you ever studyed history and not just pop-culture history i mean real history?

          • olly

            You not going to reply to any of the other points i made up there? O wait, you can't, you just like the one liners. Answer this then apart from your religious beleifs what is different about your argument than that of the other side? Why don't you and other jews lead by example and not just use a bigger hammer? O wait i know why the jews think there in the right becasue europe and america created them and o wait again America practically bankrolls the israeli army. Some nice financial and political backing there, almost gives you a free hand to do as you wish? Finally, seeing as you have again not commented on a point you can't win ill ask it again, forgetting the past who is more morally correct Israel or palestine? (Just thout i would let you know that saying yes and because i said so does not constitute a decent argument.)

        • Eleanor Rigby

          Olly, Arafat certainly has a lot to answer for and he destroyed the best opportunities for a peaceful resolution! Jordan gave Arafat help and the refugees shelter…Arafat repaid Jordan by attempting to assassinate King Hussein of Jordan! Lebanon also gave shelter to Arafat and the Palestinians… Arafat repaid them, by turning beautiful Lebanon into a terrorist war zone!

          I would suggest that you do some serious research as to who built and resided in Israel from the beginning of mankind to the present. Archeologists and geologists have been able to find the DNA and evidence of Jewish residents, temples, homes and cities that long predate both Islam and Christianity, by over a thousand years! Look at any map of the ancient kingdoms of Judea and Samaria… Here is just one for example:

          Unless the modern day Palestinians can trace their ancestry directly back to the Canaanites and Philistines (the probable origin of the word "Palestine"), then they are no more than one of the dozens of conquerors that forcibly removed the Jewish cities and took the land through war! Various Arab nations declared war against Israel all throughout history and they instigated all of the last major wars and intifadas. Each time they lost their wars against Israel, but still they expect land to be returned to them!! A return of land is usually given as a signed treaty with guarantees of peace and recognition for both nations. In an attempt for greater peace and security, Israel returned Gaza to the Palestinians. Hamas then killed their fellow Palestinians and took Gaza by force, resulting in even less peace and stability in that region!

          This war isn't 60 years old, or hundreds of years old, but it dates back thousands of years! Please go study the history of that region. Arabs own millions of acres of land and some of the Arab nations are the richest in the world… Not one of these nations is willing to provide an independent state for these people that are purposely kept as "refugees"? The same number of Jewish people have been displaced and are refugees of Arab nations, with no right to return, as there are Palestinian or Arab refugees of Israel. Many people all over the world will emigrate, because they are no longer happy with the government/rulers and no longer feel safe or wanted… That fact is certainly NOT exclusive to that region!

          Big clue to Palestinian loyalties: Arabs and Muslim people don't pray to Jerusalem, but to Mecca!!

          • Olly

            Hiy Eleanor, you do seem to be the only coherant and intelligent person on here who is pro-Israel and i respect your belief but please tell me how you can say they were Jewish residents? were you there? i happen to have studied archeaology and im pretty sure yoyu can only make an educated guess. Yes there temples may have been there but not that does not say how many jews there were and how many other faiths were there. All that it proves is that there were some jews there. can i suggest not to you so much to most people on here: THAT ALL HISTORY has a BIAS you must be aware of this and then assess the situation and make a informed judegement not just blindly follow – John Swift (One of my old Tutors)

          • Eleanor Rigby


            There have been numerous archeological and geological studies completed in Israel and all of the bordering land. In those studies, they were able to dig up the remains of some of the earliest dwellers and artifacts from those lands and there is significant proof of large cities that were created and populated by Jewish inhabitants in ancient times, long before Christ and the beginnings of Islam. This is not educated guesswork, but a combination of centuries worth of research, fact finding and documents left behind by all the people that have lived in the Middle East.

            Yes, you'll also find evidence of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans, Ottomans and numerous other conquerors of that land. However, you don't hear of too many Italians claiming the right to return to Israel, because their ancestor once ruled the land!

            The Palestinians that are claiming ownership of Israel and denying Israel's right to exist in peace, are most definitely NOT the original inhabitants of the land of Israel! Yes, history can be biased depending on which versions you choose to read. Scientific facts and evidence are much harder to alter and misinterpret. Until the State of Israel was established, that land was NOT open to all the major faiths for everyone to make pilgrimages to. Even if you're anti-religion, surely you will be aware that there are many others who will kill people on a mass scale, in order to protect their religious rights in the land of Israel. That is why Israel has never forbidden any other religions from openly practicing their faith, the way that non-Islamic religions have been banned in certain Islamic nations. I have many Arab friends who are Israeli citizens… They love where they are living and much prefer to live there, than anywhere else!

  • Badger2012

    The exaggerated Jewish features are in poor taste, but if you look at the actual policies of Netanyahu and his right wing Likud Party you'd realize this portrayal is not far off. The Israelis have essentially laid siege to the Gaza Strip, a fact highlighted by their raid of a humanitarian flotilla in 2010 destined for Gaza. They've created the world's largest refugee situation, penning in thousands of people who are stateless and thus have no recourse aside from pitiful rocket attacks against the Israeli military's attacks. Finally, the continued construction of illegal settlements in Palestinian areas makes Israel's goal clear — complete eradication of Palestinian lands for Israeli use, with no regard for what happens to the Palestinian people.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      What are these policies exactly? Closing the border with a territory ruled by a violent terrorist group?

      How much access do the Taliban have to London?

      • olly

        Ok lets try this i think your a terroist Daniel, does that mean you are one now? Not every country or person in the world views the palestinians as terroists. However, if i wanted to remove some people and i wanted to carry public favour how would i do it. O wait, i would downgrade and persecute the people i want gone, i would make the rest of the world think i was doing them a favour. Ring any bells??

  • boftudela

    "Gerald Scarfe can barely draw…" What a childish comment. Artistic ability is not a prerequisite for a cartoonist. How old are you? 12?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I'm honestly wondering if this is sarcasm or not.

  • guessed

    How odd: I just looked through Daniel Greenfield's posts and couldn't find any complaint from him about Scarfe's cartoon depicting Syrian leader Bashar Assadas a green, wraith-like creature drinking from an oversized cup labeled “Children’s Blood" as being disgustingly anti-Islamic. Why is that?
    Surely Greenfield couldn't possibly see that cartoon as being an attack on one particular person and their policies yet see this cartoon about Netanyahu (or indeed any cartoon criticising any Jew) as being anti-Semetic? Surely not, because that would smack of double-standards and say more about Greenfield's own state of mind than Scarfe's.
    As for 'Scarfe can barely draw': tell that to Pink Floyd or Disney. They thought him able enough to design 'The Wall' and 'Hercules', respectively. Or indeed British Post for issuing stamps of some of his caricatures, or the sets he's designed for BBC Proms, English National Opera and English National Ballet. I guess none of the above have the artistic talent Greenfield has.

    • Alexander Conorto

      Well written!!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I think we're all waiting for Scarfe's Disney Assad children's blood musical.

  • Nathan

    Sorry everyone, but criticizing the murderous coward Benjamin Netenyahu IS NOT anti-semetism. Get over yourselves.

    • JacksonPearson

      Who exactly has he murdered? Give us some names?

      • Kevin W
        • JacksonPearson

          Nice try moron…
          You mean like the one's that are taught bomb making from cradle to grave?

      • Olly

        Ha lol, what a shoddy defence u have there, "What names?" im sure if you went to what remains of palestine and asked that question you would get an endless reel of names. I am a recently graduated history student and all this political niavity amazes me the the western world needs to wake up. Double-standards! Comedy means no holes bared everyone and anyone can be the target, if you don't like it don't buy it but it has every right to be printed or said. If we say you cant say this or that then where do u draw the line??? "You can't say that, my cat will get offended" Get Real people Israel is an illegal country established by us, they have got to stop killing each other and just start again

        • olly

          P.S. I am not anti-semitic and do i feel the timing of this cartoonh is rather poor, but that does not warrant this kind of backlash

        • JacksonPearson

          Nothing shoddy about naming names. Either he/you can, or you're so full sh*t, he/you can't ? Which is it?

          • olly

            So now your defence is that because i don't personally know the dead palestinians they don't exsist. My god how tiny is your brain, i don't have the answers but surely death, destruction and segregation is not the way forward. And i have yet to meet a girl called Olly. But again pat yourself on the back for that defence, "If i can't see it, it's not real" Ha ha

          • JacksonPearson

            Oh PULLEEEZE, don't even attempt to lecture me on my defense of, or the Middle East. The BS argument by Islamic apologists, scholars and so-called Palestinians of occupied lands are worn out and thin. Because if I were me running Israel, I'd give them a thirty day eviction notice to vacate, and go home. Game over!

            The whole Palestinian cause got shot down years ago when Egyptian born trouble maker Yasser Arafat was thrown out of every hoist country they landed in. Why?…Because other Arabs knew better of who they were, and where they came from, and most of all, their worthlessness. So Gasbag Yasser and his tribe of squatters scoots over and resettles in the Holy Land, stirring camel sh*t every foot of the way. And that's exactly what's still there…squatting, worthless, human camel dung. BTW ignoramus, your hero Arafart died a billionaire while his suicide bombers lived in squaller.

          • olly

            My hero Arafat, lol. You do not know alot really do you. And why so aggressive, did i touch a nerve there, maybe its yours argument that is BS! or whatever other American slang you wish to use. Well if you knew history at more than a childs level you would understand. But there in lies the problem, both sides are so entrenched in their hatred of the other that there will be no change. Ok lets remove everything from the past, who is more morally correct on a daily basis? The palestinians of whom many struggle day-to-day, or the Israeli's in relatively modern and prosperous country, protected by a bloody wall! Hmm sounds rather medieval to me. Both jews and islamists, christians, yanks and brits everyone needs to reassess their view of israel and this conflict both are wrong and beating each other bloody will just breed more hatred.

          • olly

            I think that you think im trying to demonize israel, well im not i have no need to the propaganda machines of both sides do all that to both parties. All im saying is that the situation now is not right, and that things should change but if you look at the FACTUAL history from RELIABLE sources the palestinians do have a right to be there and maybe you do too but that doesn't mean that your 'right' is more important than theres. I never once mentioned the wider middle east or arafat btw so you've already placed me in the camp you wish so this argument has been rendered useless because of your inability to comprehend a different point of view from what your most likely spoonfed all your life. Anyway enjoy and peace to all!

          • olly

            I did right two replies but they have been removed, if you can somehow read them you will see there not offensive, quite objective i think. O well, at the risk of this being removed as well ill repeat the point i think caused issue, the bible and most religious texts are NOT fact or from reliable sources.

          • Your Brain

            p.s. wow i meant, write there*

  • James Dyer

    Many Jewish people would look at Scarfe’s cartoon and just think it crass, ignorant and rather pathetic, but to release it at a time when the deaths of 6,000,000 Jews are being remembered by the Jewish community is blatantly anti-Semitic, the cartoonist, his editor and all who think it is based on harmless political satire should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    • piko

      My grandfather been torture. And prosecuted. For helping Jewish people in Poland du war but what Jewishppeople are doing now with Palestinians? Exactly same what Germans where doing with them lock in ghettos and extinct

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Really? The Jews are murdering millions of Arabs?

        Please tell me more.

        • Olly

          im starting to see you don't reply to the comments you can't answer, im going to guess you are firmly in one camp on this argument, ur not trying to be a good journalist and tell the facts you just want to spew propaganda well you have joined the many already mere puppets in the whole debacle. Enjoy! :)

    • AAA

      Sorry, criticising Israel at any time is considered *cough* antisemitic. Funny the Zionists could not stop the Palestinian Holocaust on the "Holocaust Day" – did they lift the siege on Gaza? Did they stop building settlements on Palestinian Land? Did they allow Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes? Did they recognise Palestinians as fellow humans with equal rights? Did they stop denying the existence of a Palestinian state? NO! Shows the Zionists have not learnt anything. Their hand wringing over the sacred Holocaust day is nothing more than self serving self pity.

  • Andrew_C

    Scarfe is not an idiot, or antisemitic. He is one of the greatest political cartoonists of our time and just telling it like it is. Being victims of a genocide does not excuse committing genocide and it’s time the Israeli people grew balls and stopped using the Holocaust as a shield for their actions.

  • PMc

    Actually there's a truth behind the cartoon – the Israelis are running an apartheid state that discriminates against a significant proportion of the people living in the region.

    • Eleanor Rigby

      Do you actually understand the real meaning of an "apartheid state," such as existed in South Africa, before their independence and freedom from apartheid?! During the current Israeli elections, there was a record turn out for Arab Israeli citizens that are political leaders in the Israeli Knesset!! That defines a democracy and NOT an apartheid state! Israel actually allows people that are opposed to the State of Israel to vote in their elections…. That would not be allowable in a real apartheid state!! You have obviously never been to Israel and know nothing about the country!! Please do a lot of research first, before making comments about places you have no real knowledge about!

  • Guest

    well, the cartoon is quite accurate actually, the truth can be offensive….

  • KLS

    It would be a great disservice to the many, Jews included, who have died in the world's holocausts to use their memorial as a reason for not pointing out subsequent injustices. Shame on you who use their suffering to stifle criticism of the Israeli government.

  • ben

    how ignorant you fools are, this is not anti semitic, and it makes me laugh how quick americans are to use this word having forgotten was an extremely anti- semitic nation it was for generations.

  • Michael

    In 1948 Einstein could criticize the party of Begin as "closely akin… to the Nazi and Fascist parties". Ben Gurion could criticize the behaviour of the Stern Gang as Nazi acts.
    Where are the great Jews of today who are not afraid to speak truth to power? Drowned out by a well-orchestrated chorus of lick-spittle propagandists maybe?
    The problem with abusively labelling every critic of Israel as anti-semitic is that reasonable and disinterested observers, instead of being cowed by such bullying, might start to think that, if telling the truth about fascist Israeli behaviour is anti-semitic, maybe one should accept the label of anti-semitism as the price for speaking up. History is full of examples: English people who criticized the Catholic church under the reign of Queen Mary during the Reformation were labelled heretics. Every educated Englishman still remembers Latimer and Ridley, who were burned at the stake for speaking up for what they thought was right, but who today remembers Bishop Gardiner who was behind their persecution?

  • Book

    Honestly depicting the zio-extermination of Palestinians is "hate speech".

  • Bob Hunter

    Surely this is anti-Israel / Netanyahu, rather than anti-Semitic.

  • Alex

    Just a quick point. The very first point this article makes is completely invalid, I've just done a quick google search and found the big red nose, and huge ears are actually a stylistic feature of the artist involved.

  • Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

    It seems to me that many of you protesteth too much.
    Are you denying the underlying truth of the cartoon.

    (As far as the simplicity of creating such cartoons go then Scarfes success over many many years speaks for himself. As far as the columnist here goes, I had never heard of him till today)

  • dave

    It's just a cartoon. You might consider having as much outrage for the land grabs and the deaths of Palestinian children.

    • Eleanor Rigby

      Dave, you obviously have no problem with Hamas, Hezbollah and other PLO factions keeping their rocket launchers right next to women and children and using their own families as human shields? Do you have a problem with the Muslim vs Muslim killings that are currently occurring in Syria and Egypt? Or, do you only have a problem with Palestinian children dying, when you wrongly blame and accuse Israel??!! When the Palestinians and their allies all finally accept Israel's right to exist peacefully, only then will you have true peace and the end of the killings of innocent civilians.

  • cameron

    A little bit 'missing the point'. Was it really anti-semitic or do you just want it to be?

  • Mark Williams

    Every time someone brings up the subject of Israeli subjugation of Palestine, the Jewish people play the holocaust card. Instead, it would be better if Jewish people spoke out against Israel

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And then perhaps the Muslim people can speak out against Islam.

  • O-Dog

    Some seriously touchy people getting upset over a cartoonist who upsets someone or other every single week. Anyone who thinks that the cartoon is a statement on Holocaust Rememberance must be unaware that Israel held elections last week. Cartoonists use crude and unforegiving satire daily, and to claim that the point being made about Netanyahu's election win is somehow a message on either all Israel, or (gasp) all Jews is seriously missing the point. Stop being so darn touchy.

  • steve abbott

    The reason the cartoon resonates with both sides of this argument, is because it contains an essential truth. Netanyahu is a murderer (as is Obama and our own British Premier of course), and Israel is an oppressive, apartheid and murderous state (if your one of its neighbours or a Palestinian). One doesn’t get to see many similar cartoons about the Swedish prime minister for instance. Perhaps it would be a better use of their time and energy, if those supporters of Israel on this thread, used their outrage to urge that state, and its prime minister to behave in a more civilised, just and humane fashion.

    • Eleanor Rigby

      Steve, you're a complete ignorant hypocrite that rants about Israel, while completely ignoring the murderous atrocities that are currently being committed in Gaza, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, etc. Far more Muslims are currently being killed by their own fellow Muslims, than Israel has ever killed!! Do you not care about all the innocent Islamic people that are have been recently slaughtered in Syria… Where is your supposed moral outrage over hundreds of thousands of people that have died there…. Instead, all your political hatred is towards Israel, which is NOT slaughtering their own citizens like Syria or Egypt!!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Everyone is a murderer except the terrorists.

  • John Mc Writer

    This is not antisemitic. That Netanyahu is Jewish is incidental. It's like saying that a cartoon satyrising Obama is racist, or one depicting Tony Blair is anti-Christian.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Some can be

  • stephen

    anything that gets the truth out and educates people, the UN condem Israel but do a bad job letting everyone know how they treat the people they stole land from.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The ends justify the means.

  • mikado43

    Gerald Scarfe has said he was not aware the cartoon was going out on Holocaust day. I do not understand this. What happened in the Holocaust washorrendously evil on an epic scale. Six million Jewish people died as well as many gays, union organisers, gypsies and many minorities. The holocaust was about ethnic cleansing. It was racist bigotry.
    Surely therefore it is right to identify modern day ethnic cleansing and racist bigotry as equally abhorent is important and to do so precisely on Holocaust day is pertinent. Holocaust Memorial is about the horrors of racism no matter who commits it or it means nothing. That is not just bigoted and racist hypocrisy in itself. That would be to dishonour the millions who perished.

  • haywardsward

    " Gerald Scarfe can barely draw…"

    As others have commented he is both a great draughtsman and cartoonist.

    Who as such has brought to public attention the foibles, shortcomings and downright bastardry of those who would like to be thought of as the great and good.

  • Anam

    It's a shame that the critics are comfortable to protect the freedom of speech when it comes to depicting offensive pictures of the prophet Mohammed pbuh yet someone like bentenyahu who is a war criminal – and everyone classes it as anti-semetic. Anyone who knows Scarfe – the guy draws pictures of all politicians from left/right. Its about time the politicians of Israel realised the hypocrisy of everything that is Israel. We sympathised with your plight and the holocaust but you cant get away from the fact that you are doing the same to other unfortunate human beings. you are classifying all palestinians as hamas and evil. isnt this what hitler did with the jews. remember history has a habit of repeating itself. we dont need more hatred in this world. we should love each other as gods people.

  • Jimmy Jones

    brilliant satirical cartoon summing up Israel's role in the world, and it's untouchable status if anyone dare so criticise their genocidal regime, for fera of being labelled an 'anti-semite'. Surely not I hear you cry, as Palestinaisn are true semites, whreas most jews occupying Palestine are not orginal genetic Jews !
    Shame on Israel, and yes on Holocasut memorial day, this cartoon is made to shame all the Jews who support Israel's evil, aswell as exposing israel for its own holocaust of palestinians. Instead of commorating Holocaust day and realising such evils must not be repeated, Israel oppressed others just as they were once….and so it is fitting that this cartoon is shown, to shame this behaviour up pointing a finegr at Israel and Netanyahu….not the Jewish innocents from the past…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Don't forget the Jews also run all the world's banks. And its gas stations.

      • Olly

        HaHa i just lost that last little bit of respect for you. You make no real argument you are as bad as the muslims you so obviosly hate. Why dont you try remove yourself from the situation and show some empathy and resolve issues instead of effectively saying, your wrong im right and vice versa

  • Pat nevin

    Most people here in the uk have had no negative contact with jewish people only positive, You would never see jewish children running around the street or hanging out in gangs! Other people of all religions should look up to them as perfect role models. So I would like to say to them all in the community please ignore this stupidity and well done to all of you ps. I am a catholic and its time we all learned to live together in peace.

  • JMS

    What a load of overheated tripe! Those looking to stifle free speech will always try to smear valid opinion by discrediting it (in this case as predjudice – this cartoon was meant to be contraversial and confrontational, in order to promote debate about Israel's treatment of the Palestinians at a time when we are remembering Jewish suffering at the hands of 'Nationalists' and 'Opportunists'. In this it has succeeded. Israel will never be able to feel secure until it deals fairly with it's neighbours.

  • Pedro

    Israel is founded on a biblical myth. It's really ALL Palestine

    • Eleanor Rigby

      If so, why is there NO mention of Palestine in the Quran (Koran)? Why doesn't the country or region of Palestine exist on any ancient maps before the Roman era? Who ruled ancient Palestine and what was the capital of Palestine? Why do places like Jerusalem all have Hebrew names that exist on maps from thousands of years ago? Why are the names of most West Bank cities (like Bethlehem, Jericho, etc) and towns that Palestinians now claim, all have Hebrew names dating thousands of years before Christianity and the beginning of Islam! Why is Israel and Jerusalem (both East & West) mentioned in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the birthplace of the Jews and Judea?

      Before making your incorrect comments, you might want to do a lot research!

      • Your Brain

        Well i think you shoud look to the Hindu's they outdate even the jews! I don't think there are many survivng maps from the pre-roman era. Also if the bible or Quran was written today it would be seen as propaganda, that is what it was then. It was Designed! to spread the faith, written by members of said faith who im sure would not want to demean their religions place in history

        • Eleanor Rigby

          Your Brain:

          You might want to visit more museums and search through all the wonderful archives that are now available online! The Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Vikings and other early explorers all have surviving maps that are from before the Roman era!

          Even if you totally ignore what is written in all the holy books of each faith, you can't deny DNA that is found in bones, or all the Jewish artifacts dating back to the very earliest settlements of Israel, right up to present day times!

          On the other hand, Jordan was supposed to have been the homeland given to the modern-day Palestinians, by the British and the UN! Please ask the Palestinians why they're not at war with the Hashemite Kingdom, which conquered their ancient homeland of Jordan?

          • Your Brain

            Hmmm i thought faith was a choice, its not in your blood. i could be muslim one day and jewish the next how would they tell that from DNA? so there goes that argument. there are not many maps from pre-roman world well ot many western maps anyway and if youd seen these maps youd properly know why they don't go into lots of detail. Please tell me where do u read your history? is the person jewish by chance? and because britain and the un said it does not make it right, they were the ones in the wrong why do u think they don't stop israel, its guilt weighing on them.

          • Eleanor Rigby

            Your Brain:

            Please engage YOUR brain and study how DNA testing and carbon dating of bones and artifacts is done. There are specific genetic marker differences in all the people that resided in ancient Israel and have now been exhumed. Also burial rites were extremely different, depending on which religion was practiced. So, yes, they can tell the difference between the Jews and other residents that have been exhumed in archeological findings in Israel.

            I have studied the various versions of history that have been offered by all the sides that have been fighting over Israel and the land bordering it. After studying all the different opposing claims to the land, I don't think that the Palestinians have a valid enough case to claim all of Israel as their own. This is especially true when it comes to Jerusalem, which has always been a unified capital of Israel, throughout all of history! Even if you were born in a land, you don't get automatic rights to live there as a citizen… Many people worldwide have lost or given up their citizenship, due to fights with their own governments and refusal to live within the laws of the nation they were born in!

            When compared to the Sudan, Syria, Mali, North Korea and many other nations, the West Bank is far from oppressed and is a paradise compared to most war-torn nations!! Gaza is in the situation it is because the corrupt and evil terrorists of Hamas stole the land from the Palestinian Authority and turned it into a pariah terrorist state that no one can invest in or trust!

            Your Brain, since you also have another user name of "Olly" for this website, you seem to be very obssessed about the topic of Israel. I suggest you take a trip to Israel and all the surrounding countries, before condemning the place, as you continually do in every comment you have made under both of your user names! Go explore Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, etc, and talk to people who have lived there and get all the opposing opinions and diverging arguments, before making decisions for a country YOU DON'T ACTUALLY LIVE IN!!

  • Edward Gilstrap

    Knee-jerk, thin skinned paranoia of the first order. Get things CLEAR; anti- Israeli feelings DO NOT equate to anti-Semitsm. Israel is a state which operates outside the international law and cries 'anti-semitism' every time their nasty militarily enforced expansionist policies are criticised. Meanwhile, Western powers addled by a misplaced sense of guilt pursue a 'hands off' policy… and their intelligensias who supported Rushdie and the Mohammed cartoons sit on their thumbs; utterly gutless. The term 'Appeasement' springs to mind….

    • Olly

      Indeed, i think the whole situation stinks of appeasement, and as we have throughout history, humans will ignore past mistakes and eventually this 'appeasement' will be viewed with similar distain to that of Chamberlain in the build up to WWII.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Oh spare us

      Israel's territory has been steadily shrinking for the last twenty years. Expansionist policies my ass.

      • Olly

        ok how much territroy did israel have in say um 1935? or and date pre 1945, so really your not doing bad even if it is shrinking you still got it at someone elses cost

  • edward Gilstrap

    And don't forget that the Jews do not have exclusive rights on Holocaust suffering; how about the 1915 Armenian genocide which Israel has never recognised because it is more politic to keep Turkey as an ally

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Talk to your Muslim allies about that.

      • olly

        muslim allies ha your a racist as much as the your "enemies". Both as bad as each other! just a shame innocent people have to die for the actions of old men brainwashing their followers.

  • Martin

    Was this article written by a child?

    Scarfe is a satirical caricaturist, he draws caricatures, caricatures exaggerate people features, of course this picture has exaggerated semitic features.

    It's a legitimate satirical cartoon not anti-semitism, so what if it was printed on HMD, are we not allowed to point out other human rights violations on this day?

  • HJ Mawson

    Disgraceful to criticise Scarfe's cartoon as anti Semitic. The Jews are not above criticism. Who cares what day it might be? Wake up and see the damage Israel is causing its own people and others by pursuing its own version of lebensraum!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Israel's territory has been shrinking steadily. That's the opposite of Lebensraum.

      • olly

        not really lebensraum is generally interpreted as meaning living room. so what you have non-living room?? Israel is the next fascist empire, and i tell you this i will be among the first to stand alongside a man or woman from any faith against fascists!

  • Anthony F

    At what point does criticism of Israeli politics becomes anti-Semitism?

    From a Western perspective Scarfe's drawing appears to be a straightforward political attack on Likud and it's leader, and the negative reaction seems to verge on hysteria and to rely on some frankly wilful misinterpretation of the image. There's no credible reference here to a notion of "blood libel". Scarfe is certainly saying that Israel is responsible for spilling Palestinian blood, but in the name of politics not religion. The risk presented by the violence and nature of the opposition to this cartoon is that it reinforces a growing opinion that anyone disagreeing with the policies of Israel will be shouted down as anti-Semitic.

    The cartoon is certainly one-sided, simplistic, provocative and visceral, that's because it's satirical DNA comes from the line of Hogarth and Gillray. It shares nothing with the repetitive, bigoted stock of anti-Semitic cartoons common in the Arab press.

  • Willie

    This is legitimate political commentary. Israel should end apartheid in the occupied territories. Wake up.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The only apartheid is in your imagination. Israel is far more open to minorities than the Muslim world.

  • British

    Surely you "open minded " right wing reasonable people recognise the universal right to free speech or is it because the topic matter is about Israel?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Like the right to make movies about Mohammed?

      • olly

        Yep, finally i found sumit i can agree with you on, but your supposed to lead by example not stoop to the same level. Someone on here said jews make good role models, well then if they can't handle any criticism of Israel without crying racism then i somehow don't think they are good role models

  • James Cohen

    I disagree. There is a wall, that is beyond doubt. I don't think that the picture is anti-semitic, it could just as easily be Putin being drawn there. Also, while the timing of the drawing is, to say the least, unfortunate, I don't think that excuses Israel's behaviour. A more rational approach would be helpful before we drop the serious charge of anti-semitism.

  • MikeC

    To those unfamiliar with his work, Scarfe regularly draws cartoons with images of blood and body parts in them. He has targetted Arab leaders in exactly the same way. Unfortunately the Jewish lobby will not tolerate any criticism of Israel.

  • Ian

    Then take down the illegal wall and let the palestinans have food, water and access to their land. What has been dealt to the palestinans by the israelis and america will be remembered as one of the worse crimes on humanity in recent history. Artists will tend to seek to point out acts of inhumanity.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      When walls come down, suicide bombings go up.

      You may not have a problem with that, but the people who get blown up do.

    • Eleanor Rigby


      It's apparent that you have NEVER VISITED the land of israel and the West Bank! There is plenty of food and water and no one is starving there! Compared to what is currently going on in Syria and the Sudan, the West Bank is an absolute paradise! Go visit there and actually SEE FOR YOURSELF, rather than repeating the same old left-wing lies about Israel and the West Bank. If no one attacked Israel with terrorist attacks, then that wall wouldn't have ever been built in the first place…. If the enemies of Israel ever decide to live in peace, then the wall can be dismantled.

  • Ben

    Netanyahu has no Jewish nose. His facial features are clearly East European not Semitic.

  • DisgustedOfTunbridge

    Daniel, you continue to miss the point – maybe it's deliberate.You would do better to spend your time writing a properly researched article addressing the valid criticisms raised by all the commenters on your hypersensitive piece above and then advise us all when you have.

    However, if writing an intelligent, thought provoking article is beyond you, why not just slag off each commenter individually with the usual hackneyed old phrases. No wonder the extremes (political & religious) on both left and right (though the right does have the slight edge) attract such intellectual minnows.

  • olly

    Ha i actually only just read your article all they way through, trust me it was hard, pure propaganda and like you say in said article "proapganda by repetition" well then i think if your read the comments you and other pro-Israeli people have made there be a bit of repetition against the muslims, all of palestine is terrorist etc etc etc

  • Anti-Daniel

    F**K the lot of you! Bloody hate filled ignorant and arrogant a***holes, im talking to the proprietors of this website and daniel geenfield in particular, YOU and people like you are the reason for the entire situation in the middle east and Israel, i think most British with a brain just want the jews and muslims to shut up and get on with living instead of killing. RELIGION IS THE SINGLE CAUSE MORE DEATHS THAN ANY OTHER WAR OR GENOCIDE. Wake up people religion was how we explained what we didn't know or understand, i refuse to believe a person who follows an organised religion can be intelligent or at least unbiased. YOU'VE GOT YOUR AGENDA, BUT YOUR WORSE THAN THE MUSLIMS AT LEAST THEY TELL US THERE AGENDA< YOU JUST KEEP THE TRUTH HIDDEN! W*N*E*S!

    • Anti-Racist

      What religion were the Communists?

  • Mike

    Jewish WEBSITE PEOPLE!!!!!!

    • Mike

      all you gna get it is propaganda

    • Anti-Racist

      Bigotry is always a winning card

  • Scott

    Death to all organised religion :) that'll be the day. Faith is good but not organise and outdated religion

  • JacksonPearson

    What region are you talking about? Israel proper, or the lands that were won in battle?

    Better yet, when was the last time you looked at, or have read any Biblical history to know what the hell you're even talking about?

  • Murungu

    If You look at scarfs work as a whole you'll see he has written cartoon such as this about pretty much every figure the world press deals with. The cartoons are always grotesque caricatures. It does seem that others who are satirised by these cartoons take it in the way intended, and understand it is part of the price of freedom of speech to face ridicule. It's odd that the Jewish press scream anti-semitism at the slightest provocation. It's a statement on what Israel as a state is doing. Surely it would be better o look at Israels world reputation at the moment, the way it is perceived. If isrealis don't like and agree with the cartoon, what needs to change for their country to be seen in a better light?

  • objectivist

    This man is known to have very controversial and thought provoking cartoons. This article is incredibly biased and i believe untrue. This is not an anti Jewish or Israel cartoon and definitely doesn't depict the prime minister in a stereotypical way. Its making a statement that Israel IS without a doubt committing war crimes against many innocent civilians. I am in no way supporting Hamas or its actions but Israel is still responsible for the death of many palestinians and everyone in the media ESPECIALLY the press is incredibly pro-israel and only defends their actions without question. Unfortunately Israel is in an incredibly difficult spot and doesn't have any easy way out.

  • Gita

    I have been surfing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.

    It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  • Nancy

    Disgusting anti-SEMITE.

  • Chris Thompson

    Netanyahu has blood on his hands and it’s right that he should be ridiculed and held to account. Scarfe is not an anti-semite, and there’s nothing anti-semitic about this cartoon. Politicians should not be immune from criticism.