Londoners Sign Muslim Petition to Mutilate Girls Because “It’s Their Culture”


Political correctness has won. Civilization has lost.

A Londoner who suffered female genital mutilation has warned that political correctness is hampering the fight to stamp it out after asking people to sign a fake petition in its favour.

Leyla Hussein, 32, said many were scared to speak out against FGM because they were worried about criticising another culture.

She decided to conduct an experiment to see “how crazy political correctness has become” but was left in tears by the end.

Approaching shoppers with the petition supporting FGM, she told them she wanted to protect her  “culture, traditions and rights”.

In only 30 minutes 19 people signed it with some saying they believed FGM was wrong but because it was part of Ms Hussein’s culture they would add their names. Only one person refused to sign.

Ms Hussein, who was cut when she was seven in Somalia, said: “Four women held me down and cut my clitoris. I felt every single cut. I was screaming so much I just blacked out.”

“I kept using the word ‘it’s just mutilation’. They were like ‘yes, you are right’. How can anyone think that’s okay?”

She added: “FGM is not culture, it is violence. Stop using the culture word. This is happening to children. We are human beings, we can’t watch children being cut, I don’t care what culture you belong to.”

People have been so trained to ignore their common sense and moral instincts when the right liberal buzzwords are uttered that they are capable of participating in the worst crimes.

  • Adrian

    Barbaric Practice.

    • BS77

      England is suffocating in its own insane agendas. Liberal socialist England is on the road to ruin.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        They get worse every time I look.


        What do you expect from a compromised country which released the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 – on “compassionate” grounds – the compassion for BP to win Libyan oil contracts.

      • Scientiae et Patriae

        You should see Sweden my friend. You are not even close to the cultural devastation we have here.

  • raf
  • cacslewisfan

    This is what happens when Western civilization is destroyed. It has been cowed, beaten, shamed, silenced, and sued to death. The vacuum left behind sucks in every horrific long rejected barbarity. No one can judge anything because there is no standard to judge with. The worst part of all is that in a generation or two our children or great grandchildren could be the ones perpetrating these unthinkable horrors. God have mercy.

  • cheechakos

    Slice up genitals ,force children into sexual slavery,behead soldiers in the street…..nothing will wake up demented liberals.
    They are the walking dead.

    • cooktimo

      …. angry, violent, murderous, evil, cruel, sadistic, vicious, MAD DOG, demonic, terrorist bastards …

    • Gayle Schermerhorn

      No wonder the Zombie programs or shows are so popular.

    • DB1954

      We need more Muslims here, don’t you think? Obama and Hillary do.

  • truebearing

    It seems that there is a direct link between moral relativism, political correctness, and the lack of compassion, or conscience. Once a person is confused into believing that there is no objective “right” or “wrong,” their ability to empathize evaporates and they become decidely more narcissistic. Right and Wrong are the poles of the moral compass, without which there is chaos and the reign of evil. It is a realm that Leftists and Muslims long to rule over.

    To those who have no mercy, no mercy will be shown.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    This reminds me of the supposed “democratic elections” monitored by the likes of Jimmy Carter as being even more “inclusive” or “legitimate” than our own.

    He watched men march their families to the polls, instructing them how to vote and in some cases physically ensuring compliance. How is that democratic?

    Women are treated like property, not people. And we condone it because political correctness has conditioned most Westerners to respond in certain ways to certain kinds of rhetoric while ignoring the underlying ideas and implications.

    We’re becoming a nation of idiots because we’re not that far behind Europe in this regard, especially in certain cities and regions.

    • Gee

      The fact is that for some bizarre reason leftists believe one person, one vote, one time is some form of democracy. Ballots are not democracy – they can be part of it, but to the left they constitute the whole

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Even if the multicultural blinders have to be worn to view the ballots as legitimate.

  • Ross A Lloyd

    Muslim men – hunt em k…. ..

    • cooktimo

      …. … don’t allow them into civilized Countries, deport the ones that are already in. Let them stew in their own fucked up world …

  • Ross A Lloyd

    I wonder if my novels “Soul Saviour”, “Get Emily” and soon “For Anastasia’ will have an impact on this PC lunacy in future…

  • Manaphy

    Jewish rabbis cut off the tip of a boy’s penis, and then performs oral suction (exactly what it sounds like) on it, yet no-one complains about that.

    • Higlac

      It’s only the foreskin (which covers the tip of the penis), NOT the actual probe…

    • UCSPanther

      Does that turn you on, you freak?

      I wager it does, by the way you and your ilk obsess over it…

      • Manaphy

        I wouldn’t know, because I don’t belong to the tribe. Unlike you.

        • UCSPanther

          Yep. We have another dim-witted antisemite here.

          Don’t try to worm out from it, because we all know you are a David Duke fanboy.

          • Manaphy

            Yep. We have another dim-witted Jewish Supremacist here.

            Don’t try to worm out from it, because we all know you are a Pamela Geller fanboy.

          • UCSPanther

            What a lame comeback. That all you have?

          • Guest

            Where did you get those clothes? At the….Toilet store?


      The foreskin is NOT the tip – you ignorant Sack of SHlTler.

      • Manaphy

        Still doesn’t explain why teh Jew performing the circumcision has to suck the baby’s penis afterwards.

    • DownTurn

      It is not mutilation when we do it.

      You are a rabid anti-semite.

      • Scientiae et Patriae

        “It’s not genocide when we do it”.

        You are a rabid anti-white.

        • Manaphy

          “You are a rabid anti-white.”

          Is there any other kind of Jew?

    • defcon 4

      Hey muhamMAD, I don’t know if you noticed (it might be difficult if your only sexual contact is w/muslime dancing boys), but a clictorectomy is not the same as circumcision. If you think hard enough you might even figure out why all on your own (but I doubt it).

    • Tony Jacobs

      “Jewish rabbis.” As opposed to Christian, Muslim or Hindu rabbis?
      Your ignorance betrays your racism.
      FYI, the circumciser is called a Moyel and is not necessarily a rabbi. Circumcision has been practiced by Jews for over 3500 years and doesn’t seem to have done us any harm. The vast majority of Moyels are qualified medical doctors, who then train to perform this ancient
      and sacred act. There’s still a small minority that practice the ancient way and suck blood from the incision, as it was done for the 3300 years or so, before the advent of modern medicine.
      Lastly, please remember that there is a small but significant number of men who have a clinical need of circumcision. I’ve never heard of a Jew being traumtised by an event that took place when they were 8 days old, but I dare say it’s a different story for a grown man.

      • Scientiae et Patriae

        They don’t admit their traumatization because they are too culturally brainwashed to think for themselves and have an own opinion.

        That or to scared to react because of retailiation from family and friends. Nice culture you got there mister.. Real tolerant.

        • diverjimk

          The results of circumcision and FGM are vastly different. Males can still experience “sex to the max” without a foreskin but what woman can experience “sex to the max” without a clitoris? I don’t have a foreskin anymore and I don’t remember losing it. Much different than that of a girl of seven who WILL remember!

  • cooktimo

    … angry, violent, murderous, evil, cruel, sadistic, insane, vicious, MAD DOG, demonic, terrorist bastards …

  • Danny

    Whatever else it may be, political correctness is cowardice. But it is very disturbing that 19 out of 20 people signed this petition. At one time, England spread good values (including courage) and civilization throughout the world. How disgusted would those Brits of previous generations if they could see their descendants today!

    • Gee

      When was that? During the 1930s and 1940s when they aided Germany in their genocide campaign? Or was it when they where establishing their empire around the world for the 14th-20th Century?

      • defcon 4

        Pakistain and Bangladesh were a lot more civilised under British rule than they are now.

  • Jason

    We live in an age of fear. We have become too scared to stand up for the most basic of rights. Enough is enough. No more fear. From now, whenever I hear of this cultural relativism crap, I’m calling for what it is. Barbarism.

  • David of Edinburgh

    Relentless insidious political correctness and the rationally unhinged morons that push it are producing a nation of moral cowards

  • Jaded

    Liberal issue? I believe that ANY cutting on a child done for cultural or religious reasons is barbaric. Unless it is a lifesaving medical need it needs to wait until the “person” can decide for themselves. And I am a liberal!

    • Jason

      I know many people who do this to their sons as a preemptive measure. I know personally at least one case where the boy was not circumcised, and he had to deal with a very painful infection under the foreskin due to improper cleaning. Personally I don’t remember my circumcision, and if I have a son, I know he won’t remember his either,

      • Jaded

        Whether they can remember it or not, their body is still being permanently altered without their consent.

  • NoCircumcision

    Shame Jews and strange Americans still insist on mutilating boys in a similar fashion. I wish I could get my foreskin back after having it stolen from me, unable to consent to a ridiculous, religious ritual.

  • Tony Jacobs

    “They don’t admit their traumatization because they are too culturally brainwashed to think for themselves and have an own opinion.

    That or to scared to react because of retailiation from family and friends. Nice culture you got there mister.. Real tolerant.”

    So you assert that an 8 day old baby is deeply traumatised by circumcision, but is either too stupid or frightened to ever mention it to another human being, even a non Jewish wife, friend or psychiatrist? Over a 3500 year period? Not only that, but they also managed to influence millions of non-Jews (including the British Royal Family), to perform the same act on non-Jewish kids and none of them complained either? Because they were afraid of what exactly? Who do you think is intimidating Prince Charles?

    And exactly what fact(s) do you base your theory on?

    Nice dose of rancid bigotry you have there. No sarcasm intended.

    • Scientiae et Patriae

      According to your description everything should have the go-ahead just because the child is young and can’t remember or wait, just because the royal family (lol) has done something it’s considered okay? What world are you living in? So we can start amputating other body parts of infants as we see fit?

      There has been practices well over 3500 years of age like your own that has been abolished due to the fact that it is barbaric.

      What century are you living in? Just because something has been in practice forever doesn’t mean it’s acceptable behavior.

      And about the matter as whole. The problem of tolerance isn’t mine. It’s yours for as soon as someone criticize your ways the first thing that comes to mind is pulling up the racist card and frankly anybody who does that today has in my opinion lost the debate. Now go cry me a river.

      • Tony Jacobs

        You disingenuously avoid the point. If you re-read what I’ve written, you might understand. I’m happy to discuss facts, but I won’t go along with your bigotry.
        I see plenty of young children and the occasional baby, with ear studs. Should the parents be criminalised for this? I hate ear rings and have a loathing of all types of body piercing, but I wouldn’t argue against a parent’s right to “beautify” their child if they so choose.
        Just because something is a biblical commandment, doesn’t mean that it’s old fashioned and useless. Thou Shalt not murder, Thou shalt not steal and Thou shall not lie are all biblical prohibitions, along with Honour your parents. I don’t know what sort of society you want, but I like those old fashioned rules and want to keep them.

        The reason that circumcision is so prevalent in many western countries is rationale, based on mathematical fact: There are far less instances of problems when babies are circumcised, than there are problems occurring later in life when they aren’t. And putting right a problem like that in an adult, is far more traumatic than circumcising an 8 days old baby. ask any circumcised male adult?

        As for me playing the race card, I think you are projecting your feelings onto me. Where exactly did I mention race in my post?

        Now go drown in your river.

        • Scientiae et Patriae

          So the foreskin grows back? Like a piercing does? And all this thing about free choice.. Is that only for everybody else? You mutilate your children in the name of your fate! Crazier things haver happen sure, but when the turn eighteen and they say: Daddy I want my foreskin back, do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel proud about your faith? Man, you are hilarious!

  • DB1954

    Well the Brits brought all this on themselves since they continued to vote for leftist traitors like George Galloway, who, in his role as facilitator of mass Muslim migration into the UK, turned England into a 3rd world dump on behalf of the the most pig-ignorant, uncivilized, barbaric savages on earth–the Muslims.

  • Courtney

    Similar fashion? No… sorry but no. If you’d had the head of your penis cut off then perhaps it is comparable. FGM can include removing the whole clitoris as well as sewing up the vagina. Not comparable to foreskin. In saying that, I also disagree with male circumcision. Any ritual mutilation for religion is heinous.