Main Suspect in Benghazi Attack Survives Car Bombing

While it would be nice to think that someone with half a brain in the CIA just decided to slip ten grand to a Benghazi militia to try and get the job done, this is more likely about rebels factions trying to avenge the murder of Major General Abdelfattah Younis. Which just means that locals  stand a better chance of taking revenge for a murder, than the US under Obama does of bringing them to justice.

Libyan Islamist leader Ahmed Boukhtala on Monday (January 7th) claimed to have survived an assassination attempt in Benghazi.

“One person was killed and another was wounded as they were planting a bomb in my brother’s car with the aim of assassinating me,” he told AFP about the Sunday night incident.

Boukhtala is accused of involvement in the 2011 killing of General Abdel Fatah Younes. Media reports have also implicated him in the deadly September 11, 2012 assault on the US mission in Benghazi.

Boukhtala has been freely walking around Benghazi, despite that whole “murdering four Americans” business. But it looks like someone tried to take a whack at him for the murder of Major General Abdelfattah Younis. And they failed. But he has more to worry about from other Libyan rebels than he does from Obama.

  • JacksonPearson

    Nothing like hearing about Allah's soldiers mud wresttling each other. Let's hope the cess pool get wider, deeper, and smellier.

    • AdinaK

      It was more than likely a power struggle between jihadi factions.

      Benghazi has so many twists and turns that the blow back involves double, triple crosses and then some. But most intrinsically, the U.S., under the Islamist-in-Chief, created a minefield and NOT to the benefit of American/western interests –

      IF not for Barack HUSSEIN Obama Benghazi would not be on the radar.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

      • JacksonPearson

        But it's still good news when they're doing drive-by-shootings against each other, in their own neighborhoods, instead of bomb belts against humanity.