Maine Struggles to Cut Off Welfare for Somali Migrants


Somalis have made Somalia a very pleasant place to live. Between the Muslim militias shooting at each other and the amateur hyena psychiatry sessions, it’s  perfect. That’s why most Somalis are getting the hell out of there and moving to other countries that they can remake into Somalia.

There are Little Mogadishus all across America, but few places have been hit as hard by Somali Muslim migrants as Maine whose generous benefits system is struggling to cope with the Somali settlers.

Lewiston Mayor Robert E. MacDonald has written sharply about the Somali welfare invasion and its impact on Maine natives.

Today in Maine our legislators make sure that money is available for those who flock to Maine, many with their GPS programmed for Lewiston, to obtain the generous welfare benefits offered by our caring Legislature. But for 3,100 of our most needy, those who cannot survive without assisted living, the funding for home- or community-based care is not available.

Then we have the asylum seekers. They come from Europe, Asia, Africa, North or South America. They obtain visas to enter our country. They must declare why they are seeking entry (education, seasonal work, etc.), and further declare that they have a place to stay, money to cover their stay and a home to go back to. Once in our country, they suddenly declare that harm will come to them if they return to their country of origin.

An investigation into their claim is initiated by the federal government. This investigation takes many months to complete. In the meantime, housing, clothing, medication, food, utilities, etc. must be paid for, as they have no money. The federal and state government will not pick up their expenses.

How do they survive? On the forced funding by local taxpayers. But no funding is available for 3,100 of our most needy.

Now Maine governor Paul LePage is trying to shut down the Somali settlers’ free lunch.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s administration has proposed a rule that would prevent asylum seekers from getting cash assistance.

The Republican governor’s proposal for the General Assistance program would impact new immigrants who aren’t citizens and aren’t official refugees. The state says it doesn’t know how many people would be affected.

Critics say ending funding for the program will force communities to provide basic needs for asylum seekers through soup kitchens and emergency shelters.

It might, but if they do a bad enough job of it, the Somalis might get the message and search for their promised welfare land somewhere else.

But you can’t just stop feeding stray dogs or racoons. The moment you do that, the lawsuits begin.

A legal advocacy group has warned city and state officials that a proposed rule change at the Department of Health and Human Services could cut off benefits to members of Maine’s immigrant population.

Robin Merrill, a senior policy analyst with Maine Equal Justice Partners, met with members of the Portland City Council and the legislative delegation on Monday and talked about a proposed rule change that could cause some members of the immigrant community to lose general assistance.

“This would be devastating for Portland and for Lewiston,” Merrill said.

The Somali settlements in Maine are devastating for Lewiston and all of Maine.

Maine has gone from having no gang members a few years ago to having 4,000 of them. Mainahs have gone from thinking of gang members as something they saw on COPS to something they see when they look out the window.

Vacationland now hosts the True Somali Bloods and the True Sudanese Bloods who spill each other’s blood to find out who has the truest blood of them all. In Lewiston, Somali flash mobs attack natives. In Bangor, a Somali gang is at the heart of local crime.

Somalis are slowly turning Maine into Somalia.

  • DaCoachK

    I thought all these immigrants were “doing the jobs that Americans won’t.” It seems that they are “taking the welfare that Americans haven’t gotten to yet.”

    • DogmaelJones1

      “It seems that they are taking the welfare that Americans haven’t gotten to yet.” Don’t you mean: “It seems that they are taking the welfare that Americans haven’t been reduced to yet”? Because if Obama & Co. keep taking our money and our liberties, being reduced to relying on government hand-outs is in all our cards.

  • Drakken

    You should go to Mpls and see what they have wrought there. Where ever the 3rd world goes in America, it turns it into the 3rd world. I can’t wait until our politicians give amnesty to 20-40 million illegal future democrats, it will get really interesting from there, the left will not be happy until they get the Balkanized America it wants.

  • guest

    “We support our Somali neighbors”

    but do the Somalis support their neighbors?

    “We are one people”

    Really? Is there intermarriage? Do they attend the same social groups such as the Elks, the Eagles, the Odd Fellows, The Optimists Clubs, …?

    These people are deluded.

    • Marv Ack

      They’re doing what they need to do, in order to create for themselves the illusion that they’re holy. They imagine shiny little halos over their heads, and that one day God will say to them, “Oh, you’re so much BETTER than everyone else. Even better than me!”

      Seriously, I’ve known people like this. They truly believe that they become superior to the rest of us when they deny reality about the differences between groups of people.

      • The boss

        I believe because they do not live nor do they interact with what the government brings over to Blue Collar Americans

  • Dixon

    If trends continue in 50 years there will be NO majority White countries on earth. Yet Africa has over 50+ all black nations. Asia will remain totally Asian. And that will be true a century from now. It is White countries and ONLY White countries that are being flooded with non-Whites and it is EVERY single White country. Diversity is White GENOCIDE and Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White

    Google: STOP White Genocide

    • Sir Kevin

      When that happens I say we go over and take Israel. They get a lot of our tax dollars, and 98% of this mess could have been averted if we never let them get in charge.

      • AlanfromNY

        Kevin, you moron, this articles is about a Muslims doing what they do best, leaving the hellholes that are hellholes for the sole reason that they are populated by Muslims, and invading western countries to turn them into Muslim hellholes. But being the single-minded devotee of Nazism, you narrow-minded asshole, the answer to every problem is ‘it’s the Jews fault.’ May you die a painful and lonely death, arsehole.

        • Meathead

          Sir Kevin is just showing his British ignorance that he acquired from watching and listening to Piers.

          • AlanfromNY

            Well, I’m not sure if he’s showing off his ignorance or his attempt at Muslim taqqiya (lying to infidels). As the expression goes, if the only tool you have is a hammer, treat everything as a nail. Thus it is likely that Kevin is so much of an anti-semite that he sees Jews as the cause of all problems, even those that are clearly Muslims. Not too different than Obama blaming all his problems on Bush.

      • kikorikid

        Oh its POME this and POME that said files on parade.

      • Just My 2 Cents

        You are one sick puppy sir kevin.

    • Meathead

      Our economy may not make it for another 50 weeks, much less 50 years.
      When the “goodies” end, there will be mass rioting and looting. Of course, many store owners have ample firepower to protect them, their families and their merchandise. Try to come into my business to loot and there will be a large pile of bodies blocking the doorway.

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    Hmm…lemme see…

    Importing Stone Age African Muslims into New England…

    What could possibly go wrong??

  • Jakareh

    I’m sorry to say, but we are past the point at which what ails America could be solved by political means, and the more a non-political solution is delayed, the more hardship its implementation will cause.

    It’s entirely possible, of course, that Americans will not act but remain passive. In that case, it is a certainty the country will continue s

  • Don Robertson

    The Governor’s race has begun in earnest.

    I see Elliot Cutler is spending big for online advertising with GOOGLE ADS!!!

    That’s the way to win NEW friends in Maine, Elliot. Spend the money in Maine? “No,” says Elliot Cutler, “Google gives me a much better deal. So I support Google with the campaign contributions I get.”

    Let the games begin. I am 100% behind Paul LePage. Why? Because Maine is Maine, not Massachusetts or Washington D.C., that’s why.

    I even wrote a song about why I am supporting Paul LePage. It’s posted on YouTube. And I challenge those who support another candidate for Governor to write a better campaign song, and post it on YouTube as a response to my own talking-song.

    Don Robertson, Limestone

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Critics say ending funding for the program will force communities to provide basic needs for asylum seekers through soup kitchens and emergency shelters.”

    CORRECT!!! Turn them away when they misbehave. Allow them to understand the differences between charity and entitlements. Arrest them and deport them whenever the expose their bad character.

    Or turn them away when they show up with no money. The applications we use for visas (to enter USA or any NATO country AFAIK) have provisions to document funding. So how does this BS happen?

    I have a feeling the state department is lax about certain individuals. Let’s just say they don’t want anyone in the world thinking of the USA as “Islam-o-phobic.”

  • GSR

    Mass immigration folks, that’s a huge problem. Especially under our Marxist-Mooslim Boy in Chief, who has the State Dept. and ICE “favoring” non-White immigrants, in order to purposefully lower the percentage of White Americans in the population and especially in the voting electorate.

    • AlanfromNY

      The question is HOW DOES CONGRESS GO ALONG WITH THIS?? Why in god’s name are we importing our enemies – those who attacked us on 9/11 and for 30 years before???

      • Meathead

        Because they vote (illegally) for Dumbocraps??

      • D. G.

        Good question !!

  • catherine maneker

    Work???? Is that a possiblity???

  • AndyTexan

    It is hard not to have a touch of Shadenfreude at the picture of idiot, progressive Mainers turning their backwater but safe state into a little African hell-hole. It serves them right for foisting their imbecilic politicians on the rest of us (think Angus King, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe).

    • AlanfromNY

      Good point, Andy. It’s always easy to be liberal when the problems liberalism creates are paid for or suffered by someone else. But Liberals weak point can be ascertained from the statement “I was in favor of ObamaCare until I found out I was the one that had to pay for it!”

  • SpeedersKill

    We need to end all asylum. It’s just a way for unskilled third world illegals to stay here and live off americans. Obama’s aunt zeituni is an example.

    • AlanfromNY

      The concept of Asylum, when applied to Muslims is absurd. They are seeking asylum from . . .. Muslims!! How stupid are we to accept this idiocy? It’s like having sympathy for the kid who murders his parents and asks for leniency because he’s an orphan!!

      • Meathead

        Excellent analogy. Thanks.

  • SpeedersKill

    We need an absolute ban on allowing entry of anyone from africa.

  • Observer

    The negro race is an inferior race, and third world vermin will always be jealous of us. It is time for a violent revolution in this country, while we have the numbers on our side. White liberals are traitors to their race, their country, their civilization and their communities. It is time for war, a real war. I hope America finds the will and the courage soon.

    • kraychik

      Another gutless white trash leftist pretending to be part of some militia waiting for the armed revolution hiding in anonymity. Few things are as detestable as you confused Democrats-at-heart who are so deluded to actually think you’re a part of our team. Go join your fellow rats at the DNC who are doing what you want them to do – destroying the black community through the socialist policies you’re obviously sympathetic towards.

      • AlanfromNY

        You make it sound as if the socialist (welfare) policies are somehow specifically targeted at destroying the black community. Is there some provision that makes blacks more welfare-worthty than whites? No, Kraychik, the black community is responsible for its own irresponsibility and lack of morality. No one else is responsible for the black community’s outrageously high out-of-wedlock rate, which is in excess of 70%, or for the black community’s acceptance of ‘gangsta rap’ or their lack of educational achievement.

        • kraychik

          Contemporary welfare policies in the 60s emerged as social policy targeting black underachievement, as at that time blacks were more eligible for these “benefits” given their lower rates of income and net worth. These programs were and continue to be heavily marketed towards blacks, and of course this has contributed greatly to black dysfunction (including the destruction of black families you mentioned above). What you don’t seem to understand is that public policy affects the social/moral sphere of society. While I am certainly not trying to absolve individuals and groups of their own responsibilities towards themselves, you seem to be the one ignoring the role of public policy in contributing to thissocial corrosion – primarily among blacks in America.

      • Drakken

        You haven’t been to Africa have you? The same tribal mentality that is prevalent there is prevalent in our black dominated areas of every western country they inhabit, get with the program, multiculturalism and diversity are a recipe for Balkanization, and it never ends up well. Unfortunately for you and others of your ilk, you and yours will find this out too late.

    • Sir Kevin

      My dog often dreams of each white American going downtown to these slums and give the first black their batwings and then go home and never say another word. My dog says if that would happen, we would all be better off. I don’t know if the dog is on to something, or if he is just one psychotic puppy.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    PC multiculturalism, in which both major political parties in America are married to, run amuck! All Muslims, regardless of country of origin are non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists. Furthermore, they will also never ever assimilate and integrate because to do so constitutes blasphemy, which is a capital offense in Islam.

  • Robert C Beals

    STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLES WHAT MADE YOU GIVE IT TO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE why would let them scummy asshole here anyway

  • kilfincelt

    What many fail to realize is that Muslims feel entitled to welfare payments. They see it as a form of the Muslim tax on non-Muslims known as jizya.

    Furthermore, all of us should give a big “Thank you” to Obama for making sure that Somalis received preferential treatment in entering this country. Too bad that he has not done the same for Middle Eastern Christians.

    • The boss

      You got it. But please remember Bill Clinton Started this mess and his ugly wife is thinking of running in 2016.. Please remember this election time

  • Rob

    getting really tired of these freaking jungle bunnies

  • cacslewisfan

    I wonder how long it will take for us to have a problem with khat? Coming soon to a community college degree program near you: Non-Western traditional medicine taught by professor A. Hyena.

    • knowshistory

      khat is not nearly as toxic or as difficult to get rid of as the islamic scum our dear givernment is maliciously importing to genocide us. bty. the “i” was a miskey, but i decided to let it stand. a government would protect us from invading genocidal enemies. our givernment is giving our country away, and not even getting 30 pieces of silver. they are paying our money to our enemies to colonize, oppress, enslave, then genocide us.

      • Drakken

        Trust me when I say, when skinny is high on khat, they are suicidal and will still charge into gunfire like moths to a flame. I can’t wait until we get a nice case of little Somalia in one of our liberal do gooder cities.

  • bob e

    we are all in for a beating it seems. as soon as barry o’fraud spends
    all the money, blood will freely run where ever his people reside. spreading
    all over like gruesome ink blots of blood..

  • Bev Schewanick


  • knowshistory

    they ARE doing a job that americans dont want to do, but are perfectly complacent about our government importing foreign enemies to do: FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM america into an islamic hellhole of crime, perversion, slavery, then genocide. we would not be able to do it without our dear muslim invaders. we voted for it in 08. we again voted for it in 12. we are getting it, good and hard.

  • KunTewk

    See these white fools in the photo above ? They should be forced to support these Somali invaders, in their own home, living with their OWN children.

    • Meathead

      Wonderful suggestion. If you really want to help them, take them and support them and provide for them. Declare this and watch the White idiots run far from the situation.

    • Nutless Blunder

      Leftist, libtard, pole smokers and fudge packers.
      Let’s see them take some of these subhuman monkeys into their homes.

  • Meathead

    They flee from the evil in Somalia only to bring, and spread, the evil here. Islam and the Constitution are diametrically opposed. Keep the Mus-slimes in the Middle East and Africa and out of America.

    • kikorikid

      The Somalis practice FGM in every city they have settled in.

  • John

    refugee Resettlement Watch appreciates Mr Greenfield’s work even if the trolls like Justquitnow do not.

    Maine: Rule change could reduce welfare for some immigrants

    Update December 29th: Be sure to see Daniel Greenfield’s article on Somalis and welfare in Maine at Frontpage magazine.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And I appreciate RRW’s valuable work

  • Janet

    Kick their sorry behinds back to wear they come from.

  • Nutless Blunder

    Filthy, subhuman muslim vermin, turning another American town into an africoon sh!thole. Just like my beloved Kenya.

  • cougarman01

    Poster being held by brain dead Liberals. Train dogs to stiff them out send the poster protesters with them for deportation.

  • Jeff Davis

    I’m moving to maine

  • The boss

    They need to GO. I give Mr. McDonald credit for going against the bleeding hearted Americans. These are not people that want to better themselves. Look into Sweden and see what a wonderful job these Somalian people did to that once Beautiful Country.They are Islamic extremist most of them and never will adapt to the American way of life nor do they want to. Most Europeans say that they destroyed many beautiful towns. Americans come first especially our men and women of the service that are returning to a very bad economy I bet there will be little help for them.

  • jeanie6

    Catholic Charities and Lutheran do gooders grab their gov. bucks, stick these Somali square pegs into round holes and contaminate our communities. Then the rest of us have to subsidize them and their misfit progeny from then on. Keep the creatures on their own continent where at least they have a chance of assimilating.

  • ck

    Well….why not just create a donation fund…like the one that was used for Haiti…and use the money to send them home, and pull the visas because they received them under false pretenses. I know I would donate.

    The situation is only going to get worse if something isn’t done soon. People will not want to spend their vacation dollars in Maine. The “safe” feeling will die.

    If these people do not want to become a part of the culture….then they should go home. It would be better for everyone.

  • Shadow

    Come here, live here, adapt to the AMERICAN way, not your backward stone age life, don’t like get out…

  • Jerry Seinfeld

    One somalian high schooler was recently arrested for raping a girl