Man Banned From D.C. For Protesting Obama Inauguration

Obama Inc. has chosen to go after the Second Amendment, why not the first as well? It’s open fire season on the Bill of Rights.

Rives Miller Grogan, an anti-abortion protester, climbed a tree to protest during the inauguration of Obama 2.0. And the police didn’t have much luck getting him down.

Police said that they tried to talk Grogan out of the tree before Monday’s ceremony began, and then turned to the fire department for a ladder. The fire department’s truck couldn’t fit through the security barricades, and Grogan climbed higher when police brought their own ladder.

Officer Shennell S. Antrobus, a U.S. Capitol Police spokesman, said officials decided to leave Grogan in the tree until after the swearing in to avoid disruptions. Police said he came down on his own after five hours.

So naturally he’s been charged with doing a bunch of things that he didn’t do. And he was barred from Washington D.C.

The California man who climbed a 40-foot tree and screamed anti-abortion slogans during President Obama’s inauguration ceremony reportedly has been banned from the nation’s capital.

According to WTOP, a D.C. Superior Court judge told 47-year-old Rives Miller Grogan that he was no longer allowed in the District except to return for his next hearing on Feb. 25.

That’s one way to keep someone from protesting in D.C. Ban him from the entire city. And an important point to be made here is that…

Who wants to bet me that Mr. Grogan would be in the same boat if he’d been agitating for gay “marriage.” Or gun control?

I recall a high school history teacher describing a Soviet practice that declared dissidents “Minus 1″, meaning they couldn’t enter the city of Moscow. Or “Minus 10″, which banished them from the 10 largest cities in Stalin’s Workers’ Paradise. “Minus 50″ effectively gave you a one-way ticket to Siberia.

Obama’s Amerika has it’s first “Minus 1″ dissident.

I’d like to imagine that if George Bush had declared a protester, Cindy Sheehan perhaps?, as persona non grata in our nation’s capital it just might have made the evening news.

Not all protests are created equal. Nor are the civil rights of all people equal.

  • BLJ

    The Obama brownshirts at your service.

  • AdinaK

    A tyranny in the making and of piece with their fiddling with the Constitution –

    And First Amendment rights are no longer a given –

    NO longer the land of the free…the home of the brave.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Ghostwriter

    I've got a feeling this guy's going to be in the middle of a HUGE lawsuit.

  • JacksonPearson

    So now a man wearing a silly long black ugly dress, can ban an American Citizen's movements, within the United States? Where's the congressional outrage?

    To avoid the above abuse, our founders wrote the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution as being our guaranteed Bill of Rights. But I never, ever could find out who the surety bonding company is, that does the guaranteeing to those Rights? /S

    It appears that any appointed, elected official, or judge, that takes an oath of office to defend our laws and U.S. Constitution, can poop all over it, with impunity. Something is terribly wrong!

  • Justice1

    Where's the ACLU in all of this? Not a peep on their website… i guess they can pick and choose who's right to protect. Maybe they should update their webpage under their "freedom of Speech" section outlining a fact sheets of the Bush adminsitration's oppression of free speech during presidential events. At least no one got banned from a city.

  • PJG

    Is that Pagan Amum holding the man back..?

  • Ghostwriter

    I smell a lawsuit here and this guy would be justified in doing so.

  • gladys

    He will be on a missing person list somewhere more than likely…….I hope he has a good place to hide out.

  • TiredOfTinfoilHats

    What is it like seeing conspiracies everywhere you turn? What is it like to live with this level of paranoia racking your brain? How about you try actually contributing something to society, rather than stoking unfounded fear.

  • Glenn

    Consider joining a civil lawsuit against Mr. Grogan. Many people paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars in travel and related expenses to hear this once in a lifetime event. He clearly interfered with the rights of hundreds of people to enjoy this event, and he refused to stop interfering despite numerous requests by both police and event attendees. This has nothing to do with his views or right to free speech – this is simply a matter of how his actions irreparably harmed many people. If you agree, Like this comment and help it stay at the top of the Comments, or better yet, start gathering plaintiff names!

    • logprof

      Nothing to do with his views?

      Again, if he had been pleading for gay marriage or gun control, would he have been banned from DC?

  • Mike

    I was there, this guy was completely out of line. He endangered himself and others, and ruined a once in a lifetime event for hundreds of nearby people in the crowd. He did all of this knowing full well there would be significant consequences. I flew from North Dakota with my eight year old son to attend the inauguration. This man's vulgar and non-stop screaming certainly ruined our experience. Banning him from Washington fine with me.