Mandatory Exercise for the Obese Comes to the UK

Here’s the thing about free health care, once you get it, you are no longer free. The cost of free health care is too much for both the giver and the receiver. The giver tries to find ways to cut the cost of free health care by rationing how much the giver receives and by trying to control the giver’s behavior so that he needs less health care. The cost of free health care for the giver is the economy. The cost of free health care for the receiver is his freedom.

And remember what is policy in Europe today, will be policy in America in 5-10 years, if the left maintains its grip on power in this country.

In a move proposed by the Westminster council, obese claimants could see their benefits reduced or increased according to how often they attempt to work out.

The measures are advocated with the idea that preventative health measures will save lives and money. Westminster council leader Philippa Roe said, “This report contains exactly the sort of bright, forward-thinking and radical ideas that need to be looked at,” according to BBC.

Radical ideas are always a good sign.

Indeed, because obesity increases the risk of various conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, the Department of Health estimates that it adds a burden of £5.1 billion, or about $8.3 billion. This cost is only set to increase; according to Reuters, the United Kingdom is the fifth most obese country in the world.

And well 8.3 billion dollars buys a whole lot of Orwellianism.

The proposal was contained in a report called A Dose of Localism: The Role of Council in Public Health, and contained measures like allowances for physicians to prescribe swimming lessons or fitness classes. The move would be enforced by the use of smart cards, which would record every time a person checked in to a public leisure center.

Alex Thomson, the chief executive of the think tank Localis, said that the law would discriminate against people who choose to exercise in private. “Even if you check into the pool how will they know if you just sit and have a latte in the café instead?” he inquired.

Or if he gave the smart card to someone else instead. So there will need to ankle bracelets with GPS tracking on everyone with built in heart rate monitors. It will save lives and money. And make 1984 real.

  • joe bean

    This morning, the Labour party in the UK are proposing that everyone who is long term unemployed be guaranteed a job. Somehow. And it was delivered with a straight face.

    Perhaps they're thinking of employing them in the Ministry of Truth rewriting history?

    • tagalog

      It's a short step from the government guaranteeing employment to the government setting up labor camps.

  • Spikey1

    Aside from the medical savings, obese people have been proven to:
    Emit larger quantities of greenhouse gasses such as co2 and methane.
    Consume far greater quantities of finite resources like; space, air, water, french fries, and soap.

    The savings alone, to this home we call Gaia, are reason enough to get obese people moving a bit more.


  • rightwingcanadian

    we should have listened to George Orwell about this kind of stuff.

    • tagalog

      "OK, everybody down to the city square for the 3-Minute Hate!"

    • Thomas Wells

      British authors gave us 1984,Animal Farm, and Brave New World. Unfortunately , English Literature has now been replaced by Diversity Language Arts.

  • tagalog

    Well, at least there's some daylight to be seen in this proposal: If every British citizen simply refuses to work out, there'll be no national dole. Maybe if people develop some sense of resistance to the perception that government can control the lives of its citizens if it is involved in some sort of subsidy, they'll decide that government subsidies have their dark side and refuse to be part of that particular type of public welfare scheme.

    Vain hope, but maybe…

  • BS77

    Other proposals include mandating government bureaucrats to monitor anorexics and compile records of everything they MUST eat. Each portion of fish and chips will be entered into the gigantic date bases of the New World Order Comprehensive Human Oversight Program. Children will be monitored for vegetable and fruit intake. Smokers will be put in isolation camps until they submit to electric shock smoking cessation programs. Those with disablities, mental or physical will, of course, be eliminated from all medical care as the State will gain nothing from helping them. Obese people will have to walk ten miles for each hamburger…twenty miles for a dessert……their bowel movements will be monitored for content by the Movement Oversight People's Committee…reporting going directly to the National Council on Bowel Movements and other Phenomena. Big Government for Big People.

  • Thomas Wells

    It is quite obvious that England needs to work on it's dementia problem.

  • FPF

    No wonder that white females in UK are assaulted and Muslim men are taking the credit because they are obeying the new exercise law.

  • How High?

    He who has the gold makes the rules.

    You take government money will ask "How high", when the government says jump.