Max Goes Mad Over Israel

blumenthal-560x280In 1948, The Nation featured a column about the growing conflict between Israel and the Arab powers which warned that “The strength of the [Arab] league is based on the suppression of all progressive movements and civil rights at home”

That was then.

Now The Nation Institute has decided to publish Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, a book which the magazine’s own reviewer, Eric Alterman, no friend of Israel, wrote could have been published by the “Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club.”

But not all the reviews were bad.

Glenn Greenwald, who defended Hamas, called it, “eye-opening and stunningly insightful.” Stephen Walt, who claimed that the Jews controls America (in a thesis he originally published in the house organ of the Saudi Lobby), wished Blumenthal could write for the New York Times.

Charles Glass, who once wrote that “Gaddafi could learn much about crowd control from Israel’s security forces”, praised it; as did Charles H. Manekin, who has written that boycotting the Jewish State “may be the best hope for liberal Zionists who haven’t given in entirely to ethnic loyalties.”

Goliath should be recommended to liberals who haven’t “given in” to their shameful ethnic loyalties and know that Israel is worse than Gaddafi, Hamas and Assad put together and must be boycotted to within an inch of its life (a policy popularized by the Arab League and Saudi Lobby). It not only makes a great Nakba present, but can also be wrapped in a brick and tossed through the window of a Jewish store.

The perfect target audience for Goliath would be The Finkler Question’s Merton Kugle who “had ruined his spine and all but worn out his eyes” searching for racist Israeli goods at the supermarket to boycott and had taken to shoplifting Israeli produce and carrying it around in his coat pockets until it rotted.

Kugle may be fictional, but his real-life counterparts make up most of the small numbers of protesters denouncing Israel, alongside younger recruits from various campus Communist societies. Their academic careers create the illusion that they represent some larger consensus outside their airless rooms where they debate how to best destroy a country that they know, despite their hate, will outlive them.

These are the old men with clenched teeth and dead eyes who are always on the lookout for Israeli produce to pocket and the next enfant terrible of Jewish Anti-Semitism to promote.

A few years ago it was Peter Beinart. Now it’s Max Blumenthal.

Blumenthal’s Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel has little life in it and a great deal of loathing. It’s a cheap screed full of Jew-baiting chapter titles like “How To Kill Goyim And Influence People” that uses some of the narrative techniques of journalism, but would probably even be rejected by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club for hating too much.

Goliath isn’t really about Israel. Like everything that Max Blumenthal writes; it’s about him. In Goliath’s lopsided version of reality, David isn’t really the oppressed Muslim terrorist firing anti-tank rockets at Israel school buses or killing Jewish babies with sniper rifles.

Max Blumenthal, privileged son of Sidney Blumenthal, a Clinton aide, is the David who battles the Israeli Goliath.

Blumenthal braves the perils of an Israeli airport “With bated breath I wait for the loud thump of the metal visa stamp when it meets the pages of my passport,” lectures Israeli leftists on everything they’re doing wrong by not listening to him and singlehandedly “loosens the blockade of suppression of thought and discussion on the subject of Israel-Palestine.”

That’s quite a feat.

Blumenthal begins Goliath by talking about himself and never stops. Even as he babbles on about his privilege and entitlement, it never seems to occur to him that his entire narrative is an exercise in both. Max Blumenthal attributes his “privilege” to being an Ashkenazi Jew in the racist Zionist devil state. Most sensible readers will put it down to being the spoiled brat offspring of an important father.

Goliath exists in an alternate universe in which Israel isn’t fighting terrorism, but going on a killing spree motivated by racism, religious fanaticism and a desire to eat puppies. If Max Blumenthal were reporting on WW2, the story would begin with an armada of American bombers flown by demented murderers hopped up on war propaganda bombing the unarmed and innocent National Socialists of Berlin.

And that’s exactly how Goliath begins, as an Israeli F-16 “roared across the sky” and launched a missile at a bunch of Hamas terrorists who lie “writhing in pain, their uniforms stained with the flesh and blood of their comrades.”

From the first page, it’s obvious where Max Blumenthal’s sympathies lie. It’s also obvious that he missed his calling writing for soap operas.

Goliath isn’t just overwrought; it’s downright hysterical. Like a werewolf, Abbas “howls” in the throes of “militant histrionics.” The even eviler Netanyahu “stumps through fever swamps” as an “apocalyptic” “prophet of doom” and Israelis cheer as their army “exacts blood vengeance on the enemy.”

Like a street corner demagogue, Max Blumenthal blares everything at his shrillest pitch, certain that he will lose his audience the moment they begin to think about what he is saying.  And so the wars of a region that go back centuries and millennia are reduced to Blumenthal’s bad suspense novel in which nothing exists except the moment and Jewish villains borrowed from Goebbels prance on stage.

It’s the same hysterical tone of Blumenthal’s Republican Gomorrah transplanted to Israel. Shrillness is the only journalistic trick in Blumenthal’s book. He turns up the volume to eleven to compensate for his inadequacies as a journalist and a writer. And all the while he accuses the Israelis, in the shrillest tones, of being shrill murderous hysterics who live on a diet of Arab blood and murderous biblical passages.

Goliath is tiresome, which may be one reason why even many anti-Zionists are panning it. It’s too nakedly cynical, too obviously a screed pandering to the worst impulses of the Merton Kugles and too immersed in its own hatefulness to be taken seriously by anyone else.

Max Blumenthal revels in the political pornography of violence, lovingly describing every mutilated corpse and announcing each political development with all the subtlety of a car alarm. But subtract the hysterics and morgue photos and all that’s left is a rant with the context deliberately stripped away.

Every negative item that fits Blumenthal’s agenda is assembled into a distorted narrative that has a funhouse mirror relationship to reality until David becomes Goliath and Goliath becomes David.

Goliath is the literary equivalent of those bloody photos of children that both sides in a war brandish for propaganda purposes. They’re awful, but they don’t actually tell you anything except that someone is playing on your emotions instead of giving you the whole story.

Despite Blumenthal’s pretense of telling a new story while “loosening thought blockades,” Goliath is full of the same Israel-bashing stories that appear on a regular basis in the mainstream media.

When the BBC and Time can publish stories based on a completely false report that an Israeli Rabbinical court had sentenced a dog to be stoned, it’s obvious that no malignant story about Israel can fail to find a place in the media.

What Max Blumenthal brings to the table in Goliath is not journalism, but uncompromising hatred for Israel. In a media environment where every fake “Jew Stones Dog” story goes to the top of the heap, the fake journalists like Max can only distinguish themselves by setting aside the pretenses of journalism.

And that’s what Max Blumenthal does.

Blumenthal knows his audience well. It’s those bitter old men with coat pockets full of stolen rotting fruit who want the raw product. And it’s the Eric Altermans, the liberals who are hostile to Israel, who are eager to shine a light on him so that they seem more reasonable by comparison.

Max Blumenthal isn’t reasonable. He’s a coiled-up ball of hate in the way that only a malignant narcissist can be. Max hates Israel for the same reason that he hates any number of things that aren’t him. Israel’s real crime is that it exists and stands in the way of his career objectives.

Goliath is the cynical work of a cynical man. Blumenthal is selling hate while accusing Israelis of the same thing. He has blatantly promoted genocide in a public appearance while accusing Israelis of lusting for blood. His book plays on the worst emotions of the worst people.

And that makes Goliath into a book that has almost as much contempt for its readers as it does for Israel.


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    Mad Max is an angry little man, who dreams of the day when he will be taken seriously. But it will never happen.

    Look at his picture at the top of this page. His beady eyes radiate hate. He is a dishonest propagandist of the worst sort. Watch some of his Youtube videos where, naturally, he is the center of attention.

    Mad Max, Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • carpe diem 36

      you must feel sorry for the parents. i do not think this is what they had in mind when they gave birth to this not quite intelligent being.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        The dad is Sidney Blumenthal. I suspect it’s a case of apple, tree

        • Rob Hobart



        In Mad Max’s case, the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He does look a bit like a guy trying to play Nazi #5 in a WW2 pic

  • Andy_Lewis

    Slapsie Maxie ain’t nuthin’ but an Uncle Jake.

  • truebearing

    Mad Max is certifiably delusional, but at least there is one good part in his deranged jeremiad. The part where the Hamas terrorists are “writhing in pain, their uniforms stained with the flesh and blood of their comrades.”

    I have to say, this Max idiot has a face that just begs to be slapped, and this review backhanded him in a thoroughly deserved and enjoyable way.

    • StanleyT

      Actually, this shows how inaccurate the entire book is. How Hamas terrorists wear uniforms?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        They were Hamas terrorists acting as police

    • evasmagacz

      Under the international law, police forces are always considered to be civilians, not combatants

      • Daniel Greenfield

        The Gestapo appreciates your endorsement of their non-combatant status

        • defcon 4

          Haven’t PA security forces been involved in terrorist activities against Israel?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Sure. They’re terrorists in uniforms.

      • Rob Hobart

        “international law” is a meaningless joke.

        • Jakareh

          Unless, of course, they’re acting as combatants.

      • truebearing

        Nearly every Muslim organization on earth fits the definition of “terrorist,” according to international law, including Hamas.

        Police forces, world wide, are some of the worst offenders when it comes to violating human rights….you know, the “human rights” you Leftists cynically use at every opportunity to smear opponents. So, are you for human rights or defending police forces?

        • defcon 4

          It was Egyptian police forces that beat moaning Mona (the muslima arrested, but never tried for vandalizing Pamela Geller’s pro-Israel posters in NYC). All we have to do here in the USA is look at the actions of the Dearbornistan police dept.

      • Gee

        Not even close to the facts. Anybody in or out of uniform that engages in combat or aids in that is a combatant.

        Stop inventing ‘laws’ that do not exist

      • Drakken

        If they run, they are muslim jihadist, if they stand still, they are well disciplined muslim jihadist.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Not if they take part in combat.

      • defcon 4

        Especially when they’re firing at units of the IDF right?

      • JacksonPearson

        Police/Civilian/Combatant problems:

  • defcon 4

    Maybe Maxie would be happier living in Gaza City among the civilised, tolerant muzzies he so admires.

    • evasmagacz

      (sarcasm) muzzies, kikes, kushim, long live Arians (/sarcasm off)

      • Daniel Greenfield

        The 7th Day Adventist Arians appreciate your wishes for their long life

      • iluvisrael

        taking a break from washing toilets eva? That’s what you do when you’re not bashing Israel.

      • herb benty

        Jews are a blessing in this world deary. What’s it like being totally wrong?


        eva, get back to your bunker. adolf is waiting for you and does he have a big surprise for you.

      • Drakken

        If you love those bloody rag heads so much, go live with them, I am sure that Rachel Corrie could use the company, and your going to have to pardon me as I laugh at a future Darwin award winner like you.


          eva can become the next Saint Pancake. The two together can make a stack of pancakes.

      • defcon 4

        Why aren’t you wearing your head bag?


        n a z i b i t c h.

      • defcon 4

        Q: Hey Eva, what do they call gays in the Gaza strip?
        A: dead.

  • Well Done

    I look forward to footage of the first Gay Pride parade in Gaza. That will happen after Israel dispatches “Gazan palestinians” to Sinai, and “West Bank palestinians” to Jordan, which is the true homeland of both. Then, Israelis can rebuild the greenhouses, water purification, and sewage treatment plants the “palestinians” destroyed when Israel foolishly abandoned the area.

    • Drakken

      I always have said that Gaza deserves the Carthage treatment myself.

  • Silver Gonzales

    Not the only Mad Max. There is also another sick Jew named Max Keiser, that appears on still blaming Israel for the disgusting Gaza. Gaza is the Arab Muslim version of New Orleans.

    American Leftist Jews have produced a lot of sick dogs.

    “With bated breath..”? How did David Horowitz escape these monsters?

  • v

    Who are those self-hating so-called American Jews? That kind of crap only strengthens my theory that the greatest danger Israel faces is those kind of Jews who call themselves Jews, yet undermine Israel and the Jewish community as a whole. Notice how they are all Democrats and affiliated with the Clintons. American so-called Jews are not Jews in the true sense. They are a burden on the Jewish community as they give Jews a bad name. They should just leave the religion and call themselves something else, like the treacherous people.

    • defcon 4

      I once met a tough IDF commando who had fought in the ’73’ Yom Kippur War. He told me that American Jews were “incredibly naive”.

  • A Z

    “With bated breath I wait for the loud thump of the metal visa stamp when it meets the pages of my passport,”

    Maudlin .. overwrought … histrionic

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Just like Max Blumenthal

      • A Z

        I am actually somewhat chagrined that I posted those words, because a 5 paragraphs down I read 2 of those 3 words after I had posted my comment. :/

        Nut they are apt. If he was not a leftists would he be published or employed?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          great minds

      • Silver Gonzales

        With bated breath I was shaking as the young sabra served me pita and couscous.

        No doubt the words of two more sickies who descend from Jews: John Kerry and Madeline Allbright.


          Mad Max is a Drama Queen.



          Mad Max must have failed being a screen writer. There’s always Pallywood.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            He’s already working there.

    • truebearing

      “With bated breath I wait for the loud thump of the metal visa stamp when it meets the pages of my passport,”

      If your passport was as important to mankind as his, or as sensitive –replete with its own nervous system — would you criticize poor widdle Max?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Max lives vicariously through his passport

        • truebearing

          I hear his next book is tentatively titled, “The Crying Passport.”

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Every time it’s stamped, he feels it right ‘here’

          • truebearing

            In the future, he’ll request his passport be stamped several times so he can describe it in his next exercise in melodramatic narcissism. I’m guessing it will go something like…
            “I gasped as I watched the massive visa stamp descend, hammerlike, pounding my passport repeatedly…I turned away, no longer able to watch my beautiful, innocent passport being bludgeoned senseless…”


            Mad Max must need two passports because he can’t use the passport with the Israel Entry Stamp to enter Saudi Arabia or some other Islamofascist hellhole.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            That’s freaking hilarious.

          • truebearing

            Thanks. I’m just happy to contribute to the mocking of Max.

      • defcon 4

        I wonder if they would let Maxie into the holey kingdom of Saudi Arabia? His passport might be safer there than his life.

        • truebearing

          I think he should visit Iran. All Saudi Arabia has is sand. Iran has more stones.

  • Hang Max

    Sew his foreskin back on!

  • carpe diem 36

    why waste all this good writing on an unworthy piece of garbage? i did not read the whole article so of course i would not read even one page of this waste of time so called writer who has to show that he is worth something, having to compete with an accomplished father.

  • glennd1

    A few points, which nobody here seems to notice:

    1. Greenfield doesn’t contradict a single fact in Blumenthal’s Goliath in his own screed above, which is even more hysterical in tone than Goliath. If Blumenthal is making things up about bills coming out of the Knesset, records of attacks on Arab stores, or say houses knocked down by D9 armored bulldozer, Greenfield should bring it up. But he doesn’t. Because while the tone isn’t even, it’s also true that Blumenthal’s reporting and sources and interviews with many Israelis all across the political spectrum are truly impressive and substantive.

    2. How many commenters here have read the book? My guess is none. Does it occur to you that commenting on a book you haven’t read reveals an anti-intellectual bent that is none too flattering to yourselves? Do yourself a favor, read it. I dare any of you to do so and to see Israel and Palestine and Zionism the same afterwards. Based on the facts presented, not Blumenthal’s animus. I’m a bit more than halfway through the book myself – it’s dense and I’m taking my time – and what I’m learning about the state of israeli society today and the politics are shocking.

    It’s funny, you folks here get all angry at me because I’m opposed to Zionism but then won’t consider the critique on offer. This empty shriek of a “review” is completely insufficient. Engage in what Blumenthal is saying, the facts he’s citing, the stories being told by many in their own words about the state of things there. Then it’s an interesting conversation.

    What’s really happening in israel is that the contradictions of the ’90s and the loss of power of the left have been digested by the political system. The left, from a historical perspective had embraced the criticisms of a Benny Morris when he burst on the scene in the late ’90s. But finally, the left had to decide if they were really going to take a position that delegitimzes the Israeli state and Zionism? You see this in Morris’s evolving narrative around the same factset over the course of time. He reflects perfectly the coalescing of the Israeli Jewish populace around accepting the cleansing and repression of Arab Muslims, and all non-Jews – was necessary to create and maintain a majority Jewish state run by Jews for the interests of Jews and Jewish nationalism.

    In the 90s, ,Morris famously talked about Israeli massacres and rapes and torture and oppression during in ’48 and throughout the occupation. But today? He talks about how actually, the resistance to Israeli colonization, cleansing and occupation was really just Jihad. I mean, can you get how ridiculous that is? He knows about Plan D. He knows about Lydda and Ramle and Deir Yasin. Yet he claims the response was Jihad. Fighting for one’s home from invaders is considered a human right – that’s not terrorism.

    Like many Jews in Israel now, Morris just shrugs and has actually said (as Lenin did) “You have to break some eggs to make an omelette.” He’s actually said that yes, the Zionists engaged in ethnic cleansing but didn’t mean to. Crazy stuff, you know, they kind of stuff you folks believe.

    Read Blumenthal’s book. Then criticize him based on the content.

    • Rob Hobart

      Blumenthal is a far-left propagandist, hence a liar.

      And you are proving yourself once again to be an anti-Semitic Lefty scumbag. All this verbiage is just a lame attempt to camouflage the reality of what you are.

      • glennd1

        Compare my comment to yours and tell me who the “scumbag” is. I make measured, reasoned comments and don’t call anyone names. You offer no real argument at all – just name calling and slurs.

        Blumenthal is a leftist polemicist, for sure. David Horowitz does right wing, Zionist polemic. I read what both have to say. I try to engage with those I disagree with. You? You dismiss me as a leftist – when I’m nothing of the sort, I’m a conservative/libertarian type. I wonder, do you realize how ridiculous you are? Have a conversation or don’t, but running around calling people names is for junior high school, punk. Grow up.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Your trolling is very entertaining. It covers all the manipulative bases.

          1. Buy the book

          2. I’m reasonable and you’re a bunch of horrible psychos. Surely this should make you rethink who is right here.

          3. Since you’re a conservative, I’m really one too. Won’t yo buy the book?

        • Drakken

          The time for niceties and pleasantries with leftist jihadist supporters is over. Deo Volente.

      • glennd1

        How sad it is to share a planet with a brutish thug like you. I’m no leftist, never have been, never will be. And I made substantive comments, you call me names.

        Re-read the comments and tell me, who is the scumbag here?


          brutish thug?

          Name calling?

          Pot. Kettle.

        • Drakken

          Look in the mirror Sparky, a major jihadist supporter if there is one, then scream about people calling you names when your the first one to do it yourself and then claim your a victim, it would be absolutely funny as hell if it wasn’t so bloody pathetic.

    • HWE

      I was going to buy the book, as it purports to be about the current political situation in Israel published this year. When I looked at the index and saw that it included neither Yair Lapid nor Naphtali Bennett I figured that the author is not really paying any attention to what is really happening in Israel politically and therefore is not worth taking the time to read. It would be like writing a book about the state of the Republican party in 2013 and not including either Chris Christie or Rand Paul.

      • glennd1

        He wrote most of the book before 2012, fyi, that may have something to do with that. But regardless, thanks for the substantive comment. It gives me a lead on what more i can learn.

        I’m not sure your rejection is well conceived though. The many other voices seem to be important too – whether you are a Zionist or not. Or at least it seemed that way to me.

        I will readily concede that Blumenthal does come off as acerbic at times and perhaps it could be true the book is biased – I still think it’s worth reading. I read Dershowitz’s Case for Israel. Even though I tought it was ahistorical and a re-hash of long debunked myths, it was worth reading. It was worth hearing the argument being made for Israel at the time.

        I think what’s happening now on this issue is a bit of realism, which is actually disheartening for me to see. I remember when all this “New Historian” stuff first came to light in the ’90s. I remember not taking it that seriously, and then after 9/11 doing a deep dive on the mideast from a number of perspectives.

        One conclusion for me is that Zionism was a campaign to invade, cleanse and colonize as much of Palestine as possible with the purpose of erecting a majority Jewish nation, run by Jews, for Jews. The only way it could come out of ’48 with a majority state was if they got rid of a lot of Arab Muslims within their territorial boundaries – and beyond in additional land the Israelis just grabbed in ’48 (20% more than the partition agreement allowed).

        I came to this conclusion by listening most of all Benny Morris. Sure there are fanatics on both sides, but I realize how heated guys like Finkelstein come off. I actually corresponded with him about a very specific demonizing comment he’d made somewhere, and it wasn’t long before he was insulting me and just being awful. So I’m not here apologizing for him or Chomsky. This is why I choose Morris. He’s widely considered to have a lot of great, primary research into IDF archives and other classified govt docs from the period. He did a good job.

        He’s also a supporter of Zionism. He doesn’t whitewash what was done – he just see’s it as justified. He considers resistance to the arrival and colonization of the Zionists to be a provocative act, when I consider it the righteous act of a people defending their ancient homes.

        Read Blumenthal, even though you don’t agree with him. Do it to challenge and better develop your views if nothing else. I think you’ll find there is a lot to learn from what he’s offered.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Palestine wasn’t a country. It couldn’t be “invaded” and there was no army to do the invading.

          Palestine was an area where various migrating peoples came and went while empires fought over it.

          Everyone in the Middle East wants their sphere of territory run by a majority that shares their ethnicity and religion. That is what’s tearing Syria apart now.

          So babbling about Zionists invading an area, with an army that they didn’t have, and cleansing it by buying land and farming it, is ahistorical nonsense.

          The Zionists were doing what everyone else was doing at the time and since. And they did it less violently.

          • MukeNecca

            “And they did it less violently”.

            To say “less violently” without mentioning that Zionists, before resorting to violence, proposed partition of the land between Jews and Arabs doesn’t really give the whole picture of what transpired.
            Local Arabs, confident that with the help of Arab armies of Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon are going to massacre the Jews as they did in Hebron, rejected the Jewish proposal with an “all or nothing” battle cry.

            Well, if you insist on “all or nothing” you’d better make sure you win, so you can have your “all”. But if you had your butt kicked have decency to shut up and be grateful for the generosity of your defeater who had granted you much more than the “nothing” you yourself called for.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            But they lost ergo they are victims. Plus they’re not considered white. They’re noble savages that need help escaping the tyranny of Western civilization.

            I think I just became my own enemy. Oh well…the things we learn in college…


          “He wrote most of the book before 2012″

          There are people called EDITORS.


          You conveniently leave out the fact that Israel was attacked in 1947/48 by 5 Arab armies.

          There wasn’t an indigenous Arab “palestinian” army.

          The vile British thought that Israel would be decimated without the “protection” of the British. It was just 2 or 3 years after the end of WW2 and the Holocaust where unarmed Jews were massacred.

          The vile British and the US at the time prevented Israelis from receiving arms to defend themselves.

        • truebearing

          You don’t know what you are yammering about. Your knowledge of history is laughable, but who could expect you to know anything, given the books you like to read.

          The only thing your maundering has proven is that you don’t let facts get in the way of your opinions.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “I think what’s happening now on this issue is a bit of realism, which is actually disheartening for me to see. I remember when all this “New Historian” stuff first came to light in the ’90s. I remember not taking it that seriously, and then after 9/11 doing a deep dive on the mideast from a number of perspectives.”

          “New Historian” publications can be used constructively to add nuance to the known history, If you think they “debunked” more than a few trivial misconceptions you’re wrong.

          Why is it that you hate looking at the events in chronological order? You jump around the timeline so that you can paint Israelis as unjust by removing the context, by removing a view of what justified their actions at any given time.

          You don’t like to discuss jihad unless it’s a random “I don’t like them either” comment. Well guess what caused all of this turmoil? “New Historians” often don’t like to talk about jihad either. That’s a big problem.

        • HWE

          The two parties headed by Lapid and Bennett received more votes in the 2013 election than the single combined party formed from the merger of Netanyahu’s and Lieberman’s parties that were clearly the main focus of Blumenthal’s book ( which I determined by reading the dust jacket and looking at the index and reading some of those passages in the book ). Pointing out that the book was written in 2012 only emphasizes the point that it appears that Blumenthal had a goal and cherry picked only information that supported his thesis. His claim was that he was describing the future of Israeli politics but Lapid and Bennett were already recognized as significant rising political forces in Israel in early 2012 if not in 2011.

      • glennd1

        I’ll add this pre-emptively. Can you treat me like someone who disagrees instead of an anti-semite? I’m no drooling hater, and in my real life I’m a bit of a Jew-lover if the truth be told. I grew up on Long Island and have had good friends who are Jewish for my whole life. And I’m 51, and I didn’t start to really see things differently until 2005/6. When people call me an anti-semite, I just laugh, it seems absurd to me. Nobody who knows me would ever say so.

        I’ve already done some digging on the info you shared, thanks.

        • Drakken

          So in other words your a tad slow and thick. Go figure.

        • defcon 4

          Yes, yes we all know, you’re not an anti-semite, you’re an anti-zionist. Of course none of the dim-witted najjis kaffir can see through your charade either.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Fact checking an entire book would take far more than an entire article.

      But I notice Blumenthal and his defenders clinging to the “fact” angle.

      Blumenthal isn’t making a factual argument, he’s producing an emotional screed. When he does use actual facts, he removes their context and distorts them as part of a decontextualized narrative.

      It’s really no different than assembling every negative news story about France in the ugliest rhetoric possible and then claiming that it’s the facts.

      Fact is fact.

      There were 198 murders in Paris last year, may be a fact.

      Paris is the filthiest place on earth where the murderous scum trawl the streets with bloody hands. To visit Paris is to commit suicide. There were 198 murders in Paris last year and the blood is hardly washed off the streets until there are 198 more… is not a fact.

      If you write something like that, using “it’s factual” as a defense is laughable. It’s not factual. It uses occasionally nuggets of fact to illustrate an overall thesis that is a dishonest lie.

      Anyone can read Blumenthal’s book. Or they can just read any random anti-Israel article and imagine it being rewritten by a hysteric for the same effect.

      • Raymond_in_DC

        “It’s really no different than assembling every negative news story about France in the ugliest rhetoric possible and then claiming that it’s the facts.”

        Actually, a few years ago, a scholar of European anti-Semitism – it might have been Meotti or Gerstenfeld – ran a little experiment. He decided to give a couple European countries a taste of the treatment their media give Israel. He started assembling and republishing news stories dealing with every failing, every bit of corruption, every political misdeed, every social problem – from their own press. It made them look rather bad and they didn’t like it.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          There’s a blog like that. I think about Finland

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “Blumenthal isn’t making a factual argument, he’s producing an emotional screed. When he does use actual facts, he removes their context and distorts them as part of a decontextualized narrative.”

        Which is what glenn and virtually every other anti-Israel propagandist does. Come to think of it…that’s more or less standard operating procedure for producing deceptive propaganda.

    • Drakken

      I would love to take you out of the little utopia you live in, and throw you into the muslim areas that you love so much for a month, then we see what kind of mind set you’ll have after that, if you survive that is.

    • defcon 4

      Should we also be reading the historically accurate Protocols of the Elders of Zion has background material?

  • Jim Benham

    The writer of this article is a halfwit and lazy-minded. Walt/Mearshiemer did not argue that the “Jews control US Foreign Policy.” If you expect readers to take you seriously, then at least acquire the analytic skills to summarize a book and argument.

    • Rob Hobart

      No, actually, they did claim exactly that. And since you’re defending them, you’re either a Leftist or a Jew-hater. Probably both.

      • Jim Benham

        Nice try punchy! First, they argued that The Israel Lobby does not represent all Jews and that non-Jews make up a significant constituency of that Lobby. Next, they argue that the “Israel” (not Jewish) Lobby is not a cabal or all powerful. One need only watch Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing, or President Obama backing down to the churlish leader of the client state Israel, or listen to this former Republican Senator talk about the power of the Israeli Lobby (about 5:18 mark)

        And Hobart, try to learn to construct an argument. Ad hominems and restating the conclusion make you look stupid. At least try to hide it.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “One need only watch Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing, or President Obama backing down to the churlish leader of the client state Israel, or listen to this former Republican Senator talk about the power of the Israeli Lobby (about 5:18 mark)”

          Or loyal American patriots might resent the power of foreign enemies manipulating the USA to turn on an important ally.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s not a Jewish conspiracy. It’s an Israeli conspiracy. By the Jews. But not all the Jews.

          So it’s not the Jews. Not all the Jews.

          No bigotry to see here. And best of all, a link to Mondoweiss, a hate site.


      The reader Jim Benham is a halfwit and lazy-minded.

      • Jim Benham

        Wow, the drooling right wingers are pulling out the, I know you are but what am I argument. Nice work. Impressive.

        • Drakken

          Well Jim, if you really believe that everything is the fault of those darn Jews, why don’t you go on over there to Gaza or the west bank and help those poor oppressed pali’s and help them out?


          I was quoting your own words

          “The writer of this article is a halfwit and lazy-minded”

          with a slight change.

          “The reader Jim Benham is a halfwit and lazy-minded.”

          Drooling leftwingnuts AKA regressive “progressives” don’t have any sway here.

  • mackykam

    Someone must have called him a “Jew” or “Kike” when he was a kid. He thinks by turning against Jews and Israel he’ll protect himself from that ever happening again. He hasn’t learned the lessons of the holocaust. Now, he is not only despised by “Goyim” but by Jews as well!
    Not too bright a Jew. But, then again, stuffing documents down one’s pants and socks didn’t make his dad any brighter. With any luck his progeny will be bred outside the Jewish genetic pool. No reason to lower the overall Jewish IQ levels with this dreck(garbage).

  • Daniel Greenfield

    You’re confusing Sidney Blumenthal with Sandy Berger. It’s an easy mistake to make.

    • mackykam

      same difference

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Blumenthal is worse, but yes not that big a difference.

        • mackykam

          My bad for the mix up but both despise their Jewish heritage and are a disgrace to their Jewish forbearers.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            A given. they’re both libs


    Mad Max should realize that nobody respects an Uncle Tom.

  • Redwood509

    Both he and his odious father are way over the twilight zone.
    One could only invent such an unappetizing father/son team of perverts.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Glenn Greenwald has probably given a 5 star rating to Mein Kampf.


    Mad Max cried:

    When I saw my passport flattened b the stamp, I was reminded of Saint Pancake!

  • David Simpson

    Daniel, as usual you put into words what I can only think. I had the misfortune of reading the “review” of Scott McConnell on his The American Conservative blog. It was not so much a review as a love letter to Max, accepting part and parcel everything that Blumenthal asserts; complete with hyperbolic praise for Max’s insight, journalistic integrity and unequalled knowledge of the Israeli/Arab conflict. But then again, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as Scott McConnell’s hero is none other than Pat Buchanan.
    Thank you Daniel for you always elevate the discussion, expose the facts, disarm the propagandist, and speak the truth.

  • whatyoureallyabout

    So is Likud Israel screwing over fourty thousand Bedouins or not? Are they putting them on Reservations or not. Are you killing the messenger in order to kill the
    message? They sound like a bunch of land thieving carpet baggers to me? But hey, its a you are born into the right parents religion (or not) thing to me. But isn’t that what entitlement birth right religion is about? When Arabic people start filling campaign coffers, I guess GOP people will give them the time of day.