Splinter Group Says Muslim Brotherhood Spent $250 Mil Funding Terror Attacks


This is big because it isn’t coming from some Egyptian prosecutor or ex-security figure. It’s coming from the spokesman of a Muslim Brotherhood splinter group.

I never took the supposed youth splinter groups too seriously. They seemed like an obvious Brotherhood ploy to me. Still this kind of thing could be a game changer.

First some background.

Abdel Rahman:  The Brothers Without Violence movement was born during the events at the Republican Guard headquarters, when Muslim Brotherhood leaders’ incited protesters in front of the headquarters, leading to 53 deaths. This massacre created a desire among some of the group’s youth in Cairo and other governorates to reconsider their path and get rid of the leaders of the militant group who follow Qutbism… We still believe in the legitimacy of President Mohammed Morsi and are trying to express our opinions in a peaceful manner.

And then there’s this

Azzaman: Amid persisting violence in the Sinai against the army and the police, some people are accusing Muslim Brotherhood leaders, mainly Mohamed Beltagy and Ezzat, of being involved in those incidents. Are these claims valid?

Abdel Rahman: The international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood earmarked a sum of $250 million to fund some jihadist movements in the Sinai, like al-Gama’a al-Islamiya and the Salah al-Dine Brigades, and supply them with arms sometimes to conduct acts of violence against the army and the police. Unfortunately, some are accusing Muslim Brotherhood youth of committing these acts, but it is not true. They are innocent of such acts that are caused by some leaders who have adopted the approach of Sayyid Qutb, such as Essam al-Aryan, Safwat Hegazi and Tarek al-Zomor. As for Badie, he did not manage any recent acts; Ezzat is actually the current mastermind of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This confirms absolute collusion between the Islamic Group, which was supposedly a violent Brotherhood splinter group which Americans know mainly because of the Blind Sheikh, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

We saw political examples of it under Morsi, but this is hard evidence that the Islamic Group was really a terrorist front for the Brotherhood and that the planned attacks on New York City by the Blind Sheikh’s followers were the work of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It also means that the Muslim Brotherhood set up the Sinai attacks which Morsi tried to use to purge the Egyptian military. And if that’s so, then no wonder the Egyptian military did what it did.