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McCain and Lindsay Graham Went to Egypt and All They Got Was This Op-Ed

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 12, 2013 @ 11:45 am In The Point | 2 Comments

John McCain, Lindsey Graham [1]

Senator McCain and Senator Graham’s visit to Egypt went badly… to put it in the nicest terms possible. How badly? This badly.

The Egyptian cabinet declared them persona non-grata and “President Mansour and his prime minister, Hazem Biblawi, described two senior American senators, sent as emissaries of President Barak Obama, as “delusional” and “liars. [2]

“Following a press conference in which Mr. McCain threatened sanctions, the leader of the Egyptian Popular Current party, Hamdeen Sabahi, who is a co-leader of the ruling National Salvation Front, described Mr. McCain as “a senile old man.”

So really, really badly. A visit to North Korea would have gone better. But McCain and Graham, acknowledging none of this, decided to pen an op-ed [3] for Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post.

“But as we said again this week in Cairo, we find it difficult to describe the circumstances of Morsi’s removal from office as anything other than a coup. Unsuccessful leaders in a democracy should leave office by losing elections,” McCain and Graham write.

They have a point. Unless the unsuccessful leader attempted to seize absolute power and had political opponents tortured and beaten. In that case there’s plenty of precedent to go Ceausescu on the president.

“Democracy is the only viable path to lasting stability, national reconciliation, sustainable economic growth and the return of investment and tourism in Egypt,” the duo write, ignoring the fact that democracy seems to have destroyed all these things.

“Indeed, it is worth remembering — especially when the American mind has refocused on the real and persistent threat posed by al-Qaeda — that its leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is a former member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood who was radicalized during the violent crackdowns and detentions of Brotherhood leaders by previous Egyptian regimes,” McCain and Graham write.

In fact all Al Qaeda’s leaders were Muslim Brotherhood members. Was Bin Laden radicalized? Or was this a difference in method, rather than goal?

And if so, then isn’t calling for a Muslim Brotherhood democracy collaboration with the end goals of Al Qaeda?


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