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McCain Criticizes Morsi’s Calls for War and Terrorism, Will Still Give Him $480 Million Bailout

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 16, 2013 @ 3:16 pm In The Point | 12 Comments


Senator McCain disapproves of calling Jews the “descendants of apes and pigs”, [2] endorsing Hamas and calling for the destruction of Israel. He just doesn’t disapprove enough to hold up the 480 million dollar bailout of Morsi’s regime [3].

The Muslim Brotherhood regime is very shaky right now. Morsi’s economic missteps have made it very unpopular. Coptic Christian businessmen are fleeing the country, tourism has dropped and the Egyptian pound is in the toilet.

The Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt might very well fall, if it isn’t bailed out. And the IMF, the EU and the US are bailing it out.

There are clear lessons from history here. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were initially in very bad economic shape. Germany had huge debts and the USSR faced a major famine. Instead of cutting them off, they were given help.

The United States, at a time when many American children went to bed hungry, launched a massive relief effort in the Soviet Union. The USSR made some concessions and it all looked good. The fruits of that relief effort allowed the Bolsheviks to stay in power and led to the Cold War and the near destruction of all human life on earth.

So by all means. Let’s add 500 million, to the billions form Qatar, the EU and the IMF. What’s the worst that could happen?

When Bill Richardson and Eric Schmidt went to North Korea, McCain rightly tweeted


But what does that make McCain and Graham’s visit to Cairo?

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