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McCain: Path to Citizenship Vital, Border Security Isn’t

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 31, 2013 @ 3:18 pm In The Point | 15 Comments

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Anyone who believes in amnesty, doesn’t believe in border security or enforcement. That much is obvious. And now even more wheels are coming off [2] the “Border Security” angle that was used to sell Amnesty.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) signaled Tuesday that the dramatic boost in border-security in the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill could be one of the provisions that may be changed in a potential House-Senate compromise.

During an immigration forum hosted by the AFL-CIO Tuesday, McCain – a key Senate Gang of Eight negotiator – said while a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s undocumented immigrants is a “fundamental element” of the bill, the “rest of it could be adjusted.” He singled out the border security parts as an example.

“We don’t need 20,000 additional border patrol agents,” McCain said Tuesday. “But what we do need is use of technology that has been developed where we can survey the border more effectively.”

Yes some sort of technology that doesn’t require people to run it. Maybe drones that can make arrests.

“I voted for it so friends of mine would be comfortable that we are securing the border,” McCain said Tuesday. “But the real securing of the border is with technology, as opposed to individuals.”

The real securing of the border isn’t happening. Because if you believe in amnesty, there are always excuses why you can’t and shouldn’t secure the border.

And McCain just gave the game away. Citizenship is vital. Border security doesn’t matter.

Sen. John McCain dismissed House Republican concerns that if they passed immigration reform, President Barack Obama would not enforce the parts he did not like, calling the notion “ludicrous.”

“Then we should pass no laws,” he told reporters Tuesday. “We should pass no laws. We should all go home, save the taxpayers money, and not do anything. If that’s the logic, that Obama won’t enforce the law if we pass it, then pass no laws.”

Finally a McCain proposal we can all get behind.

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