McCain’s Fave Syria Lobbyist says US Must Support “Bad Guy” Islamic Front


When last we met Mouaz Moustafa, a Palestinian Arab Muslim supporter of Hamas who seems to have been involved in nearly every Muslim Brotherhood revolution, he was posing with Senator McCain in Syria and using the soon-to-be-discredited Elizabeth O’Bagy to front for his Muslim Brotherhood pro-rebel front group.

McCain called Mouaz Moustafa a “patriot” and the Hamas supporter claims to be telling the State Department which Syrian groups to send aid to.  That was a problem because surprisingly, Mouaz Moustafa had very low standards for who should be getting aid.

“I think the way they were thinking is, ‘you don’t support us, you don’t give us arms, you don’t give us anything, but then you tell us whose good and whose bad within us?’ So first support, then dictate.”

Now Mouaz Moustafa is insisting that the US support the Islamic Front.

Despite America’s lack of ability to influence the Islamic Front, the Obama administration now has no choice but to keep trying, said Mouaz Moustafa, the executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, an American NGO that works directly with several Syrian opposition groups.

“The Islamic Front did not meet with the United States because of certain preconditions the U.S. had insisted on, as well as the fact that the Islamic Front wholly rejects a second Geneva and the premise of the meeting would be to pressure the Islamic Front to attend the conference,” he said.

The United States must pragmatically engage with the Islamic Front while keeping in mind that the Islamic Front was formed without the objective of gaining U.S. or Western support, Moustafa said. The Islamic Front works with al-Qaeda out of convenience, but doesn’t share their ideology.

“Alienating the Islamic Front puts the U.S. at risk of losing any leverage or influence within the armed opposition,” he said. “It’s not about whether they are good guys or bad guys. The Islamic Front is the only counterbalance to extremists in Syria. The U.S. must recognize that.”

The US has to support the Islamic Front, which is allied with the Al Nusra Front, because they’re the only counterbalance to the Al Nusra Front.

Sure they might be the bad guys, but who really cares anyway?

At this rate in a year we’ll be told that we have to support the Al Nusra Front as a counterbalance to ISIS. There are probably foreign policy experts out there already arguing that we should engage with the “moderate” elements in the Syrian Al Qaeda to counterbalance Al Qaeda in Iraq.

  • A Z

    “So first support, then dictate.” -Mouaz Moustafa

    SO if we support and then dictate and they do not listen then what?

    Send in soldiers to tell them Simon says?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Then we’ll have to defer to them because they’ll be in power and we won’t want to alienate them.

      Neat little trap, isn’t it.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “The United States must pragmatically engage with the Islamic Front …”

    Leftist pragmatism and multiculturalism. Why should we worry about that?

  • USARetired

    McCain is a traitor and should be charged with treason! Under NO circumstances should we be supporting the enemy in any corner of the World!
    With exception of stopping the proliferation of Atomic weapons and supporting our ally Israel, we have no business attempting to change anything in the Middle East!

  • pupsncats

    There is obviously something wrong with McCain. It is so difficult to understand how he became a supporter of terrorists both within and outside the U.S. after being a POW. Sadly, he has served as one responsible for the destruction of the principles and values of the Republican Party and turning it into a leftist organization of fools.

    • Ricky Vaughn

      Rumor has it that people in high places have dirt on McCain and use it to blackmail him repeatedly. There are two possible sources of dirt:

      1. McCain received special treatment in captivity as the son of an admiral (?) and sang like a canary, and was used in propaganda in Vietnamese media.

      2. While a Senator, McCain lied and covered up evidence that there were still POWs left behind in Vietnam when the United States retreated.

      However, McCain might have been blackmailed with 1 in the case of 2.

      For an overview of the second, see

  • William James Ward

    America should stay out of Islamist infighting and destroy the winner if
    at all possible as they are all our enemies and wish to do us harm.
    McCain should quietly retire and take his senile brain to and assisted
    living center. Before America should act except for self defense the
    Nation must get rid of the lying, thieving professional politicians in
    Washington with a voting revolution against the evil emanating out
    of the Crapitol………………William

  • The Mad Jewess

    The start of 2014:
    McCain is helping the Communists in Ukraine and terrorists in Syria.
    Putin is fighting the Communists in Ukraine and terrorists in Syria.

  • David Brown

    Any connection of Moustafa with Benghazi? If so, could explain McCain’s actions.

  • afftongrown

    McCain needs a neurological exam!

  • ricoSacto

    the viet kong time bomb has finally ticked down to zero…..OMG…..this must be propaganda…….McCain can succeed Obama & choose Obama for VP Simon Says!

  • Zubair

    This guy was a staffer here in dc before and was wandering embassies of different countries for free dinners and lunches. Also, he sometimes lies about being Syrian.