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Media Baffled that Anti-Immigration UK Party is Still Anti-Immigration Despite London Murder

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On May 25, 2013 @ 12:41 pm In The Point | 19 Comments

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The Globe and Mail is supposed to be a somewhat conservative Canadian paper, and yet it conducts an interview with UKIP’s Nigel Farage as if it can’t quite believe that a man who opposed wolves, still opposes wolves… even after wolves mauled an entire classroom full of children.

“Yes, but you still oppose wolves?”


“Even after all the children that the wolves ate?”


“But why?”

“Because wolves… children… classroom… ate.”

“Don’t you think you’re just increasing tensions with the wolves?”

From the tone of the interview [2], you would think that a Muslim immigrant had just cured cancer, instead of two second-generation immigrants who converted to Islam hacking a British soldier to death in broad daylight.

The leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party won’t back down from his party’s controversial immigration policies despite the recent killing of a soldier in London which has increased racial tension.

In other news, the Anti-Nuclear campaign is not backing down from its opposition to nuclear plants despite the recent meltdown of a nuclear power plant which killed some forty people.

Logically the time to back down from something is when you have been proven wrong. Not when you have just been proven right. But in the media’s goggled eyes, being proven right means it’s time to run away from your position of being irresponsibly right.

And he said Britain has been “gutless” in stopping radical Muslim preachers.

And he has refused to back down from these views despite the gutlessness of the Globe and Mail.

The killing of soldier Lee Rigby this week, who was hacked to death on a city street and left for dead by two men who allegedly shouted “Allah akbar,” or God is great, has prompted a backlash with demonstrations by extremist groups and a couple of mosques being vandalized. Questions have been raised about whether Ukip’s message on immigration has fed some of the anger.

So far none of this horrifying backlash resulted in a man being run over and hacked to death by savages, but it’s probably the UKIP’s fault for pointing out the problem.

Mr. Farage also said Britain had been “gutless” in dealing with radical Muslim clerics who allegedly have incited violence.

“What has been happening because of the cowardness of the establishment in this country is we have just been turning a blind eye,” he said. “Turning a blind eye to hate preachers, turning blind eye to polygamy, turning a blind eye to the imposition of sharia in parts of our big cities.” Referring specifically to so called hate preachers, Mr. Farage added: “This should have been stopped years and years and years ago. We have been gutless.”

Well yes. But anyone who calls for non-gutless politics is either branded a loon or forced to recant. Anything would just increase tensions with the beheaders.


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