Media Belatedly Mentions that Gunman Who Opened Fire in a Church on Easter Left Behind a Koran

Let’s lay out a hypothetical scenario. An American walks into a mosque during Ramadan, opens fire while quoting Bible passages and then leaves behind a Bible.

On a scale of 1 to non-stop coverage, how often do you think you would be hearing about it, how fast would religious motives be attached to it and how quickly would we learn that the bible was left behind?

But the same rules don’t apply to Islam. Muslims are designated victims. And they may act like oppressors, but that just means the story gets buried. So only now do we learn that a Muslim who opened fire in a church on Easter left behind a small present.

Police found Reshad Riddle inside the church, standing at the podium. “He had the gun in the air,” Janek said. “He had several knives on him … we later discovered the Koran on the podium.”

The second witness, Patrolman Thomas Clemens, said he was called to the church Easter Sunday for “a subject in the church waving a handgun.”

Upon arrival, he saw several people running from the church and several people crawling out the narrow windows.

“I pulled two children out of a window,” he said.

“He admitted he used a Smith and Wesson .38 Special,” Clemens said. “He referred to the Koran and Allah, quoting passages.”

Upon cross-examination, Humpolick pushed for more details on Riddle’s statements.

Clemens said he wasn’t familiar with the Koran, but remembered Riddle had said he had “served his purpose.”

The media has done its best to bury the story. Plenty of headlines read, “Man Yells About God After Church Shooting” which gives a completely false picture of events.

Reshad Riddle did not yell about God. He yelled about Allah. And the media’s trend of using God in place of Allah is done to hide the meaning of scenes like these.

“Associate Pastor Sean Adams told The (Ashtabula) Star Beacon newspaper that Reshad Riddle walked through the church, still holding the gun, and yelled that the killing was “the will of Allah. This is the will of God.

But of course there’s still no motive. After decades of Muslims killing Americans in the name of Allah, there’s just no motive. Instead we’re going back to psychiatric disturbance. Maybe Reshad, like Nidal Hasan, contacted PTSD in the air.


  • Softly Bob

    Of course, what do you expect, Daniel? This isn't the first case of coyness when it comes to Islam and it won't be the last.
    Of course, using Leftist gun control arguments, they claim they want background checks, and I think this little incident would suggest that anyone who owns a copy of the Koran should be banned from owning or carrying a gun. After all, why not? I'm only using a Leftist argument here.
    But of course, all is not what it seems is it?
    The truth is that no matter what they claim, once you have access to all the facts the jigsaw puzzle fits into place.
    In a nutshell, they will only target Christian or Jewish crimes or supposed crimes, they will do whatever they can to hide Muslim crimes, they only want gun control to apply to Christians, right-wingers and Republicans and they want to destroy Western civilisation. It's that simple and when you read between the lines the answer is always the same.

    • simon

      Yes – Excellent logic softy Bob. An Islamic fundamentalist kills in the name of his religion, which means that every muslim is a religious fundamentalist and therefore even muslim will be a mass murderer?

      My god you people are profoundly stupid.

      • ajg

        LOL. I would suggest that among the profoundly stupid are "you people" believe that because a psychiatrically disturbed piece of human garbage walks into a school and shoots a bunch of kids, every gun owner will be a mass murderer. Look in the mirror if you are looking for profound stupidity.

        • maebe

          Excellent point ajg…could not have said it better myself…..simon you need to look in the mirror for real….no one said that because one zealot did this that every muslim is a murderer…stop trying to put words in our mouths you idiot.

  • Dixie

    Daniel the story was great but you really need work on your headline skills.

    • Christian

      How about..Gunman leaves behind jihad doctrine, oh now they tell us

  • InvictusLux

    The really insane thing about the notion of "Black American Muslims" is that these same AMERICAN BLACK MALES are COMPLETELY IGNORANT of their own history. They are CLUELESS that it was the MUSLIM's pushing into Africa and force converting and enslaving native African's who were responsible for selling them to the British (Lords and Anglican clergy's slave-trading companies) to be re-sold to the southern American plantation owners to get their vig that was denied by the American Revolution. Every time an American Black rejects Christianity as as "white man's" religion (ignorant that the early Church has African bishops) to become Muslim is to endorse the original injustice inflicted on their forefathers who were murdered, captured and enslaved by Muslims. We don't have a race problem in America – we have an IGNORANCE and EDUCATION problem.

    • rosewine

      I always thought it was just 'other' tribal leaders (indigenous) who kidnapped and sold neighboring tribes men so they could have their pick of the women..and possibly some muslim invaders…. it would be really interesting to know if any of the indigenous tribes captured and sold their conquests.
      Do you know of any historical documents as to the 'sellers' to the slave captains..
      I've told people exactly what you've said and they look at me like I've got two heads..
      Any way black people as hard and aweful as slavery was should be thankful to be in the US and not back in Africa, I am.

      • Bill

        Two books to read, “Slavery, Terror and Islam The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat” By Peter Hammond and “White Gold” By Giles Milton. Both Found on Amazon. That will give you an understanding of Islamic Slave Trade. You also might google “Thomas Jefferson Barbary Coast Pirates”. This is also a good article

    • beez

      My thoughts exactly. And no one keeps 'em more ignorant than this lying, ignorant, fool we have in the White House. One thing is for sure: Obama's father, Frank Marshall Davis, is in hell now … laughing at all those white people he hated.

  • Michael Copeland

    Mohammed spoke of “an Ethiopian black man whose head looks like a raisin” Sahih Bukhari 9:89:256.

    Mohammed paid for a slave with two black slaves he already had. Sahih Muslim, Book 10, Number 3901.

    Mohammed, the “perfect man” is the “beautiful pattern to follow” (Koran 33:21).

    • Nanis

      These guys don't even know that they are considered slaves and yet they are fanatics.

  • Tito

    THIS has to stop. I'm tired of holding my tongue. The UK is already a lost cause. People need to start standing up for their country and stop hiding behind their skinny jeans and fear.

  • Retired Cop

    I'm a retired LEO, my son is an active LEO, there are 2 other LEO's who attend our Church. We carry and he would have died.

    • geoffrey

      Of course, instead of taking our guns away, they should inspire us ALL to study LE even if we don't want to be O. and we need to be given guns!

  • mike

    I learned everything I want to know About islam on sep. 11th 2001

    • AdinaK

      Well, the bottom line is that the media is in the tank with leftist multi-culti psychosis, and all of this entails "hands off" any mention of jihad + Islam.
      Now if the media was being straight, instead of in the bag, then they would have first mentioned he is a follower of Islam, with a follow up exploration as to why he (and too many others) did what he did –

      The collusion of the media is responsible for much carnage, even if not in a "provable" way –

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Don

    If he tried that at my Church , they would have had to carry this scum out feet first.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Interesting that Islam is treated as the "victim" simply because it accurately pointed out that the so-called religion encourages the killing of non-believers. Political Correctness is a form of stupidity that knows no parallels.

  • chris

    Islam has but one goal, and that is to kill everyone that does not agree with them.

    • geoffrey

      Fascism has only one goal, to kill everyone that does not agree with them.

  • George

    Curious to note that should Islam conquer the world, among the first to lose their heads will be those who have already lost theirs, ignorant, blind, biased, America-hating journalists.

  • Charlie

    In name of Merciful Mohamed. Yep. Mohamed just brings peace to the world.
    I don't know even one terrorist that's a Muslim.

  • geoffrey

    Islamist is passionate faith. They are not always right. Fascism has taken advantage of this weakness and are trying to become the wise leaders of Islam. Unfortunately they are succeeding. THEREFORE …TRUTH is the only cure that can save Islam from the Fascist PREDATOR. Shine light on the PEDOFILS, the FACSISTS.