Media Covers Up Muslim Mass Shooter in California

Muslim activists often complain that murders by Muslims are over-reported. In fact they are often under-reported.

Ali Syed shot six people in Orange County, killing three of them, and yet the story has not gotten the media coverage of other mass shootings. The media has reported it, but has failed to highlight it. And the word “Muslim” never appears in the report.

A series of freeway shootings Tuesday in Orange County, Calif., has left four people dead, including the suspect, and three people injured, the Tustin Police Department said.

Tustin Police Chief Scott Jordan identified the gunman as Ali Syed, a 20-year-old unemployed part-time student, who lived in the Ladera Ranch home where the first victim, a woman, was killed.

The shootings began shortly before 4:45 a.m. when deputies responding to a call found the body of a dead female shot multiple times in a house in Ladera Ranch.

At 5:10 a.m., police in Tustin received a call about a man with a gun at a major intersection, police spokesman Lt. Paul Garaven said. Syed had attempted to steal a car, Garaven said. When the car’s owner drove off, Syed shot and wounded him, he said.

Syed then crossed the street to a gas station where he carjacked a pickup truck. This time, Garaven said, “no rounds were fired. He just took the car and fled.”

Several minutes later, police received another report of a car jacking in Santa Ana. Syed had ordered the victim out of the car, walked him to the median strip and shot him in the back, killing him, Garaven said.

The gunman then drove two miles south where he killed a third victim and shot another person in the arm, he said. This time, Syed stole a white utility vehicle. Witnesses called in sightings to the California Highway Patrol, which spotted and began following the vehicle, Garaven said. At 5:50 a.m., Garaven said, the vehicle slowed, Syed exited and then shot himself in the head.

Throughout the hour-long ordeal, Syed apparently shot at others on the highway, Garaven said. At least three people reported that the suspect shot at their cars, including one person with minor injuries, he said.

Investigators are searching for a motive, Garaven said. Syed had no criminal record, he said. The gun, a 12-gauge shotgun, is no registered to him and had been purchased more than a year ago at a sporting goods store, he said. Federal authorities are tracing the gun, he said.

Again background checks and an assault rifle ban would have done nothing to prevent it.  And this comes after Biden turned into a non-stop shotgun salesman. Because you can’t actually stop gun violence by banning one type of weapon. It doesn’t work.

The first victim was Courtney Aoki, a 20-year-old who was shot in the same house that Syed lived. Then Melvin Edwards, 69 and 26-year-old construction worker Jeremy Lewis during carjackings.

Edwards served as a U.S. Army combat infantry officer in Vietnam and graduated from the University of Southern California, according to a biography on his company’s website. He and his wife, Cheryl, had celebrated their 42nd anniversary on Feb. 12 and have two adult children.


  • BLJ

    Of course the media will never focus on the fact this savage is a Muslim. Just like they don't focus on our Muslim President. The low life then takes the cowards way out.

  • Mary Sue

    Interesting. Yeah when i saw the name in the story that i saw in the news, I had the sneaking suspicion the guy is a muslim.

  • Jeff

    This administration had no problem accusing a Coptic for the riots and causing the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya. Recently heard that 2 coptcs were beheaded in NJ and those involved in the movie sentenced to death by proxy in Egypt.. We have not seen the end of that accusation. Yet, here we go again ignoring facts that are more than likely pertinent to this mass shooting.

    • jakespoon

      Facts just get in the way of the MSM's "truth". That's very annoying for them.

  • Jerry

    Didn't hear the word "Christian" mentioned much either after Newtown, Aurora, Tucson and Columbine.

    • John Spielman

      That's because they were not followers of Christ Jesus. There is nothing in the New Testament of the Bible that allows violence against anyone(note Luke chapter19 refers to the end of the age when Jesus tear turns and His Holy angels destroy all opposition )

    • Arlie

      Tucson – had a skull on altar on patio – some kind of devil worship – loved abortion – hated Bush
      Aurora – Staff worker 0bama campaign – OWS – progressive liberal
      Newtown – hated Christians

    • Indioviejo

      You are fallacious. All non Muslims are not Christians.

    • jakespoon

      Where in the teachings of Jesus does it say to kill people who don't believe in Him?When they came to take Him away.Peter drew a sword to protect The Lord. Jesus made him put it away and do you know what He told Peter? If you do,please reply.

    • Mary Sue

      That's because NONE of those shooters were Christian, AT ALL. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of Columbine, SPECIFICALLY, were vocal atheists prior to their demise.

      • Jeff Bargholz


        actually the media tried as hard as they could to point people in the direction of Christians and conservatives, despite the fact that all the shooters you named were Christian hating leftists just like you.

        Islamopithecines murder people in the name of their mythological moon god every single day. Christians do not do it at all.

        For outstanding achievement in left-wing stupidity your drive-by diatribe deserves honorable mention in the Newdow Awards.

    • Michael Copeland

      Christians are commanded "Thou shalt not kill".
      Muslims are commanded "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them" Koran 9:5.


        Plus kill the apostates, kill the women who "dishonor the family".

        Now 70,000+ have died in Syria. It's just Arabs killing Arabs so no matter for the hijacked UN or the FAKE "anti-war" socialists.

      • Teacher

        Deuteronomy 13: 6 "If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers;"

        Deuteronomy 13:8-9 "Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him: But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people."

        Rom.14:23 He that doubteth is damned…. For whatever is not of faith is sin.

        Matthew 1:34, "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword"

        Luke 22:36, "Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one"

    • KTH

      Point me to the ten most recent examples of Christians killing in the name of Christ…
      And no stuttering, please!…

    • dave

      That's because they were not Christians..They were dumbass Liberals!!!

  • g_jochnowitz

    I am reminded of the Brink's robbery and shootout of 1981, carried out by the Black Liberation Army. Why should we want terrorist groups to have access to guns?

    • Rifleman

      When have terrorist groups ever not had access to guns?

    • jakespoon

      Yeah,you're right.Mad dog,bloody-minded terrorist just might not use a gun if they know they are illegal.

      • g_jochnowitz

        Our gun laws are inadequate and always have been.

        • jakespoon

          Here's some news for you sunshine; laws are for law abiding people, criminals could care less about a gun law. That's why they're criminals. Name one criminal that will obey the law.

          • g_jochnowitz

            Laws are meant to be enforced. Sometimes the enforcement succeeds almost all the time; sometimes it succeeds only part of the time.
            Should we abandon laws against murder because murders still take place despite these laws?

        • JacksonPearson

          The Second Amendment to the Constitution, is the ONLY gun law we have!

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Having terrorists live in our Nation is the fault of the American government and
            the Obama regeme's import crew, he brings it on us but does not get the scrutiny
            and blame he deserves…………………………William

          • JacksonPearson

            Yes….Look here under "Key Findings" :

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Great link!!!…………………….William

          • JacksonPearson

            You're welcome….
            Frank Gaffney is tops in exposing the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

          • g_jochnowitz

            Here is the text of the Second Amerndment:
            "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"
            Letting psychotics, fanatics and other nuts have free access to guns is not well regulated. It is not a militia. It endangers the security of a free state.

          • Jeff Bargholz


            you just quoted two separate rights in the Second Ammendment.

            "Psychotics, fanatics and other nuts" do NOT "have free access to guns."

            No law can prevent criminals from possessing guns and no government attempt to disarm Americans of their legal guns would be successful-no matter how many law abiding citizens it would be willing to kill in the process.

            And do try to remember that America shares an unsecured 2000 mile long border with the hyper murderous gun culture of Mexico.

            How many children and infidels have to die because gun control fanatics wont allow the rest of us to use our Second Ammendment right to shoot back at lunatics and jihadis? Thanks to prigs like you and totalitarian government officials the death toll is racking up with no end in sight.


          • g_jochnowitz

            New York City has the strictest gun laws and the lowest crime rate in the United States. Gun control saves lives. Look at murder rates around the country.

          • Jeff Bargholz


            New York City does NOT have the strictest gun control laws OR the lowest crime rate in America. Those claims are demonstrably and outrageously FALSE.

            GUN CONTROL KILLS. Look at murder rates around the country. Cities with truly oppressive gun control laws like Chicago and LA have huge death rates while EVERY SINGLE COMMUNITY WITH A RIGHT TO CARRY LAW HAS AN EXTREMELY LOW RATE OF CUN CRIME. The rate of guns being used to prevent gun violence on the part of criminals outnumbers the rate of criminal gun violence by more than a thousand to one.


            A lie told often enough doesn't become the truth, no matter what uncle Vladimir told you.

            Put some anti-fungal creme for your itch, dude. I think the rot has spread to your brain.

          • g_jochnowitz

            Here is a quote from the Wikipedia article on crime in New York City:
            "Starting in 2005, New York City achieved the lowest crime rate among the ten largest cities in the United States.[11] Since 1991, the city has seen a continuous fifteen-year trend of decreasing crime. Neighborhoods that were once considered dangerous are now much safer. Violent crime in the city has dropped by three quarters in the twelve years ending in 2005 with the murder rate at its lowest then level since 1963 with 539 murders that year, for a murder rate of 6.58 per 100,000 people, compared to 2,245 murders in 1990. In 2009, the low would be displaced. Among the 182 U.S. cities with populations of more than 100,000, New York City ranked 136th in overall crime.[12]"
            On to a different subject: Politeness costs nothing and wins everything.

          • Jeff Bargholz


            trying to settle a debate by using a phony encyclopedia that can-and is-edited by any sub-intellectual ideologue with access to a computer works. It just works in the opposite way it's intended.

            Besides, there is no real debate on the subject because carry laws are proved to reduce crime while excessive gun control laws are proved to increase it. The facts and figures don't lie, though that never stops leftist totalitarians from lying about them.

            Even the phony stats on Weakipedia fail to support your idiotic claims. Did you bother to read them?

            I'm not out to win a prize and being polite to fanatics like you only encourages you to work even more fevierishly towards your destructive goals.

            Our government ABSOLUTELY cannot be trusted with all the guns (the ultimate goal of all gun control fanatics) and ONE PREVENTABLE DEATH IS TOO MANY.

          • g_jochnowitz

            Here are crime rates by states:

          • JacksonPearson

            An average of 40 thousand people die on American highways every year, so what's more lethal, guns or cars?

          • Jeff Bargholz


            what was that census sheet supposed to prove? It simply listed violence rates by state. It did not address gun violence at all but the states with right to carry laws were still the lowest in the rankings. That proves my point.

            Most right to carry laws are local so the only state listings that matter are the ones that allow it statewide, allow it in many areas or ban it statewide or in many areas. That also proves my point.

            New Hampshire and Vermont have the lowst gun violence rates in the country and both are right to carry states. Arizona would be down there too if it didn't share a border with Mexico. And that also proves my point.

            I guess your testicles had to be removed due to your extreme case of crotch rot. Being neutered explains your girly hatred of guns in the hands of private citizens and your attraction to shoot 'em up cops you see in hollywood productions.

            Do you have any more links that prove my points? The NRA? Lotrimin? Chipendales?

          • joe

            Do you understand the concept of legally and illegally aquired guns ?
            Do you not understand we have thousands of unenforced gun laws ?
            Your complaint should be directed at the failed mental health ,legal and government systems that allow unstable people access to weapons .

          • JacksonPearson

            When challenged in court, all gun control laws go down. Why?…Because in a nutshell, they're unconstitutional. The most powerful part is, "shall not be infringed."

            Anti gun zealots like Dianne Feinstein dance around, and fly threw the Constitutional flame, but when push come to shove in court, they flame out. They know that a Constitutional Amendment would go nowhere, so they continue to cause pain to honest citizens.

          • JacksonPearson

            Oh yes, and let's not forget the main clause:
            "shall not be infringed"

            BTW, did you as a low information Obama supporter know, that "ObamaCare," or "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA), has a section devoted to the "Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights." Get a pdf copy, and do a "Second Amendment" search.

          • g_jochnowitz

            That's not a clause. It's a verb phrase.

          • JacksonPearson

            Whatever…In the English language, it still means exactly that…:
            "shall not be infringed."

          • JacksonPearson

            Once more???
            BTW, did you as a low information Obama supporter know, that "ObamaCare," or "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA), has a section devoted to the "Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights." Get a pdf copy, and do a "Second Amendment" search.

          • JacksonPearson


          • Jeff Bargholz


            Pettifoggery is a fallacious argumentation technique. That is precisely why you use it, of course.

  • Anglophilic

    This "filtering" of news has been going on for a very long time. They could'nt filter out 9/11/01. Thats when i started to dig for better information, and found it on the internet. I was shocked at how the liberal media was filtering our news. They are a treasonous bunch.

  • Arlie

    As soon as I saw this story and read his name I knew it…creepy.

  • Nigel Waddington

    For the media to be covering up something, there (obviously) has to be a fact which is being covered up.
    Greenfield has failed to establish this. While there is a significant possibility that Ali Syed is in fact a Muslim, anyone making the claim that the media are "covering up the fact that he's Muslim" – if they're to be taken seriously as credible and ethical journalists, that is – need to establish that as a fact.

    The second concern with this article is that it's focusing on "Muslim" rather than "Islam". Even if Syed turns out to be a Muslim, is there any evidence that this was a major causative factor in his rampage?
    If there were no cries of "Alluha Akhbar" or similar heard by witnesses, then it's highly unlikely that this shooting was motivated by Islamic Jihad.

    None of these are trivial points! With Political Islam spreading, those behind its spread have a vested interest in ensuring that Counter-Jihadists are fed with propaganda which misdirects their energy and discredits their message thus rendering them ineffective. Obviously, such propaganda will need to *sound* anti-Islamic.
    It appears this article should be seen in that light.

    • Jeff Bargholz

      Nigel Wadeater,

      fellow traveling dhimmies like you say the same thing every single time islamopithecines go on the rampage. Every single time-including 911.

      Just convert to islam and STFU already.

      • Nigel Waddington

        This is the kind of puerile comment which can be expected from either morons or those who willfully aid and abet the Islamisation agenda by "opposing" it with fallacious nonsense.

        Lenin is credited with saying words to the effect of, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves".

        Anyone who doesn't understand that large agendas (in this case, the Islamisation of the West) require the utilisation of fake oppositions to them, needs to get off the battlefield and educate themselves about the enemy.

        That, or be dismissed as the kind of useful idiots and/or plants which Jeff Bargholz seems content to act as.


          The more Muslims / Islamists commit atrocities in the West, the more "Islamophobia" grows.

          There will be a tipping point where all Hell will break loose on Islam.

          The future for Islam in the West or apologists for Islamofascism is dim.

        • Marc

          Nigel just because this Muslim didn't yell Allah Akbar does not mean that He is not a follower of Islam. Nigel there is a way to stop all these Islamic terrorists from killing us. DON'T LET THEM IN.

          • Nigel Waddington

            I'm rather more interested in defeating the Islamisation agenda than getting too distracted by the decoys it throws at us.
            Clearly, encouraging Muslim immigration, and then encouraging them to continue embracing Islamic ideology is a large part of that agenda.

        • Jeff Bargholz

          Nigel Wadeater,

          right. Because identifying Ali Syed as an islamopithecine aids islam. The best way to fight stealth jihad is by ignoring it.

          What was that you wrote about useful idiots?

          • Nigel Waddington

            "The best way to fight stealth jihad is by ignoring it."

            Sounds like a strawman.
            Who's making such a suggestion?

          • Jeff Bargholz

            Nigel Wadeater;

            My mistake. You claimed the best way to fight stealth jihad was by refusing to report on it. You must be so proud of your dhimmie distinction.

          • Nigel Waddington

            "You claimed the best way to fight stealth jihad was by refusing to report on it."

            Another strawman.
            Readers who are familiar with COINTELPRO and how it operates will likely see the patterns of its modus operandi in Bargholz's comments.

          • Jeff Bargholz

            Nigel Wadeater,

            Another strawman? You wrote that it is a mistake to identify jihadi murderers as the islamopithecines they are, you leg humping imbecile. You also wrote that jihad murders are a "distraction." The only strawman are the ones you're beating off.

            Why do you Moby islamopithecine pedophiles like you aways think they're so clever when they're accuse somebody else of being the actual cyber-stealth jihadi?

            Strap on a suicide belt and show us the strength of your convictions. Join Lil' Mohammad in Hell and you can have 72 big buck demons using you as a virgin too. Your lifetime of shunning soap and toilet paper will come in handy.

          • Nigel Waddington

            " You wrote that it is a mistake to identify jihadi murderers as the islamopithecines they are, you leg humping imbecile."

            Yet another strawman!
            Lots of ad hominem, as well as the COINTELPRO signature of self-discrediting via extensive deployment of profanity – this time without cunningly falling just within the FPM comment guidelines.

  • Bright Knight

    That happens every single day in Europe. Even if the Medias report about those crimes, they don't call a spade a spade, in this case a Muslim a Muslim. They use all kind of paraphrases. In Germany and Austria the medias call them “Suedlaender” (people from a Southern country), in UK they are called “Asians”, but in the meantime most people know, that they write about Muslims (very often the kind of the crime and how it was committed leads clearly to a Muslim). So the medias just use names which are usual in the particular country. In Germany, for example, they write “Lars” instead of “Ali” or “Muhammad”.

  • guest

    Perhaps Obama's government will allow the man to join in a Peace and Reintegration Program like Karzai's here in Afghanistan. He then could get a job in the government, military, or police. We must find a way to turn these people from the Taliban. The Quran says as does the Bible, "Thou shall not kill" in same words or similar. The butthead in the story is to quote many mullahs and mawlawis here in Afghanistan…"an infidel, a Kafir no better than the foreigners." I've been deployed to Afghanistan for going on 2 years and I can honestly say I know the pulse of 1/4 of the country. Hang this MF, drag his body through the streets, and then piss on his body. Maybe they'll stand up and take notice.

  • Nanis

    How can this be he looks so innocen t(sarcasm). They are letting muslims get away with so many things in America if they ever decide to stop them is going to be too late cant we learn from the Europeans? He probably thought he was going to go to heaven to get his 70 virgins.

  • Edward Cline

    The Media's behavior reminds me of that Noel Coward wartime song, "Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Germans." He wrote it in answer to "a small minority of excessive humanitarians, who, in my opinion, were taking a rather too tolerant view of our enemies."Of course, our Media are tolerant to the point of self-inflicted blindness.

  • TheThwart

    There is no mention of 'Muslim' in the legitimate report on this incident so Greenfield decides to plant it in his copy and paste. Where is your PROOF Greenfield? Because you believe his name is indicative? Crackpot conspiracy theorists like Greenfield are the ones who weave the seeds of anarchy into the American fabric. But then Horowitz is a bigger fear-monger than most and probably condones crap like this. What a putz. And shame on anyone who believes this tripe. Educate yourselves, do your own research and stop getting sucked into this type of bigoted hate-baiting… unless you are the type that thrives on garbage like this.



      Let me get this straight.

      Greenfield is the hate monger, not the Islamist killer of 3 people?

      I hope the media reports on the contents of the home of the Islamist animal.

      If the Ali animal was incarcerated before his rampage, 3 innocent people would still be alive.

    • Marc

      What part of Ali Syed does not make him a person of Arab origin? Wart you need to look around you and read some viable newspapers. The only anarchy in America is people like you that still doubts what's really happening in America. Wart one day soon you will wake up to sharia law in the USA.

    • Jeff Bargholz

      The Twat,

      according to the latest news, it turns out Syed was an islamopithecine after all. His name was indicative after all. He was a jihadi terrorist after all.

      Conspiracies require more than one shooter and I'm pretty sure Greenfield isn't a member of a Jewish cabal hatching plots to" weave the seeds of anarchy into the American fabric" and Horowitz is not a fear-monger for exposing the enemies of America. Enemies like you.

      Islamopithecines are our frinds and fellow citizens. Syed was just a "random shooter" indulging in "workplace violence" or "free religious expression."

      Shame on anyone who believes this tripe. Educate yourselves, do your own research and stop getting sucked into this type of bigoted hate-baiting… unless you are the type that thrives on garbage like this.


    Good for the NYPD monitoring Muslims in New Jersey.

    The FBI monitors white supremacist kkk savages, so monitoring Islamofascists savages is unfortunately necessary too.

  • joe

    "Educate yourselves, do your own research and stop getting sucked into this type of bigoted hate-baiting."
    1. everyone avoids comments that use this rude,superior attitude language .
    2. everyone here has educated themselves about islam . The hundreds of millions dead bodies ,religiously sanctioned hate and murder,parasitic lifestyles and crude 7th century mentality tell the tale well.

  • cynthia curran

    Ali Syed shot six people in Orange County, killing three of them, and yet the story has not gotten the media coverage of other mass shootings. The media has reported it, but has failed to highlight it. And the word “Muslim” never appears in the report. The OC doesn't look like what the media states its over 30 percent foreign born and yes being a Muslin is not mention.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Orange County had two starnge incidences with gunviolence. Irvine with Dorner and Syad lived in low crime Ladera Ranch.

  • nonhyphenatedcdn

    My American cousins will do nothing about the Muslim cancer slithering into North America until it's too late! Both Canada & the US seem to have a long history of doing nothing until it's almost too late. From dealing with Hitler & Tojo until the present day. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Not only has the war already started, but so has the killing raping & pillaging. Can you build a Christian church in a Muslim country? NO YOU CANNOT! Can somebody try to convert a Muslim in a Muslim country. Sure if you want to be beheaded you can. But we allow this garbage here don't we. I guess we believe they need a place to recruit & train radicals.

  • J-LEW Forever

    My cousin was the third victim, Jeremy Lewis. This website should be shut down because it celebrates hatred and encourages violence. It's not hard to find killers of every kind, from every religion in the history of mankind. For those that don't know, suicide is completely forbidden in Islam. But, I know it's hard to escape social traps and it's always easier to generalize than to understand that violence and death are part of the human condition. I believe that there are movements by certain Islamic groups and Muslims that could threaten the safety of the world if it's not dealt with. I also believe that Christians and Christian countries have been involved in killings that are easily on the same level of Muslims. I don't know why I'm comparing and contrasting because in the end, hatred is the problem. I really think the kind of thinking that's been displayed on this website is just gonna hurt us… What's so bad about the idea of peace and positivity? K, that's all guys, I hope we can move forward past all this nonsense that clearly won't help us. Peace guys. We're lucky to be alive. We should lead by good example.

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  • Gia

    Orange County and the rest of America need to wake up. The hatred of SOME Muslims towards Americans is now in our communities! The shooting in Orange County and other places in America is all the evidence we need.

    While Americans are ‘forced’ to respect and accept the Muslim culture so should it be that they respect the American culture and our religions. Will they be satisfied when Muslim Mosques are built in each of our neighborhoods? What is their main goal? Is it to convert us; destroy our way of life; or introduce their laws to America? These are legitimate questions we need to ask. Our country has changed. It is up to all of us to help steer it in the right direction. We all know the violence in our streets is unacceptable.

    Although, I don’t believe ALL Muslims are evil, I am concerned about the loss of life and violence some inflict on Americans. More evidence that the war is here.

    Let’s use technology to our advantage to become informed citizens. Research to find out who and what is in your community before it is too late. Write your local and federal representatives and make them aware that we care about what is happening to our country.

  • R Wing

    B. Why do you post something 4 months old as news?

    • James S.

      Because we need to show how the MSM is covering up Osama and his muslim buddies.

    • Zefal

      So you heard about this 4 months ago or just now?

      • Diane

        It was originally an article put out by Frontpage Mag in February. Someone decided to un-bury it and bring it to the light of day, or attempt to. MSM tends to ignore events that don’t support their agendas….

    • Steve

      Are you stupid? We don’t necessarily get news until well after it happens. Just look at Benghazi. We STILL haven’t gotten the truth yet.

      • tvlgds

        Nor will we ever!

    • Greg

      good thing,,,this is the first i heard of this, all the stories out there, this one got swept under the rug,,,like the De Marquis Elkins baby killing case in Brunswick Georgie,,,look that up

    • audieho

      Welcome to the 21st Century. Please be kind enough to learn ho wto use social media before posting. I am guessing a link to this story appeared in your Facebook feed as it did mine. Yes, the story is from February, but this page has nothing to do with when somebody post a link to it in your Facebook feed. Please quit being a moron and move along.

      • R Wing

        My bad. I apologize. This did come via my facebook feed. When I first read it, I thought it was about Friday’s shooting. The cases are very similar. Once again, I’m sorry.

  • R Wing


  • Jono

    You are basing his religion on his name? Can I assume you are an Othodox Jew from yours?

    • James S.

      Although not an accurate way to determine it, I would say yes he was.

    • Steve

      And . . .

      You are basing that he may not be a mudslime on . . . nothing. Now, who looks more ignorant? That would be YOU.

      And sorry, but islame is not a religion.

    • Diane

      Yes, Jono, he is. And he is doing so because he wishes to be AWARE of what we’re up against. Go bury your own head in the sand.

      • tvlgds

        And those who bury their heads in the sand are likely to get their backsides kicked!

    • Heretic2011

      Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck,……….Can’t be a duck.

    • Bob Delgaudio

      as a matter of fact I AM . would you assume that a Sorrento or Giglio is Italian ? absolutely ! Dont know who you are refering to but if his name is Cohen or Liebowitz I would say he’s Jewish

    • AddisonDewitt

      nice try azsshole

  • trooper4truth

    The Koran tells it’s followers it is okay to lie to non-Muslims. Islam much less a religion and more a design of government caliphate control over people. Every country Islam is established as a state religion, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Women get treated poorly, Christians and non-Muslims are persecuted and killed. I studied World Religions in college. Don’t expect me to debate the facts, do your own research www, world wide web.

    • Diane

      No debate from me…..nice to find someone who understands what we’re up against. Many people are too busy being “culturally sensitive” to see that what they’re really being is “culturally ignorant”.

      • JeddMcHead

        I don’t believe there is such a thing as “moderate Islam”. We call homicide bombers “extremist” but, somehow, female circumcision, “honor killings” and other abhorrent behavior seem to not have the stigma of “extremism”. The assumption that all cultures are equally valid is, frankly, PC BS.

  • Vincent Smith

    all muslim rag heads must die!

    • American Avant Garde

      ^ obviously a government plant. Nobody who is fighting the Islamist scourge talks like this.

      • Barbara Bergan

        It’s not nice to call them “rag heads”. it’s a small sheet that they wear. so we must call them “little sheet heads”.

      • Alan Simmons

        Wrong. I know many rednecks that say the exact same thing. While I don’t care for the fact that all terrorist seem to be Muslim after being told the religion is peaceful somehow, I don’t think they all must die, just send them back to their respective countries and let them fight amongst themselves

  • Mike Butler

    Tell me again how taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens is going to stop this? Silly libturds!

    • litesp33d

      Tell me how keeping them will stop it? It could hardly be possible for US citizens to have easier access to firearms and still it happened. Arming untrained civilians is a universally bad idea resulting in thousands of times more deaths than from ‘terrorist’ incidents.

      • Marc Koch

        Are you for real? Most people who own weapons litesp33d learn how to use them. What an absurd comment. Do you think people buys guns just so they can sit and stare at them all day. That would be like buying a car and never learning how to drive. Just let it sit in the driveway. People who are armed and know how to use their weapon could have a chance at stopping assholes like this. Enough said!

      • centermass1

        Idiotic libturd! Anyone with a firearm could have taken this Muslim murderer out and saved lives…but here in the anti-Second Amendment communist occupied state of Kalfornia they made it next to impossible to carry. You liberal fools are getting people killed and your to stupid to realize it.

  • Matt Elder

    There was another similar shooting in California yesterday. Maybe thats why this article has been popping up today. Perhaps people have been getting the two stories confused.

  • quincyman

    Oh! But according to our president. Muslims are great people who have contributed so much to the world…..Is it possible that someone with the name Barak Hussien could be wrong?

    • Jamison Perry⚛

      Algebra, our Numerical system and early Astronomy just to list a few. Three quarters of the stars in the known universe have Arabic names. I can understand not being a fan of religion ( I am not ) but don’t allow your hate to ignore actual facts.

      • Weetbix 69

        Hi Jamison. We are not talking about Algebra or Astronomy here. In the last 600 years the Islamic traditions have delivered little to society. Jewish people have won around 900 Nobel Prizes in many fields. Arabic Islamic people just 3.

        Jewish and Christian people are not renowned for blowing people up nor for waging terror on peaceful communities.
        On the other hand if someone goes around blowing up cars, buses or buildings, be it in the West or in the Middle East, you can bet on it being a Muslim perpetrator.

      • quincyman

        In a case like that I have to say…. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY… By the way that’s all before mohammed or the or the current interpretation thereof

      • Mark Greene

        7th century teachings still apply to these animals to this day. These pigs are coping squats in holes dug in the ground. Plot that celestial tract. What a f**king moron.

      • Bodart

        Actually, Jamison, algebra was developed in pre-Islamic India.
        Get your facts straight.

        • Jamison Perry⚛

 <–That's a big negative Ghost Rider. Try again.

          • Bodart

            JP, did you actually read this wiki source ? Your source cites the Babylonian , Greek and Indian origins of algebra with your Arabs are merely “late to the party”. I’ll concede that they are good at naming stars, . Other than nomenclature, however, the Arabs fail miserably in increasing our conceptions of the heavens in the best tradition of Galileo, Copernicus, Keppler, Newton, Einstein and others. Just how many Nobels have been awarded to Muslim researchers ? Exactly one !

            Checkmate, JP. Oh yeah, you should read the Koran to see how “peaceful” it is .

  • quincyman

    Let’s do what we did to our Japanese citizens during wwII interment camps. at least until we can ship them the hell out of our country to some friggin desert somewhere, where they belong.

  • quincyman

    Lets do to muslims what we did to our Japanese residents during WWII … Internment camps. At least until we can send them back to where they came from. That includes Barry..

    • Lilywhiteazz

      You’d have to sow salt on the land after and even then the stench would hover over the area for a hundred years

    • notislam

      bho won’t let us get rid of the RULES FOR COMBAT.

    • Natalie Gibbs

      Bingo Quincyman, you win for the best idea yet. intern those @ssholes & then send them back to the desert where they belong. Especially Barry.

      • quincyman

        Are You shittin me? Barry’s first… There’s a seat reserved and a head of the line pass.

    • Carol Chadbourne

      Why not, Quincyman…that’s exactly what b.o. has in mind for us, with fema’s help…..They are murderers, rapists of little girls, wife beaters, and the worst of the male species. I’m sure b.o. will involve his radical muslims in the executions of Americans as well…..after all , b.o. is a terrorist as well.

    • Haqodeshim

      Three stages of Jihad from history: from Muhammad to today’s Muslims –

    • ClintJCL

      “Let’s stop muslims from hurting our rights by pre-emptively destroying our own rights, learning nothing from our past misdeeds to our Asian citizenry”.

      Please get in a time machine and go back to our grandfathers’ time. You don’t belong here.

  • Dick Snell

    So this is how they work as
    individual murderers, they kill as many as they can while trying to get away so
    they can repeat the crime again. 3 or 10 people die before they are caught and
    released/deported or just sit in jail until the wind blows the newspapers down
    the street to cover up the crimes. Government has the ACLU rules to follow now
    and not the paperwork written and signed in 1776.

  • tvlgds

    Imagine that -the press downplaying a Muslim murderer. I’m surprised they didn’t come out and immediately blame the tea party like they usually do.

    • ebonystone

      Or “road rage” or “workplace stress”.

      • tvlgds

        Anything but whaT it is – Muslim terrorists!

    • Natalie Gibbs

      Or George Bush, lol According to Obama, he is responsible for all Obamas political problems, I think Bush even gave him diarrhea (?).

      • tvlgds

        LOL! You’re right – how could I forget that one! :)

  • Horatio Bullwink

    NOPE…NO DEBATE HERE EITHER!…anyone who is should be hung by their raghead

  • Horatio Bunce

    Don’t call Muslims psychotic or they will keeel you.

    • Carol Chadbourne

      They are going to try anyway, Horatio…why not make the most of it..that so-called lame media won’t say a word……I do not know what makes them such airheads…….never be journalists, that’s for sure. Low-info does not get it done, in these times..they would have to be on top of their game, but 2nd-rate won’t get it done, either.

  • ippokratus

    MUSLIM, CHRISTIAN, ATHEIST, ETC what does it matter.. people died at the hands of someone who felt the gun gave him the power to kill…the school killings were not spurned by a religious order yet had the same impact, as were many other mass killings and what about the Kansas City bombings of long ago.. lets get over the religion and get to the killers…I lived among Muslims for five years and never remember any of them being violent or cruel. I do feel they are committed to a way of life that was accepted even by Christians thousands of years ago. Women were not important, punishments were brutal, etc..Even in Greece where Christianity has flourished openly since the death of Christ there are very, very, few entries of women’s births or deaths in the record books until later in the 20th century and my grandfather had told me that it was simple with a child molester, they hung him upside down and split him down the middle, etc. etc. etc…We are such followers of anything one form or another of the press tells us, such followers that can and does crush the love of God out of us, breeding only hatred and the name of who? The man who brought us only one love others as he loved us…WOW…

  • JustAnAubie

    I know I will probably get pilloried here but hear me out. I have heard nothing about “jihad” or “allahu akbar” or whatever it is they say. I’m thinking this guy probably had a Facebook page that would talk about his fondness for sharia. We don’t all go around and say some shooter is a Baptist. It is not beyond reasonable doubt this is just some screwed up kid who just lost it. His parents divorced and he shot his remaining family first. Yes he had a small arsenal but again no one has mentioned any standard muslim statements were made. I’m as leery as the next guy about islamic terrorism but nobody ever accused Sirhan Sirhan (look him up if you don’t know) of being a terrorist. On occasion they’re just crazy.

    • Bodart

      Sirhan Sirhan was a jihadist ; he assassinated Robert F. Kennedy
      the leading democratic candidate in 1968 because RFK supported Israeli
      democracy. Don’t you know, Aubie, that the Koran justifies even for crazies, violent action against infidels ,as low life jail rot Sirhan-Sirhan did ?

  • Jeff

    You should probably take a remedial English course if you intend to be a writer, Mr. Greenfield.

    • notislam

      You seem to have missed the point —Islam is a political stance and it is masked as if were a religion.
      “ISLAM is about IMPERIALISM — about conquest.”

  • TeamInfidel

    I see that our media have been falling over themselves trying NOT to associate Islam with yet AGAIN, just another terror threat and KILLINGS…but will you muslim appeasers and apologists WAKE UP!

    Never mind the facts discovered in terror case after terror case that would support such a declaration that Islam is the CAUSE of this behavior.

    Isn’t it reasonable for the media to report that these terror suspect’s motivation might be related to Islamic Jihad?

    Oh…that’s right. That hypothesis would tarnish an entire religion, an entire people. It can’t be possibly true—but even if it is true, it’s too troubling and unpleasant a truth to report. Right? Why connect the dots when you can continue to confuse apologists and never report the possible motive for such acts that occur almost on a daily basis around the world?

    I guess the media believes its better not to descend to the level of people who believe that Islamic terrorists have declared war against all non-Muslims (as
    well as other “moderate” or “not-enough-Muslims”). I understand…sometimes the truth hurts, but let’s not dance around the MOTIVE as to WHY these terror suspects act and carry forth as they do.

    It is because of Islam. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • J.

    Everyone share! Dear God deliver us from these insane Arabs !

  • notislam

    HEADS UP — You can count on most of these savage “events” are caused by savages who are muslim terrorists! This is their MO. Be prepared and be armed and be aware —you may save your life and if luck is with you -well kill the terrorist.That would be God ‘s will.

  • dennis howell


  • DonnaTxx

    Not surprising, Fort Hood shooting and Little Rock Recruitment office shooting were both carried out by muslim extremists, both covered up. Whose side is Obama on??

  • Joe Schmitz

    What I find interesting is…. Biden up ticked the sales of shot guns…. then a couple of weeks later… one is being used in a mass killing ! I suspect that the Government is setting all of this stuff up, all the shootings going on and that !!! Go ahead.. call me crazy with a tinfoil hat on my head…. but it’s those who are… are the ones who are sitting back watching all of this going on and putting the pieces of the puzzles together as the events unfold. The lower men of the Muslim Brotherhoods follow the orders of the ones in higher position !! You know.. like Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood as he had what… just a couple of month’s ago ??? So Obama having and being where he has a lot of power in the Country would be considered as a higher up. Since Shot guns didn’t fit the criteria of being an assault weapon that couldn’t be banned….. now they have reason to include it in the ban !!!! Start screaming and yelling at your congressmen when they come home for their townhall meetings in the just a couple of weeks !!!

  • protectourkidsnow

    Biden even recommended shooting people with a shotgun through a closed door, something that no serious, law abiding, responsible gun owner would ever think of doing. Not that I expect Biden to be responsible, sensible or law abiding at this point, the guy is pretty much certifiable already.

    • Alex1956

      That’s one reason why Bident is a nutcase! By the way, he still doesn’t know how to spell his last correctly…B-I-D-E-T. That would explain lots of things he does.

  • Rachel Josephine Zielinski

    I’ve just read all the comments. All of those shouting with confidence, “KILL ALL THE RAGHEADS, SEND THEM BACK TO THE DESERT”, how is this behaviour any better than what theirs? How are your death threats and better than their death threats? Violence begets violence. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I’m not saying the Muslim religion is “safe” from negative opinions just because it’s politically correct to turn your head in ignorance, not say a word, but really? Are we really going to behave childishly like this? We’re all humans, regardless of race or creed. Have some human decency, aye?

    • Rachel Josephine Zielinski

      And as a further, reading comments about internment camps for Muslims, the population of “extremists” is far outnumbered in this country by good, unstanding Muslim citizens who pay their taxes, raise their children, and would never commit an act of violence or terror against any of their fellow men. They can believe whatever they want to believe, I could care less. But if you’re a good person, if you’re kind to your brothers and sisters on this Earth that we all have to share, I say it’s only fair to them that we leave them be, that we let them exist in peace, and not throw upon them senseless violence.

    • freeperjim

      islam is a satanic death cult (like communism) with a stated goal to kill ALL non-muslimes.

      islam is EVIL and based on the “Book of satanic Verses”.

      If you can’y grasp that reality, you’re an idiot and deserving to be the next victim.

  • akhotch

    Where does it say he is Muslim? We could make a guess based upon name, but just because of the name, doesn’t mean he is actually a Muslim follower.

  • quincyman

    Natalie… are you shitting me? Barry’s first…

  • Mark Greene

    Obama’s personal hit squad is at it again. Time for civil war people!

  • Rene’ Richard

    Expect these killings to become more regular as time goes on. They are learning us right now! Not all Muslims are terrorists…..but all terrorists are Muslim! Terror is how the Koran portrays Islam! To leave the Muslim faith could very well mean death! And it’s called the Religion of Peace….? Look up the website…. How can anybody even call it a religion. It’s a socio-political-slavery disguised as a religion!

  • MikeRios

    Had this hadji done this in Texas he would have more than likely been killed by a legally armed citizen before he killed the third person he shot. Instead, Calipornia arms its criminals and hadjis and disarms the honest citizens so that the criminals and hadjis can kill the law abiding citizens.

    You guys in Calipornia can have your hadjis who believe it is the will of their cult god to kill anyone but them. If they try that nonsense hear after they holler “alla’s at the bar” we will have already started return fire.

  • ClintJCL

    Does the word “Christian” appear when non-Muslims shoot people? No, they don’t. I’ve never seen religion mentioned with a shooter article. Not saying they are muslim is perfectly consistent with that.

    Be that as it may, I didn’t hear about this shooting. The article should stick to its base claim.


    How does anyone know he is a Muslim.. just asking, I love FACTS.. not hearsay..