Media Puzzled by Republican Obsession with Murder of 4 Americans

The mainstream media, that kindly reservoir of common sense, overseen by the modern embodiments of Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart, is very confused and disconcerted by the Republican obsession with Benghazi.

“McCain’s Benghazi Appetite Is Insatiable” complains The Atlantic. Why can’t Senator McCain have a reasonable Benghazi appetite for the non-optimal bumps in the road along the way to Obama’s Second Coronation?

Time Magazine rolls out a piece titled, “Understanding the GOP’s Benghazi Obsession”. Apparently wanting an investigation into the murder of four Americans, after a cover-up, is an obsession. An insatiable lust for facts.

Five months later, the Benghazi authorities have arrested four Christian missionaries, but the attackers walk free. A Christian filmmaker is in jail for a movie that Clinton and Obama falsely blamed for Benghazi. And the GOP is employing its insatiable knowledge lust for more information about the first murder of an American ambassador in decades.

“We do know quite a lot: the State Department has released a thorough independent report that resulted in the firing of four employees. Pentagon officials like Leon Panetta have explained why they couldn’t quickly send reinforcements to the scene. And the genealogy of those infamous talking points — upon which Rice relied when she appeared on several Sunday talk shows days after the attack — has been described in considerable detail,” Time says.”

There’s one problem. Or more like a dozen. The four employees were not actually fired. Panetta’s explanation makes no sense. And those talking point explanations asked us to reconcile Obama’s supposed knowledge that it was terrorism with Rice’s supposed ignorance of that same fact.

But that would require journalism. Instead Time Magazine’s Michael Crowley continues psychoanalyzing this peculiar Republican craving for more information about Benghazi.

It might be media hatred, he speculates. “And don’t discount the resentment Republicans feel toward the media, which they believe has sided with the Obama team. Witness the argument between McCain and Meet the Press host David Gregory. “Do you care?” McCain snapped at Gregory. “I’m asking you, Do you care … whether four Americans died. And shouldn’t people be held accountable?”

And as it turns out, talking about Benghazi just distracts from more serious issues.

More important, he says, are larger strategic questions about whether the Benghazi attack was a warning that the Arab Spring has unleashed dangerous new forces in the Arab world. But it will be hard to have that conversation so long as Republicans are still talking about a “massive cover-up.”

Wait… I thought the Arab Spring was sunshine and roses. But we’re supposed to have a conversation about how the Arab Spring unleashed dangerous new forces without talking about Benghazi?

Can we talk about the lies that were used to manipulate us into supporting the Arab Spring then? No. Guess it’s back to Benghazi.

  • JacksonPearson

    "Media Puzzled by Republican Obsession with Murder of 4 Americans"
    Nothing new here, the MSM have been confused and puzzled ever since they've refused to vet the illegal alien that's occupying the white house! Had they properly vetted him, than he probably wouldn't be there.

    • AdinaK

      While some Repubs are pushing for the truth to come to the fore, I wouldn't hold my breath, expecting them to go the distance either. There are reasons to be worried –

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

      • JacksonPearson

        Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Posse investigators are still digging up evidence on Obama. So far, they've dug up enough to hang him a dozen times over. However, congress have gone deaf, dumb, and blind or even acknowledge they've received Arpaio's Cold Posse investigative report.

  • Indioviejo

    If only the MSM showed the same zeal with which they crucified Scooter Libby over the Valerie Plane Straw Woman incident. To their eternal shame, these same degenerates had the man convicted and disbarred over lies. The Communist even made a movie about the contrived incident, and now they tear their vestments defending an evil POTUS. Some day the real mission of the US Ambassador will be revealed in the back page of the NYT.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Folks, a muslim has been accused of beheading two Coptic Christians in NEW JERSEY.(Yes, right here in the good ol' USA) Pamela Geller says it appears to have been a ritual slaying. It happened two weeks ago; and the MSM buried it. PASS IT AROUND!

    • Big Irish

      you wouldnt want the concensus media to get too hung up on FACTS and REALITY…would we?

  • AnOrdinaryMan
  • Jim

    The media should be more concerned by their own lack of concern.

    It smells like a cover up for their incompetent puppet.

  • Mary Sue

    Just goes to show the media hates the military so much they don't actually give a damn if some of them die (at least two of the 4 dead), even if one or two non-military get taken out with them.

  • Gee

    So the lives of four Americans are of no concern. The leftists are too busy with their crusade to whitewash Islamofascism and make any comment that a Muslim might construe as negative a crime.

    Our media has ignored numerous impeachable offenses by the current administration and this is yet another one

  • Gordon

    Is there any truth to the rumor that the NEW swearing in of US Ambassadors now includes the following statement " If you are caught, killed or captured, the President and Secretary of State will disavow any and all your actions."

  • Asher

    When a nation doesn't value lives, especially of our military and innocent babies or fetuses, the nation will be abandoned by God. The Media are just as callous and corrupt as Hollywood and this White House.

    • Johnconrad

      They're the same thing

  • tagalog

    This concern is coming from a group of media who have begun, even at this early date, to begin a campaign of nostalgia for the administration of John F. Kennedy. Why? Because when November 22, 2013 rolls around, 9 months from now, it will mark the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

    The MSM have already spent at least three days on the auction of JFK memorabilia earlier this month.

    An obsession with a President of modest accomplishments that lasts 50 years is one that borders on the pathological.

  • cxt

    The question should not be why the Right cares about the deaths of 4 of our own. The Question should be why the Left does NOT care about the deaths of 4 of our own.

  • Flowerknife_us

    The Administration has openly-at this point-changed sides. A fundamental change.

    We are not at war anymore. More like targets between former enemy's now being supported.

    With Three of the biggest surrender Monkey's in American History now taking charge. Gutting the Military, spending to Oblivion supporting state control while threatening to "cut" funding to any useful public service.

    Take your Guns, then your food, then your freedom

    Don't leave out the open door to America policy.

    Obama is on the cuff of establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat. The debt alone will bond the next generation into slavery.

    With the Press pushing it as fast as possible.

  • A 23 Year Old Man

    An excerpt from Romans 1 explains the behavior of the Media and most of our federal government:

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; …they are …proud…undiscerning, untrustworthy…32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

    First comes the Sexual Revolution (America in the '60s)
    Then comes the Homosexual Revolution (America from the '80s to now)
    Then comes the depravity of mind. God punishes them by removing their ability to reason clearly.

    We wonder why our leaders are such idiots, doing blatantly illegal, immoral, nonsensical things. It's because God has made them stupid. We are witnessing the result of a national judgment on America for its sins against God.

    Let us pray that He will be merciful even as He judges our nation.

    • jose

      You are absolutely right.That reprobate mind is also what voted those unfit people in.This nation and this world is under judgement even as the Godless gleefully go about their way.Never mind trying to save this world;preach Christ to your family and friends and anyone else who will listen.Time is short

  • BLJ

    The MSM is just the propoganda arm for the Muslim usurper in the WH. The Left and the rest of the losers could care less about 4 dead Americans let alone all of the rest who have died at the hands of these savages from the Middle Ages.

    Barry should be serving some serious jail time for his criminal activities in the WH. He can take that grifter he is married to with him.

  • RUI

    "Media Puzzled by Republican Obsession with bad journalism". That's the only thing it should be puzzled about.